The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Sparking, arcing, shivery feelings danced across his skin with the kiss. Oh Merlin, it felt interesting. It was half kiss, half licking a battery, and all good. When he pulled away from her, the sparks followed him and clung to his skin and tingled there. Throbbed, almost, he realized. Damien caressed Corrigan's skin lightly and found her pulse. It was quick and fluttery, like a bird in a trap. Excitement, nervousness, fear, desire? What made her heart beat like that? Ever aware of beats and measures, Damien couldn't help but notice that her heart beat was in time with the sparking. Or were her sparks in time with her fluttering heart? It wasn't an every beat thing, either...almost a triplet. Beat spark spark beat spark beat beat spark spark beat spark spark...

"Ta ta-ti-ti-ti-ti-tum-ti ta ta...your heart and sparks," he explained the measure counting softly while stroking her cheek with his thumb. True to his cheek earlier, Damien leaned back into her personal space and kissed her gently, savoring the sweet sparks dancing with her heart beat.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
This felt weird. Corrigan had kissed people before when she was younger but now that she couldn’t feel the warmth, texture, or anything but the pressure of Damien’s mouth on hers it was a little strange. Her heart still fluttered happily with the attention but the actually physical touches just weren’t causing much of a reaction in her. All her reactions grew from the knowledge that he could see her sparks, feel the shocks, and still wanted to be this close to her. A bright smile lit up her face when he pulled away marveling at the connection between them as her sparks arced between them brightly. But they didn’t seem to be hurting him. She wasn’t hurting him!

An ecstatic giggle escaped her at his measurement of her heart. Of course it was a rushing, stuttering mess. It normally was but at least right now it felt good rather than constricting. Corrigan watched him brightly but didn’t react to his touch on her face or over her pulse at all. Like she didn’t even realize his hand was there. She looked at her own palm over his heart and smoothed it across his chest, tracing the skin with her fingers thoughtfully pressing in a bit to be able to feel it. Her brow furrowed in frustration but was quickly wiped away with another kiss. She leaned into it happily for a moment before separating by the barest amount.

”Tell me if they’re too much. Trying to be careful. Don’t want to hurt you by accident,” she breathed against his mouth before pecking him again with a slight shock.
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by: Damien LeMarch
"Will do, Sparks and Stars..." he breathed against her lips after she kissed him. Damien snuggled back up to her, hugging her. The sensation of her sparks against his whole body was delightful. Arousing, even...He rocked slightly with her in his arms, humming the song he had sung last night. Before he could fall into the moment, however, he stopped dancing with her and pulled away.

"I've never not wanted to go to work so bad as I do right you want to stay here or leave your number or just disappear into my imagination?"

Hopefully, she'd see the teasing delight in the sparkle of his eyes or the quirk of his lips. He watched her as he turned to get his work clothing out. Button down, nice jeans, black converse. He headed to the bathroom and got dressed, then started styling his hair up in his normal style. He straightened his collar and came back out.

"Okay, I gotta head to work, but I'll be back later. If you stay, lock the door, if you go, lock the bottom lock and close the door."

He smiled at her, wanting to kiss her again, but not sure if he should...she was a treat,but a trap, too...if they started kissing, he might be here all day.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Melting and safe and warm in her chest and Corrigan was pretty sure at this point she was going to suddenly be drunk on the way he kissed. Even the gentle rocking was relaxing her more and more until she cuddled into his chest. She hadn’t realized how desperately she was clinging to him for the affection that was fulfilling a strange broken part in her chest. Not until he claimed he needed to leave and ice shards broke through her entire body.

Painfully slow, her clutching fingers released him and her body deflated slightly. ”Oh… Okay,” she whispered at the dismissal. She sat stiffly at the end of his bed not knowing where else to put themself as Damien worked through preparing for his day. Uncertainty blossomed on their open expression as their blue eyes followed his preparation around the apartment. They wrung their hands together anxiously and their chest shuddered in hiccuping breaths as they waited. For what, Corrigan wasn’t sure but their mind kept whispering about how it would not be good. Something bad was coming and it was their fault. Their head twitched a little with the anxiety. They still hadn’t moved, holding unnaturally still, when he turned to address her again, only lifting their head to look at him once Damein spoke. Like they was waiting for instructions from him.
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by: Damien LeMarch
She wasn't moving...shit. In fact, she looked positively panicked. Damien froze on his way out the door and stare back at her. He wasn't sure how to help Entertainment...he didn't have books, really. Sketching materials were scarce, music was his radio. No television...

