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by: Lina Kalkuskov
Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Everything was groggy. There was a beeping noise that just wouldn't shut up. She had heard a noise like this before... but what was it called again? Oh yes. Cell phones. Muggle cell phones were always making those beeping noises. Also those boxes that you put food in to make it warm. She had never figured out what those were called exactly, but she knew how to use one. Those could be really annoying if you just left the food in there for awhile. They would beep randomly at you, as if they were nagging over your shoulder intently like some sort wife.

But this noise was different. It wasn't random like a heating box nor did it stop after awhile like a cell phone did. The beating was nearly constant and it was annoying the hell out of her. At least the bed was decently comfortable... so that had to mean it really wasn't her old, beat up mattress she had in her little hiding spot that served as a real room in the underground. Slowly those blue green eyes drifted open, blinking against the sudden harsh, white light that filled her vision.

Just exactly where was she?! She felt dizzy and could only clear her vision after several blinks. There wasn't any pain but she felt like she couldn't move her leg correctly. There was something in her right arm, she could tell that much, but Lina was still rather confused at what was going on. It wasn't until she tried to move her other arm that things started clicking. The events of the previous night. Falling from a rooftop. Breaking her leg. Ced standing over her. Other people yelling. And then there was nothing but darkness. How did she figure this out? She was handcuffed to the hospital bed. Those she had seen before and she had been in a hospital bed a couple of times thanks to her fights with muggles. But this was the first time the two items had been together. The beeping picked up speed as Lina's thoughts turned to Ced. What had happened? What was going on? She grunted and sat up quickly, yanking on her hand to figure out how tight the metal was against her wrist. It was tight enough not to slip but loose enough that if she broke her thumb, she'd be able to get out of it.

Getting out was priority number two though. Lina had to figure out what happened to Ced. She glanced around, noting that she was alone in the room and that the door was shut. In order to figure out what happened to the big guy, she was going to have to figure out who was holding her and what was going on. Really, the red head knew one good way to start getting attention. She took a breath, rocked her head back, and screamed for all she was worth. That should get someone's attention.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Just another quiet night of paperwork for Louisa. Paperwork was the boring half of her job. The interesting half of her job were in their rooms sleeping or eating their lunches if they were well enough. A quick glance at the monitors at her station told her all was well in the other rooms. It was almost time to give room 202 a pain pill to make sure he didn't start screaming in feigned agony again like he did last time when she was five minutes late. Five freaking minutes. Only five. But crotchety old men were like that sometimes, especially ones like that Mr. Jenkins in 202.

Louisa rolled her eyes and snorted as she reached for another folder and opened it. It was information on the new patient, 215. She'd been admitted last night by the night shift. Unconscious, fractured leg. The way the story'd been told for her injuries, she was lucky it hadn't been splintered or anything like that. Tibial fractures were painful but nothing major. They only had her because she wasn't conscious. Easy enough patient to deal with. Keep a steady flow of pain medication in the IV, keep her hydrated and check in here or there to make sure nothing needed changing and to help rotate her to prevent bedsores.

Louisa sighed and set that folder aside. The only interesting bit about that one was that she'd been out in the middle of that... Louisa shuddered. Thank goodness there wasn't another full moon tonight. That was all she had to say for now. She refused to think on it any longer. They'd all somehow been poisoned, given a hallucinogen. Had to be it, that. Never mind the radio show was talking about it right now. She reached over and turned the volume down further so its light hum became barely audible except for particularly sharp consonants.

It was as she decided to stand to go get coffee that one of her monitors drew her attention. Well then, it seemed 215 had awoken and was panicking. Couldn't say she blamed her. They'd had her cuffed down, and waking up to a strange, white-walled room was hardly comforting--especially in conjunction to that.

Louisa quickly rushed since 215 was toward the back of the ward, her pace only becoming faster as 215 began screaming. She wanted to call to her to calm down, but she strongly doubted that would be seen as professional. Then there was that pesky little fact it wouldn't actually work.

When Louisa reached 215, she double-checked the chart on the door then motioned a co-worker. It wasn't that she thought restraint would be needed, except one never knew in these cases. Once she was sure her co-worker was going to join her, Louisa stepped inside and put on a bright smile. "Hello, Jordan. I'm Louisa, your nurse. You need to calm down, honey," she said. "Can you try to do that for me? Deep breath in...out? In... out...."

