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by: Corrigan Ardagh
June 2, 2012

"Leave me the fuck alone."

How many times was Corrigan going to have to repeat themself before these dudes laid off. They had been hounding her since she had left the trashy dive-bar up the street. They just seemed like the typical dude-bros; insistent despite Corrigan's disinterest and now their skin was crawling. They had already followed them a block and a half. Not good. This is not good... they finally realized glancing back at the group of three followed not five steps behind. Anxiety and fear tore through their body swiftly at the realization at how much danger they were in. These guys weren't going to stop or let up.

Tingling raced through their skin, the pulse picking up. Whether it was their blood racing in terror or their power getting rapt up, Corrigan wasn't sure. Most likely it was both. Their hands were trembling but they could taste the static in the air as well. They had to act or else... Corrigan might have to defend themself. They would rather not do that. They darted quickly, hoping to out run the men following them. Instead Corrigan moved down an alley and suddenly a dead end greeted them. They turned to find another route and the three men were right behind like there had been no space put between them.

"Come on blondie. We just wanna hang out with you." the tallest man joked as they loomed closer to Corrigan. The three Garou has noticed the pretty little blonde at the bar and had decided to make them the quarry for the night. A good chase always made the best nights for them. So now they walked slowly, closer and closer to the tiny woman enjoying her fidgeting and anxious looks. Corrigan clenched her hand into a fist, feeling the pulse under her skin quicken and growing stronger.

"Please just leave me alone. I just want to go. I don't want to hurt anyone. Please." they pleaded but preparing to defend themself.
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by: Matthew Cox

The edge of the pleading spurred Matt onward. The woman was trapped, but she wasn't near enough panicked if she realized that she was being trailed by Garou. Matt picked up his pace and vaulted off the edge of the roof that overlooked the alley that the electricity-magic-wet stones-ketones-London smelling woman was trapped in. The three men smelled as ugly as they looked in the radar sense. City Garou. They were scruffy cowards.

The Devil in black landed heavily between the two parties, then looked up with a menacing red glare.

"You heard her. Back off."

A feel of electricity was at his back. Oddly, the source seemed to be the girl herself. There would be time enough to investigste that later. For now, he needed to defend and maybe preemptively aggress.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
What? Corrigan blinked helplessly at the...man? Lunatic? That stood between them and their would-be assailants. But at least the three others seemed to hesitate. Then something shifted and they grinned to each other. "So the Devil graces us with his presence," the leader taunted. They were still coming closer, cocky and eager for a fight. After all it was three on one and this idiot was standing between them and their prey.

"Wait. What? Stop. Everyone just stop please," Corrigan tried, moving closer to the man in black, "There's no reason for any of this. Let's all just step away. Please. It's not worth it." They moved closer to the man in black, static racing and the flyaway of their braid beginning to stand on end. They were ready, if the leader of the trio made a move towards either her or the man he'd be getting a nasty surprise racing through him. But Corrigan truly preferred a peaceful resolution instead; not more violence and hate. There was no reason for it.
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by: Matthew Cox
The electricity was increasing, and it was definitely coming from the young woman. Matt shifted backwards as the three Garou continued to advance. Cora told him to be careful while he was out on patrol, so picking a four-way fight wasn't on the menu.

"Kill the static, Sparky, we're taking the express elevator out of here."

Matt darted back and grabbed the woman, then continued the movement to get them both up and away from the predators. The Garou snarled as their prey escaped, but Matt moved too quickly, stopping only when the two were several blocks.

"You okay?"

The Devil evaluated the too-thin woman with concern.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
The scream died in their throat but the pulse didn't pause under their skin. The man was quick and confused them enough for Corrigan not to be able to focus on attacking him. Then the movement stopped and they was still in his grip. He seemed to be asking her something but the pulse was louder and the air was buzzing. Too much fear and panic.

Oh no...

