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by: AC
McTavish watched his psychotic nephew mouth off the lead Silver. So mister hot short mercenary had backed out of a contract? Little bastard was lucky he'd been working with the Walkers. McTavish new the only reason Bryden was still breathing was because he'd made himself valuable to other Tribes... It galled the alpha to no end that his nephew was still breathing and when Jace predictably fell for the goading of the Silver, Lachlann hoped the Silver would rip his throat out.

Unfortunately the Lucky 7's alpha seemed to have the god damn totems on his side. Presumably the man to step in and stop the alpha from doing something stupid was his beta? (what the hell had happened to his shadow?) or stand in maybe? Either way it was a shame. McTavish cast his eye's over the rest of the Spirals and barked at them to shut up. They'd all, in some form or another, moved to draw weapons or take up defensive or offensive stances at Jace's outburst and expected reaction of the Silver's. And to make matters worse he was sure what was spouted out next wasn't going to sit well with anyone either.

"You need the whole nation for one guy, and you base that information off of what one psychotic alpha had to say about it?" He let out a snort of disbelief and was about to carry on before Corc, leader of the Wild Cards stepped forward. McTavish nodded to the alpha to do whatever he wanted. Obviously he had something to say and it was well known that he held no love for the Silver Fangs.

"Daniil right?" It was an odd introduction but Corc was certain that's who he was speaking with. The Silvers own beta. It was an edge Corc had over everyone here. over the years he'd made it his business to know who was what in each tribe and who were the up and comers. Daniil had quite the reputation and the Wildcard knew he didn't want to pick a fight with this particular garou if it could be helped.

"If whatever Bryden inadvertently walked into is an issue why not send an elite Hunter group after it? One creature has never ruffled the feathers of the nation before... why is this one different? Why the sudden urgency to meet with us? Generally if it's an issue of the Veil being lifted you act, you don't wait... The Walkers don't seem to be worried about the technologies the humans currently have..which means you know something they don't."

"I mean it's great that you somehow found the warm fuzzies and want the Spirals back in the fold but here's the thing. Not that long ago, during my grand'da's time as alpha, the Spirals were made a similar like offer: help us get rid of this problem and we'll welcome you back into the fold. Problem is as soon as we took care of the dirty work, you lot turned on us and tried to purge us out yet again. Failed miserably of course, and we made you pay for it. Thing is right now? My gut is telling me the same thing is going to happen so give me a good reason why we shouldn't just kill you all now and walk away like nothing ever happened?"
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by: Orion
An affectionate smile went on Daniil's face when Corc recognized him by name. The Alpha of the Pinnacle's smile only broadened at the analysis. Totems and spirits, it was good to deal with intelligent Garou.

"Shrewd analysis, Corc Shepherd of the Wild Cards." He wasn't the only one who had done his homework.

"The Mad Prophet has been spouting off again. For years, he's been saying that a demon was going to get slain, then a Not-Garou was going to rise up and challenge the natural order, that war was going to break out between the flame and the embers, and that the Nation would fall when the Veil was lifted. Nobody is takin him seriously except for a handful of us."

The Uktena's golden boy seer was batshit crazy. He often ate slugs and worms, howled as a response to conversation, painted himself blue and ran naked through his compound...but he was a Seer. Not everything he saw was clear or useful, but Daniil saw two of the signs fulfilled. He didn't want to see the last two filled.

"I'd rather not see the Veil lifted and the Nation destroyed. To me, that means we need to stand together. Let me as you a question, Shepherd, since you're so savvy..."

Daniil's grin broadened into something dangerous, yet playful.

"What terms would you set to come back in? What tempts? Let me hear it."
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by: Soren Shepard
Corc nodded at the recognition Daniil tossed his way. That was an important stepping stone and a slight snub to McTavish. Some days it paid to take the time to do the legwork before a meeting such as this. The Wildcards alpha listened intently as the Silver spoke, filing away every detail and hoping Soren showed some brains and did the same. He'd heard of the Mad Prophet but had never put much stock in the rambling of Seers and shamans before and he wasn't particularly interested in starting now. That said, the Silver seemed to put a lot of stock in the Uktena's lunatic...

