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by: Delilah Chase
Wednesday, 8 February 2012
9 a.m.

The audacity of the man! To think he could be the one to speak, and not just that--worse! The one who could decide what was to be said by himself without input. If she hadn't been sure of Hunt's true nature months ago, she certainly would have been now. He had thrown the wrench in the cogs in hopes of destroying the machine. And now, they had to scramble to remove that wrench before the entire thing everyone in power but Hunt had worked so hard for came tumbling down. Why they hadn't just staged an assassination early on, Delilah would never understand. It had seemed the best plan, but she'd given it a try. Things in this time supposedly weren't that bad. You weren't supposed to just up and kill someone. Blah blah blah.

Now it was too late. If someone were to attempt or succeed in an assassination of Hunt now, it would be suspicious, very suspicious. However, they could cut him off. Williams had left notes on Hunt in his binder--what had drawn him to Hunt, his reasoning. None had been strong, and to be quite honest, Delilah could strangle Williams for throwing someone into the Minister position himself. Couldn't he have left it for Teague to pick? They could have chosen someone suited for the job, someone on their team--not some wild card.

"MacTail!" Delilah yelled out as she approached the man's residence. "MacTail! We have a mutiny on our hands!"
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by: Teague MacTail
A loud voice pierced the fog of sleep that currently held the tracker in its grip. Even then it was just enough to get the man to crack a lazy eye but a few seconds was all it took for a sleep addled brain to decide that whatever he'd heard was a figment of his imagination and wasn't an issue that needed dealing with at the moment.

He'd only been home for a few hours. Dealing withe the Hogwarts fiasco, the werewolf disaster, tracking down leads and trying to figure out Hunt's game had taken up a majority of his evening and early morning. He'd only intended to grab an hour or two of shut eye before heading back into the Ministry to touch base with Delilah but it seems his body had other plans.

"MacTail! We have a mutiny on our hands!"

The second time the voice called out was coupled with the triggering of one of his wards signaling someone was arriving. The tracker woke with a start and reach for his wand out of habit. It took him a minute to get his bearings and do a quick survey. He was in his bed still dressed, hadn't even managed to get under any blankets, wand in hand, and based off the sun motes dancing across the floor he judged the time to be around 9am. The voice he recognized as belonging to Delilah, one of three people who his wards were keyed to allow free passage, which would explain why the wards hadn't triggered with any urgency, just enough of a warning to let him know someone was coming.

Teague rolled out of bed and ran a hand through his hair a few times as he padded his way downstairs. He didn't even bother to try and straighten out his shirt but he did tuck his wand up his sleeve since it was apparent he didn't need it. But what was all this yelling about a mutiny? even with his place being so secluded that wasn't something you shouted out on a whim. had the Death Eaters done something? Was Callid back and making a move? Had Hunt gone and done something stupid?

The tracker opened the door and squinted into the light.

"what are you going on about a mutiny?"
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah pushed her way in as soon as Teague opened the door. A quick scan had told her he wasn't actively armed or feeling threatened by her presence and, thank the powers that be, in clothes, and she wasn't about to stay outside. It was far too chilly, and she didn't want to sound like she was about to cry as she would when the cold started to get to her.

"How much do you know?" she asked as she stopped in the entry way to wait for Teague to secure his door. "You know what?" she said as she closed her eyes and shook her head. "Doesn't matter. He's dead. The vampire is dead, and Soren is alright. A few casualties, but we did everything we could. And werewolves apparently also went through London. And guess who went against the command I owled him?"

Delilah looked at Teague, her eyes incredulous though lacking in any sense of surprise. It was Hunt, after all, and not Teague. "And he is making propositions of his own."

Delilah chose to stop there for now. Let Teague digest before asking questions of his own.
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by: Teague MacTail
He backed up as Delilah pushed her way in and had to stifle a yawn as he shut the door. When she asked him what he knew, Teague gave her a quizzical look. What did he know about what? He didn't even get a chance to respond before she went on to mention a whole host of events that had happened. He new the situation at Hogwarts was finished, but that information had been the least of his worries while he was out. It was nice to get confirmation that Shepard had done his job and presumably survived the encounter. The encounter with the London werewolves he'd heard enough about that the tracker had done some investigating before he'd returned home but hadn't done anything remotely close to a good job of it.

