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by: Nonnus
March 11th 2012

Nonnus slowly walk in the darkness under the moonlight through the park. Ever so cautiously avoids muggles. He makes way through the dense wooded sections of the park. As he wanders around it looks at the ground for any usable herbs.

"Ah.....yes, this will do"

The towering Satyr crouches down to the ground while holding his eight foot gnarled staff. Using his free hand he delicately collect a few common herbs that would be useful and collects them into one of the many pouches on his staff.

After collecting the herbs, he slowly stand up and set his gaze upon his surroundings. He wonders where the London Fae's have gone.
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by: Cedric McGarret
(Ooc use past tense)

Freedom. How long has it been since he had looked at the night sky? Well, besides the night of the full moon and his escape from the government facility...Cedric banished the memories from the previous nights. He was free of both confinement and the rage. The park offered both the well manicured stamp of humanity and the taste of wild woodlands. It was, as a metaphor, very like himself. As a half-blooded Garou, Cedric felt himself torn between his humanity and his beast nature. He walked outside of the pack and outside of society. Thank God above he had found a place for himself in the Syndicate. Had it not been for Jake's firm beliefs that all belonged, Cedric wouldn't have a home to return to, nor a family to call his own. He belonged.

But that didn't. The heavy sound of hoof beats was likely imperceptible to the few humans who remained in the park at so late an hour. Likewise that soft voice...Cedric breathed deeply to try to scent this anomaly. Nothing. THAT piqued his interest. So few things smelled of nothing that when encountered, they demanded investigation. Carefully and cautiously, Cedric meandered towards the soft voice. Softly, he called out.

"By Merlin, is someone there?"
by: Nonnus
Nonnus freezes in place in the darkness upon hearing an unknown voice. He quickly dissect the language and phrasing that he heard. Raises an eyebrow realizing that wizards would invoke the name of Merlin.
An internal debate quickly ensue on weather or not he should reply to the stranger. His fight or flight responses assails his mind and soul.

His thoughts are flooded with questions of what to do in this situation. Should he reply to such ancient query or should he disappear once more and head for the hills. So many thoughts and so little time.

Upon quiet and brief reflection. He responded with an amused tone from the darkness of the woods.......

"I know not of Merlin, but I know his children from afar...."
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by: Cedric McGarret
"Oh aye? Why from afar? Are we some goblin or vamp or other type wee beastie?"

In his focus on the hunt, Cedric's voice dropped into its natural Irish lilt. There. The voice was emanating from a clump of bushes heavily ensconced in shadows. This park wasn't safe for the magical. Come light of day there was little hiding place. If whomever spoke was not a wizard, that meant they had no use of a wand. THAT in turn meant limited hiding ability. It would be a shame to have some being killed by the ministry because it lacked safety...or worse, the muggle government finding whatever had hidden itself in the park they'd take it and study it and never let it go.

Cedric rarely used his privileges as an officer of the Stndicate. When he did, it was invariably to offer safe haven to those in need. Having just felt the bitter bite of feeling unsafe during the previous month, he felt obligated to offer shelter.

"I can't imagine the park is a safe place for you...if you're willing I can provide safe haven for you away from muggle eyes."

Maybe that would coax the creature out...
by: Nonnus
Nonnus contemplated on the offer that the stranger gave. Nonnus senses the truth in what the stranger said. It is indeed dangerous being in the near open in the park. in addition his supplies are dwindling at an alarming rate. The park was no longer safe and it was no longer a viable option to continue to stay and seek out other Fae.

He advanced towards the stranger. He walked with an air of confidence holding his eight foot weathered and gnarled staff which was adorned with various leather pouches containing various herbs. The Lantern jostled in a slow pendulum like fashion. The innocuous bronze lantern glint slowly under the moonlight. The staff was the first to be revealed to the stranger under the moonlight. As he continued to advance to reveal himself....his black hooves come into view followed by the chestnut fur. before the stranger could register what he is seeing....Nonnus is in full view. His confident gaze is towards the stranger. He tilt his head...clearly revealing his black ram like horns. The hair on his head is messy and his muttonchops looked perfect. One hand held the staff in place the other hand rest on his messenger leather bag. He stands at his full height of 6'4"...towering the poor stranger.

