The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Citlali's hand on his arm was warm. Damien let out a small sound of regret when she removed it, but answered her question with a flair of braggadocio. "I'm just naturally interesting...magnetic, even." He tipped her a wink and a grin, then watched her pull away towards Everett. With a dramatic turn, Damien spun and started walking backwards, eye on Everett and Citlali's affections to each other. He still had the smirk plastered on his face. Dark eyes were glittering in the streetlights as he flicked his attention over them, then over his shoulder to keep walking straight.

"No fair, flirting when you don't translate. So...Neither of you are from England...what brings you here?"

When in doubt, conversation. It was an art as much as a craft, but it was something that he was well practiced in since he dealt with people often. Everett was taller, like most men were compared to Damien, broad in the shoulder with gorgeous eyes...and that jawline? Mmm. Half Veela affections ahoy. And then Citlali was dark in hair, eye, skin...Damien was drawn to her for some reason, and it may have been her mystery with that knowing and enigmatic gaze. The art of her scarification drew him as well. He spun back to walk forward instead of backwards and began to sing under his breath, not caring if the charm of what he was leaked through or not.
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by: Everett Cooper
Was Citlali… purring? Hot damn, that was sexy. He had forgotten just how enjoyable that sound was from the first time they had met, but he’d be damned if it wasn’t just as enticing as it had been then too. Almost enough to make him lose track of what the Nagual was saying when he joined them, but Ev quickly focused and brought his mind back to the present conversation while they walked. Not human? Well, Damien did have an odd natural scent but there was a distinctly human smell to him mixed with the ‘other’. Could he be a half-human possibly? He didn’t even know enough about the magical world to know if other races could breed with humans; hell, he didn’t even know any other races except the few he had encountered underground in the City of Shadows. The singer’s scent certainly didn’t match any scent he had encountered before, that was certain at least.

Despite Damien pulling ahead presumably to tease them with the view, Ev smiled benignly back at Citlali and leaned down to murmur his response in her ear, nipping it lightly for good measure. “Sí, pero al menos es parte humano. Lo que sea que él sea no es completamente 'otro'.” The soldier nuzzled her jaw in return, keeping up the charade to hide their conversation even though it appeared Damien didn’t speak Spanish anyway. Ah well; couldn’t be too safe.

Straightening up again Ev draped his arm around Citlali’s waist easily and guided them down the block to the left once they reached the corner. He chuckled at Damien’s question however. Wasn’t like he was really ready for that story, the little songbird. “I’m actually over here to learn a trade, songbird,” Ev drawled, eagerly watching the movements of the lithe singer in front of them. “Blacksmithing, to be exact. Retired from the Navy and needed a new project.”

(Yeah, but he's at least part human. Whatever he is isn't completely 'other'.)
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali nodded at Everett’s statement with ease. No, whatever the male was, he was certainly a hybrid of something. Potentially making him less dangerous if he was at all. Another loud purr escaped her at Ev’s nuzzle and she leaned into him more with delight, letting him lead her body while she did a little more silent investigation on their companion. Her eyes locked on the singer as he hummed, his spirit dancing and shifting with the slight personal music. She frowned a bit and glanced to Po who prodded Damien’s spirit again then shot away when his attempted to attach. Po shot around in panic, zinging past her head so fast she jerked to stare after them. The imp cackled at Po’s distress and jumped after the singer instead much to Citlali’s silent dismay.

The small spirit jumped after the singer, latching onto his spirit just as the musical spirit latched onto the imp. The priestess would have frozen completely if Ev wasn’t leading her along. She was lucky to be leaning on him when she was this far gone in the spirit realm. Focusing her dark eyes again on the combined spirits she watched the interaction in middle fascinated horror. It was not unlike an exchange. Not unhealthy like a parasite but Damien’s spirit was needing something. But whatever it was the imp didn’t seem to be supplying it. Another curious frown graced her features.

What a strange being. His spirit was wholly his but required something from others. The small bit of music he had let slip out of himself just now had even been different than the music he had sang in the club. His spirit shifted. Spirits didn’t just change so easily. The nagual puzzled over it as she continued her hard but vacant stare at the younger male, not hearing any of the exchange between the two men.
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by: Damien LeMarch
”Blacksmithing? No wonder you’re so muscular then...And I’ll try not to make a joke about...about seamen...”

