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by: Diana Blaine
(using Jaleth as an NPC here to drive the conversation.)

April 2nd, 2012
4:45 pm
Tutaminis Manor, Courtyard

The wheels on the chair had a stopper. Diana was parked outside, on the grounds of the manor. She'd been watching the sunrise and the sunset a lot as of late. She'd be kicked out of her slumber due to the memories, the brief flashes of being down there in that dark, damp well with Professor Lenor. She was bundled under the warmth of the wool blanket the healer-in-training had given to her, wrapped over her shoulders and draped over her forearms and legs. It was nice enough weather that she wasn't freezing cold, nor was she burning up.

She learned that this was the safe house of the Order of the Phoenix, the sworn enemies of the Death Eaters. Why were they helping her? Did they not know that she'd been seeking out their employ before this all happened? Did they not care? Diana didn't have any qualms with this organization, but she also knew that she wouldn't be welcomed there with as many open arms if they'd ever found out. Why was she going through that program anyway? What was there to gain from being a Death Eater? From what she remembered, Adrian didn't like it when she'd told her family her intentions...

Did that mean Professor Lenor didn't know, either?

Lenor had been so kind to her. Even on the throes of their imprisonment and their impending madness, he never once lashed out at her. She even thought to lash out at him when things were difficult, as they had been in those many days of being locked up like some sort of animal. Even now he helped her, trying to keep her spirits up...Bless his heart... She thought. Even Stana, the girl she'd thought long dead, was wandering this place. She escaped her own cell and ended up in London and one of the new healers, Jonathan, brought her in. The place she was in sounded eerily similar to their prison. Now that Diana could speak, she wanted to ask her so much but Stana avoided her, for some reason. She avoided everyone, but she couldn't blame her.

"Are you alright?" There was a voice to her left, somewhere behind her. Footsteps followed, slow footsteps crunching on the gravel before they touched the grass. The steps sounded irregular compared to a normal stride. A limp, maybe. Then he stepped in closer, and placed his hands on her shoulder. She'd looked over and saw the signet ring, the one she recognized easily. "You're always out here."

"Every morning. Every night," She wanted to smile, but her face was still in too much pain to move it to that much strain. Still, a faint one tugged at her thin, dry lips.

The man exhaled with a nod, she sensed, as he stared out at her private viewing of the sun dropping near the hedges at the entrance.

Diana only vaguely remembered seeing them when they made it in. She'd been in and out of it when Jaleth crossed the threshold, bringing them to safety. He'd explained when she first woke up that they'd been helped by Minister Darque, but he was no longer the Minister. So what was he doing here with the Order? How did he know about this place? There were some great concerns about that one, too. Could he be trusted? She might want to speak with him soon, if she could catch him, if he wasn't busy.

"I just wanted to get this back to you."

Before she could turn to face him, Diana felt his hands come over her shoulders and on the chain, her gold necklace with a pendant of the letter 'D' hanging from it. She recognized it from her belongings, and hadn't realized it was gone, but she was ecstatic to have it back. "Merlin," She said under her breath, as she let the pendant settle just along her collarbone and he fastened the clasp behind her neck. Once he pulled away, she let her blond hair fall.

"Thank you." Diana said, feeling a warm streak of tears dripping down her cheek, and she brushed it away with the back of her hand. He had no idea how much she appreciated this. It was given to her by her mother, and one of the only things she wanted to keep safe.

Jaleth took her hand, in his, holding it gently. He treated her like glass, and she disliked that very much, so she squeezed his hand in an almost playful defiance. He just smiled and shook his head at her, bringing her hand to his lips and kissing it softly. It was a gentlemanly gesture, probably nothing more, but part of her hoped it meant something else.

Professor Lenor was older than her, but it didn't mean she couldn't be drawn to him, right? She'd graduated, she was old enough, but would others think her mad if she tried to stay close to him? His eyes looked so woeful, yet longing as she looked at him. There was so much she wanted to know about him; Who he was underneath all of that cold exterior. He might have been married before, as he was wearing a ring on his left hand. Had she passed? Would he even want her, as she was significantly younger than he was?

Do you really want to go down this road, Diana? She asked herself.

"Miss? Sir? Dinner is ready." Varytas called to them from a few feet away. As soon as her words were acknowledged, she turned heel and ran back into the house, her fleeting footsteps trailing off into the manor.

"Shall we?" Jaleth asked.

Diana nodded, weakly, squeezing his hand again. She felt the stopper on her wheels kick up, as he steered her wheelchair back into the house.
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