((Why, yes, random NPC that popped into my head, you can post while MI5 is being alerted to her status and Klaus is on his way.))
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
The woman who came through the door wasn't anyone that Lina knew. She didn't exactly expect anyone she knew, not in a muggle hospital, but it could have been helpful. Instead, there was just a woman calling her Jordan, saying she was a nurse, and telling her to calm down. And calling her honey. Lina didn't like it when people called her honey... or baby... or any other nickname. At least if they weren't the big guy, but that was something completely different. The only acceptable one was Red anyways. But none of that mattered. Instead, the red head glared icy daggers at the woman who came in for her. At least she had stopped screaming at this point?

"Where is he?" The words were snarled through her teeth with unbriddled hate. She shook her hand again, as if she was uncertain about the hold of the handcuff. Of course, Lina knew exactly how they worked, it was more for show than anything else. "Big guy. Dirty blonde hair. Scruff. Bit taller than me. Muscled. Where is he?" She wasn't asking if he was okay beause those sorts of answers were always loaded. She didn't even know if this woman was a nurse. It could all be lies. Lina knew very well that all people were liars. After all, she was one of the biggest liars she knew.

Other than the demands and shaking her arm around to make the proper amount of noise, Lina wasn't moving in her bed. She was there for a reason and the red head wasn't an idiot. She had taken quite a fall and until she really had to move she was going to stay in the bed. But that didn't mean she couldn't intimidate the woman if she could manage it. "Who's in charge here!?" And then she started yelling in Russian to top everything off. Lina really wasn't in a friendly honey mood.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Hospital seats were decidedly not a fun place to sit and wait, but Jones had insisted this girl was more likely to wake up sooner than the wolf-man was and had sent him to play lookout and pose as the boyfriend. He'd tried to sit in the waiting room chairs for about five minutes before deciding to get up and walk around. By noon, he had reached the cafeteria and had just gotten into line when his pager went off. Yes, pager. He couldn't believe such ancient technology was still around, really, but it was more efficient to do this to alert someone they needed to report in than send texts or call. Speed dial the pager number, and he would know what it meant he was to do. In this case, it meant that "the boyfriend" had been called at his place of work to report the redhead was awake. Wasn't that lovely. Maybe their stomachs were synced. Sighing, Klaus abandoned the line. There was no need to put this off. Hungry or not, he needed to go there before this girl reacted so much as to cause a scene. He could only hope she would recognize him from last night and play along.

"Ma'am," Louisa said, her voice firm. She quickly forced herself to find firm but caring. She didn't need the woman to misinterpret her words as rude. "Jordan, you need to calm down. I can't understand you, but I can get you your doctor if you'd like. I have no idea where this man is." Louisa could only hope he wasn't killed by one of the creatures who had attacked last night. There were a few men brought in who hadn't made it and met that description, but average height, dirty blond hair, and muscles didn't really give much to go off. "All I know is where you were found. My co-worker's contacting your boyfriend as we speak."

Of course, the boyfriend (as described to her) had had dark hair and blue eyes. Fit, trim, muscled, "bit taller" than this woman. But he'd been fairly clean-shaven.

"Are you in any pain?" Louisa proceeded to ask. She would imagine so, but she wasn't going to administer pain medication unless the patient truly needed it.

"Jordan! Baby!"

Louisa looked behind her to see what must be the boyfriend standing in the doorway. She stepped back as he walked toward the girl. The bloke leaned in and gave the girl a chaste kiss on the forehead.

(As Klaus leaned down to kiss his "girlfriend," he whispered to her to play along. He would take her back to wolf-boy.)

"Should I leave you two alone?"
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
Jordan. Who the hell was Jordan? Lina didn't like this Jordan person, whoever they were. She had no idea that she had been filed under a fake name because no one knew her real one. It wasn't like the red head ran around with ID on her. All things considered, it was better for her to be an unknown if she got caught. Or at least, that was the thought behind it all. All it took was one look at her red hair, freckles, and blue green eyes and they'd be making two owls. If she opened her mouth to speak, then it'd be one. Only one red haired Russian family could be found in the wizarding UK and that was the Kalkuskovs. Considering how small of a community the magical one was, most people knew who you were and who your family were. Or had been before all the crap had hit the fan.