Her last question/statement however, had the Teague's stomach doing a nervous flip, before his gaze hardened into something unpleasant. "Hunt." His voice had a dangerous undertone to it. That man had to be reason that Delilah showed up the way she did and the London attack would make for perfect ammunition for the Minister of Magic to sympathize with the people. Combine that with the Hogwarts fiasco and Teague didn't doubt the man would have made a move. It fit his personality and it only set off more red flags. The tracker had been working like a dog trying to find everything he could about Hunt and so far he'd come up short, which was disturbing in its own right.

Teague ran a hand through his hair and let out a tired sigh. "I know about the London attacks. Fill me in on Hunt. What's he done, and what do you need me to do to fix it?"
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by: Delilah Chase
Well, at least he knew something.

The tracker had been spending far more time on finding Trevor than he ought. That should have been her job, but he was damn good at what he did and Delilah had been fine with the idea of stepping up to the plate for him and helping manage his time and obligations so that he could optimize his free time to find what he needed. Delilah had watched the man become more and more tense over the time since Trevor had vanished. It was as though he had taken it to heart. It was strange and confusing to the woman who had spent so much time lessening ties in her life.

"He's trying to destroy us--me, you. He's forged a letter from me to pin last night on me." It didn't matter that it was true. What mattered is he thought he could lie and manipulate his way into more power, and she was not about to let a lowlife like Hunt get away with that. "And now, he's offering free wolfsbane potions. As though he has the power to approve such a law on his very own." There was no way Hunt had passed that in front of Teague for a signature. No way. She had painstakingly read every damned document before having Teague sign anything. Unless.... Delilah looked at Teague, horrified at the thought. But it was a possibility, especially given Teague's overworking himself. "Hunt's never had you sign something, has he?"
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by: Teague MacTail
"Fuck me," he muttered under his breath. It was way to early for this. Teague had expected Hunt to make a move but not to this extreme. Though if the man though he'd get away with pinning the Hogwarts thing on Del he had another thing coming. They could easily spin that to there advantage if they played their cards right. Perhaps drum up some proof that the letter was forged. That in itself would be easy enough. They had some of the Imperial idiots that excelled in that department. Mentally the tracker added it to the to-do list for this morning. The wolfsbane thing would be a bit more delicate to handle.

"The letter we can discredit easy enough. Anyone can do a passable forgery now a day and it wouldn't take anythin for us to get the Guard to say that the letter was fake. The wolfsbane thing is going to be a different beast all together. An no, I don't sign a damn thing for him that you hadn't looked at first... at least I sure as hell don't remember signing anything." The tracker was a bit miffed that Del would even think he'd do something that stupid. Just cause he didn't like the job didn't mean was going to let something like that slide. And he was about to tell her so when he realized they were still standing in the doorway. He moved toward the kitchen table (he was certain if he sat on the couch he'd pass out) and motioned for Del to make herself comfortable. Teague pulled out a chair and made himself as comfortable as he could.

"Do we have enough grounds to remove him from office with him acting the way his has? Could frame it as him setting you up and skirting laws with the wolfsbane thing. And if not can we remove him?" He figured that Del was smart enough to catch on that by 'we' he meant the Death Eaters. Quite frankly the trackers patience was thinning and as far as he was concerned the easiest solution would be to just remove the issue. Voldemort never had a problem with removing obstacles....
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by: Delilah Chase
"Anyone who would say we didn't have grounds to remove him from office is either stupid or on his side," Delilah replied with a sigh as she moved to join Teague at the table. She sat down and leaned back with one foot up against the leg of the chair and the other out. "The question is how it would make us look. The question is where public support of werewolves has come to lean between their deliberate choice to break the Statute in London and the help of one of them to save their children. Even those who didn't have children killed by that rampage could still hate werewolves, yet they may see it as a necessary sacrifice and realize Soren didn't have control of himself at that point. And we have to have a story lined up for how this happened if one of us didn't approve it. If we say you approved it, we have to have a solid logic behind it--not just, 'Oh, I hoped it was a vampire.' No, you have to have known beyond the shadow of a doubt, and you will have to pin some of the loss of life on the ineptitude of the Guard. Might mean letting the current Head of Department go, and von Wolfram's the only one who shows much smarts who isn't a trainee."