"As you can see I am not a goblin or a vamp.....But I am a Satyr"

Sensing trustworthiness from the words of the Irish stranger that clearly is a magical being of some sort.

"A Haven....sounds like music to my ears.....I am called Nonnus"
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by: Cedric McGarret
Bloody hell...The satyr was huge! Cedric had learned about Greek satyrs. They were little, pudgy tricksters with fiery personalities. Little hedonists, from what he understood. This kid...guy...goat-man...stood five inches taller than his own nearly six feet. Cedric ran a hand through his hair, messing up the short dirty blonde growth. How the ell was he supposed to lead this being through the sewers? The eight foot staff would be a hindrance in some areas. Also, given this 'Nonnus' was hiding here in the park, he likely wanted an outdoorsy haven. That meant one of the safe houses. Doable. He'd just have to...well, take one off the circuit.

Cedric had the authority to do such a thing, but it would be a fairly big deal for some of the thieves. They used the safehouses more than anyone. Oh well. They'd learn to deal with it. Perhaps as an apology the Syndicate would appropriate some more housing.

"Alright then, Nonnus. I'm Cedric McGarret. With your permission I'm going to cast a disillusionment charm on you and then apparate us to a safe house. If youlike it, we can provide it for you to live in, so long as you're willing to join our community. If you aren't up for that, then I can manage to lend it for a few days before helping you move on."

Perhaps more than any of the other lieutenants in the Syndicate, Cedric was sympathetic to a being far from home. Satyrs were not native to England, and ones like this were...well he had never heard of them before. Crikes he was a big one though....
by: Nonnus
The lanky Satyr looked at his new acquaintance and deemed him to be trustworthy so far. Trust can only go so far with the Satyr...he knows that altruism and magical beings do not always go hand to hand. A great example is himself.... He always exact a price for his services to others. Because of that he deeply wonders if this Cedric....have other motives behind this act.

Oh, how Nonnus would like to contemplate on the matter for hours. But, time and security seemed to be running through his hands like sand.

He hoisted his gnarled staff onto his shoulder like a hobo stick...the lantern swing side to side behind him softly. He takes a deep breath of the air around him. In the deep recess of his mind he ponders shortly for an appropriate response. The words rolled off of his tongue with his unique Sylvan accent.

"You may cast your spells Mr. McGarret.....I would like to learn more of this community that you speak of when we are truly safe."

He gave Cedric a slow and deep nod of certainty.

"I am Ready"
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by: Cedric McGarret
A nod and a quick glance around the park preceded a wand surreptitiously tracing the necessary patterns. Nonnus disappeared from view but not from scent or sound. Cedric was grateful that he had the heightened Garou senses to keep track of the half-goat man. Ced placed a hand on Nonnus' shoulder and gave the park another brief look for muggles.

"Okay, hold on this may be uncomfortable, but it'll be over in a second."

Cedric gave a well practiced turn in place while focusing on his destination. Like always, the sensation was akin to being squeezed through a garden hose. It was suffocating, but only for a moment. The apparation took Cedic and Nonnus to the outskirts of St. Albans. The pair appeared at the edge of a large lawn by the Heartwood Forest. The lawn was well manicured with tall hedges leading to the door of a cottage. Cedric walked up the path to the door and tapped the knob firmly with his wand.

