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by: Jordan
Monday, February 6th 2012
9:00 PM


Things had been quiet lately for Ben. Williams' abdication and the regime change had stirred up quite a ruckus, but in doing so little activity had actually occurred. Oh sure, there were a few things here and there, maybe a plot or plan or two. However, it was nothing anyone had bothered to involve Ben with and this had him fuming. The fragments of the remaining Order were all he had left to cling to in hoping that something would or could be done.

Things with the Order, however, were more stagnant than bog water. Damien had his good days, but he was still too emotionally scarred from his time in Azkaban to resume leadership. Everyone else at the safehouse was too busy concerning themselves with day to day survival and fleeing the country than actually mending the real problem at hand. The few people he knew who might actually take some sort of action would have nothing to do with "the impetuous and reckless child" Benjamin Turner.

He didn't know where to turn. His brother had his family to tend to and besides, Ben didn't want his brother to have any more prestige to hold over him than he already did. Who then, would possibly do something? He knew in his heart of hearts that he couldn't do it all by himself, despite how he might act from time to time. He was just about to give up and formulate some kind of plan of action on his own when it dawned on him: Kara Viridian!

Hadn't she been the one who had approached him about saving Damien all those months ago? Sure, he'd ended up doing it mostly by himself, but she'd had an initial drive that hopefully she still retained. Unfortunately, Ben had no idea what had happened to Kara. He was always kept out of the loop since everyone was always so afraid he would get caught and have the information tortured out of him. Because of this, he rarely went to the safehouse anymore, save for some visits to his family and his dog.

So he'd tracked down as much information as he could as to her whereabouts. Since this wasn't exactly top secret information or a plan or something, people at the safehouse were slightly more willing to oblige him. He learned that she had been incarcerated for a time, lost some of her memories, and now ran the London pub known as the Abby. She had married the former owner Liam O'Donnell whom was now in Azkaban for murder (not that he took those accusations for anything considering who was in charge and making them).

In any case, Ben was going to at least try approaching Kara in the hopes of getting something done. It certainly couldn’t hurt at least, considering that nothing else was getting done at his current pace. He knew he had to be careful though. Even if the pub had muggle clientele, Ben was still a fugitive in the wizarding world and you never knew who you could run into. Disguises weren’t really Ben’s forte, but he didn’t want to run his gecko routine and risk startling Kara and causing a commotion when he transformed (assuming he could even get her alone). He didn’t have access to polyjuice either, and thus had to make due with standard magic and clothing to disguise himself as best as he could. He waited until the night time crowd had rolled into the pub before starting his scouting mission.

Ben looked unassuming enough, or at least he thought so. He’d managed to change several of his features through basic magic: hair color, hair texture, facial complexion, etc. He doubted anyone would recognize him, but it still put him on edge to be out in the open. To some it might be nerve-wracking, but for Ben it was an adrenaline high and he loved it. He walked forward through the pub casually, keeping his eyes peeled for Kara. He hadn’t figured out just how to approach her yet, but he was always doing things on the fly. He took a seat at the pub and waited, ever vigilant of his surroundings.

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by: Kara Viridian
Kara yawned. It was another day, another miserable day that is, at the pub. Business was booming, which should have made her more thrilled to go to work, but these days, she found little rest. Not only would she moonlight as a woman named "Kat", who happened to be a new waitress at the Abby, but she spent a lot of time trying to piece together an organization she figured was completely dead and gone. Would it be worth it? That question was in a constant volley between her and Jonathan, and the answer was always the same. Wherever there were witches and wizards abusing their gifts, there would always be a need for the Order of the Phoenix. Sure, the Dark Lord was long gone, but there would be others out there who would attempt to overthrow his legacy.

Dotting her i's and crossing her t's, she closed the ledger for the evening. This used to be one of her only concerns when her husband was around. Kara was now in charge of everything else. The inventory, the books, the menu, the decorations...everything. She longed for the simpler days. She felt a little guilty finding herself idly searching for her wedding ring with her thumb to the underside of her ring finger, only to find that the ring wasn't there. The jeweled band was placed safely in the lockbox in her room at home, on her nightstand, where it had been stored for some time. The guilt was only piled on slightly when she realized her thoughts had fluttered over to Casey Winslow, her lover. She wondered what he was doing, what he was up to, and if she would see him soon.

Brushing the lint off of her pants, she stood from her chair and made her way to the door, making sure to blow out the candles and and turn out the lights before she left her office. There were several guests already in the bar, and her regular bartender and waitresses were already helping them, so she figured she would end up downstairs at her usual table to oversee the night's business.

As she made it down the stairs, something, or rather someone, had caught her attention. She made it about five paces beyond where he was sitting before she realized she should turn back. A man who bore striking resemblance to a person she once knew. No, she thought. It couldn't be him. His hair was different. Eyes, different. She couldn't place the name either, which pissed her off. Now she would be searching for that placement until she figured it out. When she turned back slightly, it seemed as if he hadn't moved, or reacted to her so she kept walking, over to her usual table, with the usual drink being brought out on a tray by one of the waitresses. She had a notebook with her, and a pen, ready to add more notes into her journal to pass the time.


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