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by: Matthew Cox
(Ooc: I've offered to post Sarah's writings and re attribute posts so that she can continue site interactions)

April 30th, 10:58pm

The buzzing sound kept following him. Matt could no longer deny that he was being tailed. After doing a three-sixty degree loop, the tinny whir was still at his back. He paused and focused to allow his radar senses to open to their maximum.


A scarab beetle made of metal. If that wasn't wizarding work, he didn't deserve to be a Hound. Matt took careful aim and let his new police style baton fly. Following the crunch of destruction, the device made an odd and quick vibration before spiking in temperature. Fearing an explosion, Matt rolled away and stayed down. No boom. The Devil carefully investigated, retrieving his baton from the puddle of melted muck.

Shit. No way to trace the maker now it's destroyed...

He grit his teeth in frustration. Someone was spying on him and he wasn't sure who or why. Most disconcertingly, it was someone with magic. The only outlet he had was to finish his patrol. The thugs down river would catch his ire if the beetle's owner didn't show to investigate its destruction.
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by: Coraline Larson
The Dark Lady let out an annoyed sigh from her observation point behind the air conditioning unit on the adjacent roof as the information relay from her device suddenly cut out. Interesting. It had taken the man, this 'Devil' as he was being called, far longer than she had expected to trace and destroy the device she had had observing him. Of course she had more beetles she could've sent in as a replacement, however the huntress idly wondered if she should approach him now herself.

Weighing her options, the Dark Lady decided to remain where she was for the moment. After all, she was tasked with gathering information before killing the man. It wouldn't do to force a confrontation before she knew more about him.
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by: Matthew Cox
What was that? Someone sounded annoyed, and they weren't too far away...Matt paused and crouched, focusing on his hearing.

A heartbeat, slow and calm. Someone was crouched on an opposite roof behind an air conditioning unit. The hum of the machine obfuscated his ability to have more than an awareness. Time to investigate.

With the grace of a gymnast, Matt stood and charged the edge of the building, somersaulting over the gap between rooftops. He continued the charge, coming up and over the air conditioner to pounce down onto the hiding figure.
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by: Coraline Larson
The Dark Lady grinned as her prey seemed to pick up on her presence. She had been informed that the Devil seemed to have enhanced senses, however it was still impressive that he had detected her from the distance he had.

As the Devil stood and charged across the rooftops toward her hiding place, the assassin reacted quickly. She disapparated with a -crack- just as he vaulted over the top of the air conditioner she had been crouched behind, reappearing in a crouch two buildings east.
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by: Matthew Cox

His instincts weren't happy with this will-o-the-wisp disappearing act.

Matt weighed his options. He could follow the woman-he was pretty sure it was a woman-or he could continue his patrol, bearing in mind he was being followed. Tactically, what made the most sense? This could be a curiosity seeker from the wizarding world, or it could be danger.

Instinct insisted danger. What did you do with danger? Eliminate it. What do you do with danger that stays out of reach? Lure it in.

If she wanted to play cat and mouse, Matt was intent on not being the mouse. The game never ended well for that player. He looked over at the roof where he could barely hear her heart beat and squared his shoulders towards his stalker. That was an abandoned factory between them...it would keep any confrontation out of sight from the mundanes and it would give him an advantage if she followed him in.

Matt took a few running steps and leaped, intentionally shorting the gap between the roofs so that he landed on a window sill one floor down, then slipped into the dusty, still factory floor. The rafters here were thick with cobwebs and shadow...perfect.
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by: Coraline Larson
'Intelligent.Trying to lure the predator into his own trap,' the huntress assessed him silently.

Abandoned factory. Hmm. Cora was familiar with the building and knew the roof in the center was a large skylight that lit the factory floor in its time. Perfect for observing. Casting a disillusionment charm and a charm to silence her footfalls on herself, the Dark Lady took a running leap and crossed the gap between her roof and the fire escape of the factory. Rather than climb and risk giving her position away with the noise, the clever assassin cast a hovering charm to reach the roof and alighted in silence. Carefully, she noted the position of the moon and padded to the opposite side of the skylight to avoid casting a shadow into the room below.
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by: Matthew Cox
Patience was a virtue. For a commando and an SBS operative, it was a vital life skill. For the Devil of Judgement, it was as necessary as air. Matt stayed perfectly still and counted his breaths.

And that was a trick, too. He had learned once, long ago, to breathe with his mouth slightly open. It kept air from whistling through the sinuses and rattling in the throat. Since his mutation, it had the added benefit of bringing him extra sensory information. It enhanced his sense of smell by bringing his taste to bear along with his nose.

He could still only barely hear her. The air was heavy with dust and spiderwebs, so Matt watched the swirls. If she could hide her presence, then she'd still have a fun time hiding her movement through the time-rendered decay of the building. His own dust trail had settled at this point, so unless she had senses like his, he was as near perfectly concealed as he could get.

