The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Alasdair Bennett
6 June
10:56 pm
Ev's Apartment

Somehow Everett continued to surprise him, and for someone who had previously hated surprises, it was strange for Alasdair to be enjoying everything that was happening with the vampire. Alasdair had meant for this night to be a small, fun date for them. Admittedly, this may have been to also woo the vampire to soothe his own insecurities now that they were slowly making their relationship more substantial. It was hard… With his personal background. To trust Ev and build something healthy between them. Especially with Ev’s specific proclivities with his relationships. Specifically him wanting to continue to see other people as well as stay with Alasdair. Something the wizard was trying out and honestly was finding to be not as uncomfortable as he had initially believed. Though it was still a little weird to find the long black hairs tangled Ev’s clothes, he knew Ev had a female he saw though they did not seem to be partners so much as just a hook-up once in a while. Despite the tone that Everett got when talking about her. But that was neither here nor there for the wizard and that didn’t matter for tonight. Tonight was Alasdair’s secret celebration over their relationship.

Over the month that they had gotten together and been seeing each other with the intention of being more it had been going well, really well actually. So Alasdair wanted to do something special for his new partner. He had planned an entire night out for them. Most likely with everything he had planned for the evening, he had gone a bit overboard. Without telling the vampire anything other than to be ready by sunset, Alasdair had turned up in loose jeans, tee shirt, and jacket. And, boy, had Everett certainly been more than ready and delicious looking in those fade washed jeans and sweater that showed off all the best parts of his partner. Not to mention the slicked back hair of his so those blue eyes of his were easily seen and bright as the sky… Alasdair was pretty sure he had sworn in delight. And he was getting distracted and gaping in the doorway like a fool. He had to shake himself back to focus before moving inside to greet the vampire with a kiss and a gift. The wizard had shown up with a bonsai wisteria for Everett to help with his homesickness for New Orleans before sweeping him into the city for their date. From their previous discussions, Ev hadn’t had a chance to see much of London since he had moved here with his apprenticeship taking up most of his time and Alasdair was willing to risk a night out in the open to share an adventure with him.

They had gone to the city center to shop, Alasdair offering to buy whatever caught the vampire’s eye. In a little music shop window, Ev’s eye had caught a beautiful blue guitar and upon wandering inside the nice shop owner allowed Ev to perform a short private concert with it that had left Alasdair’s heart fluttering as he watched the older man. His heart didn’t stop fluttering for the rest of the night. Not through their ice cream before even having dinner and not when the excitement on Ev’s face peaked as they hit the top of the Eye for a slow ride. In fact, the metamorphmagus thought his heart might just stop with the searing kiss that his partner had given him from his joy at the view. Between the kiss and the city lights, Alasdair was certain he would either combust or melt. Luckily he managed to do neither though his hair had gone bright pink and took a few minutes before it would settle back to normal brunette colors.

To finish their night, they had calm walk back to Ev’s apartment had been disgustingly romantic with stolen kisses and hand holding that left Alasdair with joyous expression. With Ev’s joy and happiness, Alasdair was certain he had planned the perfect night. At least until they got back to Ev’s apartment, where the vampire suddenly surprised him with a candlelit dinner to top everything else. Premade lasagna, salad, and cheesy bread. It wasn’t a lavish meal by any stretch of the imagination but it was definitely them. Sitting at Ev’s tiny table, Alasdair blushed and laughed through Ev’s playful flirts matching him easily with a wide grin.

Alasdair volunteered to clean up the kitchen since Ev had surprised him, being intentionally quick and lazy by using magic to charm things into self cleaning so he could continue the night with his partner. A quick inspection of the apartment had him being jumped from behind and locked in the vampire’s arms with a shower of kisses to his face and throat before he was lured into a bath to finish their night, a little relaxation before they settled into bed. Not that their bath had been relaxing in the end. It had only served to get them both clean and even more riled up. Being carried to bed and covered protectively by someone else’s body was an odd sensation. Safe, warm, and something more. Definitely a feeling the wizard would happily get used to.

Soft brown eyes cracked with orange and pinks met the vampire’s with a serene smile. Words almost tumbled unbidden out of his mouth before he could remind himself that Everett and himself had been seeing each other for a month. Just a month. His attachment was probably more from loneliness and Ev’s unending kindness than actually catching feelings. At least that’s what he was going to go with. He stroked the older man’s cheek before pulling him into another slow kiss, tangling with him happily. Rolling over onto him, he kissed him again then down his throat to over his heart. He rubbed the tip of his nose against the spot happily before peeking up at him. Those same words tugged at his mind and tongue but Alasdair just smiled unaware as the color of his eyes faded into a deep burgundy color, his heart fluttering as he looked at him.

