The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Somehow, Citlali seeing through his fake calm put Damien’s anxieties into a battle with his rational mind. He was safe. They kept reiterating that. They could have taken him many times over, including and especially during his previous emotional storm. And yet, years and years of rejection and disgust at his mixed heritage made him question if this acceptance and safety was transitory.

Well, so what if it was? Comfort for a night was better than loneliness for a week. And as long as she kept caressing him and and soothing him like she was, then there was no problem. His eyes fluttered and he relaxed again. The hold he kept on his heritage loosened as he slouched down on Citlali, snuggling into her chest. He rolled into his back and arched carefully, tilting his chin up to offer his throat to her fingertips.

Just touch me. Give me tonight to remember for tomorrow.

He looked up at her and smiled, then turned to answer Ev. When he spoke, his voice was thick with arousal and comfort. Citlali wanted honesty, and Ev had given him the perfect opening.

”Me? I’m not even mostly a was a halfblood...mum was a veela.”

He snuggled into Citlali and looked up at Ev once more when the woman queried him about the boyfriend word. It would be interesting to hear the answer. Damien had no interest in getting his skinny ass beaten by a jealous boyfriend. If the answer wasn’t good, he’d just not give his address so he couldn’t be found afterwards.

Then again...if the answer was good, then maybe there would be a round two, and the boyfriend could come party, too. A slow grin started to bloom, inviting Ev into what was starting to grow on the couch.
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by: Everett Cooper
He had thought he was doing well and showing empathy to the singer by telling him that he understood why he would be afraid of Snatchers. He had thought everything was okay, or at least on the way to getting there. Citlali’s gentle reassurances to the singer even had him thinking she was on the same page as he was as far as wanting to be honest before getting involved with them, or so her words had him believe. As soon as Citlali’s void-black eyes turned on him at his attempt to soothe Damien, Ev wasn’t so sure…

His father was the Darkwater clan’s head diplomat and had dealt with the Nagual in South America almost entirely by himself for decades now, and thank whatever higher powers there were that the elder Nosferatu had shared just the barest basics with his clueless son, otherwise Everett might just have shut down altogether when Citlali’s eyes seemed to stare into his very soul like that. As it was, Ev froze under her scrutiny like a rabbit with a hound dog on his tail. Everything he knew about Citlali’s people could probably fit in a thimble, but even still he knew they were attached to the spirit realm (whatever that actually meant) and that they could see into a person to learn about them. The staring seemed to last for years, the vampire shrinking slightly under the intense gaze as his mind froze and he fought back the sudden panic. Memories tried to force their way to the forefront of his mind unbidden, and Ev shivered as he desperately tried to calm himself and push them away. His lips moved slightly as he silently recited the mantra to ground himself when he felt an episode coming on. ’I’m safe. Nobody is trying to hurt me, they’re just memories. They can’t hurt me unless I let them. I am safe, I am strong, and I am in control…’

Citlali’s question may have been calm and quiet but to Ev’s near-panicked brain it was angry and suspicious, just like Ke- No. No, he wasn’t going to think about that. About her. No. Citlali wasn’t like that. She wouldn’t hurt him… and… and her scent didn’t smell like she was angry, at him or even in general… She had told Damien she just wanted honesty; that had to be it, right? She wasn’t angry and she wasn’t going to hurt him…

“... yeah. We’re… we’re poly... polyamorous,” Ev finally managed to stammer, his deep voice pitched slightly higher now as he fought to stave off the episode. “He… he’s the one who encouraged me… to go out… since he was working tonight… I can show you our… our text messages? W-would that help?” he offered quietly, not knowing what else to do. The vampire seemed to have forgotten all about Damien as he simply stared wide-eyed at Citlali as she questioned him, curling into himself slightly as if to protect himself if need-be while still perched on the arm of the couch and shivering slightly.
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali watched Ev’s spirit all but wither under her gaze and her hackles went up briefly in reaction that he might have been caught in a lie. But rather than that darkness of a lie, fear and cracks spread through him. Not of being caught. He was frightened of her. No a memory, a flash of a woman. Well that was no good. She blinked, snapping back from her gaze and turning her face back to Damien. He had fear and scars in his spirit and she shouldn’t be digging into him. Citlali had gotten what she wanted; he was telling the truth about his partner. That’s all she needed.

Pushing down the shame over his fear, she swallowed quietly. ”No. That is okay, Everett. I believe you,” she said softly, stroking Damien’s throat in a version of self-soothing. She took a few quiet moments to center herself from her own thoughts. This is why she didn’t much like getting close to people. Because then she left herself open to be hurt simply because of her otherness. She would have to remember to keep herself distant. This was just a need being fulfilled and nothing else. The Nagual needed to remember that. It couldn’t be or she would do more harm when her time came.

Focusing again, Citlali turned back to Ev with a small smile. ”Come join us, Everett. I had to ask to clarify. But we are okay,” she promised gently, offering her free hand to him to entice him a little. She looked down at the relaxed man in her arms then. ”What exactly is a veela? I have never heard of such a thing,” she commented curiously.
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by: Damien LeMarch
He had seen that look too many times in the bathroom mirror. Damien had to do something to help Everett feel better, and words alone weren’t going to keep the memories away...for either of them. The half veela snuggled briefly into the touches and gave a smile to Citlali, then stood and pulled his shirt over his head and gently tossed it at Everett. He himself followed after the article of clothing, entwining his arms around the taller man.