"Here. Go ahead and open the door; I spelled it to recognize your touch so you won't need a key. It will only open to you or people that you tell it are allowed in. If you want someone to be able to enter, simply tell the door 'I give Cedric McGarret permission to enter.' The spell requires a first and last name. "

The man stood back so the satyr could enact the spell. It was woven into almost every Syndicate building so that survivors could have security and control in their lives. It wasn't widely known, but the Syndicate leadership could override the spell if needed. Of course, that never was put to the test; it was merely planned for in the event of an emergency.
by: Nonnus
Nonnus firmly plant his free hand onto Cedric's shoulder...in an effort to steady himself from the odd sensation that he experienced. He took a deep sigh and closed his eyes to settle his mind from the discomfort that pierced through him during the trip. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked to his companion.

"Let us not.....do that again.......for a while".

He released his grip from the shoulder of his companion and reached for the door handle. Slowly, he twist the doorknob and a distinctive audible click is heard...signalling that entry to the residence is clear. He eased the green door inward and entered into the residence. Nonnus held the door to let his companion to enter.

"Please.... come in Cedric McGarret"
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by: Cedric McGarret
Ced bobbed his head in thanks as he entered the empty domicile. Well, not so much empty as uninhabited. Furniture and things were certainly provided, but the house had nobody living in it. This particular safe house was infrequently used. The local muggles knew it to be a vacation home for a wealthy American couple. They expected people to be in at odd hours or not at all. That suited the Syndicate.

Cedric strode to the fireplace. The stone hearth that dominated the living room had a high opening. Stooping, even Nonnus' height would have allowed access. This was by design. Cedric jabbed his wand at the cold logs to summon forth the cheerful flames of a mature fire. Then, he motioned to two jars on the mantle. One was purple with black designs and the other was emerald green.

"Are you familiar with floo powder, Nonnus? The green will take you to any wizarding hearth you name. The purple is one of my own invention." Cedric grinned, rather proud of himself. Floo powder was a strictly guarded recipe, as a rule. To have reverse engineered it was a feat, but to reinvent it for a one way trip was genius. Cedric had had help, but he had done a lot of the experimental work himself.

"The purple stuff is called Shadow Powder. It's good for a one way trip only to the City of Shadows. That, my new friend, is the underground city of resistance. I don't know how much human news you've heard, but England is about to go to war with itself. The City of Shadows stands for liberty, freedom for all beings, and forward progress for society. You could, conceivably, go there and set up a shop and earn a living there. You'd be able to return here with the normal green floo powder. We have this house connected under then name 'Saint Alban's Respite.' Any questions?"

Ced reflected. That was a lot of information for the poor being. Hopefully he wasn't oerwhelmed...
by: Nonnus
Nonnus examined the jars and the powders. He takes a pinch of the powder with his thumb and forefinger. He rubbed the concoction into the palm of his hand...feeling the granules. After feeling out the texture of the fine powder, he takes a sniff of the powder. His nose twitched and he smiled knowingly to Cedric.

"I heard of this magic....and I believe.....I can replicate this and use it effectively"

Nonnus reached into his messenger bag and produced two new leather pouches. He filled the two pouches with the powders that Cedric gave him. Almost like a ritualistic fashion....he then ties the pouches to his walking staff. He placed them in the order of importance onto his staff.

After he became satisfied with the placement he slowly turned to Cedric.

"I would be happy to set up shop in the City of Shadows. I can offer my services as healer to those that can pay."

He closed his eyes and lets out a soft sigh and then looks upon Cedric with genuine concern.

"Tell me more of this war"
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by: Cedric McGarret
This creature was odd. The way he spoke, the way he moved...it was as if he was only a dim part of this world. Maybe it was just some mystic act, but maybe there was more to it. Either way, he was interesting. The whole ritual with the powders, for example, was intriguing. Not many people showed interest in the stuff beyond it being a way to get from point A to point B. The feeling and smelling of it belied a knowledgeable inspection. The knowing smile, too, hinted that the satyr would be quite useful indeed.

"If you're capable of replicating the stuff, then by all means you've more than earned your keep. And as far as a shop goes, we can use the purple powder later and go find you a store front you agree with; we can handle the contractual details then as well, of course. The Syndicate is a confederation of thieves and refugees, so if we have your prices and ours in writing, then nobody can cry 'foul' if they disagree."