As much as he wanted to tell Daniil to go stuff himself, Corc had to admit that keeping the Veil secret and the natural order intact was far more important than any tribal squabble. Though the way the man posed his question set the Spiral on edge, and when it was asked his eyes narrowed dangerously. Corc liked to think he was not a stupid man when it came to politics, both of the human and garou variety. What Daniil was asking of him was insanity and it put the alpha in a very bad position, a catch 22 If he answered candidly as Daniil wanted, it would put a black mark on McTavish. If he held back and differed to McTavish to answer it would make him look weak. Soren it seemed had picked up on that as well based on the low hum of a growl that was aimed at the Silver beta.

McTavish seemed to have caught on as well based on the feral grin he was currently sporting. Perhaps the cautious route was the best for now. "What makes you think we'd want back in?"

"Because McTavich is a power hungry mongrel that would sell his own mother if it meant he'd get a leg up on everyone."

All eyes turned to Bryden. Some of the assembled Spirals found humor in the words while it was obvious some didn't, McTavish included.

"Seriously uncle, you must be slippin' if Shepard is doing all the talking for ya. You've been mouthing off since I was a cub about wanting these," Jace nodded toward the Silvers, "assholes to stop meddling in Spiral buisness. How you want someone to take care of the fucking Get so they stay out of Scotland, how you want Spirals to be equal in stature to other Tribes. Have I missed anything? Oh right, power, and my death. Almost forgot the important bits."

Where Corc had been reserved Jace was anything but and didn't seem to mind slighting his uncle every chance he got. All eyes shifted between the alpha of Lucky 7, McTavish and the Silver's beta. Gauntlets had been thrown, now it was time to see if anything would come of it.
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by: Orion
Daniil brought a hand up to cover his mouth. It wouldn't do to have the gathered leadership of a tribe see him laughing like a pup at Bryden's bold candor.

The terms he brought to the table were interesting though.

"...done, done, done, done with restrictions, but I have to sadly deny killing Bryden for you. He amuses me too much. That, and you should handle your own power squabbles. So four...more like three and a half, really, things for you, and in return I want the Spirals to act like they can get along with the rest of the nation, even if it's at a very long distance. How about this,"

He paced a few steps, thinking.

"You be the Mercenary Tribe? You have contract rights with all other tribes, any territory in the world...you do the dirty work and negotiate your own pay for it, expand however much your greedy little paws can hold onto, Scotland remains your sovereign territory, unassailable by Silver Fang law. You get rich off of lazy bastards too fat to fight their own fights, earn the respect you want, and have the power to say yes or no to any job brought before you."

Daniil' eyes had shifted extremely pale at some point along his monologue.

"I'm being exceedingly generous, McTavish. I'd hate to think about how it feels knowing that the Beta of the Nation negotiated terms with someone other than me if I was the Tribe Alpha. Might give other alphas ideas."

He let the threat hang in the air, daring McTavish to take the bait.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace was torn between snapping at Daniil for the threat and laughing his ass off at the look on McTavish's face. It looked as if the man was going to choke on his own words based off of how red his face was and the killing intent rolling off of him in waves. The alpha of the 7 cast a side long glance at Rafe and notice his packmate was trying just as hard hold back a laugh. That said, Jace didn't miss the rest of the reactions the rest of the gathered Spirals had at the Silver's threat toward McTavish.

Shepard and his boy looked like Christmas had come early. One-Eye looked about as mad as McTavish. Sutton looked more amused than anything but that was to be expected. Everyone knew the Suicide Kings held no love for Inside Straight, especially in light of them allowing the Wild Cards to push the Kings out of the Highlands. Jace cocked his head to the side slightly and let a grin work its way across his face and absently wondered if she'd thrown her lot in with Shepard...