”Thank you. For tonight. It was really nice,” he finally managed with a small choke in his tone. He hugged Ev’s waist, laying across him to steal another slow kiss, losing his fingers in his hair.
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by: Everett Cooper
It was date night.

Date night. If someone had told Everett even a year ago that he would be in London, going on a surprise date with a guy he really liked a whole lot, and nervously fixing his hair before said date arrived, Ev would’ve told them they were insane.

Of course that had been before he had been made a vampire and his Navy career was over, which was a lot- well, most of- the reason he had had to hide his sexuality in the first place, but even still. The very idea of going on a date with someone was still a foreign concept to the American. Not at all a bad thing, at least so far, but definitely a new concept. His relationship history was varied and extremely short considering he was almost forty years old, most of his relationships having been mere flings with girls he had met while off combat rotation. And if he was being honest with himself, most of those few flings had been… on the unhealthy side of the spectrum at the very least. He hesitated to call any of them outright abusive because he was sure some of the fault was his own, but even still, relationships were a new endeavor for Everett.

Which lead him back to thinking about his new partner? Fuck buddy? Boyfriend seemed too… solid, too real for the slightly commitment-leary vampire, but he couldn’t deny that Alasdair was real special to him. He was kind, brilliant, handsome as hell, a real treasure that had brought a vibrant quality that he hadn’t realized was missing back into Ev’s life, even in the short time they had known each other. It was amazing to the soldier, in all honesty, that a guy he had only known for almost exactly a month had endeared himself to Ev so quickly and so thoroughly. Alasdair was… Hot damn, he didn’t even have the right words to describe the wizard. Maybe… maybe ‘boyfriend’ wasn’t wrong… After all, Alasdair had been understanding and communicative with him about taking things slowly in terms of their relationship, and had been open to a non-monogamous relationship to boot… And things had been going even better than Ev would ever have hoped between them. There had been no awkward jealousy when Alasdair had found some of the Nagual woman’s hair tangled on his shirt collar after the hunger-driven romp in the part, but maybe that was more to do with the fact that he had explained his… odd… encounter with the woman as more of an instinctive whirlwind than anything actually concrete.

Whatever the reason for the smoothness in their relationship, Ev was relaxed and happier than he could remember being in a good long time when he was with Alasdair. When the wizard had shown up at his door almost exactly at sundown tonight it had taken Everett nearly a full minute to even take notice of the gorgeous bonsai plant Alasdair had brought him, so happy to see his date was he. The lavender-colored wisteria bonsai was probably the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts anyone had ever given him, it occurred to him as he placed it on his kitchen table before Alasdair swept him out the door for their date. He hadn’t told Ev what he had had planned but that was just fine with the vampire; he had his own surprise planned for after they got back.

He couldn’t cook to save his life, but his apartment was right above a Mediterranean deli and restaurant that offered ready-to-bake trays of lasagna, ziti, and several other dishes that Ev didn’t recognize, so he had made a special request for a garlic-less meal and picked it up before getting ready for the date. There was a nice antipasto salad and a big lasagna waiting for them in the fridge, and Gino had even thrown in an order of cheesy bread instead of the customary garlic bread with the order. Ev couldn’t wait to surprise Alasdair after whatever it was the wizard had planned.

Speaking of what his date had planned… Got damn, did Alasdair hit a solid homerun with that one! A nice walk through the city center market district, where they had stumbled upon a mom-and-pop music shop with the newest model of Gibson collector’s edition in the window. With some sweet-talking the owner had agreed to let Ev play the baby-blue beauty while he finished up the closing procedures, and had ended up staying open a half hour later than planned just to listen to the vampire sing and play for Alasdair. After thanking the man and promising to come back for any music needs in the future, they had headed over toward the Thames and the fabled London Eye, taking a breathtaking ride up over the sprawling lights of the city together. It was just perfect; that was the only word Ev could come up with. Perfect. The view, the ice cream they had indulged in like little kids before their dinner, the company… There wasn’t one singular thing Everett would have changed about the date, becoming more and more at ease with the idea of things being more serious with his partner than he had thought as they stole kisses and held hands on their leisurely walk back to his apartment.

And then it was time for his own surprise date plans. Alasdair had been delighted by the surprise dinner and they had laughed and flirted and carried on like teenagers while they ate. It wasn’t a fancy meal, just some salad and pasta, but it was special because the person he was sharing it with was special to him, something the vampire had missed dearly being away from home. For dessert Ev had grinned like a mischievous little boy and led Alasdair into the bathroom where a bubble bath awaited them. He had decorated the room with the cliched candles on every surface he could fit them on but it did look romantic and pretty so he supposed it wasn’t quite the cliche he had thought. Of course the bath served only to rile them both up more once they settled in the water together, but in the aftermath of their bath Ev had carried Alasdair to his bed with a happy grin and reveled in the quiet joy between the two of them. It was new and exciting and maybe not as scary as he had first thought… And Alasdair certainly felt good snuggled up on his chest like that, smiling down at him with those big mahogany eyes.