What the hell was happening? Damien had trailed off and brought his free hand to his chest. His heart was pounding and he felt, was odd. He felt good, like his Lure had connected with someone, but there was still the empty feeling of not having connected, which meant...oh, shit...he was gonna fall into his own storm in a second, wasn’t he? Sure enough, the storm brewed quickly and swamped him, causing a sudden but subtle shift in the singer.

His shoulders slumped into a boneless, relaxed state, his scent shifted to something sweeter and more floral rather than his more citric spice scent, and the scent of ‘otherness’ overwhelmed Damien. He paused and let his two partners catch up with him before tucking himself into Everett’s free shoulder. While Damien’s fire and spunk was still present, a submissive, graceful patina of otherness had covered his actions.
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by: Everett Cooper
Hot damn. That purring was definitely gonna be the end of him. And her almost feverishly warm body pressed up against his side like that? So nice… He had forgotten how nice it had felt to have someone so warm in his arms; after all, it had been nearly a month since he had had any contact at all with the Nagual woman. Not that having Alasdair in his arms during that month wasn’t nice or anything, but Citlali’s warmth was far warmer than his human boyfriend and that was just a fact. Warmth was something Everett had noticed he seemed to crave more now as a vampire than he had when he was still just human, he supposed because he had little body heat of his own anymore. It was just… comforting.

When Citlali’s breathing and heart rate both slowed, he glanced down at her in concern briefly but didn’t see anything immediately to blame. Although… now that he thought about it, her heart rate and breathing had done something similar the first time they had met as well. What had she said about what she was doing before? Something to do with spirits and hunting and looking, if he remembered correctly, which honestly he was willing to doubt considering how hungry he had been at the time and what had happened afterward. But even still, the Nagual didn’t seem to be in any danger and her body was certainly more ‘relaxed’ than ‘distressed’, so Ev simply nuzzled her hair again and whispered her name under his breath so that only she would hear him…

… just in time for Damien’s pulse to spike and his scent to shift into something between panic and confusion. Sonuvabitch... What the hell was going on here, dammit? This was distinctly NOT what he had signed up for when he had invited both of them back to his apartment, nor was he at all equipped to deal with this crisis currently. One potential partner chill as fuck and barely walking on her own, and the other ramped up and smelling like arousal and magic and clingy as hell; what the shit had he gotten himself into now?

Ev firmly wrapped his other arm around Damien when the singer tucked himself against the vampire’s left side and leaned down to nuzzle him gently. “The muscles are from bein’ a soldier, songbird,” he tried to coax the singer back to reality with continuing their conversation. “And if you’ve got jokes, be my guest. If y’all’ve got one I haven’t heard before, I’ll be right impressed.”

As they drew up to the door to his walk-up, Ev gently leaned Damien against his side and carefully maneuvered his keys out of his pocket and into the door to unlock it. Once inside he carefully led them both up to the second floor and into his modest one bedroom apartment. The furnishings were probably best described as ‘post-college bachelor’ but it was cozy and comfortable and nothing was falling apart, so Ev considered it just fine. A large suede sectional dominated one corner of the kitchen-dining-living room area with an equally large television and gaming console, while on the other side of the room under the large bay window seat were his two guitars and some papers and sheet music strewn across the dining table. A door on the right wall next to the TV presumably led to the bedroom and bathroom but was left only slightly ajar. “Home sweet home, y’all,” he chuckled as he carefully sat Damien and Citlali on the couch.
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by: Citlali Separa
A cycle. Citlali had never seen a spirit try to devour itself. Whatever it was that Damien was and whatever he needed the imp just didn’t have it. So instead it looking like some horrific ouroboros of a starved spirit as Damien’s folded into itself searching for something. If she had been younger, less trained in the horrors that could occur in the spirit realm Citlali would have propelled herself back to her body to scream her terror out. Instead a low growl escaped as she set to work. The Nagual pulled imp away as gently as she could, flinging the annoying spirit away with distaste. Her dark eyes assessed the younger man carefully not certain how to safely extract him from the cycle before a whisper brushed through her mind.


The whisper had her hair standing on end and gooseflesh raising from hairline to toe. A lash of confusion washed through her then. Why would anyone be calling her? What had she been doing before this? Oh. Oh, right. She had been flirting and on her way home with someone. Two someones. Right. The vampire and whatever this man was. She should be focusing on that. The whisper of her name rang again causing her to shiver. That was Everett’s voice. The man that had specifically wooed her with music, wanted to be with her again despite their strange and slightly tumultuous first meeting. And Citlali was… excited about seeing him again? Her own conflicting and odd feelings were starting to obscure the spirit realm around her. She needed to focus then she could return the waking world. But first she had to make sure the smaller man would be okay. With a little prodding, Po finally returned setting to soothe and ease back whatever the maelstrom of emotions that imp had pulled from the man. They remained but at least it didn’t look like he might drown in them now.