My co-worker's contacting your boyfriend as we speak. That got her to calm down for a second. Of course Lina's mind instantly jumped to Ced, because he was the only person who she could even consider in that role but... that was an entirely different subject, but could it be that Ced had somehow pulled this all off and had been the one to rescue her? Chances were slim, considering the situation they had been in when the red head had passed out, but if anyone could pull it off it was Ced. She stopped pulling on her new wrist jewelry enough to take a few breaths and sit back where it was easier to breath.

OOC: Sorry, Lina doesn't play well with others! D: <3

"No." She was in pain, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. She had been through worse and gotten through it. The red head wanted her mind as clear as day when she saw Ced to make sure that he was alright. She'd accept every form of pain medication after that. "I want to see... I want to see my boyfriend first." Lina took another gulp of air and closed her eyes, trying to remain nice and calm so that she wouldn't hurt herself further. It was funny how just the idea of the big guy could get her to restrain herself.

Jordan! Baby! Alright, so she was Jordan... apparently. She knew that voice wasn't Ced's and she didn't know the man who was walking towards her. The glared she leveled off on him was more than enough to set him on fire, if she had somehow had that ability, and it only got worse with every step he took towards her. Lina didn't know who he was, what he was doing, or what he thought he was going to do but really, expecting her to play along? That was expecting far too much from the likes of Lina Kalkuskov. He didn't know her or he should have known better.

Her free hand snaked out from where it was and aimed to slap him straight across the face as hard as she could manage. Frankly, Lina didn't like to be touched unless she gave permission and he was far too close for comfort. "No. I don't know him. I don't know this man. My name is not Jordan." She was of course, speaking to the woman who she had scared just a bit before, but right now Lina figured her best bet was to... make a scene. "He's not my boyfriend." She went to swing again, hoping to make contact with the blue eyed man's face. For all she knew he could be someone from the magical world sent by her mother to take care of her in a silent sort of way. The woman was likely to do that and Lina wasn't about to go quietly.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus gave a mock glare in response to "Jordan's," complete with a bit of a silly face to show just what he thought of her defiance. What he didn't expect was for "Jordan" to manage to get her hand free of the cuffs and slap him just as he was moving out of his hunched pretend kiss position. With a scowl, Klaus grabbed at his chin and felt his face. It stung where she had slapped him and he was sure there was a red mark across the bottom half of his face, but other than that, his dashing good looks seemed unharmed. Lucky for her, he could deal with a little pain and brushed it off to go right back into character. But with the scene "Jordan" was trying to cause, simply doing so was not going to be enough. He had no choice but to flash his MI5 badge and hope and pray this one wasn't a gossip.

"Awww, someone's always gwumpy when she wakes up," Klaus cooed to "Jordan" then flashed his badge before looking at the nurse. The nurse looked a little surprised, but not as surprised as she probably would have been had the girl not been handcuffed. "Knock when you have something for her pain. Don't want her asleep, though. And I'll need your utmost secrecy. Understood? No one's to believe this more than a police matter." The nurse nodded twice then was out. Her face told him she thought she'd officially transported to crazy town. Based on her hairstyle and mannerisms, Klaus was almost certain she wouldn't be an issue.

Klaus followed the nurse to the door and shut it. He waited a moment before turning to the girl. "Now, way I see it, I have two options here: re-handcuff you or stay a few feet away. Given my boss is jonesing," he smirked a little at his pun, "for you to see no further harm than what your little fall caused and you are a bit of a cripple, I'll leave you be. Just don't make any funny movements. I don't know who or what you are, just that you're somehow linked to that massive beast, who, might I add, I know is not a werewolf. I mean, c'mon, so huge, standing the way he was? Soooo not a werewolf.

"But we want to know what he is, and we think you're key, so here I am."
A knock sounded, and Klaus opened the door just enough to reach out and take the little pill cup then closed it again. He walked over, set it on the little roller tray that had water and cups and pushed the tray closer to Lina to the point she could grab it with her uncuffed hand. "Now, what's your name?" he asked as he sat down. "Because 'Jordan' is driving me absolutely bonkers. It's hardly a proper girl name."
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
The smack of her hand against this dude's face was pretty satisfying. That had always been a thing for her when she got into fights, but there was something decidedly different about hitting a cop in the face. Or at least, Lina assumed he was a cop. It helped that he flashed some sort of badge at the bewildered nurse to make her go away. The red head completely decided that he was a cop, she hated the name Jordan, and that she was going to make his life a living, personal hell as quickly as possible. Why? Because he deserved it for some unknown reason. Even if she hadn't fully figured it all out just yet.

