Have an owl you need to send out? Please write your letter and send your feathery friend on its way. Don’t forget a treat! Owls work hard, you know.
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June 9th, early morning

A letter is delivered to Teague's remote cabin by a small, sleek barn owl. The letter is magically sealed with a rune that dissolves when the correct recipient handles it, but will combust and burn immediately if an unauthorized recipient tries to open it.


For what little it's worth, I want to start by saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry I left the way I did. I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to reach out to you before now. I'm sorry I listened to people I shouldn't have. Mostly though, I'm so sorry that I hurt you.

I've hurt a lot of people in my life and my career, but you... You, I never meant to hurt and I know I did anyway. You were the only friend I had and I let things come between us that I would like more than anything to explain to you now that I am able to. It... (A section of writing looks like it was scratched out and re-written several times before the writer gave up and began anew on the next line.)

I promise I will explain fully in person. It's not really something I can explain in a letter, though I suppose if you don't want to see me and would rather it be this way, I can try. I would very much like to sit down and talk with you though, Bloodhound... please? I just... (another scratched out section is illegible) I just want a chance to do right by you. Merlin knows, I haven't thus far...

If you're willing to meet with me, just let me know and I'll be there. If you're willing, I'd like it to be at least mostly private. If you think you can get away from your lackeys and they won't track you here, feel free to come by the warehouse; the wards will let you pass.

I really hope to hear from you.
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A soft rapping at the window over his kitchen sink had the tracker padding out of the bathroom, toothbrush in mouth and a curious expression on his face. Who would be owling him here aside from Del? And why would she send a message when they would both see each other in the office in less than an hour? At first glance Teague didn't recognize the little barn owl but he wasted no time in letting it in and opening its message. Te say he was a bit surprised at the sender would have been an understatement. He'd known Cora was back, hell she'd been part of the damn rescue team but he'd never reached out to her to talk when they got back.

After reading her letter all Teague could do was stand there in front of his sink, tooth brush still hanging out of his mouth. There was no doubt in his mind he'd be able to slip his keepers, the real question was did he want to go through with this and meet up with Cora. It had to have been what close to a year now since she up and left... did he really want to deal with all that shit on top of all the other crap he'd been dealing with since the attack on the alleys?

With a sigh the tracker fished around for a quill and some ink and scribbled out a short reply.

Hey luv,

Talk? Sure I can slip a tail. I ain't that rusty. Warehouse sounds good. When?


The tracker fixed the note back to the little owl and offered it a treat before tossing it back out the window. Bloody hell this was going to turn into a real treat of a day wasn't it? with a soft sigh he padded back into the bathroom to finish getting ready for work.
Oh Merlin... this was stupid, wasn't it? It had been nearly a year since she had up and left on Trevor's orders, and the only time she had even spoken to Teague was during the rescue mission a while back. What the hell did she expect from the man after this long anyway? If he bothered to reply to her at all, that is, she thought miserably.

Thankfully for her already-shot nerves she didn't have to wait too long for a reply. While she was cleaning up the dishes from breakfast the little barn owl returned, looking a little windblown from his trip but otherwise just - Oh god. It actually had a reply! Holy shit! Cora practically snatched the note from the owl and read it quickly.

Not that that was too difficult, as succinct and to the point as the note was. Cora couldn't suppress a hopeful smile when she read the short note. Despite the length or lack thereof, Teague's ever-cheerful attitude came through and gave her a modicum of hope that maybe he would be willing to hear her out. Cora quickly grabbed a quill and responded as requested.

I'll be here all day. I imagine you're working during the day, so when you leave the office? Don't try to apparate in, I upped security on the place a bit since you've been here. Front door will recognize you though.

I'm really glad you're coming.
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