"Put me down! Put me down right now! Don't touch me!" Corrigan demanded, struggling with surprising force for someone clearly malnourished. They had to focus on something else. But the pressure on their skin where his grip settled was too easy to focus on and this man was just trying to help it seemed. Their head tossed about in panic, Find something. Anything. Shit. Shit!

Blue eyes shut tightly trying to focus on the only targets available. Corrigan pulled back most of pulse, knowing it was going to probably injure them in someway but they could take it for now. Some still seeped out into the man holding them, though the level greatly reduced. Most likely it would feel like finding a live wire in a puddle; stinging and scary but not deadly in any fashion or really harmful.
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by: Matthew Cox
Panic wasn't too surprising, considering the hat Matt had basically just kidnapped the woman, but her demand that he let go of her and not touch piqued Matt's interest. The curiosity became wariness when the ozone feeling around her, then panic if his own when she shocked him.

Matt reacted instinctively by leaping back and taking a defensive crouch. How...? Was she...? Lord have mercy on them both, she was a mutant.

"...you're like me," he said softly in awe. She was like him! That meant...oh, fuck, he couldn't tell Cora. And was she an Mi5 agent?

"Tell me you don't work for Mi5!"

The demand came quickly and authoritatively. If she was with the Hounds, he needed to leave. Even though she was the only other mutant he met...ugh. Was he supposed to be hopeful or fearful?
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Their hands shot up to protect their head, expecting a violent reaction to their own slip-up. Instead Corrigan slowly peeked at him when he gave them space, letting out a small breath to relax. To calm the pulsing that was starting to pick up again.

"...you're like me,"

Corrigan focused on him, not entirely understanding until his next demand. Mi5. Their stomach dropped in horror but they froze up, tongue-tied at his aggression for a moment. "N-No! I don't. I swear I don't!" they said, putting their hands up letting the pulses begin again. This man seemed to hate Mi5 as well but it would be foolish not to be prepared. Just in case he didn't believe what they said either. But then a quick assessment told Corrigan, this was a fight to avoid. He clearly out classed them and they had already revealed their one wild card by that tiny spark. They wouldn't be able to concentrate on someone that moved as fast as he did either. Corrigan would never win if it came down to it.

With all the calculations against them, Corrigan faltered back a step, letting their eyes scramble to find an exit that wasn't through the stranger.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt relaxed visibly when the younger mutant answered.

"I believe you. Are you safe? What I mean is, Five likes to stalk people and watch them. Have you been followed?"

Matt stood up straighter and let his head tilt backwards momentarily. He stretched his radar sense out briefly, seeing if anyone was coming this way.

Two people. Not the Garou. Shit.

"Yeah, we're being followed. Here, follow me I feel you want to get away from the agents."

Matt set out across the roof, choosing a safe, easy path. He spoke as he walked.

"Got a name, Sparky? They call me the Devil, but I'm more cuddly than my nickname suggests."

Gen wasn't going to give her his real name yet. He wanted to trust her, but he needed to be prudent.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan blinked clueless at his rapid questions, shell-shocked and confused. They barely stumbled enough to keep up when he started to head across the roof. Five, agents, followed? What? Corrigan hadn't seen anyone following them but then again they had to admit they were really no good at this. More often lately, they had felt more like a squib at life completely rather than just wizarding.

"There are people actually following me? Why? If they wanted me back then why not just come and get me instead?" they demanded as they tried to keep up with his longer strides. But then ditching the organization probably hadn't been Corrigan's smartest or most calculated move. Necessary but definitely not well thought out. They shuddered a bit as they still felt that weird emptiness creep at the edge of their mind. Luckily the stranger was there to snap them out of it again,

"Got a name, Sparky? They call me the Devil, but I'm more cuddly than my nickname suggests."

Sparky? Really? They frowned but looked at him. He was decent enough, held himself tall in a fight and had stood up for Corrigan even when he hadn't known her or what they really were. Simply a decent man.