"Look, why don't you just stay here today? Take a nap, there's some paper on the shelf, pencils in the's there if you want music. Make yourself comfortable and I'll be home in about eight hours?"

He sounded just as hesitant as she looked, like he wasn't used to his morning after flings staying for the day. The half veela looked around the small, ratty apartment helplessly and shrugged.

"I'm sorry...I'll be back tonight." With that, he left for work, miserably obsessing all shift over his guest and the lack of things he had in his apartment for her.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
He left so swiftly Corrigan doubted he got to see the joy on her face when he insisted she stayed. He actually wanted her around. A warm bright feeling swam through her chest leaving her giddy and grinning. She didn't much care that there wasn't much to keep her busy in the apartment. Well other than… Her face lit up with the idea. Corrigan absolutely needed to return his kindness. Getting her ratty sweater and jeans on, she went through his room quickly gathering laundry and taking inventory of supplies. Once complete, she wandered out to get groceries for the week, more cleaning supplies, and to run some laundry for him. She made sure to locked the door then jimmied it open with her card when she got back with two bags of groceries, clean laundry, and a convenience store bag.

Clean sheets set properly, his quilt gently hand washed and hung to dry first thing then laundry folded and tucked away. Windows washed and opened with the more mild night according to the radio. Walls wiped down for smoke remains and a cinnamon candle lit. Bathroom and kitchenette scrubbed and spotless. Corrigan grinned at her work stealing a quick shower and getting into one of his clean pajama sets again before setting to work on dinner for them with forty five minutes to spare.

A warm dinner of pad Thai and tea made up and Corrigan set the table, plopping on his bed with a book, relaxing until Damien returned.
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by: Damien LeMarch
What a day...

Eight hours of bussing tables and cleaning dishes made for a sore and tired singer. Thankfully, it was an off day for the club, so he didn't have to go and perform on top of the back breaking back and forth of the Abbey. Damien dragged himself back to his flat and unlocked the door. He stood in the doorway, confused scowl plastered across his face. This...wasn't? This was his place, right? The key worked, it was the right number on the door, and...candles? Did he have candles? And Thai food? What the hell was going on? This wasn't his was too clean...


Maybe that was a stupid response for the efforts that Corrigan had obviously put in to cleaning everything up, but he wasn't at the capacity for being able to fully process or understand what was happening. He came into the apartment fully and closed the door behind himself, looking at the woman with a broadsided bewildered confusion.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan smiled at his entrance, opening her mouth to greet him then hesitated at his expression. ”I… I’m sorry. Is it too much?” she asked, watching his stunned expression, ”I-I just wanted to d-do something. T-t-tuh thank-k-k you.” She stammered through the start of a few more words before giving up and going silent. Tucking her arms against her body and Corrigan dropped her head apologetically. Waiting for his reprimands for what she had done.

She felt like an idiot. She shouldn’t have just assumed… Now he was upset with her. Why did she always ruin everything? Especially when she was trying to be good. Her hand snaked up slowly to her temple, hitting it with her palm in a hard rhythm as she gnawed her lip. She had just wanted to do something nice for him after last night and instead… Her blue eyes darted to his stunned scowl on his face then down quickly as the coppery taste of blood spilled into her mouth. She must have chewed another hole into her lip.


Tears pricked in her eyes as she stared at the floor listening to the whisper rip and tear into her chest. Different. Corrigan would always be… weird. Even when she was trying to just be normal. Corrigan shriveled into herself more and waited for him to throw her out now that she had clearly overstepped her boundaries in his home. She would have to change out of his clothes first. She fluttered a bit, half stepping to change before getting rooted to the spot in terror again.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Damien missed the signs of anxiety at first, so caught up was he in marveling at how nice everything looked. This was a delight and a treat in itself, and on top of that, the beautiful Corrigan was still here. But she was upset? Damien's face snapped back to hers, recognizing in the second glance what he had missed in the first: she was terrified and anxious. Instinctively, Damien came to her and caressed her face gently, tilting it up so he could look into those hope-blue eyes and erase the sorrow and fear in them. He jerked back from an errant spark, then dove back in to comfort her.