Of course, there was also the matter of swearing the satyr to secrecy. Did the Unbreakable Vow work on his kind? So far, it worked on the vampires and the goblins; there really was only one way to find out. Cedric waited for a beat in thought. The war. The blasted, bloody, damnable, thrice-cursed war...he'd lived inside of it so long he was actually at a moment of loss for how to explain it. He ruffled his hair and began.

"It's an old conflict...it really started probably sixty years ago when this blood purist started getting a following. What followed were decades of cycles...the dark forces being beaten, the good forces getting complacent, and then the dark rising again...we're in the eclipse of the light right now and we are fighting to keep the light from being extinguished."

That probably wasn't a good explanation...oh well, that's what questions were for....
by: Nonnus
The story of the war reminded him of the many other conflicts that he had witnessed in his long life. The more he listened the more it reminded him of the child that was mortally wounded from a landmine during the days of World War one. He remembered the fear the child had....the fear that her parents had. He frowned at the memory of war....the memory of the wounded....the memory of the dead......and of course....his exile.

He walked around the house slowly, his hooves clopped on the hardwood floors softly. The small house seemed inviting and pleasant enough. He pulls out a churchwarden pipe from his messenger bag and props it to his mouth as he looked out of the window. He lit his pipe with a small flint lighter that he found years ago.

Slowly the sweet aroma fills the house from his pipe. Almost as if one was in a field of cherries or strawberries. As he smoked his mind slowly comes out of the fog of memory.

He gives a thoughtful look to Cedric when he finished the tale of the war.....Nonnus knew that there was much more to it....but it is all he needed.

As Nonnus spoke he waved his pipe in a gesturing motion.

"We can sort out the prices as we go.....I will require a shop that have plenty of sunlight. So, that I can be able to
grow some of the herbs that I require. I will also need a room to treat people. If it is possible...I would like a way to go to the forest safely from such haven"

He smoked once more in thought.

"Is there anything else I need to know ?"
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by: Cedric McGarret
Cedric was noticing a pattern with the satyr. Unfortunately, it was a pattern that the Syndicate wasn't likely to be able to reproduce. The garou watched the tall being pace the house and considered his words carefully. He didn't want to offend his new friend (ally?) but he did want him to understand the subterranean nature of the City of Shadows.

"Well, it's good to hear you're eager to help and that you know what you require...unfortunately, I don't think the City itself is going to be able to accommodate your needs for sunlight or ease of access to the forest. It's underground, you see...quite literally built off of the sewer system under London in a limestone cave. It's never been kissed by sun or moon and has no real easy access apart from the shadow powder. This house though...cozy garden space, forest right behind you, rooms upstairs and on the ground floor...could this work for you and we just send you people in need?"

There had to be a solution. Cedric didn't want this being wandering off into the wilds of England only to meet some predator, either physical or moral. Sure, he looked like he could hold his own, but why risk it when the Syndicate could make use of him?
by: Nonnus
He raised his eyebrows at the suggestion of this cottage house. He smoked his pipe and looked around the comfortable home. The very idea did not occur to him and it seems to be a perfect fit with him. He puffs his pipe and examining the space and nature of the home. He paced around as he smoked....his mind racing with various potential uses for the rooms. Slowly, The lanky Satyr grown to appreciate this home and the land it rested on.

"I now understand the nature of the city you speak of......I must confess.....this place....."

He looked around the home once more as puffs on his pipe.

"The thought of this place did not occur to me......I find this place to be acceptable for my needs"

He looked to Cedric and puffs on his pipe. His emerald eyes stared upon Cedric's eyes as if he is peering into his soul. Slowly, Nonnus let the smoke flow from his nose...clearing his lungs before speaking once more.

"You may send them here and we will need to settle on a price for my services"
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