The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Cute, cute, cute...Damien smirked as he tuned his guitar. He'd caught the American's last two songs and was prepping to take the stage when someone else had darted up in front of him to sing some Poison. They were decent, but Damien knew that he was going to be a goddamn treat for this little dive bar. Sins had hit the radio and he was going to sing it here along with some of the other from his album. Why? For the fun of it.

The half Veela wasn't at work for once. It was an odd night at the Borderline and he wanted to sing for fun, not for supper. That mean The Viice and their weekly shindig, hullabaloo, musical blow out. Some people were incredibly talented, others were more passionate than talented. That was fine. Music was a release and not everyone had the time or talent to be really skilled. Rather than be snobby about it, Damien applauded anyone with the courage to try.

Of course, he was cocky enough to think himself the best, especially as he and his honey colored guitar took the stage.

"Evenin', everyone. This is called Sins...hope you enjoy it.."

He gave he crowd a flash of a charming smile, more Charm in it than necessary, and began the fast opening riff. He played with the stage version of the song instead of the radio version, letting it feel more like entertainment than performance. He was here to have fun, not just work the stage and the crowd. He glanced up during the chorus, eyes meeting the American's, of all people. Damien grinned and winked, much to the delight of some of the patrons.
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by: Everett Cooper
“That it has, miss,” he answered with that same easy smile. It was nice to be complimented for his skill beyond the typical ‘oh you’re so great!’ or his personal favorite ‘you look so hot with your guitar!’, hence the vampire’s slight floundering for a reply. It just wasn’t something he was prepared for, especially not here.

Everett sipped his bourbon with a soft hum of pleasure and looked over at the stage when the next performer got up. He was cute and the song title he announced sounded vaguely familiar. Had he heard something like that on the radio recently? Hmm… maybe. The guy started to play and Ev had to admit he was good, real good in fact. He found himself humming along to the song happily and nearly missed his companion’s comment about his own set. “Impress someone? Nah, darlin’. When you showed up, well… I gotta be honest, I was real surprised,” he drawled, giving a sheepish little chuckle and scratching the back of his head absently. “The songs I played that second set were just to get your attention…”

Why was he so flustered about that? ‘Fucks sake, Ev; get ahold of yourself,’ he scolded himself silently. Trying to buy himself some breathing room and buck the sudden bout of nervousness that had come over him, Ev again looked up at the man performing and grinned when he was greeted with a smile and a wink. He chuckled and raised his glass in return, quietly offering to buy the guy a drink when he was finished.

“Guy’s real good,” he commented to Citlali. “I’m impressed.”
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by: Citlali Separa
”The title is daring. But then most of your people have a longer list of what they consider sins than mine,” Citlali commented lightly. Her focus turned from the handsome vampire at her side to the young man on the stage. A small frown tugged at her lips at the strange energy around him. It was vibrant but subdued, the music weaving through it like an extra life-energy and Citlali turned away suddenly. If she kept her eyes locked on the young man she was certain whatever was going on with his spirit would have dragged her in. Rubbing her forehead, she leaned on the counter trying to center herself with a small breath. Whatever was on the stage was not normal.

Gods, Citlali hated this place. She thought she would be the oddest thing around instead she continued to be blindsided by spirits she hadn’t even considered. Unfocused dark eyes turned to look at the vampire with his gentle comfortable spirit, a small smile sneaked onto her face for a split second before disappearing. Citlali looked around, eyes wandering as the spirit realm assaulted her senses. All the emotions of the club flooded into her stronger than before.

Hurt. Want. Joy. Inebriation. Heartache.

So many different emotions from so many different people. If Citlali wasn’t trained in being able to handle a tide like this she would have drowned. As it was her head lolled to the side, almost mimicking drunkenness as she took in her surroundings fully. Her arm burned in protest at the exposure; the mystical wound was still knitting back together despite her physical flesh being healed. Using her abilities was pulling too much energy from her healing arm. Citlali jerked her chin towards the singer at Po, watching as the little spirit disappeared to poke and investigate the strange being on stage.

With another deep breath Citlali pulled herself back like a ripcord, crashing hard into the physical world. She blinked and sipped her drink to dull the sudden roaring pain in her arm and head. Glancing at the injury she frowned at the darkening and reformed bruises of the wolf’s teeth. She took another gulp of the astringent liquid before turning her hazy gaze back to Everett.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Damien nodded slightly at the offer, accepting. He had more to play first, though. He brought the crowd through the song and amped the Charm again, switching over to Inteoduction. It was fast paced, playful, and arrogant. He loved the energy of it and caught himself once or twice slipping into the Lure. He finished off with the Ballad of Mona Lisa, then stood for a bow.