If he thought that her being bed bound meant she wasn't as harmful as normal, he was in for a world of pain. The red head knew exactly how she could move with broken bones and what to do to hurt someone rather badly using just her fingers. Her own upbringing had been a rather unwelcome education in that department. Lina could wind him, blind him, and ruin his life rather quickly and easily... as long as he came within her grasp. But he was staying on the other side of the room, smart bastard. And he was talking about Ced. He could probably tell that Lina was pretty interested in the conversation considering she had stopped struggling all together and was paying attention to every word he was saying, very, very carefully. It was a give away that she knew exactly what he was talking about but Lina didn't really care. Ced was alive. These guys supposed had them. This would should have dictated her next steps but frankly, it didn't. Lina knew exactly what Ced would do in this situation and she'd do the same. She'd give him hell in a hand basket.

"Тыидиот. (You're an idiot.)" She leveled him with a bit of a look and laid back on the pillows that were propping her up. She tugged on the hand that was still handcuffed and grunted just a touch. "Sooooo not a werewolf." She mimicked him and rolled her eyes for good measure. "Кто говорит, как это? Подросток , вот кто. Вы должны быть действительноидиот .(Who speaks like this? Teenager, that's who. You must really be an idiot.)" Her hand twisted slightly in the cuff, as if she was testing the limits of how far the metal would bite into her hand if she really gave it a go. Of course it was all an act, just to get him interested enough to stop her doing whatever she was doing. Hopefully he would fall for it. He probably had the key to the cuff, which meant that after she knocked him out, Lina would frisk him for it and get out of her while the going was good. Then she'd figure out what to do about Ced when she was able to regroup with others and do something about it all.

The fact that she was mainly speaking to him in Russian and talking down at him was probably a good indicator of what was going on. Lina just wasn't going to cooperate with him at all. "Придерживайтесь это имя ваш тыл, jerkwad. (Stick that name up your rear, jerkwad.)" It was more of a grumble at this point with a lot of nearly dazed glowering but the red head finally switched to proper English to sort of speak with him. "Where is he? What have you done to him?" It was also pretty clear that the red head expected some pretty bad stuff to happen to both herself and Ced. It was pretty typical of their lives, so why would this time be any different? It was always just a matter of time and how much patience the other people had. She'd be ready for it when it came, but the idea of Ced getting hurt scared her pretty badly over all. If there was anything that was going to make her crack, it'd be that. So she waited for an answer, still tugging on that handcuff.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
You know, on second thought, maybe he did want her to fall asleep. She'd be a lot easier to deal with like that. Klaus could feel the rubbed his temples with one hand as he listened to her begin to mock him in Russian. It was the only thing he could imagine she was doing based on the four words she'd said in English thus far. Ok, a fifth and she was done for a moment. Only long enough for her to switch to English, which wasn't long. He had a feeling she switched between the two with ease in situations such as these. Perhaps not "such as these" but when she was angry at the very least. And dare he say it? She seemed rather angry, but despite that, he wasn't falling for the yanking at the cuff bit. She was trying to distract him, make him feel pressured so he'd act impulsively to try to gain his desired outcome. Unluckily for her, he was a seasoned enough hunter who knew how to think under pressure.

"You're bloody annoying, you know that?" Klaus replied to "Jordan's" questions. He had half a mind to not tell her anything, to simply zip his lips right then and there, call in a team of nurses to hold her down and tranq her then find out where Morgan wanted her now that she was without a doubt stable--physically, at least. Mentally? Well, that was debatable. But tranq-ing her would be far too easy, and Morgan would never condone that. Klaus wasn't stupid, just had a nice case of wishful thinking.

"He's alive, safe. He's just having a nice chit-chat with a few of our agents about his little monthly visitor. You'll get to see him soon enough, if you manage to refrain from tearing my head off."
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
Funny thing was, Klaus was right on the money. Lina totally acted like she couldn't speak a lick of English when it suited her. Considering that Russian was in fact, her first language, it didn't take much for her to fall back into the terrible accents that she had heard the older generation speak when she was a kid. It was all too easy for the red head, though there were times when she was really drunk that it wouldn't be fake. Her mind sort of reverted to a child like state if she got really blacked out drunk and then she really couldn't speak English, but that was an entirely different matter.

