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by: Cole
Mikhail Alexei Russo
48. Muggle. Mi5 - HR and Internal Affairs Auditor.


D.O.B.: January 3, 1964

EDUCATION: Arden University - B.A. in Criminology and Psychology
Royal Military Police - retired, SIB investigator, rank: Sergeant

PLAY-BY: Michael Biehn

  • Ambition - Whether it is a promotion, a new connection, or a better lifestyle. Mikhail is always looking beyond and wanting the next big thing. He willing to work to get what he wants and is never satisfied with just settling into his own life.
  • Workaholic - Determined and focused, Mikhail puts most of his time and effort into his career. His sole drive is to do well in endeavours that can be logically measured through hard work and promotions. All other forms of fulfillment such as relationships and hobbies seem superfluous.
  • Ends Justify the Means - Sometimes good people have to do bad things to make sure the bad guys don’t win. It’s all about the balance. If a few casualties and wounded save the rest of the population it’s worth the price. Especially if it helps give forward momentum to Mikhail’s ambitions as well.
  • For the Greater Good - With everything Mikhail does, it is for the end goal of bettering himself and the world around him. He loves his country and the governmental body he works for, wanting nothing more than to ensure the continued safety and happiness of the public, especially against the paranormal.

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