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by: Kara Viridian
14 June 2012
1220 am
Tutaminis Manor – Capitalum Building

They were dropped off in an area near the woods which was still a couple of miles out from the compound itself. Kara thanked the driver and got out of the vehicle to start walking. She’d used magic to stabilize her leg, set in a very weak, and very temporary splint so she could walk. Stubbornly, she set out before Jace was even out of the car, trudging along the dirt path to the east, listening to the sound of the car leave them under the cover of the night sky. Kara breathed in through her nose and out her mouth when she remembered, and holy hell, was she in tremendous pain.

Foot-before-dragging foot, Kara marched as best as she could without whimpering along the way.

She heard the wolf behind her, grumbling to himself maybe—and when he heard her name, she did well to ignore it. He’d done that load of bollocks to her back at the scene where she found him. It was the wolf talking though, so it was tough to blame him, but she was still angry and needed a second to cool down. Well, cool down some more since she’d done her silent treatment, a cold front shown to him for the entire drive up.

She walked a little bit further when she saw the glow of blue light. They were close. The manor never looked so beautiful as it did in the night. To Kara, it was a wonderful sight because it was no longer a mirage in the distance. She’d send for Jon again, the magician with the power to heal her up when she’d run in and done something stupid like stand up for a garou against a bloody mutant freak—oh, on second thought maybe she should send for Diana instead, or anyone else who might be on duty in the infirmary tonight. Getting snapped at by someone she cared about? Jace had already done quite a bit of that already, she didn’t need it from Jon too.

She made it to the landmark of the stone path that was a straight shot for the secret doorway that would lead them into the compound without having to deal with the traps and mazes and all that rubbish. If they were here on a leisurely stroll she wouldn't have any qualms about spending a little more time with the Alpha, making their way through the maze, sneaking kisses and amorous glances at one another as they had a little chit-chat and time spent getting to know each other a little better...Well, this was not that leisurely time. It was the opposite. Kara wasn't scurrying to distance herself from Jace exactly, she was just more pissed off than anything and she was sure he could feel it. Not to mention she knew he was just as angry because she could feel his dark eyes, red or not, boring holes in the back of her head as she walked away. How she was making better time than the taller, stronger garou was beyond her, but she was doing her best to keep a quick pace.

As sweet as that time in her head might have been, Kara was seeing a veil of red she couldn't get rid of--and that was aside from the fact that she'd gotten blood in her eyes.

Suddenly, Kara tripped over a small rock she'd missed because of her obstructed vision. She gasped as it locked her knee and she dropped down on her good leg. She braced herself with her palms down and her magically splinted leg straight as a board behind her, but her palms were nice and cut now as it pressed down hard into some jagged rocks. "AH! Son of a bitch." She cursed under her breath.

This was just turning out to be one hell of a night, wasn’t it?
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by: Jace Bryden
The ride back had thankfully been one of silence. The cold shoulder Kara was giving him was more than ok at the moment considering everything on him hurt. The stab wounds thankfully had stopped bleeding, only the really deep one on his arm was still seeping, though it was more of a sluggish drip than anything. The collar bone and the ankle on the other hand, were going to be trouble when they finally reached their destination.

Thank the totems for favors. It had been hard enough to stomach his pride and anxiety when one of Keo's cars showed up at the alley, and it was only because Rafe had vetted the driver and his partner that the alpha was even in the vehicle in the first place. For all he knew this was Keo's plan all along right from the moment he'd dropped the tid-bit about the Devil being in the park. Then again, the Cyber Dogs and the Luck 7 did have a mutually good thing going so it wasn't to far of a stretch to think that Keo was simply looking after an investment. That brought a bloody grin to the older man as his head lulled back against the seat.

The feeling of stopping had him snapping his eyes open with a start and it took a moment for him to regain his bearings enough to realize that they must have arrived at their designated drop off point. Kara was already moving to get out, and once out she set a pace that clearly indicated she wanted to be away from him. Jace suppressed a growl and called out. "Kara. Nothing. She didn't pause, didn't slow, or look over her shoulder. For fuck sakes...

Slowly he forced himself out of the car and it was only by sheer force of will that he was able to stand, let alone walk on his broken ankle. Once out of the car, the drivers wasted no time heading off. Perfect. Just fucking great. Jace grit his teeth and damn near bit through his lip on the first step, so he let some of his rage out to help block out the pain. His right arm was tucked in tightly to his side, the injury before hadn't seemed like a lot when he'd had the fight adrenaline flowing through him, but now he was barely able to twitch his fingers let alone move the limb.

"Kara!" He called out to her again but got no response. With a sigh and a deep breath to steel himself he set off after the irate Order leader. There wasn't even a point in trying to keep up with her. No. Slow and steady was the only way he was going to make it back before he blacked out somewhere. Besides, the walk would give him enough of a chance to put most of the rage back into its box and sooth the wolf after losing its kill. Fuck, that still had his blood boiling. He'd had him. He'd had the mother fucking Devil on the verge of begging before Kara had interfered and everything went to shit. Jace wanted to scream, to howl, to beat the shit out of anything within range but he held back. Now wasn't the time.