Pulling back slowly, she let out a shaky breath and looked around their new settings. Citlali wasn’t sure what she had expected when coming to Ev’s apartment but it wasn’t this. It was clean and very homey. It was comforting in a way. She smiled briefly at that, ”This is lovely, Everett,” she said, looking around. Damien seemed out of it still so Citlali draped her arm around his shoulders, pulling him towards her and kissing his temple. She murmured nonsense compliments to him in Spanish, trying to get his attention before she was willing to breach the subject of what each of them were. Then they could continue the night as intended.

”Damien,” she breathed in his ear, accent rolling over the name, ”Focus, por favor.”
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by: Damien LeMarch
Soldier. Right...Damien gave Everett a dopey, innocent smile as he leaned into the man’s cool embrace. With one hand, he held his guitar case, the other wandered over his...his...What’s was Everett to him, and Citlali?...night time rendezvous romance was a mouthful, lovers was a prediction, though a solid one, dates implied something more romantic and planned than a sexual tousle, and partners implied something lasting, thanks.

As his fingertips danced across Ev’s shoulders with an exploratory curiosity, Damien basked in the absent, directionless wash of the Lure. Typically, it created an obsessive focus and adoration for the target. When he was his own target, it left his mind and focus unshackled from time in an amorphous, dreamy state that reminded him of peyote. He felt incredibly peaceful, happy, and permissive. What may have been deviant or rejected not even five minutes ago was now open for debate and consideration, ready to be ratified into action without more thought than what it would take to achieve. The singer leaned his head back into Everett’s shoulder to look up at the taller man.

”Navy...been across the globe...ex-o-tic...I’m gonna tour internationally someday. Sold out crowds in venues across the world...Vegas, New York, Russia...”

A half cocked grin graced Damien’s face as he realized he was doing the bragging thing. Many of his past lured rendezvous’ had bragged to him about achievements or people they knew or money they had. Often, it was a lie, but you could usually tell someone’s ambitions by brow they spoke under the Lure. Usually, it was just to get attention, but here he was telling this basic stranger about his secret dreams...crazy.

The walk and approach to the apartment was a happy blur of blended scenes and words. They were, in a word, incinsequential. The important this was he could feel Everett. The man’s heart beat was so faint that Damien couldn’t feel THAT about him, but the half veela was compromised right now, so that’s wasn’t a serious much a concern as the overwhelming need to just get naked already. The cool bite of the night air reminded Damien that the summer stars were out and as eager to sing as he was too bad, then, that forces conspired to keep the singer’s clothing on. The first conspirator was his guitar. He had to hold it until the trio got inside. Once they were, though, Citlali was on the couch beside him and holding his focus. With a purring, warm (so warm! Especially compared to Everett!), affectionate woman in his arms, it was all he could do to struggle through coherent eye contact. He wanted to just roll back and let her have her way, but she was calling him to focus on the present. It was in just this conflict he found himself coming back to coherency and out of the Lure: Head back with his throat fully exposed, humming and murmuring lyrics to songs not written yet, hands roaming Citlali like civil engineers drafting a topographical map, and skin flushed with pleasure. The singer fluttered back slowly, eyes losing the dreamy look before his mind started slowly sobering.
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by: Everett Cooper
As Citlali sat with Damien and seemed to coax him back to full consciousness Ev found himself perching on the arm of the couch, more than a little unsure of what he was supposed to be doing now that they had managed to get both of his potential partners back to his apartment. As smooth as he might have seemed with his flirting or how he carried himself, the vampire was nervous and a bit shy when it came down to having not one but two partners at the same time. A threesome had never been something he had really explored before now and Damien was still behaving oddly and almost drunkenly, so maybe he wouldn’t really be exploring it tonight either. After all, consent and communication were imperative, especially when it was in regard to sexual exploits or encounters, and if the singer was drunk or high or somehow mentally compromised consent wasn’t something he could give, nor was it something that could be implied by his actions or previous interest.

