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Monday, 30 April 2012
2:00 p.m.

This was a strange little break from the norm. Klaus was used to focusing on wolves and other related magical dangers, so when Jones asked him to go visit the mental hospital to check out a John Smith, two things had happened. One, he had asked Jones for details. Two, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt had become stuck in his head admittedly only somewhat to his dismay. In fact, he'd left her office singing it. He was past the whisper stage by the time he'd reached his team's grouping of cubicles and grabbed his leather jacket. Cole had chuckled. Kat had scowled. Matt had... Well, Matt had been Matt.

Thankfully, Cole had asked where he was going. "Well, Jones has given me an assignment, and none of you dossers--and I mean that in the most loving manner possible--are invited!" He puffed his chest slightly as he spoke, giving Cole a look at the jab he made. "Seems my degree may actually pay off yet. But I do have to bring a lovely young woman with me, and she should be waiting for me now. So, laters, babes!" He winked at Kat as he waved to everyone, his jacket over his shoulder as he turned. That was about as pop culture as Klaus got with women's books. The book had been a phenomenon and he'd caught Kat reading it once before his abduction. She'd claimed it was for simple curiosity, but he had a feeling she'd liked it. He'd read it just to be able to tease her. That was back when they were on amiable terms. He missed those days.

Once out the doors, he looked for Clark, who smiled brightly as he set eyes on her. "You ready?" he asked, pulling his keys out of his pants pocket then moving his jacket to rest over his arm instead of his shoulder. Much more natural.

"Ah, my comrade contractor! Da, it's ready to go!" Klaus knew her fake Russian accent meant she was in a good mood. He feigned pain at the light punch she laid on his arm and rubbed it. "How ya been, boy?"

"Ah, you know. Same old, same old. Nothing much to write home about. Sure you heard about Matty?" Of course, the more accurate question was likely, "Who hasn't?"

"Yeah. Bad break. He hasn't come to see me yet though, and I sent him such a pretty invitation, too. Can you be super ultra casual and drop a hint that I have open office hours on Tuesdays?" Klaus caught the grin she shot him as she caught him rubbing his arm, and he stopped rubbing at her jape. "Such a baby..."

"Yeah, yeah," Klaus said with a chuckle as he began to walk toward where he normally parked Baby. "And of course I can. Dunno that it'll make much of a difference. He's pretty moody these days unless you're a certain someone." He leaned down to be a little closer to her five-foot-five frame and added with a hushed tone, "Unfortunately, that person has tits and ass, so y'know, not me." He smirked and shook his head as he straightened back up. "So, how you been?"

Surreptitiously, Clark looked down at herself and then over her shoulder. "Huh. Not me either, despite my generous endowment of the arts...how does a blind man check women out anyway?" Clark followed Klaus, both hands in the back pocket of her jeans. She was dressed casually for a doctor, something that made Klaus feel at least a little better about his dark jeans and powder blue button down.

"With his hands," Klaus replied, halfway teasing in tone, the other half slightly begrudging. There were still feelings he had to sort through that he hadn't allowed himself to do. "He got to second base sooner than most, I'm sure. though he did see her around before he lost it." He sighed, listening as Clark graciously went on to answer his question rather than continue that vein of conversation.

"I've been well. Research project just finished up, so I've got a metric butt load of paperwork. It's nice to get out of the office."

"I'm sure it is," Klaus said, sympathizing. "There's nothing I hate more than paperwork, and there's been plenty of it with this Devil case."

Clark chortled "That Devil....we'll be seeing him in my department before the year's out, I bet. Not looking forward to that case."

Klaus offered a snort of his own. He needed off that topic. He hated that he had to "work" on the Devil case as it was, given everything. "So, think I should stop by the flat to change before we go to this place?" He may have tried a bit today, but it was still casual. "Or do you think they'll even care?"

Clark seemed to give him a once over appraisal as he began to walk around the car to his side of it. "Nah," she said. "Dressed down keeps patients comfortable. Too much starch and they get twitchy sometimes. Well, twitchier."

"Alright. Then, I won't worry. I'm trusting you, Doctor," he said with a smirk as he unlocked Baby and leaned over to pull up her side's lock once he slid in. "Do you think there's any truth to the suspicions?" he asked as he buckled in. "I mean, he said 'muggle,' but…he does sound a mite around the bend."

Clark didn't answer immediately but was fairly quick on the uptake. "I mean, there's one way to find out, and that's why Jones asked us so nice and promised a pay raise to go check it out, right?" A twist of her lips brightened her face with a wicked light as she teased him.

