Snail mail may be infrequent these days, but email certainly isn’t. Don’t forget to edit your lovely little email before sending it off.
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By Orion
April 23, 8:00 am

It's that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. I know you affectionately call the bi-annual drug compliance test the 'whiz quiz', but boss-lady Jones has informed me that heads will be posted on spears if any of you fail. Part of securing our funding depends on maintaining operative readiness, so please be ready to pass this coming Friday morning. Thanks to someone failing over at 6 with their testing, additional testing procedures will be administrated. In addition to the UA, there will be a cheek swab, so morning pastries will not be going out until the afternoon.

Please respond with your acknowledgement of receipt.

Rainy Mitchell, senior secretary
Good afternoon,

Will be there Friday.

Have a wonderful day,
Niklaus Schmidt

The response was quickly typed out, the only hesitation coming when he had to refrain from typing a "P.S. I'll be sure to eat all the poppy seed muffins." He supposed that wouldn't be professional and this Rainy person might not appreciate that. What sort of name was Rainy anyway? He supposed he shouldn't ask that either. So many restraints with professional conduct, he swore!
Ms., Lex typed then erased it. Was Rainy a boy's name or a girl's name? Was it unisex, then? Or perhaps merely a nick name? She imagined a female automatically, but who knew these days? She didn't want a faux pax so soon in her career.

8:45 a.m.

Good morning,

I will most certainly be there as it's required. I assume this is the case despite my recent hire?

Thank you,
Alexandra Taylor

Lex imagined the new hire drug screening panel would be quite similar to this, but perhaps she was wrong. She wanted to seem complicit yet merely curious. She supposed there was no better way to say this, and it was brief and to the point, so she pressed send. There.
Test? A drug test? Cole had nothing to worry about since all they'd probably find is that he consumed an insane amount of caffeine and probably alcohol. Maybe they'll tell him he needed a kidney transplant since they'd been shot to hell.

He had the anti-depressants in his drawer that he hadn't taken since Veronika--even though they weren't on a 'whenever you need it' basis. He just stopped taking it. Nevertheless, those were in his medical file, so if between now and then he had the need to take them, they'd understand.

April 23rd, 2012
9:14 a.m.

Rain -

Here's your receipt, you know I'll be there. Surprised I'm being invited back at all. I promise that the lid is closed all the way this time, so we don't repeat last year.

Alaric C. Callaway

He laughed when he sent it, a soft one that only he could hear from his desk, as not to creep out anyone else who wouldn't 'get it'. Yet, he still dreaded it. Who liked doing that anyway?
Matt listened to his email and got a wicked grin. He knew Rainiy...sweet girl, really, but she had a sassy sense of humor. She'd teased him about his blindness instead of giving him the sympathy he didn't want or need. What was the point of being in the most relaxed department in 5 if he didn't take advantage of it once in a while. With a grin, he randomly hit keys for a few lines before replying.


wronjgfmm wpqij3n0-9nlwr nwrnoqq3 iijwrns.

Just kidding. I'll be there with bells on, and no, I won't need assistance with anything, thank you.

April 25th, 2012
6 pm

Hello Rainy,
This is Agent Loretta Patterson. I was forwarded this email from Director Jones. I understand there's a mandatory screening. As I've just transferred in to the unit, I'm reporting in that I will be attending this on Friday.

Loretta Patterson

Loretta closed the email and signed out at once. She didn't want to accidentally leave this open and have someone conveniently use her computer for whatever reason, without asking. The guys at IA tended to do that and she disliked it so much. They gave each agent a personal computer for a reason, after all. It had only been her first shift and already she was being shipped off to be tested? And they just did their screen at IA!

Such was the life undercover. She didn't have anything to hide, so she was going to do the test anyway and pass with flying colors.
April 23rd
10:01 AM


You can expect my full compliance with the drug test this Friday.

Agent Antony Pearson

His email was short, succinct, and to the point. Was it a bit snippy? Perhaps, but would anyone expect anything less at this point? He was always a bit snippy anymore and people should feel lucky if that was his only attitude toward them. For a second though, he almost didn't click send and caught himself. The fact the he was always so angry made him frustrated which in turn made him angrier. It was a vicious circle he knew he needed to end, so he just ignored the issue and sent the email as is. There was no use dwelling on it. He didn't need another flock of birds crashing into the windows again.
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