So lost in his own thoughts was he that Citlali’s soft-spoken compliment on his apartment surprised him and made him jump slightly. He smiled a little sheepishly at her in response, the tips of his ears and his cheekbones tinting just the slightest shade of pink in embarrassment. Oh. That reminded him… He was going to have to feed before he was able to entertain either partner tonight. Damn. Of course he had a few medically preserved blood bags in the fridge, but honestly they were just kinda gross and really didn’t compare to having a fresh, warm donor. He wondered as he watched Citlali murmur to Damien if the Nagual would be willing to feed him again, but of course that brought up the issue of whether Damien needed to be told what they were or not as well. Everett hated lying and lying by omission was still lying, but he wouldn’t be asking the singer to feed him anyway because he looked a little underweight for his size and there was still the possibility that he was drunk or high as well, neither of which would be a good idea for Ev to feed from… Citlali already knew the important parts of the Limiting since she had fed him before, but did that mean he had to inform Damien too even if he wasn’t going to be a donor? Or was it okay to not tell him what he was because secrecy? Dammit, the Limiting didn’t cover threesomes…

The subtle change in Damien’s pulse and breathing drew Ev’s attention back to the man and woman on his couch, though he was no closer to knowing what to do with himself or them. Damien seemed to be coming out of the strange episode he had fallen into for the walk home at least, and the vampire still couldn’t make out any chemical smells in his scent that would signal drugs or the like, so perhaps it was a simple thing like not eating enough or dehydration? Ev smiled down at the singer from his perch on the arm of the couch.

“Hey, darlin’... you okay? D’you need water or anything?” the SEAL offered with a gentle smile.
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by: Citlali Separa
”Yes. We should talk about what we plan to happen tonight,” she said with a lazy purr. She kept her arm wrapped around Damien’s shoulders hoping it would keep his spirit anchored a little more. Last thing they needed was him wandering and devouring himself while they were trying to have a serious discussion. He seemed to be coming out of whatever episode had just happened to him and the nagual wanted to try to keep him from having another. Without really thinking about it she lifted her hand to run her fingers through his hair affectionately. His spirit seemed starved and crying for some form of affection and Citlali’s training had her reacting to fulfill his spirit’s needs before she realized it.

Citlali looked up at Ev calmly then, ”Deberíamos decírselo. Él tampoco es humano.” She kept the statement calm as she stared at the vampire with her black eyes, fingers still stroking the smaller man’s hair even scraping her claws against his scalp slowly to ease him more. If she could keep him relaxed, and get Ev’s permission to continue the actual line of the conversation that they need to have then they would be able to move to having a pleasant night. Hopefully.

Or the mysterious creature in her arms would panic at either lash or flee. Though with the way his behavior was he was either an ambush predator or a more gentle parasitic creature that relied on going unnoticed. Either way the best way to control him was Citlali keeping him calm and if he decided to try anything, her claws were already poised to grab the back of his neck and into his spine. It would be up to Everett whether they would reveal themselves. He still lived within a clan whereas the nagual had a bit more freedom from consequences.

(Translation: We should tell him. He is not human either.)
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by: Damien LeMarch
He drifted for a moment again under her affections. The woman...what was her name again?...Citlali, right?...petted his hair and dragged her fingertips over his scalp and neck. Damien couldn't help the small moan of pleasure. The sound spoke about how much he enjoyed being touched and touching others. In fact, if he could feed off the feeling, he'd be a fat, happy man. Instead, Damien needed actual food and-

-water or anything?

Damien leaned back to set his head on Everett's thigh, looking up into those beautiful golden blue hazel eyes. A companion of the earlier dopey smile ghosted back onto his face. It was youthful, innocent, sweet...

"Water'd be great. Sex would be better. Either of you done this before or do I need to put on the professor hat and do some sex ed?"

The dopey smile became a lascivious smirk as the half veela took control of himself again after the self Luring episode. He apparently hadn't done anything weird or off-putting this time, his cover of being fully human and in no way magical was still in place. Citlali's hands were still on his neck and that only spurred his arousal on...he loved his neck and hair being played with. He sat back up and buried himself back into Citlali's affections, embracing her and nuzzling her neck gently.
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by: Everett Cooper
Mmm. Damn that purring was nice. The vampire gave himself a good mental shake to clear his head a bit when Citlali spoke, although his eyes were drawn to her leisurely posture and the way it elongated and accentuated the toned lines of her body… with all that golden-tan skin… and that sweep of dark hair that looked so soft and silky…

’Hey. Dipshit. Pay attention,’ he scolded himself again sharply, resisting the urge to jump when Damien leaned his head back on his thigh.