“No, thank you, darlin’,” Ev countered, his voice still husky with lust and more than a bit tired. “Tonight was… shit, I can’t even tell ya how much I loved tonight. It was perfect. You’re perfect,” he whispered, kissing the wizard again tenderly.
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by: Matthew Cox
Wasn’t he the just the best friend...first, he was keeping secrets from one brother, then he was having a mental break down in his best friend, and now he was going to be interrupting a date for a third friend. Matt huddled in his armor in the fire escape, holding his backpack to his chest to keep the canvas from scraping against the metal. He’d listened to Ev and his boyfriend come home, have dinner, and then get into the bath all while sitting quietly on the fire escape.

How had he really come to this: lurking outside a man’s flat and eavesdropping on his intimate, safe moments?

Well, you see, it all started about a month ago when...

Right. Was that when it started? It had it started longer ago than that? Were there signs of his madness then? One didn’t suddenly develop an alternate personality, right? There had to have been other signs or symptoms that he was sick in the head. There wasn’t anything in his history that made him suspicious of himself. Nothing, that was, except the mutation. Could...could that have caused him to unhinge? Maybe the human mind wasn’t meant to absorb so much sensory input. Being a mutant was driving him crazy. That made sense, in a way, but was it right? If that was the mutation, then maybe the stress of the imperius is what finally just made him snap.

God help him, he missed Cora.

The thought of her made him shiver in his armor. He wanted to see her, wanted to love her, to hold her...

But what about the curse? She’d let him go, hadn’t come after him, had stayed away...but was that because she knew he’d come back? That he was conditioned to want her? To need her approval? Did he really love her or was this feeling in him just a need to fulfill a conditioned response? Everyone he’d gone to with the hopes of getting answers only knew a part of the story and sided with him. He wasn’t to blame, he wasn’t at fault, it was the witch and her magic and he was innocent...or conversely, he was a willing and active participant who was just as guilty as Cora, a traitor and anathema that needed to be killed. Nobody who made these judgements knew Cora. Nobody had seen them when things were good...

But Ev had. Everett was trusted. He was a fellow operator, someone who understood the trauma of changing from human to not-human, someone who had seen Matt and Cora just two days ago before the storm broke and inundated them. If anyone could give Matt a clearer perspective on what the truth was, then it had to be the vampire.

Matt listened to the impassioned and rhythmic sounds of two people who loved each other taking delight in the carnal fruits of a growing relationship. The mutant was beyond feeling embarrassed about such accidental eavesdropping. With his sensory capabilities, he’d heard more than he ever needed to in order to get over feeling embarrassed. Sex was an expression of love, more intimate than a kiss. It was nobody’s fault but his own that his super senses could invade that private intimacy.

Guilt now tangled with the still-raging chaos of emotions after Day-Zero. It wasn’t fair of him to put his needs for counseling ahead of his friend’s privacy and dignity. Not to mention, whomever Ev was with was likely not going to be happy with Everett for attracting such company as the Devil of London. It would be better to leave. Matt carefully shifted himself up and around to kneeling, then stood slowly to avoid making a noise. He was nearly home free when the shoes in his backpack squeaked together. For a human, the sound would have been small and difficult to detect in the open air, much less through a window, but Ev wasn’t human, and that sound shouldn’t have come from his fire escape.

Matt continued to move slowly as he slung his backpack over his shoulders. He listened to the vampire, knowing he was caught. All he could do now was confess himself and leave, maybe set an appointment for another time.
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by: Alasdair Bennett

If Alasdair could morph into a puddle he would. Ev called his date plans, called him, perfect. He blinked at the older man for a few moments, those traitorous words clawing at his throat again. The longer he laid on his partner’s chest just watching him and stroking his hair, the more he couldn’t help the smile. Or the fact that his gaze had gone a deep reddish-purple. Well just fuck him.

Dumb smile, fluttering heart, signs of mild anxiety and delight. For as much as it had just been a passing thought Alasdair was starting to believe there was more to his knee-jerk reaction. He might actually really love Everett. Even in the short time they had been together. But then how could he not? The Southern was a polite, respectful sweetheart who treated Alasdair with so much dignanty while making him feeling like royalty. If that was the case, which empirically was the most likely answer to his symptoms, then the wizard was doomed to try to prevent this from becoming very serious, very rapidly.

Or maybe he was just catching the flu and flying off the handle about his own reactions. Which he did. A lot.

“Ev…” he mumbled then stumbled over his words again as his breath was knocked out of him with the emotions. He leaned to kiss him once more before flopping to the side and cuddling into him, ready to sleep and contentedly exhausted from their day.
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