He exited quickly and headed for the bar, pausing to answer questions or flirts with a smile. Honestly, it made him feel amazing to know that he made people feel good about themselves and confident enough to speak their feelings out. It was one of the positive things of the Lure, he supposed.

Finally reaching the bar, he assessed the pair and headed in with bravado and a grin.

"Hi there...two cute faces, who do I flirt with first? Name's Damien LeMarch. I don't think I've seen you here before, have I?"

Goals: flirt, fluster and fu-well...maybe take home. He needed to assess first.
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by: Everett Cooper
Everett smiled in response to Citlali’s comment. “I admit I dunno much about your people, darlin’, so I’ll have to take your word on that one. Although I think you mean religious people more than fallen believers like me,” he added with a wry chuckle. After all, it was a little difficult to believe in ‘sins’ when you couldn’t even muster up the belief in God anymore. When you were trained and taught from the first sign of puberty that your attractions and your feelings were horrible and going to send you to hell just for being yourself, belief in a loving and caring God seemed more than a little far-fetched. God couldn’t both be a benevolent and loving father to all his children and hate those that were attracted to the same sex simply for that singular ‘sin’, or so he had been taught by his upbringing. But now wasn’t the time for those thoughts, was it?

The vampire found himself almost staring at the singer as he ended the first selection and transitioned into the next. The man’s energy was almost magnetic it seemed… Damn. This guy was GOOD. And real cute too. Ev smirked slightly as he thought about the singer’s acceptance of his offer of a drink, looking forward to meeting the musician. The third song drew to a close almost too quickly and Everett applauded and whooped as the singer took his bow and made his way through the crowd.

As he introduced himself as Damien LeMarch, Ev’s smile bloomed as he finally recognized the first song Damien had played as one he had heard recently on the radio. “Damien LeMarch? I thought I recognized that song, ‘Sins’,” he mused, extending his hand with a smile. “And me? I’m here almost every week, darlin’. You’re the newbie here,” Ev teased, his blue-gold eyes glinting with the playful flirting.
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali only half heard what Everett had been saying about his religion. Fallen believer? Hardly. His spirit was no more tainted than the normal amount of bad behavior. Hardly a fallen monstrosity. Or perhaps she was misunderstanding. She honestly did not know much about the more popular religions of the non-magical world. She just knew that had much stricter rules than what her own people believed.

Her matte eyes were stalking the singer as he lowered himself from the stage and approached for the drink Everett purchased for him. Her gaze was critical until he was within arms’ reach of her. Well, at least his scent didn’t smell predatory whatever he was. So maybe some kind of creation being? Or an attached spirit that was helping? Citlali ran through the list of potential reasons for this...Damien? Was that what he had said? Yeah, whatever he was he just smelled different. She blinked attempting to focus again.

”No. I have never been here before,” she agreed quietly, ”It just happened to be one of the closer places to get a drink. I seem to have had interesting luck with who I ran into today it appears. My name is Citlali. Kusirikun cheqa.
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by: Damien LeMarch
Everett and Citlali. Neither were British. Interesting. Damien's dark eyes flitted back and forth between the two as they spoke, interested and amused by their responses.

"I don't get to have my evenings off very often, so maybe we just missed each other. It HAS been awhile since i could make an open mic nigt...but you've heard Sins on the radio?"

A broad grin bloomed on the singer's face. He'd not heard it play yet, but it pleased him to know that people had. Oh, that was delightful! AND this guy remembered his name! It couldn't get much better, right? A cutie who thought him moderately famous...he was definitely going to play that to his advantage later. And then there was the woman...Citlali. What an odd and wonderful name, right? He looked over at her with an arched brow.

"And luck? More like fate, right? I don't really believe in either luck OR fate. Things happen. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And meeting you tonight? Definitely a good thing. But you two didn't answer my question...who do I flirt with first? Or are you going to keep me on a perpetual back and forth?"

He squeezed between them and put his back to the bar, smirking broadly as he looked between them for his answer.
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by: Everett Cooper
The vampire was still watching the singer approach and so he missed the strangely predatory look in Citlali’s eyes, although he vaguely noted that she seemed almost as enthralled with him as he was. At least it looked that way from the way she was staring at the singer; maybe he had some competition for the Nagual’s attention tonight? Hmm.