"Corrigan, this is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. It's wonderful! You've cleaned and straightened everything and it feels like a home instead of just a place where I live. Thank you, so much...I am so appreciative of your help and care. Now, lets dry your tears and fears and have some of that dinner you made...tell me about it...smells like Thai food. Am I right? It looks lovely..."

He dropped his hands to hers and tugged gently to lead her to the table. With an extreme gentleness, he helped her sit before taking his own seat. Without any preamble, Damien took a bite of the food and practically melted. Holy shit! This was amazing! His eyebrows flicked up and he looked at Rigan, excited.

"This is better than the restaurant I normally go to! Holy shit, Rigan! I love this!"
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
With her head tucked she hadn’t noticed his approach causing her to flinch heavily when he reached for her. Her arms shot up slightly to protect herself from what she assumed was going to be a strike to her head. When his hands ghosted in her peripheral though, Corrigan managed to relax her arms. The pressure of his touch relaxed Corrigan slowly until Damien jerked away from her anxious sparks. She opened her mouth to apologize but no sound came out leaving her gaping and embarrassed instead. Her lip trembled dangerously as a few tears escaped to her carnage as her terror and despair started to swamp her. Why couldn’t she have just stayed normal? Instead of being a uncontrollable spark-ridden monster that couldn’t even manage to speak when she wanted to apologize. Not that her words made up for anything.

Corrigan was drawn out of her thoughts when Damien, to her surprise, returned his hands to hold her face again. Blinking through her watery gaze, Corrigan barely comprehended his praise at first. He was happy… No, ecstatic about everything she had done? Blue eyes searched his face desperately for a hint of deception and, surprisingly, thankfully, found none. A slow smile peeked out, sparks chaining through her hair and into her tear tracks as the harsh emotions that had threatened to steal her thoughts calmed to a black sea in the background. She went to speak again but only managed a squeaking noise that made her blush. Nodding in confirmation about the food being Thai, Corrigan forced words out slowly for him.

”P-P-Pad… t-t-thai,” she managed to whisper then a brighter smile crossed her face at his enjoyment of the first bite. Looking at her own food, she started to eat going slowly as to make sure she wouldn’t burn herself or overstuff herself.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Damien’s attention and focus dropped to Then food. Small sounds of contentment kept eking out of the singer as he ate steadily. He slowed near the end of his plate and stifled a belch behind his hand.

”’scuse me. This is fantastic. Thank you again, Corrigan. I’d like to spoil you there’s anything I can do to show you my appreciation?”

He looked up across the table at her, thin face starting to light up with an idea. She liked his music, so maybe he did give her a private concert...

First, he’d need to do the dishes so that he’d have clean dishes for tomorrow, put away any left overs in the fridge, briefly mourn for them that they would be all alone, change into comfortable clothing, then play his heart out for her. It was a great plan, so he started gathering the dishes up, humming to himself and grinning.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan grinned at his outburst with a small giggle. ”No, I take it as a compliment. And spoil me?” she asked at his statement in confusion, ”But I was repaying you for giving me a place to stay. If you hadn’t shown up I would of...” Been sleeping in an alley most likely. She shoved the last bite of food into her mouth to quiet the thought. He thought his situation was bad but hopefully Corrigan had left him a little better off. That was the least she could do for his kindness.

Finishing up her food, she got up to help him with the dishes. “You get the leftovers,” she waved him off, ”I got the dishes.” Corrigan smiled at his humming, joining with him to hum along as she finished up the chores. She scrubbed and rinsed and dried before tucking all the dishes back into place. She hesitated then. Dinner was done and he would need to sleep for whatever kind of day he had tomorrow. Which meant she should leave and get out of his hair.