Delilah sighed again. "If the public hates werewolves, though, in general, we could easily boot him and be safe. If they don't, we look like people who are extremely unsympathetic. After all, werewolves--the sort the public is aware of--are infected by the bite of another. Some of them are pureblood. So, it's safe to say we probably shouldn't remove Hunt the political way. But if there is enough verbal disdain toward this wolfsbane thing reported in the Prophet, threats owled to him, protests in the streets....would it be so hard to believe we might have an assassination occur?" Their hands could be clean, too, with a little use of the Imperius Curse.
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by: Teague MacTail
"Does it really matter how it makes us look?!" Teague took a deep calming breath when he snapped at Del. Of course it mattered how they looked. It always mattered how they looked in the eyes of the people. If they lost the people, they would loose everything. Now they needed a plan, and if he wasn't thinking clearly he was going to be useless to Del. And that wasn't an option no matter how moody or tired he was.

"Sorry, I just... sorry," he offered as he tried to slip back into the aloof tracker personal he was known for. "Ok so couldn't we play on the natural fears of the populace in regarding the werewolf attack in London? Have the Prophet run stories like ya said, maybe name some casualties... if their aren't any we can make them. We can still use Soren and his pack to our advantage to stir up fear. This keeps them painted as dangerous and unpredictable, and isn't something that can be fixed with wolfsbane." He paused a moment to gather his thoughts on the Hogwarts manner.

"We can own the Hogwarts incident and say I ok'd Soren going there under your eye since the guard was incapable of stopping the murders and we had undeniable proof that the thing was a rogue vampire. We tell them after the vampire was killed you eliminated Soren before he would run wild. That should be plausible enough. The Head of Law's head can roll, the guard needs a solid cleaning out and this could be our excuse to do it without a back lash. We might get flak for von Wolfram since if I'm not mistaking he was the lead on this wasn't he? Then again if you say he's a good fit for head of the department make it happen. I don't know of any candidates that would benefit us"

There if that was all plausible that would kill 2 if not 3 birds with one stone and end the whole werewolf fiasco.

"As for Hunt.... what you got seems pretty solid. It's easy enough for a rumor to catch fire if you sell it right. I think if we can get enough dissent going an assassination would be believable."
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah shot Teague a look at his outburst but simply shook her head as he apologized. She could understand how he felt. It had to be stressful in his position, no matter how much help he had. He was still taking on searching for Trevor's kids with a fervor she was personally amazed by. But she understood it. Trevor didn't have resources now that he abdicated. Teague was the only hope the man had, if Trevor had even reached out at all to him.

Delilah listened as Teague spoke. He was picking up on things, wasn't he? There was a funny look of veiled pride on her face as she listened. He was coming along. Where once his ideas had worried her, he was now coming up with pretty good ones. Delilah sat in silence a few moments after Teague stopped talking, her look becoming a grin as she reached out to ruffle Teague's hair. "You're coming along, kid," she said, her look fading to a smirk. "Good on you."

Delilah nodded once firmly.

"I took a photo of the 'Vampire' to sway public opinion toward the Hogwarts thing being good. For people to think of that being loose around their children?" Delilah mock shuddered. "But we have to be careful when and how we use it. We don't want to raise opinion toward werewolves or give any hunter suspicion. I tried to hide the size of the bites from the angle I took it from, but a good eye and a curious mind? It's our one condition with the Garou--to keep them out of this. To keep them hidden."

Delilah sighed and dug into her back pocket. She set the picture down on the table, spun it so it would be right side up to Teague, then slid it toward him. "[i}That[/i] is what we were up against. An old killing machine with razor-sharp teeth." Delilah had taken a few more, but this was the one she was thinking of slipping to the press at some point. The others were for conversations like this. She wanted to see Teague's response to this one first, however. She'd show him the rest afterward. Those were in the inner pocket of the black vest she wore.
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by: Teague MacTail
At first the tracker thought he'd pissed her off, or offended her in some way. It was a weird look she was giving him though it quickly shifted into something else all together. Almost as if Delilah Chase was proud of what he said. The look had caught him off guard so he wasn't quite fast enough to brush her hand away before she ruffled his hair. It was hard not to match her grin. He was starting to get the hang of things, or at the very least starting to play the game by his rules rather than that of politics and apparently it was starting to show. "Aye love, looks like ya can teach an old dog a new trick or two," he quipped back with a chuckle, as he rocked back on the back legs of his chair, using his knee against the table to keep himself balanced. It was as if a huge weight had been temporarily lifted from his shoulders.