"My name's Corrigan. Will you tell me your real one when we reach somewhere safe?" they asked carefully.
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by: Matthew Cox
She was following, but slowly, reluctantly. This distrust seemed two way, but she was warming up. The shock (haha pun) of hearing that she was followed seemed to spook her.

Geeze, this kid doesn't know how the government works, does she?

Matt spun and started walking backwards, hands crossed behind his head.

"we are an investment that they don't want to let go. They're going to monitor us like we're endangered animals. Observing, documenting, extrapolating our actions into future actions. Bastards seem to have forgotten we're human."

He stepped up onto a ledge, still going backwards.

"First jump. I'll spot you at the bottom. And my name? Maybe in a bit."

He flipped backwards over a four foot drop, landing gracefully before bracing himself to catch and spot the girl.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
So I'm still an experiment even now?

Corrigan felt their insides crumble a bit. For a much as they couldn't feel physical pain that only seemed to amplify everything else they felt. They swallowed thickly against the tears, stifling everything else they were feeling too. The emptiness creep further into their mind.

They blinked as he jumped over the ledge and Corrigan peeked down at him. Wasn't far of a drop. Bend your knees idiot. And shake your legs out like it stuns. they reminded themself of normal behavior for a jump like this. They sat on the ledge, lowering themself a bit with their arms before letting go. They landed with a slight bend of knees but skipped the shaking out of their legs when they looked up at the Devil curiously then.

"So what happens now? If I'm being followed it can't be safe for you to be just hanging out around me? I should probably just go..." they concluded. He seemed to be doing a good enough job avoiding Mi5 and didn't need Corrigan messing that up for him. Best cut their losses and take off, maybe find the fastest way out of London.
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by: Matthew Cox
What happened now? Good question. Matt couldn't stifle a laugh when she showed concern for his wellbeing.

"I'm well practiced at taking care of myself, Corrigan. The Hounds of Mi5 are an annoyance, not a threat, for someone with my skills. You, however? There's a safe place I know. Bed, food, nobody bothering you, warded that the mooks can't find you."

Something niggled at the back of his mind about how she landed, but Matt didn't dwell on the intuition.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Their brow furrowed at that, "A place? So a random place you know or some place with you there as my keeper?" they clarified. Corrigan couldn't get a read on this guy. He wouldn't give his real name but wanted to keep them safe. Distrusted them but wanted to protect.

This is probably a trap. they realized with a deep frown, But I don't have many other options... Corrigan chewed on their lower lip anxiously.

"I hope you know this is all kind of shady. And convenient. Saying I'm in danger from Mi5 and offering help but also not really giving me any good reason to trust you other than your word." they explained hesitantly, not wanting to offend their only ally but also not ready to continue to follow him blindly. Even if he did seem to wear his heart on his sleeve. But that was the perfect cover. There were too many moving pieces for Corrigan’s fogged up brain. Between the emptiness and the fog, they didn't even know how they were still functioning. Well other than not being able to feel the actual effects beyond some confusion.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt paused. Good questions, ones he did be asking if their roles were reversed. How to answer, though? Well, to get her trust, he'd need to show her trust. He reached up and removed his helmet, releasing the poof of sweat soaked hair and revealing his unseeing eyes.

"My name's Matthew. You can call me Matt. The safehouse belongs to a friend of mine. She's...she's a witch."

He didn't want to explain Cora too much. Their relationship was complicated; she was supposed to kill him. Instead, she magically enslaved his will. She didn't hold him under the full curse, but she was also cursed. Once she broke her curse, she'd release his. Or, at least, that was the plan.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Face didn't match the looming figure. Not in the least. They frowned as they looked him, wriggling fingers close to see a reaction. Or lack of actually. The movement of their hand gave off that smell of ozone but also lacked the smell of water or salt. Despite their fear and still pounding heart, there was no smell of sweat on Corrigan.

Their pulse quickened even more at the mention of a witch. "And your friend... They won't have an issue with me?" they pressed, "Honestly there's really no reason for you to have to take me in. I can figure something out. Rather than you having to look over me. Or having me impose on your space."

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