”Damien? Should I head out? You have work tomorrow yeah?” she asked nervously, sparks cracking over her expression despite her trying to hide it, ”I don’t wanna be a bother to you.”
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by: Damien LeMarch
Would have what? Damien looked at his guest curiously, but she’d fled into focusing on her food to avoid the topic. It wasn’t hard to finish that sentence with a bit of imagination, however. She’d have been back in an abusive home, on the street, or something equally bad. Truthfully, he himself was one mised paycheck away from such a fate, so he commiserated. And, to be even more bluntly honest, if she’s hadn’t brought him home last night, he did have slept in the park in the mud. She didn’t owe him a thing...not when she’d basically saved his life.

Still, she wanted the subject dropped, so he dropped it. It was simpler to just go with the flow and let things happen at their own pace. He almost never needed to force choices because things worked out. Not always to his benefit and not always to his speed preference, but they worked out. He had to hold onto that or go crazy with the paranoia that being a fugitive bred. Speaking of fugitive paranoia, she hadn’t found his wand when she was cleaning, had she? He hoped not. It would have led to weird questions or dangerous situations. No, he mused while putting the noodles into a repurposed plastic takeout container, it was for the best that his wand and wizarding mementos stayed locked in their box, hidden in the closet. Better for everyone that he just stayed a muggle.

Damien went to change into pajama pants and a tank top, then came back to the dining room and living area to grab his guitar.

”No work tomorrow, so tonight is all play time. I wouldn’t mind you staying, Sparks and’re no bother to me.”

He smiled sweetly for her and began to strum his guitar. His fingers danced through a warm up exercise before finding the chords for one of his songs.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Being told she wasn’t a bother shouldn’t have caused such a spread of deep relief through her. But it did and the relaxed slump of her shoulders and a bright smile were gifted to him in return for the confirmation. Corrigan didn’t want to think about how much she wanted, needed, to hear those words. Though she wasn’t entire what the fuel behind that desire was. But rather than dissect her own thoughts some more she should do something useful. If he wanted her to stay that would me breakfast needed to be made.

”Well if that’s true then let me prep some breakfast,” she said, covering her relief by fluttering around his kitchen again, ”You like French toast?”

Corrigan hummed, dancing to his playing as she prepared the creme brulee French toast for the morning. It was a quick enough meal that she could just throw into the oven in the morning. Once she had tucked the tray in the fridge she continued to dance to his music happily, laughter and smiles overtaking her again. Turning her blue eyes to him, she spun for him with a playful smile. Sparks rained over her skin and through her hair as she followed the chords. Her eyes slowly closed to the music, losing herself as she danced around his small apartment.
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by: Damien LeMarch
The storm was brewing in him again. He could feel he had told Corrigan, tonight was play time. That meant that if he wanted to let loose and get carried away by the storm, they could do that and not have to worry about tomorrow. That was a good goal: not worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow was a scary thing full of responsibilities, fear, possibilities of being captured and tortured, enslaved and hurt. Today was a tame thing. It was wound down and carried no more threats with it. Today was laying at his feet and curled up like a good dog. It had its fangs and it had its moments, but it wasn't going to snap and snarl.

The half veela smiled at Rigan's question about French Toast and nodded. He didn't want to make a sound with his reply yet because...well, there was a storm. It was in him, it was him, it was his bones, his soul, his life...when he opened his mouth, it was going to take over, so it was safer to just stay quiet and let things be. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back. The storm was there. Rolling clouds of music, lightning flashes of Lure, the rain of lyrics. Like a distant rumble of thunder, Damien began to hum the tune he was playing. As if that were the key that unlocked his voice, Damien began to sing, oblivious to Rigan dancing around his apartment.

"Is it still me that makes you sweat? Am I who you think about in bed? When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress? Well, then think of what you did, and how I hope to God he was worth it when the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin...

Merlin, he felt good. This song was one of his new ones that had wowed the producer with in the studio. Damien didn't even care if Rigan liked it or not. It felt good, he was singing and getting swept away by his storm, and he had a beautiful woman dancing in his apartment. Yeah...Today was good. Maybe tomorrow would be too...
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