He looked to the table when Delilah passed him the picture of the vampire that had caused them so much trouble over the past month. It was revolting, though it's looks matched what he recalled a vampire to be, bar the way the beast had filed his teeth to mimic a shark. He looked harder at the image when Del went on to highlight the bite marks and the tracker made extra sure he paid close attention to them and what that would mean for Soren and his kind if someone was to understand or figure out that their wolf wasn't normal.

"The shock value is definitely there and I see what you mean by the bite marks. I'm no expert on werewolves but I'm guessing they don't have the same bite pattern? How much did Soren tell you? And what is that thing, really? It will pass as a vampire but based on the need for a Garou to take out I highly doubt it was anything as simple as that."

Teague paused a moment while he sorted out the pros and cons of just putting the image out there and letting Soren deal with the fallout if there happened to be any. It was a fine line to walk but the chance someone would know what killed the vampire would be minimal... especially if the garou were as secretive about their kind as he'd been lead to believe.

"We can probably risk printing the photo, though I'll leave the timing to you. The angle hides most of the bite so unless someone already knew of the garou no one should be any wiser. we do need to move relatively fast, at least with the cleaning house in the Law department".
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by: Delilah Chase
"Well, if what that crazy professor who kept bombarding us with all those owls is onto something, he's not a normal vampire. Soren was sort of unconscious after the fight and a wolf when I left to try to get a little shut eye, so I didn't get to ask much of him. Once he's better, I'll try to get some information. Whatever he was, his kind is likely what vampires supposedly are to werewolves: mortal enemies." Delilah shrugged. "Either way, he's dead. He won't be killing any more students, but we do have to worry about sirelings or whatever. He may have...compelled? ...thralled? someone to do something, too. At least if that bit's not a myth. So, the guard needs to stay a little longer. Maybe not as many, but a good bunch. Unless..."

Delilah inhaled then sighed deeply. "Maybe that's where we get an edge on Hunt. He didn't say anything about Hogwarts. We say perhaps we should have been more open with our plans, but we worried it might tip this creature off. However, our intelligence has us concerned for the safety of students. This creature could have turned someone or any sort of thing like that, and we want to take the fate of Hogwarts to the public." Delilah looked at Teague and quirked a brow. "More than likely the school will be shut down. Too much has happened in the past two decades since Potter started there. It's a risky place to send your children. But in our speech, we can recognize that and the failure of the Ministry for years to adequately provide safety for our future. But no more! Whether Hogwarts is closed or remains open, we will work to ensure Hogwarts or its successor is a much safer place for our youth. We will take into consideration all that has happened, and we will openly invite public opinion on what needs to be done."

It would be hell for her to sort through all those owls that they and the Daily Prophet would get, but she would do her due diligence. But they needed to get the focus off werewolves. They needed to take this horrible situation and turn it into a learning experience, to show how the government cared, how it was changing from the Ministry of the past two decades that denied you-know-who's return for years and even then did not properly track down his followers, leading to the 2008 attacks. This new government cared for its people, and as such, its people's opinions mattered as seen through legislation passed over the past three years of its leadership since Crane turned the government over to Williams.

Or something like that.
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by: Teague MacTail
That fact that this creature could possibly not be a normal vampire was a bit disconcerting. Did that mean there was more of them? And sirelings? Thralls? Hell this was more than above his current pay grade. Obviously they would need whatever information Soren had on the creature so Teague made a mental not to have Del talk with him as soon as possible. The tracker nodded at her suggestion to leave a small contingent of the guard in place. Protection and reassurance couldn't hurt as everyone else turned their attention to the clean up.

Her next idea however, was genius. The temporary closure of the school and the combination of pretending to play into the public opinion - even involve them - would certainly gain them points. It was crazy and unorthodox, but it did have the potential to work and their government would be better off for it. He mulled it over for a couple minutes.

"I think it could work. Be like running a large con. Play into the public's perception and give them the illusion they are somewhat in control or at the very least pushing toward an end goal we've already determined." Teague paused a moment to stifle a yawn before continuing. "We'll need to get this out to the public sooner rather than later I think. We can't give Hunt any more time to maneuver... How long till you figure Soren will be out? Sooner you can get us accurate info on what it is the sooner you can put it in the Prophet.... For now though we should probably send the students home? Can deal with the school itself after the fact."

