The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Nonnus
Sometime in the middle of the night on May 23rd..... 12:43am

Under the waning crescent moonlight and far away from the hum of the city of London. Nonnus slowly walks in the grassy area of the Hyde park...using his staff as he moves around. The lantern of Bywell rocks softly on top of the long staff.

The air smells sweet....the aroma can be traced to Nonnus's chuchwarden pipe.

Nonnus tilts his staff forward...letting the lantern of Bywell illuminate the area. The old lantern illuminates the area with a faint bluish-greenish glow.

The 6'4" tall Satyr crouches down and picks up something from the ground, His right hand is grasping at the object on the ground, his left hand holding his staff as he crouches. His pipe is firmly on the right side of his mouth taking a few puffs as he performs his task...mumbling something as he does so.
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by: Citlali Separa
Night. It was the only time this place even had a hint of silence to it. And right now Citlali needed that quiet. She was grateful for whoever thought to leave even a small part of nature alone in the city. It was no jungle or mountainous valley but it was good enough for her. Especially when she was still recovering. The new moon had been particularly rough this month, she could only really think it was from the new setting. There was no place for her to hunt or prowl in the area that she had been able to find. She’d spent the new moon miserably locked away. It had left her raw for some reason. Everything hurt and her body felt overly sensitive to everything; light, sound, smells, even spirits grated on her.

She huffed, lounging back on the branch and watching the dark sky above her. She tensed as the smells invaded her space. With an annoyed snarl, she turned looking for the source of it. Her long hair wild around her face as she peered through the leaves at… Oh heavens bright. She hissed and shut her eyes in surprise. Whatever this creature was its spirit was old and strong.
by: Nonnus
The wise old mystical being pops a golden Chanterelle mushroom into his mouth slowly consumes it. He slowly brings his staff down to draw this lantern to his face and he blows softly into the vents of the lantern. The illumination from the lantern slowly dims. The brightness of the blueish-greenish glow begins to taper off. The light is reduced by half or more.

The Satyr stands to his full height of six feet and four inches. Nonnus stands tall holding on to his staff. A soft orange glow of the churchwarden is evident as he smokes his pipe softly. He removes the pipe and slowly expels the smoke out of his nostrils.

In a thick Sylvan accent "Come out if you wish it friend....I mean you no harm"
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by: Citlali Separa
Rapidly blinking the spots in her vision away, Citlali rolled off the branch landing on her feet easily. ”I did not think you were here to do harm. I am just annoyed that my quiet spot has been found,” she said easily. She straightened slowly. She knew she was a tall woman by most standards at 177 centimeters but the creature before her dwarfed her by several inches.

Citlali kept her eyes turned away from him, looking vaguely in his direction to avoid being blinded again. She had to force herself not to even attempt to distract her vision with the spirit realm or she really would end up blind. With a soft breath, she cocked her head in a curious cat-like manner, ”May I ask what someone like you is doing wandering in this area?” her voice was curious but respectful, wary of angering the male with a misstep. Especially when it seemed he was just out to gather herbs since this part of the park seemed to be plentiful with them.
by: Nonnus
"I find that this area is an excellent source for very tasty!"

He watches Citlali moving around like a cat. He studies the cautious creature with delight while smoking from his churchwarden pipe.

"I am sorry if I have disturbed you....I find that evening such as this is prime for hunting for mushrooms."

As he studies her....he glosses over his long memory....searching what form of being that Citlali could be. In the depths of his mind he could only surmise that she could be a mystical creature that is connected to nature such as he.

"Should I take my leave ?" He ask respectfully.
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by: Citlali Separa

Citlali took the time to finally look at the grove. How had she never noticed the different vegetation here? She had always thought the city to be dull and under-grown. She smiled briefly at the realization at how wrong she had been. She would have to do more studies about the uses of the local plant life. She looked back up at the question.

”No. It is fine. I am just surprised to see something like you in London,” she commented, ”Would you like help gathering some of the plants?” her stance relaxed a bit as she looked him over curiously, not entirely sure what to do with the sudden situation she was in.
by: Nonnus
Nonnus notes that Citlali have relaxed quite a bit. The tension in the air slowly fades away like a memory of something far-flung and forgotten. He empties his churchwarden pipe with care as he studies the being. Once he completed the cleaning of the pipe he placed it in his knapsack and gazes to her with interest and care. His right hand tighten its grip to his towering staff which holds the lantern of Bywell. He steadies his lantern with care.

He smiles after taking great care and thought to her response and question.

"And I am surprised to meet you here" He places the last mushroom that he fancies into the knapsack. "I have all that I need from the Mother Earth....I am Nonnus of Bywell....How may I help you my friend ?"
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by: Citlali Separa
”I require no assistance currently. Gracias. I came out here to relax and enjoy nature. What little this place provides,” she explained quietly, ”My name is Citlali.” She looked at the strange lantern then quietly. The yellow light reflected back in her obsidian eyes brightly.

The tug of the spirit realm pulled her suddenly. The weakness after the new moon always left her mind more vulnerable to the various spirits that tried to demand her attention. Her squeezed her eyes shut then, trying to prevent the blinding from Nonnus’s spirit. She rubbed the bridge of her nose a bit. Whispers spilled their way through her mind from the spirits before Citlali managed to center herself enough into her physical body to look back at the creature.

”If it is not rude I am curious as to why you would be in a place like this? Or is this area just a natural attraction for the mystical?” she questioned further, cocking her head at the other creature.
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