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by: Orion Burgess
March 10, 2012

He couldn't sleep. The physical act of laying in a bed with his eyes closed was not stimulating the act of rest that he wanted. Why? Why must his mind torment itself by replaying and centering itself on all the snubs, pitfalls, unmet expectations, unfair dictations, and uncouth pronouncements over his life? The gold eyed young man had allowed his entire life to be dictated by others. He was going to inherit father's company. He was going to marry Gemma. He was going to be her protector and savior and sex idol. He was going to be an agent of the Syndicate because she was too damned curious to keep well enough alone and he got drug into it. He was going to be a liaison for the muggles. He was this that and the other thing...Orion, help us with this...Orion, do that! Sick of it! How many people called him an asshole, a pompous jerk, a stuck up idiot...not even behind his back, but to his face? The conclusion was clear: He was not a good person.

Orion's eyes opened to scan the wood beams of the inn's ceiling. He didn't have to be a person. He could literally, in the words of one Dmitri Cross lost to time and distance, say 'fuck it' and go do something...anything...else. He could be a cat, for all the world cared.

Orion considered that carefully. He COULD go be a cat. He had the skills necessary to transform into the feline shape, and all of his aloof traits that people hated were deemed virtues for cats...yes, it was feasible. Was it worth it?

"Fuck it all...I'll be a cat." he said to no one in particular. He stood and dressed himself, packing all of his worldly goods into a small bag. There was room left over, but that was fine. Orion shrank the bag down and placed it in his pocket, then holstered his wand. Opening the window of his already-paid-for room, he jumped out. Orion the human transformed mid leap into Orion the Norse Forest Cat. He was a muscular sixteen pounds of brown tabby fluff, accented only by white toes on his broad paws. He set out into Hogsmeade to start his life over in a more simple direction.
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by: Dresden Faust
It was early, even for him, but Dresden didn't mind the alone time. The past few weeks had been a whirlwind of crazy and lack of sleep seemed to be a direct result of an over active mind. Renn, the Ministry... Merlin he needed to get in touch with Gideon at some point... Why was it that all the bad luck had seemingly targeted him?

Dres had lost the battle with sleep sometime around 5am and after a quick tea his normal fidgety nature had got the better of him and thus the professor currently found himself wondering around the near deserted streets of Hogsmeade.

Hogsmeade had always been a home away from home both during the school year as well as during the holidays if he chose to stick around. Even so it was weird being here now with the school being temporarily closed after the insanity that had ensued a month earlier. Anyone wandering around could feel that something had changed, but for Dres it was still a comfortable place to wander around and gather his thoughts.
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by: Orion Burgess
There were important things to consider in this new life. How does one exactly be a cat? Since this was not a cat-like worry, did it even need considering? In all likelihood, Orion thought, it did need to be considered. He would need to adjust to his new senses more completely. While working with the muggles, he had gotten used to navigating by scent and by whiskers, but he would also need to adjust to the new range of frequencies he could hear as well as the different colors that cats saw.

Carefully, he picked his way through the bushes that flanked the inn. Trails of scents webbed all about. Some were rodent-scents, some were other cats, and at least one was a small dog of some sort. There weren't many people out and about this early in the morning. One man was walking down the lane. Orion couldn't see far enough to tell detail yet, but there wasn't the kind of purpose one usually found in someone with a place to be. Across the lane was a small duck pond. A scent carried over on the breeze, making the cat's stomach clench in hunger. Perhaps he could try fishing.

Leaving the safety of the bush, the cat trod towards the pond. The nesting ducks weren't too fond of his presence. No longer of a size able to intimidate them, Orion found the birds to be defensive and somewhat hostile. He paused when a mallard gabbled at him and spread its wings. With one paw raised, Orion wasn't sure if he wanted to fight or back down. When the duck fluttered at him, the cat decided to back off a few steps. Sitting, Orion wondered what his next moves would be.
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by: Dresden Faust
Dres continued to walk without any sense of purpose or hurry. In fact, the professor had clasped his hands comfortably and started to whistle an old folk tune he remembered from his childhood. Eventually his feet took him to a particular pond, not unlike the one he'd take Elise to when she wanted to chase, feed, or watch the ducks.

As he got closer Dres realized he wasn't alone. About the fluffiest cat he'd ever laid eyes on had crept out of the bushes near by and from the looks of things was about to get a good telling off by the ponds feathered inhabitants. It was hard not to laugh when the cat retreated from the mass of feathers. It was as almost if the monstrous ball off fluff had belonged to someone as it didn't seem to know what to do. Feral cats would probably have tried to eat the duck.