Absently the tracker reached up to run a hand through the wild mess he called his hair. He was so out of his depth at the moment it wasn't even funny. So much for an easy day.
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by: Delilah Chase
"Yes," Delilah replied. "The guard is still there today, and they can help make quick work of getting the children out and to safety while we address the public. By the time we get things set up and the public there, the children will be on the train from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley. The parents would be more than happy to go a few feet from our podium to hold their children in their arms. But we need to be sure they understand their children's well being and education are both our priorities. We will implement some reading material so they do not fall behind as another secure location is being set up for them to continue their education. The problem with Hogwarts, we could argue, is that too many generations have gone there. And it is too close to a main village. We can cloak a rail line from Diagon to our new location, but we cannot cloak a small town everyone knows about and loves from childhood."

Delilah slid off the bar stool chair. "Do you have paper? And an owl?" They needed to work fast. They had wasted enough time as it was sleeping or trying to sleep. They could rest when this was done. "And we need to brew a pick-me-up potion for the both of us after the speech. We need you exhausted now. It will make you seem concerned. You have been losing sleep over everything, and while all this has gone down, you were awake waiting news, wanting the information, ready to act. At least, that's the image we need the people to say. Please don't say it aloud." The last two sentences were added in jest to tease him. She knew he wouldn't be so stupid as to say all that--at least not in such a manner or such depth. A little sentence about it might be useful at the right point.

Delilah would be lying, though, if she said she wasn't nervous about this. She'd had time to run over all Teague's other speeches in much more detail, had time to let him practice. But they needed this. "Put on some clothes, clean up a little. But don't make it look like you put more effort than needed. You need to look like you've been up."
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by: Teague MacTail
When she asked if he had paper the tracker slid off his stool and moved toward the bookcase by the end of the stairs going up to the loft. Quickly he had some parchment and a quill and he walked back and placed them on the kitchen table. He then moved to the window by the kitchen sink and opened it, whistling loudly as he did. Less than a minute later a large Great horned owl was perched on the sill. The tracker offered the bird a small treat before letting the bird climb onto his arm. Again he moved back toward the kitchen table just in time to offer a wry smile at her quip.

"Oh yes so very concerned and heart-sick as I waited all day and night for shoddy information," he joked back as he set the owl on the table.

"Seriously though love, people would have to be daft and blind to not think I've been up all night." Even as Teague said it he moved toward the stairs leading up to the loft. While it was true he looked scruffy and sleep deprived he was missing at least a slight shave and the dreaded formal wear that seemed to required for these kinds of things. Certainly he could find something that Delilah would approve of. Wrinkle it up a bit and he'd be pretty much good to go.

Once he was satisfied that he looked less like he had just rolled out of bed and more like he'd just stayed up for endless nights the tracker made his way back downstairs, stopping at the fire place in the area that had been sectioned off as his living area. A quick flick of his wrist had his wand out of its holster and a muttered word had a low fire going. Teague then proceeded to kick a cauldron over the flame as he re sheathed his wand. If there was one other thing he considered himself exceptional at aside from tracking was working potions. Hell he'd brewed a Pick-Me up potion so often back in the day he knew the recipe like the back of his hand. Trusting Del to get all the important things into the letter she was going to send, Teague went and grabbed his potions kit from the storage under the stairs and settled in to brew a few viles of Pick-Me Up.
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by: Delilah Chase
It didn't take Delilah long to pen a letter for the owl to deliver to the Captain of the Guard at Hogwarts. It was simple enough to write, "Captain von Wolfram, By order of Lord MacTail on this morning, Wednesday, 8 February 2012, all children are to be immediately transported to the Hogwarts Express station in Hogsmeade." She walked toward the fireplace where Teague sat working on the pick-me-up potion and handed him first the paper and then the quill. "Your signature?" She didn't have a seal to stamp at this location. That was back at her side office at Puxley.

Once he had signed, Delilah fastened the parchment and spelled it against tampering, she walked back over to the owl to secure it to its foot. She held out her forearm for the large owl to step on and headed for the front door. She opened it and told the owl, "Hogwarts," before lowering her arm and lifting it to help facilitate take-off for the bird.

Then, she headed back in to actually take in what Teague had changed into. It looked acceptable enough. Not too dressy but not too frumpy. It was the perfect mix for office wear. "How much longer?" she asked and crossed her arms as she leaned back on one foot.
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