Klaus chuckled and looked over his shoulder as he backed out of the space. "True, true. And I guess if I'd had any luck with jobs, I could be working there instead of here as it is." He paused as he shifted Baby into gear and began to move forward. "Gotta say, I hope that pay raise is better than what I'd make in some clinic like this one."

"Yeesh, no. I still have that scholarship if you want it..." She had tempted him with finishing his degrees and working with her. It would mean no hunting some months, and he had been far from okay with that idea. He'd gotten his degree, and he didn't see the need for the higher degree when he hadn't used it anyway thus far.

Klaus sighed. "Much as I don't mind the prospect of hanging with the cool cats, feelings haven't changed on that end," he replied with a shrug, waving to the gatekeeper as he let them out of the car lot. He turned out into traffic as soon as a spot came available to pull into. "What keeps you lot that busy some months anyway?"

"Overnight shifts for the holding facility. Can't explain much more than that."

Klaus nodded. He understood that, he supposed. They'd hashed the conversation out before, the details she could divulge of the job and whatnot. There was no more that could be said, he knew. It just... As much as Klaus wanted to further himself and use his degree, get something higher so he could get the clearance needed for the position? He was content with life. He felt like he was doing something. Going back to uni felt like backtracking somehow even if it wasn't. "I know," he replied, not sure where to go with it. Silence was fine with him until they got to the clinic unless she had something to talk about.

And silence won. It took them about fifteen minutes to get to the facility in the light traffic of the day, so it wasn't bad, especially for Klaus who had turned on the radio at a low volume so as to avoid annoying Clark. Once they were there, they explained they were specialists and had been sent for in regards to recent developments in the John Smith case, and they were led by a doctor who recognized their cover to a small counseling room to await their patient.

((Patricia Clark played by Ri here. We just wanted to move the opening post to the action.))
by: Sparky
Monday, 30 April 2012
3:00 pm

”Who am I? Who are you? You don't think I know who I am?”

”Clearly you don't child, if you did, they wouldn't be calling you John Smith!”

”Rubbish! Maybe thats just what I want them to think?”

”Maybe you're just the looniest one of us all?” The elderly lady laughed at him, her blue hair covered head shaking at him. ”Pfft!” The strange lanky man scoffed at her, waving a dismissive hand towards her before turning and wandering off. ”Who am I? WHO AM I?! Who is anyone? That's the question THEY should be asking.” he wondered to himself. The fact of the matter was that the man, they called John Smith, really had no idea who he was. Or did he? It was hard to tell sometimes.. Smith growled in frustration, feeling as if his name was right there on the tip of his tongue, yet it alluded him. A lot of things alluded him, and that was the part driving him mad. He wasn't insane, really no.. But he was going that way clearly.

For six months, John Smith had called the Sunnyvale Psychiatric Hospital “home,” and noone knew anything more about him today then they did the day he arrived. The man had literally been found by the staff on their doorstep. With no recollection of who he was, or how he'd gotten there. He had been fairly out of it for the first few weeks, but slowly he had come around and started spouting pure and utter nonsense. ”Do you remember what you did for a living?” Had been one of the first questions he'd been asked, when he first started to come around. It took him a few moments, and then he hesitated before answering. ”I... I was... a teacher!” The staff was pleased, progress! ”What kind of teacher?” This time? There was no hesitation. ”I was a Professor of Transfiguration! At the school of wizarding!” Smith chirped happily, he seemed quite genuine in his answer but it was obvious that he was off his rocker. The Doctor just sighed as the conversation went down hill from there.

John Smith had been subjected to numerous tests over the months. Blood work, MRI's, CT scans, the Doctors had thrown every conceivable medical test at him in search of a medical cause for his delusions. There was nothing obviously wrong with him, but he was still quite crackers. The authorities had had about as much luck figuring out who he was or where he'd come from. His picture and finger prints had been ran through just about every system imaginable, with no returns. A picture of a peculiar tattoo on his forearm had been forwarded to the authorities, but there had been no word on that either.
There was theories as to who he might have been, or what was wrong with him, but the only certainty about John Smith was that he was just another curiosity at the funny farm. While he was spouting off more and more nonsense each and every day, no one believed him to be a threat to anyone. Some of the staff enjoyed his grandiose claims of wizards, exotic creatures and other nonsense.

”Spouting nonsense again are we Mr. Smith?” Asked Doc, the elderly man with frizzy white hair and a mad look in his eye. ”Nonsense? Pfft.. I'm just hiding out here.. You know, so he doesn't find me.” Smith said, nodding his head deeply. Doc cocked a brow. ”And who is he my young friend?”