Since it didn't appear that his owner was around after a cursory glance of his surroundings Dres figured he would take a gamble and knelt down as he made a soft clicking noise. Perhaps the cat would come, not that he'd know what to do with it if it did.
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by: Orion Burgess
Well, then. Fishin was out for now. Orion briefly considered eating the duck, but he had no desire to attack the bird. He wasn't that hungry. What if he got to that point? While he was on a journey of rediscovery, he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to discover a savage side of himself. Perhaps he would be best suited to get himself into a family and be a house cat. But what if they wanted to neuter him? Then he could pick up and move on...it wasn't that big of a deal, he was also a wizard as well as a cat.

A clicking sound drew his attention. Orion looked about and saw the man from earlier. The cat was surprised to find that this man was not a stranger. No less of a person than Professor Faust was trying to entice him closer. Along with Professor Witte, this man had been a colleague and friend to his older brother Andrew. A pang of mourning twisted through Orion when he thought of his older brother. He'd heard Andrew died, but he didn't have any details. Perhaps he could discover that if he stayed with Prf. Faust.

As cat-like as he knew how, Orion approached the offered hand and rubbed his head on the fingers. Purring, he continued greeting the man, then chirruped as a way of greeting.

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by: Dresden Faust
Dresden chuckled when the cat seemed more than interested in having its ears scratched. Talkative and very friendly too. Obviously this wasn't a feral animal. Dres had no illusions that if it was, said cat would have run once it realized it was being watched. Again the professor glanced around to see if perhaps someone was around and looking for their lost pet.

"Where's your family huh? You get yourself lost?"

It was silly, talking to a cat that couldn't respond. Still, as much flak as people gave them Dres knew they were intelligent creatures. After a moments debate and since it seemed like his new found friend wanted attention (not to mention he couldn't stay crouched for forever), he took a chance and picked up the cat as he stood, still scratching its ears and chin to hopefully convey he wasn't going to hurt it.

"Don't have any food for you but maybe we can find out where you come from and get you home."
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by: Orion Burgess
Yes! Lost! He was very lost in the philosophical sense! His family had abandoned him for Death Eater ideals, riding the wave of popular opinion. His wife was emotionally manipulative and histrionic. His employer was a megalomaniac dictator. you have no idea, Professor Faust!

All of this internal dialogue translated into more rubbing and chirping. Orion had a lot to say, but not many outlets that he could say it it. Perhaps, by simply expressing it, he could start to sort it out. Meybe it wouldn't matter that his audience couldn't understand him. That wasn't the point, was it? OOF! Dresden was trying to pick him up. Orion went as limp as necessary to indicate that this was fine, but as soon as he was chest high to the man, Orion placed his paws on Dresden's shoulders and boosted himself up to perch with his front paws on one side of the man and his hind paws on the other shoulder. Carefully, the cat arranged himself like a scarf, draping around the professor's neck to keep stable in the event that the man wanted to walk. He was a cozy and comfortable perch!
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by: Dresden Faust
Well wasn't that interesting. It brought a smile and a laugh to the professor when the cat settled itself up and around his shoulders, chatting in cat speak like there was no tomorrow. It had been unexpected but he found it wasn't something that he didn't instantly enjoy. He gave the cat a final scratch on the ears before returning his hands to his pockets and carefully started to move again. It took a bit to find a cadence that worked for him and the cat so he didn't unintentionally tip the cat off its perch.

"You seem to be quite talkative. What else do you know? Hope you don't mind the wandering, but I find it relaxing and it helps calm my mind. Don't know about you, though we can probably relate a bit considering you're out here, but I've had a rough couple of weeks... Well rough couple of months if I'm being honest. Guess it's just all these new expectations and having to do what others want you to do, not necessarily what you want to do..."

Dres let out a soft sigh.

"Things were so much simpler when I could just up and travel." And it was true. But even then he wouldn't have changed how things played out. If he'd had, he'd have never had his father push him into the DA position he'd never have touched base with Gideon and Milo, never had the chance to meet Renn, never get DA to a spot where people didn't run away screaming when they heard of it.
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by: Orion Burgess
This was nice. Orion closed his eyes and purred as he listened to the professor talk. Wasn't that just familiar as could be? Orion sympathized greatly for being forced into doing what he didn't want to do. That as the whole genesis of him calling it quits on humanity. Apparently, such issues were common among other people as well. Maybe he could learn something by staying with Dresden.

That settled it. Orion was going to, one way or the other, become Faust's cat. He'd get a reliable meal source, a safe place to stay, and an unintentional mentor to show him how to cope with pressing life problems. Merlin knew, Orin's own family was unwilling or unable to help him develop the needed skills. It was time to go beyond the familiar and watch someone else, someone trusted, so that he could learn from them.

Orion's paws kneaded contentedly. Why did cats do that? He wasn't quite sure. Perhaps a behavioral leftover from kittenhood...but it was nice. This whole decision was proving beneficial, and Orion congratulated himself for making it.
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by: Dresden Faust
"So what's your story huh? How'd you get lost anyway?" Why the professor ever thought that was a good question he'd never know. Maybe it was because the cat had been so talkative before he first picked up said furry friend and he just wanted to hear it talk more. There was also that thought that said cat was also a really great sounding board. But if he was going to use it as a sounding board, at least until he wandered his way back to Milo's flat, the cat would need a name.