Everett smiled down at the singer and was struck again by the oddness of the man’s scent. It wasn’t overly ‘other’ but there was just something… not quite human to it, as Citlali had pointed out. But damn was he cute, the vampire couldn’t stop himself from thinking. Those big chocolate brown eyes, dark, slightly curling locks, and those plump luscious-looking lips... Humanity wasn’t such a huge deal now that he wasn’t human himself, after all… Although he did still need to disclose his own lineage, so to speak, or at least that’s what he took Citlali’s words to mean, however Damien’s quip about sex-ed had the SEAL blushing slightly and stuttering a bit as he tried to come up with a response.

He might talk a good game, but Everett had only been in three serious relationships in his lifetime and had only a handful of flings along the way as well, and none of those had been recent considering he was only about eighteen months out of his vampiric change. True, that streak had been broken with Alasdair, but even still he had never had a threesome and was more than a little nervous about how to initiate things or how he was going to squeeze in a feeding before anything happened either. Ev found a small reprieve when Damien sat up to crawl across the couch to snuggle with Citlali again, however. He got up quietly and went to the kitchen to grab water bottles for all three of them, nervously taking a few deep breaths before coming back to his perch on the arm of the couch and setting the waters on the coffee table.
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by: Citlali Separa
Flirting and sweet talk was nice especially with how well the younger man made Ev flustered and embarrassed him. It was more than a little adorable to see the powerplay between them, especially with how sweet their spirits interacted. Citlali was content to lounge and watch them for a while as they pestered and played with each other. Until the smaller man nuzzled at her throat suddenly. A potential predator was very close to a vulnerable spot and she still didn’t know what he was or what danger he posed. Her body tensed from relaxed to defensive instantly at the surprise. A warning snarl escaped her throat without meaning to and Citlali gripped his upper arms firmly to hold him still as low growls rumbled in her chest. She took a few breaths to calm herself, making sure she had not accidentally squeezed Damien too tightly or clawed him at all. ”Do not,” she breathed, pulling his face back slowly away from her throat, ”You cannot go for my throat so suddenly like that.” Her black eyes settled on the man’s face and she took the time to look him over. Loosening the grip on his arm, her hand sneaked up to trace his features trying to calm herself with the light affection.

”My apologies. You startled me,” she commented, voice still rough with a few growls, ”But that leads to a more important discussion than if we know what we are doing. Do we know who and what we are doing it with.” She paused a bit to trace a finger along Damien’s bottom lip to soothe him before she continued, ”You see Everett and I are not exactly natural by typical standards. We range more on the supernatural side of reality,” she said, giving him a Cheshire smile in playfulness. She looked up at the vampire with the same smile, ”Is that not right Everett?”

Her hand gently played in Damien’s hair while the other rubbed his back to comfort him. Because she wasn’t intending to frighten him and hopefully telling him the truth about them would allow him to be honest rather than having to accuse him. But if it came down to it, he was still a hybrid and Citlali doubted that whatever he was he would be able to take on both herself and Ev if push came to shove.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Oh wasn’t that just precious? Damien loved it when the big, tough looking guys were actually shy lovers. The dichotomy of strong and sweet was his cup of tea...and how he took his tea, too, come to think of it. Usually enough cream so it was the same copper-gold of Citlali’s skin, too. Did he need caffeine or something? He was oddly obsessed with tea all of a sudden. No bother.

And really, he felt so good that nothing could bother him; even Citlali grabbing him away from her neck was more a retreat than a reprimand. He listened to her, bemused. A secret little smile grew at her build up, matching her Cheshire grin. When she dipped into the mention of supernatural, Damien’s only initial reaction was to drop his gaze and nibble at her thumb still on his lips.

Despite his playful demeanor, the singer’s mind started churning in thought. Supernatural. That meant witch, wizard, or some manner of being, right? His safest bet would be to Lure them both and leave while they were distracted without each other. He looked back up with a smile, gaze sliding over to Everett.

”Is that your way of warning me that sex with you is out of this world? I could have guessed that...but so long as you’re not Snatchers, there’s no issue, right?”

He kept his expression schooled in a smirk. This was a stage performance, in the end. Acting in the role of Confident Romancer, talented actor Damien LeMarch. Specialities include acting normal, hiding anxiety attacks, and pretending everything is fine.