Still all eyes rested on the tribe alpha as the gathered leadership waited for the potential explosion. McTavish seemed to have other plans though, and a hell of a lot more control on his rage than Jace remembered.

"That," the older garou hissed through bared teeth as he pointed to Jace, "That thing, doesn't have a voice here. He's an outcast, an exile, and not worth the spit on the bottom of my shoe."

That brought a chortle of laughter from all but the two Wild Cards. Corc shifted his gaze between Jace and the other gathered alphas and couldn't help but silently congratulate the man's choice of "beta" for the moment. The gunslinger already had a hand on the psychotic garou's shoulder, stopping any physical retaliation he might have wanted to throw, though the rage radiating off the pair was enough to eclipse McTavish's.

Soren cleared his throat and spoke, much to Corc's surprise.

"As fun as all these insults are, Daniil was it? Has offered something of value for almost nothing in return. Even if it's a play to betray us later, right now as a whole, Black Spirals gain everything and lose nothing. Don't you think it worth at least considering McTavish?"

The tribal alpha turned a red eyed gazed on the younger Shepard and gave a dismissive snort but seemed to take what the Wild Card was saying somewhat to heart. If what the Silver had said was true, at least in part to Bryden's fuck up with the hybrid, then it did benefit the tribe to at least work with others to end the threat to the veil. And hell if they got perks for attempting to play nice well then bonus right?

Lachlann turned back to Daniil. "Seems like reasonable terms."
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by: Orion
Daniil's pack tensed at the tribe alpha's rising rage. Hands made their way to the curved daggers on each Silver Fang's belt. Only Daniil's stance and expression remained unfazed. His expression turned gleeful at McTavish's restrained rage.

"And yet he's still alive. The Totems must be as amused by him as I am, then."

When Soren spoke, the Nation's Beta turned his gaze to him. Daniil's eyes were the pale blue of the sky reflected in ice. Despite the eye shift, he displayed no other signs of his rage. Instead, he seemed to shroud himself in the eagerness of a wolf on the hunt. Lachlann finally bowed to logic and Daniil nodded his acknowledgement.

"Doesn't it, though? Pending the rest of the inspection's results, I'll expect the pack alphas at the next full moon meeting so that the Totem Ceremony to bring Whippoorwill back into the pantheon may be conducted."

His teeth flashed in a grin.

"All the pack alphas, Lachlann. Totem ceremonies are more important that any wolf's pride."
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by: Rafe McPherson

Fuck that guy. Zeva thought when they mentioned that abominable meatshield...the Marine or whatever the hell he claimed to be. The Devil? She couldn't wait to get her hands on that shithead after what he did to her last time they met. Took her longer to heal up. They were due for a rematch.

Everything about this meeting was a shitshow. There had been a lot of bullshitting and a lot of piece swinging rubbish going on here. Oh yeah, and weapons too. Zeva's hand tensed on her rifle but her finger never went for the trigger. No need to. Bree had a better vantage than her, somewhere's in the distance, Rafe had Jace's back and she would provide clear cover if that asshat MacTavish or Shepherd or anyone with the iron clad balls big enough to to pull a shady maneuver against their Alpha. She noticed that with everyone's weapons drawn, Rafe turned his guns out and and on everyone, keeping his keen eye on the tribesmen that wanted the Alpha's head. Gooooood Beta.

Stand-in. He was just a stand-in, and nothing more. He'd do well to know that when they regrouped, he had no power over her.

Everyone was just tense. Everyone was just bitching and showing how dominant they could be over one another, and it wasn't a trigger-time yet. Zeva patiently listened, as she knew the rest of her pack was doing the same.