He reached up to scratch the cats ears again. "You know if we're going to keep talking like this you're going to need a name. I don't think I can just call you cat..."

Dres glanced up to try and catch the cats eyes.

"How about Loki?" Dres wasn't certain why that name popped into his head but it seemed appropriate for the moment.
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by: Orion Burgess
His story was long and filled with teenaged drama. Orion let out a yawn interspersed with a meow, indicating the length and uninteresting nature of the tale. Healing meant looking forward, right? Not turning and obsessing over the past. Perhaps that's what he had been doing wrong...trying to fix his future by over-analyzing past mistakes. No more. Cat's worried about the now, and sometimes about the future. No more meditating and marinating on his past!

"Mrrrrrraaaaa....mao, prrryaaaao."

Maybe being so talkative wasn't cat-like. It was a behavior he'd work on. For now, though, the professor seemed to enjoy the dialogue. Orion's purring intensified when Dresden began speaking of naming him. Names were good. Names indicated investment, willingness to take responsibility for and feed whatever was just named. When the name 'Loki' was offered, the cat positively beamed. It was a good name! 'Fluffy' or similar titles were emasculating, but 'Loki' was respectable. Feline, even, in that it was a moniker of a trickster god. A cat could very well live up to that title. A sly, feline grin stole across his muzzle. Loki was a shape shifter, too.
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by: Dresden Faust
The professor chuckled at Loki's acceptance to his new name. He knew the rule about naming things... especially if you didn't want to get attached to them but in this instance it seemed to be the right thing to do. And hell, if the cat liked it all the better. Dres went silent for a bit after that, opting to enjoy the rising sun and quiet. He'd figured they'd been walking around now for about 45 minutes or so. People would be getting up soon in preparation to head off to work or to do whatever it was families tended to do at this early hour. It was probably best the professor returned home. After the recent events with the killer and such it was probably not very smart to be out wandering alone. At best think he was some crazy lunatic out with his cat and at worst... Well he didn't stop to dwell on it.

After another 15 minutes or so his feet had taken him back to the pond where he'd first found Loki and he dipped his shoulder so the cat could easily hop off. "As enjoyable as our time has been together Loki I'm afraid I must head home. You should too. I bet your owner is worried about you."
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by: Orion Burgess
Peaceful days spent with someone friendly was somewhat novel to the teen. He'd regarded himself as a loner. Large social groups were uncomfortable and stressful. This was quiet, yet intimate. Friendly, yet no social pressure. Orion-Loki, now-nearly fell asleep as they continued their walk. When Dresden went to put him down and leave him, Loki gripped the man with his claws, trying to keep from getting left behind.


He voiced his displeasure and even set a glare at the man for putting him down. Orion stood, stretching as far as he could up Dresden's leg and dug his claws in, pleading with one long yowl. He needed this man to take him in!

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by: Dresden Faust
The professor had to shrug and awkwardly grab Loki in order to get him on the ground. Apparently he'd made some sort of good impression on the animal. This was evidenced even more when the ball of fur dug his claws into his leg.

"Ow, ow, ow. No claws Loki!"

The long drawn out cry of protest tugged at the professors heart strings and he silently berated himself as he was forced to crouch down to remove claws from his pants. "Look I can't take you with me Loki... I don't even have my own flat. And I don't even know if Milo likes cats." Even as he finished speaking it appeared Loki was doing everything in his power to get the professor to stay with him. An affectionate headbutt and meows and that winding between the legs thing cats did to show they wanted attention. By all appearances this particular cats seemed to have chosen him. He let out a sigh. Why hadn't he just listened to his mothers sage advice?

He looked at Loki again before speaking. "Well I suppose you can come with me for now and if Milo objects Renn might take you until we find your actual family. She has a beautiful daughter that would love to play with a cat." He picked up the cat again so it could settle on his shoulders if it chose to. "Hope you're ok with apperation."

Merlin what was he thinking. Hopefully Milo wouldn't be too upset with him for bringing home a furry friend.
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion was pleased with his success. Having secured himself a home, at least temporarily, the wizard settled back contentedly on the shoulders of his new...friend? That word worked for now. When Dresden warned him about apparation, the cat stilled and squinched his eyes shut. It wasn't his favorite mode of travel, but it worked. He opened his eyes again to a modest home in the countryside. A lane cut through a grass field, extending from horizon to horizon. A village was down the road a ways. Rich smells perfumed the cat's senses, inviting exploration and play. Gingerly, the large cat jumped off of Dresden, botching his landing somewhat. Orion recovered well and moved to explore an echinacea growing by the stone wall bordering the road. He looked over his shoulder at Dresden.


Maybe this place wasn't theirs, but was close enough to walk where they'd be going. Either way, the cat was curious and happy to be with his friend.


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