"Right back at you." He spoke English, she spoke English back and flipped him off with her freed hand. It was obvious that the guy wasn't moving from his spot, so she rolled her eyes, twisted her write violently, and popped it out of the cuff so she could get more comfortable. It wasn't an easy thing. She actually had to dislocate a portion of her thumb in order to do so, but that pain really wasn't major compared to what she was use to. The red head simply popped it back in place and sat back in the bed.

Her blue green eyes narrowed when he said chit-chat. Lina wasn't an idiot. She knew that "talking" could also revert to torture when people didn't get the answers they wanted. Sometimes even if it was the truth. "Tearing a head off... it's messy, da? Other ways to kill you. Much better." She flexed the hand she had just slipped out of the cuff and flexed her fingers in a bit of a wave towards him. There was an extra cruel smirk on her lips that wasn't even hard to fake. If they hurt Ced, she would hurt them. Things worked that straight forward in Lina's life. "When do I see him?" Soon enough just wasn't good enough for the red head. They could be lying about the entire thing. She could be the one who was the prisoner and their questions hadn't even started. It could be that Ced was out there trying to rescue her this time. She wouldn't know until she got some more information about... well, everything. "Why should I believe you?" She folded her hands in her lap, staring at him calmly as she did so.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus smirked and snorted lightly at the girl's response to his mention of her tearing his head off. Yeah, it was messy, not to mention he liked his head, thank you very much. He rose a brow at the girl's question of when. How was he supposed to give her a precise answer? There simply was none. It would happen when he and/or Jones deemed it fit, and that certainly would not be until the wolf-man spoke at least a little. They had to have someone to use to give him incentive to keep sharing. They wouldn't hurt this girl. No, she was only a human like the rest of them, and there was no need or benefit to harm her. No, she was to be used as a reward. It sucked that she'd probably remain hostile until she saw the wolf-man, but perhaps she'd be satisfied with simply seeing that she was alive. There was a one-way window he could use to show her him before taking her to her room in their complex. That might just work.

"Soon as we get you out of here, little lady." Technically, she just asked when she could see her boyfriend, so hey, he wasn't lying. "And you should believe me because I have no reason to lie to you. I need you happy for us to get any information at all from your little pet. I'm sure he'll be tight-lipped. Why you with a wolf, anyway?"
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
Little lady, ugh Lina hated that more than Jordan. It made her want to stuff her face into the pillow and suffocate herself to get away from it. It didn't even sound cool coming out of his lips. As he continued to speak, Lina felt the need to punch him and she scowled harder to make up for the feeling. She really didn't like the way he was talking about Cedric either. Acting like he was an animal instead of an actual person. That pissed her off to no end and whoever this idiot was, he wasn't winning any points with her this way. If he wanted her to help, he was going about it in all the wrong ways.

"You have every reason to lie. Maybe he's dead. Maybe he got away. Maybe I am bait." Lina wasn't an idiot. Until she saw proof, she wasn't going to assume anything. Ced could have gotten away. Merlin, she almost prayed he had gotten away, and she wasn't the sort to pray. If he was out there, if he was well and alive and free, then she could handle whatever came her way over the next... however long she was captive. She'd just have to remind herself that he was alright, and she'd get through it.

"Done talking now, da? Tell me when you have proof." She settled back on the bed, closing her blue green eyes and clicking the button that turned off the lights on her half of the room. From here on out the red head would pretend to ignore him until he gave her something better. And if he got close, she'd just have to defend herself in all sorts of violent ways. So despite the fact her eyes were closed, she tried to listen closely to the man moving. Lina just had to keep it together for now.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
As much as Klaus hated to admit it, the lady had a point. Thankfully, Klaus hadn't come unprepared for such skepticism. The only problem was how to show the hostile person the photo on his phone without getting a fist to the gut. It wasn't like the woman would simply escape because of it. Given her broken leg, he'd have enough time to recover from being winded and still catch up with her surely. Not that she was giving any signs of trying to escape, surprisingly enough. But simply put, Klaus didn't want to get punched to begin with.