Smith shot him an annoyed look. ”The Master! Or Master.. McMaster? Something!” Doc bellowed with laughter. ”My good boy, I think you've been watching too much TV! Sounds like the name of a cheesy villain from an even cheesier scifi series.”

The annoyed reaction on Smiths part was clear, him growling in response. ”What would you know? Silly muggle! So blind, you can't even see the truth swirling around your head!” Smith stormed away, annoyed with the residents. They were alright in his opinion, but quite useless to what he needed to be doing.. But he wasn't even sure of that either.

The most frustrating aspect for Smith was that he knew the answers were close, but just out of reach.. He knew he wasn't crazy, it was just that the truth was locked away in his head. When he slept, he had dreams sometimes, broken images and events of peoples faces, places, events, storms and death. It was like a massive jigsaw puzzle in his head, one that made absolutely no sense.. But he knew it was real, he knew it all meant something. All of these things came randomly to him and then he'd tell the first person he could about the Master, Snake Eaters, Wizards, Muggles and other strange terms. He spat these things out day in and day out. But noone listened.

And honestly? There were some days that he wondered if remembering would even be a good thing.. Some of the imagery in his dreams was quite... Horrifying.. Other imagery provoked deep feelings of sadness and loss, like this woman he seemed to recall. There were too many questions, and so few answers. And it was clear that there was noone who could help him through this. Everything he said fell on deaf ears..

John Smith was just another mad man in the box, and it seemed unlikely to change anytime soon.
After a while reviewing the case notes with Clark, Klaus was a bit baffled. It was a clear cut case of a wizard, for sure. He'd talked some with the kid and heard things, and the things that he hadn't heard of? Well, given the terms used in conjunction with these things, it had to be a bonafied wizard. But why would the wizard let himself get checked into and trapped in a muggle psychiatric facility then proceed to spout off things he knew the muggles would believe him absolutely and completely round the bend for that would also potentially risk that Statute of Secrecy shit Teague and Ced had gone on about for a bit that one time? Unless this was Ced's group's work? But why would they leave him here so long?

"None of this makes sense," Klaus said aloud after a few moments of staring at the floor trying to puzzle through it. He ran his hand through his typically immaculate hair, which wasn't nearly as satisfying due to the bit of product he put in it most mornings. With a sigh, he stood, glancing at Clark. "He's definitely a wizard. But I don't know what his game plan is or what to expect, if he's truly a mad wizard or if he's some plant from Ced's group. I have no idea what his play would be if he's the latter, but."

With a sigh, Klaus looked at Clark. "Is there anything you need filler on or shall I go send for him?" Or fetch him. If he was allowed to do such a thing as a guest of the facility. It would be better than an aide or orderly escorting Smith to them. Such a thing could be off-putting or feel foreboding and set the mood completely and entirely wrong from the get-go, and they needed the mood to be right.

((Done! Unless all Clark would do is say yep or nod. Then, let me know and I'll add on to go fetch Lawson right away.))
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by: Orion
"Maybe there's no play."

Occam's razor dictated that the simplest answer was most likely the best answer. When she looked at this man's records, it spoke of someone who was lost and confused. She had to filter through the schizophrenia diagnosis and bias. The doctors here were making a diagnosis based on what they knew....but Patricia knew more about what this man was talking about than they did. What sounded like lunacy to them made sense to her, as scary as that could be.

"Mental illness doesn't strike just the mundane, remember..." She kept her voice low, not wanting to join this John in his cell for spouting out the same seeming nonsense that he was going off on.

"Let's go meet our new friend."
Klaus nodded at Clark's assessment then again when she said they should go meet their "new friend." He stood and walked to the door, letting Clark through before letting the door shut. It only took a few minutes to walk to where they'd been told Smith would be. Klaus knocked before entering despite the fact the door was open per protocol. Smith was owed some respect, even though some would disagree just on the fact he was "insane." It had been stressed that you had to give your patients the same courtesies you would anyone else, no more and no less, to avoid offending them and to make them feel more at ease. "Mr. Smith?" he said, waiting for any sign the man had heard him. "I'm Mr. Schmidt...no joke, but please, call me Klaus. And this is Dr. Clark." He indicated the woman who was with him. "We're here to try to help you find some insight into things. Would you come with us?"

Klaus glanced at Clark to make sure there was nothing more she wanted to add before back to their...patient. If that was what they were even calling him. After all, they were more curious how he'd come to be here and what was keeping him here.
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