He gave a close-lipped smile in response to Citlali’s quip about who she had run into tonight, his deep voice ringing with amusement. “Luck? Is that what we’re gonna call it?” he teased her, chuckling a little as he sipped his drink. Of course he was sure it was just a coincidence they had met in the bar tonight, but he found it too funny and just too easy to tease her about it anyway. It had been a couple weeks since their, uh… romp in the park, and they hadn’t managed to meet again until tonight, so it was obviously just lucky. Or fate, as Damien seemed to be insisting.

“Well, whatever it was, seems mighty fortuitous for all of us, dunnit?” he drawled easily. The gold in Everett’s eyes glinted in the somewhat dim lighting of the bar area as he smirked at Damien’s question.

“Hmm… now that is a problem innit, songbird?” he chuckled, his deep voice smooth and silky. “However will you decide?”
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by: Citlali Separa
”I would say you could choose by picking the cutest person here but talking to yourself seems to be frowned upon in public,” Citlali said before taking a sip of her drink calmly. Her dark eyes glinted at Ev, sharpening in playful challenge. But then the Nagual hadn’t actually decided which of the men would be her prey tonight. She had been content with the idea of going home with Ev as he had seemed to be interested in a repeat meeting. Not usually her style but Ev had impressed her and she wouldn’t turn down the attention when it was freely given.

Now with the younger darker haired man and his magnetic personality added to the mix there was a curious new dynamic. Though with his flourish Citlali had some doubt he would live up to his own hype despite his smooth words. She blew a stray strand of hair from her eye as she tossed her head to look back at the singer with a smirk. ”Honestly if you have a problem keeping up with two people perhaps you are out of your own depth,” she challenged with a smirk towards him.

Her eyes travelled back to the taller man behind Damien as she leaned on the counter towards the young man baring her teeth in a predatory smile. ”And for someone who does not want to be on a perpetual back-and-forth you have situated yourself firmly between us. So either you actually enjoy being in the center of attention or you are trying to instigate a competition,” she said with amusement.
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by: Damien LeMarch
The woman was just too much! A lusty laugh, full of amusement and joy, burbled out of the thin singer. He leaned backwards, holding his sides with the crowing laugh, the took the opportunity to turn fully to Citlali. Her cinnamon skin was artistically scarred and tattooed in a tapestry of stories he wanted to know. Damien took her in from top to toes, smirking appreciatively.

"You are a spicy morsel, aren't you..."

He slid up to her and danced his fingers down her sides to her hips and pulled her to himself, then took the physical flirtation a step further and pulled them both back into Everett.

"Called me right out for being the center of attention...but I give as good as I get, gorgeous."

The bartender walking by flipped her towel at Damien.

"Take it somewhere else this time, LeMarch!"

Damien considered her words and leaned his head back onto Everett's shoulder to look into Everett's eyes with a pouty, flirty expression.

"That's a good place is so far away though..."
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by: Everett Cooper
Was that a bit of challenge in those intriguing void-black eyes? Everett raised a brow in what would have been a cocky, headstrong expression on most other men, but on him simply looked confidently amused as he smirked back at the Nagual. Mmm… he had to admit she was a firecracker. Just like he liked his women, and just like he remembered her from their last meeting. Not that they had done much getting to know each other that time, but he was inclined to stick to his assessment considering the woman had been fine with their less-than-gentle romp. Though with the singer here now, Ev was faced with an interesting choice; was he more in the mood for songbird or jaguar tonight?

The vampire chuckled at Citlali’s rather blatant call out to Damien and sipped his drink as he waited to see how the singer would handle the flirting. He wasn’t disappointed by the reaction, unable to keep the smile off his face when Damien laughed, thoroughly enjoying the musical peal of sound from the smaller man. “Give as good as ya get, huh? Hmm… pretty sure that just sounds like bravado when ya have to say it about yourself, songbird,” he shot back, smirking over the rim of his bourbon glass at the other two.