"I have proof," Klaus said, shifting in his seat to pull his phone out of his back pocket. Once he had it, he entered the four-digit code and went to his photos and pulled up the one that served well as proof. There the wolfman stood behind a glass-like cage. He was obviously hostile though unharmed. "If you want to see proof, you'll have to promise me you won't hurt me." Not that he really would trust promises from the hostile woman, but Klaus figured it was better than no promises. Some people took that shit seriously.
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
Just because she had a broken leg didn't mean Lina wasn't planning to bust herself out of the hospital as is. She could always just heal herself the moment she got within grabbing reach of a wand. And speaking of wands... Lina didn't know where hers was. She didn't know if the dark haired idiot sitting across the room even knew what a wand was. Considering where she was and what type of care she was getting, the red head was assuming that he was a muggle. A stupid, thickheaded, irritating muggle. So maybe her wand was with her things or still in the alley she had fallen in. One way or another, she'd figure it out.

Lina looked up at him when he spoke up. One eyebrow quickly rose when he asked for a promise. Didn't he know that people could always break their promises? Words were trash. Promises were always broken. People just naturally betrayed each other. He was a naive little cookie, wasn't he? "Da. If you have good enough proof, I promise not to hurt you." The threat hung in the air between them and Lina couldn't help but smirk. If he had proof, she wouldn't hurt him because then she'd need him to find Ced. If his proof wasn't good enough or if he was lying, then she'd really hurt him. So it was up to the idiot to figure out if his proof was good enough or not and if he was going to chance the pain if it wasn't. But she sat up and turned on the lights, giving him her full attention one way or the other.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
"Good enough."

Klaus smirked and snorted as he looked down at the photo. He deemed it "good enough," but then, he wasn't a witch. Did they have pictures? He supposed they probably did. But if they did, theirs could easily be edited because magic surely was much more powerful than Photoshop, much easier to produce convincing results with. Would this make her wary, if his suppositions were true? Klaus took a deep breath, though just in prelude to a sigh rather than to calm nerves. He felt nothing right now more than mild curiosity. That didn't mean he didn't have a healthy respect for anything she could possibly do in reaction. Therefore, he went with an option that hadn't initially entered his mind. "Think fast!" he said and then underhand tossed the phone toward the girl and her hospital bed. He'd much rather dodge a thrown object than her fist.

Now, the question was how the girl would react to the evidence provided her, and hopefully his phone didn't decide to lock on her or scroll to the picture before this one when she caught it. She, uh, didn't need to see that. Klaus shifted in his seat, deciding to stand up. "I'll be back," he said before heading into her room's bathroom. She could digest the evidence while he took a quick piss.
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by: Lina Kalkuskov
This guy was an outright idiot. Lina almost stopped to stare at him when the phone was launched her way, but instinct kicked in and the red head managed to catch the easy throw just fine. The red head was utterly shocked when he got up and walked over to the bathroom. Right. A real big idiot. Or maybe he didn't understand the situation fully. Maybe he thought that her and Ced were just a couple or something and that he could use her for leverage instead of understanding they were working together that night. And that was perfectly fine with Lina. She'd just take advantage of it all the same.

First off, her blue green eyes quickly took in the picture. She noted that it was Ced. It was easy for her to tell because well... Lina had done quite the bit of staring at him lately, when she thought he wasn't watching. It wasn't exactly her fault. It was his. But she quickly switched the phone over to call a certain number that was supposed to be used in these kinds of emergencies. Sort of a hotline for the Syndicate when they got in trouble and this was certainly trouble.

The moment someone picked up, Lina said a few key phrases and quickly let the other person know everything she could about what was going on. That Ced and her had been caught by a group of muggles that knew Ced was a werewolf of some sort. That the muggles knew more than they should. That she had a broken leg and didn't know where her wand was and what the hospital name was. And that Ced was being held in a different location away from her, and she didn't know where it was. And most of all, that this call could probably be traced, so they should be ready for it. Lina spoke as quietly as she could and as quickly as she could. It was hard to keep things clear because she was pretty sure that she had been given some drugs to make her sleep.

The red head heard the toilet flush and she quickly ended the call. From there, it was simple enough for Lina to start cruising through the phone. She was a witch, but she was a witch that had spent a lot of time in the muggle world and knew what a smart phone was. She quickly figured out that his name was Klaus and that he had some pictures on there he should not show to the public. But she didn't have anything beyond that by the time the door opened. There was no hiding what she had done, Lina knew he could see she made a call as soon as he properly looked at his phone, but she held it up all the same. "When do I see him?" Maybe if she talked about seeing Ced enough, he'd look at his phone later and that would give the Syndicate time to react to the information she had given them.
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