Well. Unless she flooded the room with light. His black tactical gear would probably stand out like a sore thumb then. But he would have a whole slew of other problems if she did that.

No use speculating about what might be. Focus on what is. You are being hunted and whomever it is is taking their time. They're professional. Stay on your toes, keep your eyes up.

He could practically hear his sergeant coaching him through the distance of time. Eyes up. Right. Matt lifted his chin and stretched his senses again, tracking the faint biometrics of his hunter.
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by: Coraline Larson
With the moon reflected off of the windows of the skylight it was impossible to see into the room below her, the assassin realized. Perhaps she needed to give her beetles another try...

Moving slowly and deliberately to minimize the impact on her respiratory and pulmonary systems, the Dark Lady pulled out another brass device from a pouch on her belt. A moment later an odd-looking monocle and earpiece were placed over her right eye and into her right ear, respectively, before she pressed the rune on the beetle's back and activated it. The small device flew quickly over the edge of the roof and into the window below, cleverly transmitting everything it saw and heard back to its mistress.
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by: Matthew Cox
Another beetle. Lovely. If he was going to eliminate it, it would need to be quickly and efficiently.

Baton in hand, Matt took aim and launched his missile with a flick of his wrist, using as little movement as possible in an effort to not give himself away. He shouldn't be smug, but he pegged the metal golem in air, smashing it to the ground with his now laying in the middle of the room billy club. Ah well. He had a second one, and if anyone wanted to fight, he didn't need the weapons anyway.
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by: Coraline Larson
A brief picture of the interior of the old factory transmitted back to the assassin's headset - dusty rafters and an open warehouse-like floor below- before a flicker of movement and crunching sound announced the demise of her second device that night. Fine. The Dark Lady was far from out of tricks.

Pulling out one last surveillance beetle and another slightly different-shaped sibling, the huntress cast silencing charms on the wings of both devices before activating and releasing both. Once the flatter, almost speaker-like device flew off her headset extended into a mouthpiece clearly meant to be spoken into.

Once the speaker-device was inside the factory, the assassin spoke, her voice dripping with cold sarcasm. "You're being incredibly rude, you know. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to break other kiddies' toys in the sandbox?"
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by: Matthew Cox
Air movement, but no buzzing. Hard mode of the game, then? Matt could only see the new bugs from the dust they stirred up. Well shit. If he had one baton and two beetles...this felt like an attempt to disarm him. Rather than attack them directly and immediately, Matt waited for them to get close.

And then one of them spoke. A woman's voice, cold, mocking, derisive. Evil.

Why did he add that last qualifier to the list? Matt didn't know. Something about the quality and content of her speech made him uncomfortable.

He waited for them to get close, having difficulty with tracking them in the dusty air, especially when they backtracked. Instinct was driving him to run again. But was that the right answer? Maybe it was time to just stand his ground.

Matt calculated carefully and flung his baton at the second beetle. Noise was noise, designed to distract. That meant, whatever he was being distracted from was more important.
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by: Coraline Larson
Another flicker of motion and an obnoxious crunch signaled the end of her last surveyor beetle, though not before she got an indication of where her quarry was located. Tucked up in the rafters all she could see was the outline of his body, but it was enough; she knew where she needed to be now.

Using the runes on her gauntlet to control the speaker bug, she increased the speed of the device but lowered its altitude so that it flew midway between the rafters and the floor, keeping evidence of its passage in the dust to a minimum. Apparating to the south side of the roof, the Dark Lady used a hovering charm to crouch above the skylight over the spot she believed the Devil to be hiding.

"I would merely like to speak with you, Devil. But your incredible rudeness is beginning to annoy me. I'll give you one chance to end this childish game peacefully before I resort to more unpleasant means of flushing you out..."
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by: Matthew Cox
Move, move, move you've been still for too long!

Despite he urgency of his thoughts, Matt eased carefully, shifting his weight slowly as he sidestepped through the crisscrossed beams that supported the roof.

The woman's tone was unreal. Rude? She was the one spying on him. She was the one hunting him and driving him to his actions. Right. He kept moving carefully, senses almost painfully open to sensation.
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by: Coraline Larson
Ah, movement at last...

From her hovering perch above the skylight the Dark Lady could see her prey carefully picking his way through the rafters. Either he was taking her up on an offer of parlay (however much of a ruse it was) or he thought to escape her.

"Does this mean you're ready to talk with me? Or do you think I can't see you creeping through the rafters there? Feel free to answer aloud; I'll hear you..."
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt froze. Shit. How was he seen? There was nobody in here...

Fucking skylight. He forgot the fucking skylight.

Carefully, he uncoiled himself from the rafters and dropped to the floor with a poof of dust.

"Come down and face me, hunter. If you're curious, there's only going to be one way to get the answers I think you're looking for."

He stood braced, waiting for a reaction to his cocky challenge.
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