Rafe had holstered his weapons when everyone eased up but he was still quick enough to draw again if that Daniil S-O-B decided to pull a fast one. Then again, that Shepherd boy was doing a nice job of keeping that Silver Fang bastard distracted enough to keep the heat off. Gods, he did not envy this job and couldn't wait to relinquish the title back to Shadow when they got back. He hated the political nonsense but at the same time he understood the necessity of it. But dealing with other garou from other packs...This shit made his head hurt. He wasn't much for conversation, at least not here. Not much to add as of now, since they seemed to be working it out just fine on their own. Fine, in a sense that he'd go over what he thought was in the 7's best interest with Jace, Shadow and the others when they reconvened.

...He'd only interrupt if he found it necessary. He just wished he could let his guns do the talking.
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by: Kay

Tao had just signed to Mia to stop picking at her nails with a damn blade. Not only would the sound of it or even the blade's gleam draw any attention to their position, he also didn't like having to clean and sharpen blades every day because she liked to whittle stuff down with Shadow or play around with little tracings in the dirt. Of course, she signed back with one gesture that was easy to read: a middle finger. He glared back and shook his head, but couldn't help but smirk at his girl as she could be a brat sometimes. Also, who was he kidding? Tao loved sharpening his blades, it was one way of meditating for him and he enjoyed it anyway while the others found it quite tedious.

Sure, the garou had already been alerted to the 7's presence--hell, he even told Jace that even though their stealth skills were on point, the dozen or so gathered there were surely going to spot them no matter what they did. Nevertheless, he rather liked sitting back and watching this meeting burn. It might have been a low simmer, with sparks and heat thrown from Shepard's kid to Jace to that old motherfucker McTavish who was clearly bothered by his nephew's presence.

What was said, however, came to a surprise. All Alphas present--to welcome back the Whippoorwill? Tao and Mia exchanged glances of slight shock when that was mentioned. Was the nation actually coming to their senses? Not that they gave a shit about garou politics, but if it was going to affect the spirals, it was going to affect the seven. "Hm." He murmured to himself, almost completely silent, as he kept his ears opened and listened for more.
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by: AC
McTavish gave Daniil a sinister grin before offering a nod of agreement. He had no doubt in him mind that there was no way the rest of the Nation was willing to simply just let them back in. For all he knew the bastard Silver's hadn't even told the other tribes of his great and glorious plan. That said, if Dani boy wanted to play games than he was more than willing to play. "Fine. All Alpha's, night after the moon." His grin remained in place. All alphas meant currently alive and breathing ones and if Bryden happened to quit breathing at some point? All the better.

Jace continued to watch the ever growing shit show and was struggling with the desire to laugh his head off at the ridiculousness of it all or rip everyone to shreds because he could. He turned a red eyed glare on each of the wolves around before deciding that maybe it was in the packs best interest to back off for the time being. As much fun as it would be to stay and antagonize the hell out of his former pack, Jace didn't want anything to do with whatever the fuck was being planned. If he crossed paths with the Devil again he'd kill him. The tribe could die in a fire for all he cared.

the Lucky 7 alpha tapped Rafe on the chest and nodded his head in the direction that the rest of the 7 had set up in. Carver, Tao and Mia wouldn't be far and he was certain that Bree and Shadow would rejoin once he and Rafe made their exit. "Well fun as this little reunion has been I got places to be and people to kill so I think we'll be taking off now. Friendly reminder you try anything and Shadow and Bree will drop you where you stand." Threat leveled, Jace to a moment to straighten up and offer the assembled alphas a devious smirk as he turned his back on them.
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by: Orion
Daniil snorted at Jace's brash exit. A headshake accompanied his next words.

"All leave today under the extended truce of the Pinnacle's meeting. We shall begin our inspection of your holds tomorrow. Tonight, we shall be informing the Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers, and traveling packs of our presence. They will know the consequences of trying to...oh how would you put it?...fuck up your chances. You'll get a fair inspection or the opportunity to skin anyone who would try to make it unfair."

He nodded as if his word was a decision that they had just come to a consensus on. Falcon witness it, this meeting was concluded. He reached up and flipped the hood of his cloak back up and over his face, symbolically returning himself to the impartial judge and executioner.
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