And everything WAS fine. So they weren’t muggle like he’d hoped...that didn’t mean he was in danger. He needed to keep just keep calm and stay cool...they hadn’t hurt him yet and there was no reason to think they would. And besides, he still had the ability to Lure and get away...
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by: Everett Cooper
Ev was focused on opening his water bottle and still mulling over the logistics of what he was doing with the two potential partners on his couch when Citlali snarled. He snapped his head up immediately, expecting danger, his eyes narrowing and turning more golden as his own Hunger responded to the Nagual’s predatory growls. He started to move to pull Damien away from the angry predator but held back when Citlali seemed to get a grip on herself after a few moments. Ev took a deep breath to calm himself followed by a long pull from his water, letting the cold liquid drown out the burning Hunger in him and sitting back again. When the Nagual warned Damien not to go for her throat suddenly Ev made a mental note for himself as well; he suspected if he had been the one to make that mistake it would be another matter entirely, considering he really was a predator.

Everett’s relaxation only lasted a few moments, however, when Citlali continued on with not only mentioning the supernatural but throwing him under the bus as well. Or since they were ‘supernatural’ would it be ‘threw him under the broom’? Maybe as predators it was more like being thrown to the tigers, or jaguars in this case maybe… And did the term supernatural really cover what he was? I mean, it wasn’t like being killed and then brought back to life with blood magic as a vampire was even remotely natural, but on the other hand ‘supernatural’ did mean ‘things that were beyond the explanation of science or the laws of nature’ so maybe it was correct after all. But he was getting distracted, wasn’t he? He needed to focus.

“Uh…” he blanked out at first, but quickly focused. “Yeah, that’s about right… but I’d say you’re at least closer to natural than I am,” he added, still a little unsure about this. Damien’s answer, particularly the mention of Snatchers, had him relaxing a bit though. Alasdair had told him about the Snatchers that the wizarding regime employed to chase down ‘undesirables’ and fugitives from their shitty magic-Nazi bullshit, so it stood to reason that if Damien was worried about them too the singer had to be at least some sort of wizard. “So you must be at least some sort of wizard then, right? I mean, if you’re worried about the Snatchers that makes sense. My boyfriend is too; you’re safe with us, I promise you, Damien,” the vampire added sincerely, giving the singer a reassuring smile.
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by: Citlali Separa
The anxiety that flared in Damien’s spirit was surprising. Citlali would have thought that not having to pretend to be something else would have come with relief, though perhaps that meant whatever else he was might function through secrecy like her own people. Leaning forward, she nuzzled his temple and murmured in Spanish to soothe him a moment. Cálmese. It is okay. I am not telling you this to frighten you,” she murmured, ”I just prefer honesty before vulnerability.” She looked up at Everett’s addition, confusion clear on her face. Snatchers? That sounded like a very polite name for kidnappers or slavers… Perhaps the wizarding world was more broken than Citlali could even anticipate. That rift was more than a simple upheaval of normalcy so perhaps something magical was broken instead. That would make sense if the magical beings had even fallen to kidnapping and enslaving their own. But that would require more time and honesty from Damien...

Speaking of honesty, her mind caught up with Ev’s easy statement of a partner. Her black eyes turned to focus on him again, staring intently at him. Well, not at him but rather into him. Her eyes fogged quickly and went distant as she mulled over his spirit slowly. But there was no blackness of dishonesty or lies in him when he said that. Either he completely convinced himself these actions were appropriate or his boyfriend had knowledge that this was happening. Not uncommon in her hedonistic people but Citlali had come to understand that it was far less common and, even frowned upon, in this society.

She blinked a few times at him before she managed, ”Your boyfriend? He is okay with you bringing others home then?” she asked pointedly tone soft but openly confused, still staring at him to ensure a lie didn’t sneak past her on his spirit. Not that the Nagual had gotten that feeling from Ev. He did not seem be a liar or cheat in anyway but sometimes people surprised her with what they could convince themselves was right and wrong. Hopefully that was not the case considering this was the second time she was intending to be with Ev. If he had had a partner the first time too, and it wasn’t okay, Citlali was going to feel terrible about it. And probably curse the vampire if that were true. But she sincerely hoped that was not the case.

Her hand still stroked down Damien’s back to try and calm the wizard..? No… He was definitely something more than just a wizard despite what Ev said. But the what was still a mystery. Citlali contemplated just digging into the smaller man’s spirit to figure out the mystery since all of their talks seemed to continue to be derailed… Her arm twinged angrily at the idea as well as the use of her ability to assess Ev and her petting stuttered in its rhythm from the pain. She scowled at the bruising and gnarled marks in anger as the bruising shifted more green than the healed purple. So digging was out with her still healing considering the consequences even just a glance at Everett had given her. Gods dammit. Citlali had thought she would have healed by now with the assistance turi had given her. But no matter… She would simply have to continue pushing ahead with their discussions instead.
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