He shifted his stance slightly to support the leaning weight of the singer and the Nagual when Damien pulled them both back against his chest. Ev returned the cute little pout with a playfully mocking pout of his own. “Aww… whatever will we do, songbird? I guess it’s a good thing my place is only two blocks away, innit handsome?” he drawled, a husky note seeping into his rich deep voice. To emphasize his not-so-subtle invitation the vampire leaned his head down to steal a quick, enticing kiss from the shorter man, pulling back to smirk at both him and Citlali.
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali let the smaller man pull her close with no resistance beyond a raised eyebrow. It was always amusing to her to let the prey think it was bigger than it actually was. Most cats played with their food and in a way that was what Citlali was doing. She knew she was objectively an attractive and capable female. However it seemed that in this different culture her sex seemed to make most men think she was more in need of being wooed and hunted than anything else. A conquest to be hard rather than her being perfectly capable and more effectively hunting for herself. So she had come to let them believe that she needed them to woo her until the last possible moment. The larger the displays of, well, maleness the harder they seemed to take the shift from hunter to hunted.

So Damien would have an interesting time tonight for certain. Citlali lifted her eyes to Everett’s suggestion about his apartment. If he was fine with them invading his space than she would not turn the idea down. Especially not when the reward for following them out of her already was so enticing. She took Ev’s words and the potential for Damien’s distraction as a chance to bow her head into Damien’s jaw. She nipped at the spot gently then kissed it with a smirk. Pulling out of his hold easily, she finished her drink with a satisfied smirk.

”Sounds like a delightful plan to me, Everett.” She drew out his name with another smirk to the vampire, clearly flirting with him.
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by: Damien LeMarch
The woman (Citlali, her name was Citlali...should at least remember that for tomorrow morning) nipped at his neck and elicited a submissive response as he leaned back into Everett and exposed more of his throat to her. His dark eyes flicked between the two predators he was trapped between, unaware of the danger he was putting himself in. Danger? No...He was a half veela. He had more control over the situation than either of his two partners knew. They were drawn to him because he was charming...and Charming.

He squealed softly in pleasure and turned to kiss Everett's neck. He then squeezed out from between them and grabbed his instrument. He backed away from them, gaze flicking again over a broad grin.

"So let's blow. Come on, then. Unless you want to stay for the rest of the regulars playing the same songs they play every week...?"

He turned and headed to the door, trusting them to follow out into the street. If they did, he'd let them lead him into adventure and partying. If they didn't, he'd head home and have fun on his own. Or maybe head out and find some other fun to have...
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by: Everett Cooper
Mmm, that accent and that little smirk would be the end of him if he let it, he was sure. And damn if he wasn’t inclined to play along tonight… Mmm. Not to mention the adorable little squeak the singer made when Citlali nipped at his jaw like that. Oh yeah. Tonight was gonna be fun.

When Damien wriggled out from between the two predators Ev mischievously pressed his hips against the singer’s backside briefly, smirking suggestively at the smaller man. “I’ll meet y’all outside in a minute,” the vampire drawled, heading to the back room to grab his own guitar quickly. A few of the regular barflies tried to get him to stay longer and one woman even nearly propositioned him for a quickie in the bathroom, but he politely declined them all and joined Citlali and Damien outside the club a few minutes later.

Everett slung his guitar case over his shoulder, letting the strap hang across his body so the instrument was almost vertically strapped to his back, and smirked at his companions. “Shall we, darlins?” he drawled, wrapping one arm around each of their waists as they headed off. “My place is just a block down and one over, thankfully.”
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by: Citlali Separa
Her teeth bared again in a Cheshire grin at the smaller man’s response to the bite. Well that was an interesting response compared to how predatory he had acted. Not to mention the smirk Everett had gained with the little singer’s behavior. It was entertaining to watch the two interact. It would certainly be interesting to see where this led; whether one of the two men would back down or not. She paid for her drinks then followed behind Damien.

Once outside she put her arm around the shorter male’s shoulders and smirked down at him, noting the boney and thin feel of his frame. ”You certainly know how to make a night more interesting. Is that a talent of yours along with your voice?” she asked. She used her proximity to prod at his spirit more, trying to unravel the mystery that was attached to him. It didn’t seem parasitic or harmful, just a part of him. So maybe he was just a creature she had never experienced before. Which meant the situation she was walking into could be potentially dangerous. And Everett seemed blissfully unaware of the man’s strangeness.

She looked up as the vampire joined them, letting him separate her from Damien. The firm arm around her waist freed a delighted purr from her chest as she brushed against his side to tease him with a smirk. ”¿Sabes que él no es humano correcto?” she asked, keeping her tone to sound like a playful flirt as she nuzzled into Ev’s shoulder.

(Translation: You know he is not human correct?)
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