He reached up and tanged his fingers into Everett’s hair before gently pulling his face down so he could look into those lapis-and-gold eyes.

”You’re really pretty, I’m really pretty, she’s really pretty. We just established we’re safe and we have permission to play around tonight. I’m going to kiss you.”

He made good on the threat, letting his Charm wash out even stronger. He lingered in the gesture, then pulled back to try and lure Everett onto the couch. With a smirk, he looked over at Citlali, eyes dancing in mirth.

”They’re like Greek and dance can ensnare mortal men and make them passionately, madly in love with the casting fae. Except...I can also lure women. And it’s more lust than love. It’s a great party trick, lemme tell you.”

The smirk grew, inviting and warm. The thin man scooted back onto the couch and into Citlali’s arms, resuming his throat bared, vulnerable position.
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by: Everett Cooper
’I’m safe. I’m strong. I’m in control…’ He repeated the therapeutic mantra in his head until he wasn’t sure his thoughts were even in English anymore.

Was it French? ’Je suis sauf. Je suis fort. Je suis en contrôle.’

Or maybe it was Spanish? ’Estoy a salvo. Soy fuerte. Yo estoy en control.’

Could it have been Arabic? ’'ana bikhayr 'iinaa qawi. 'ana fi alsaytarat.’

Regardless of what language he was thinking in, the repetition and the deep breathing had at least helped him push down the worst of the panic and had the soldier on the way to being calm again. Citlali’s assurance that he was alright and, more importantly, that she believed what he said was a huge help as well, and Ev’s slightly panicked heart rate calmed when the Nagual spoke. He took another few deep breaths to steady himself and peeked up at the Nagual shyly. Rather than the intriguing black eyes he was expecting to see something colorful was coming right for his head! Instinctively the SEAL reacted to the threat and snatched it out of the air, his brain reacting as if he were in combat rather than safe at home on his own couch. Luckily for everyone involved his hunger rose with the combat instincts and snapped Everett’s attention onto controlling that beast instead of reacting to a threat that was indeed just Damien’s shirt.

He barely heard or acknowledge Damien’s words and flinched slightly at the sudden touch, focusing on breathing and shoving down the beast of hunger that demanded the vampire bite the smaller man. The beast whispered in the back of his mind like a cold gust of wind in a damp dungeon, demanding to be sated… demanding bloodshed and the fear of a prey creature… He could do it. He should just take the little man… he looked underweight and scrawny… maybe not a filling meal, but there was the girl too…


He wasn’t a monster. He was a man and as a man he had the willpower to stand up and say no. He had needed to feed before all of this but between the intrusive memories of his past and the post-traumatic episode that had nearly won and ruined everyone’s night, that need was paramount now clearly. When Damien pulled away from him to rejoin Citlali, Everett stood up to go to the kitchen while the singer explained briefly to the Nagual what he was. Veela had been something that Aventus had taught him about when he first moved into the City of Shadows but Ev hadn’t actually met any, so that was interesting, right? The vampire grasped at anything he could use to focus on something other than the hunger still whispering and growling in the back of his head as he headed to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Reaching for the small cooler on the bottom shelf of the appliance, he silently thanked his uncle for making sure he always had a few bags of medically-preserved blood on hand with weekly deliveries. He sank his fangs into a pint bag, keeping his back to the living room and his guests as he drank the slightly-plastic-tasting, coppery liquid, not caring how uncouth he might’ve looked drinking directly from a bag like a kid with a juice box. Needs demanded uncouth behavior sometimes.
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by: Citlali Separa
Several things happened simultaneously. First, Citlali digested the fact that she was holding a fae-esque creature in her arms, second the scent of Everett’s Hunger slapped her so hard she tasted blood instantly, and third her reaction to these two prior events was to flip Damien under her, snarling and holding his throat to keep him still. Her grip was more controlling than tight, needing this adorable but very, very dumb prey to stop fucking around with both her and Ev. She took a few breaths to calm then glanced up at Ev.

”Are you okay?”

The words came out in more of a growl than actual intelligent speak as she watched the vampire’s back. Her dark eyes settled to the thin man under her slowly. ”You need to be serious before one of us accidentally hurts you. I understand we came here with some intentions but stop antagonizing without listening,” she warned, pushing off him and getting up in slight agitation. Citlali prowled for a moment, shaking the pent up cat energy from her frame before settling to look at Damien again.

She looked calmer with her walk and she stood taller, looking down at him. ”I understand you think with your Lure you can protect yourself. That is fine. And yes I know that is what you think because I can see it in your spirit. But you need to understand that both Everett and I are much stronger than you. We could kill you purely by accident because you are not listening. I want to continue our night but I want to do so with everyone’s safety in mind. Now. Can you stop flirting and trying to distract us long enough to hear what we are and how not to antagonize us so neither of end up ripping your throat out because you think you have control over the situation?” she said intensely.
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by: Cole
After the harsh but honest threat on the danger Damien had surrounded himself with, the singer quickly sobered and excused himself from under the Nagual unwavering black gaze. With their extra partner departed, Citlali offered her apologizes to the vampire for causing trouble before settling in with him for a night in together.
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