Jace kept his eyes on Kara's back the whole time. He could feel her own anger radiating even at this distance though he had no idea why she was so fucking pissed. When she tripped he shook his head. She was pushing herself to damn hard and that knee of hers wasn't going to take much more. It took him a few minutes to draw even with her, and he angled himself so that he could reach down with his good arm and help her up.

"Here, hold on a second."

If she left him he'd wrap his good arm around her and crouch enough she could hook her arm around his neck so he could help support her as they walked. If not he'd stand there wordlessly before swearing and moving forward.
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by: Kara Viridian
Well this was just fucking GREAT!

She clenched her teeth and gave a frustrated, closed-mouth growl at her clumsiness because it was embarrassing enough to have tried to help someone only to be treated like a god damn obstacle. Holy hell, her head throbbed. Everything hurt, sprouting from that knee injury and surged throughout her body. Kara huffed as she pushed herself up to a crouch and wanted to take a moment to compose herself before making an attempt to stand. She heard the syncopated beat of a foot staggering behind the other until those heavy boots fell just beside her. Jace had caught up with her, on what looked to be on hell of a break in his ankle. She winced at the sight before looking up at his left arm as it reached to offer a way up. Kara considered her position for a moment and knew she would be a fool not to accept his help, no matter how pissed she was. With a light nod and one hefty exasperated sigh, she felt his arm wrap around her and she pulled herself up to stand.

"Thanks." She uttered, flatly.

"Wait." Kara pulled her wand from her holster and aimed it at his feet, and saw him bristle as she did so, and she glared with an expression that read: I'm doing this for your own good.

She tugged him a bit closer, not enough to hurt his bad arm, just enough to secure his stance and she fired away with what little strength she had left in her magic reserves to do so. It was similar to what she did to her own leg, to numb the pain and at least hold it steady so the bones wouldn't see too much damage until he healed up or saw to someone in the infirmary to make sure his foot set straight. Pulling her wand up she tapped him on the shoulder and whispered a soft incantation that also dulled the pain at his collar to help them move at a decent pace toward the manor. "You'll thank me later." Her tone was still dry, not that she didn't care--actually, it was just the opposite.

Apparently she cared to much.
Apparently, he didn't care too much for that.

Once her wand was secure, she mockingly waved her hands out to show that she was disarmed for the time being and rolled her eyes. Even with the charm, it was painful to drag her leg forward but she fought through it to start walking. She and the Alpha kept on marching up the path that drew them closer to their home. Except it wasn't really theirs. She had her place, and he had his. They might even go their separate ways if she had it her way because right now she needed a damn second to think! Everything she saw in that Devil's mind was still fresh, a vivid mural, collage of thoughts, montage of memories that gave her the insight to the answers both she and Jace were seeking. Right now, he was probably too pissed to even talk to her about it because as far as he was concerned, all she did was fuck up his kill!. That's what he'd say, right? Merlin, she was surprised he even stopped to pick her up at all, because he was such a lone wolf--except when it came to his pack. She'd never fit in with that, would she?

Ugh, just thinking about it was making her even more heated, more aggravated.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace was more than a little surprised that Kara let him help her up. Her emotions were a uncontrolled roiling mess and they washed over the garou. He still didn't understand why she was so pissed at him, since the anger she'd been letting loose seemed to be directed at him more than anything else. If anyone should be a raging mess right now Jace figured it should have been him. The alpha didn't bother to acknowledge her flat thanks, though he did shy away when she drew her wand.

Fucking sticks were a god damn disaster and it was clear from earlier Kara wasn't above turning hers on him to inflict pain. Absently Jace had to wonder if it was just his lot in the totems weave that he was meant to be hurt by anyone he dared open up to. Even the 7 weren't totally immune to the thought either. While the pack fights were mostly over rank, sometimes they did get personal. Still even if he'd wanted to just shy away he grip on him didn't allow Jace to get far and Kara was already casting before he could do anything to stop it. Whatever she'd done was enough to make standing on his broken ankle a bit more bearable than before, and likewise when she repeated the process in his arm, Jace let out a soft sigh of relief.

There was a slight growl when Kara implied he'd thank her for it later. Unsure of how he was supposed to take that he felt his rage rise. It wasn't like he fucking asked for her help. The mocking wave that followed was almost enough to make him drop her where she stood. Jace felt himself stiffen, almost as if she'd just slapped him in the face and could feel the wolf coiling for a retaliatory strike. No. N. No. NO! Jace realized he was shaking with the strain of trying to keep the wolf in check... after everything that had gone down... He forced the wolf back. He was not going to lash out like that at Kara. If he did... fuck he couldn't think like that now.

The pair slowly trudged their way back to the grounds and Jace wasted no time in making sure their direction indicated they were headed to the infirmary. One there, he set Kara down on an open bed. He had to get away from her. In place of the normal calming aura he normally felt, he was getting nothing but confusion, hurt and anger, and none of those emotions was doing anything to keep his own rage in check. On the same note he couldn't stop the worry he felt for her from gnawing away at his humanity. With a frustrated huff the alpha slowly backed off to the farthest corner away from Kara and put his back into the corner of a wall, a place where he was protected enough from any surprises and let himself sink to the floor. If anyone was going to approach he was going to know about it and if anyone leveled another wand t him Jace was certain he was going to rip their mother fucking arm off.
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by: Kara Viridian
She didn't have anything to say, as much as she wanted to lash out at him for everything she learned about everything tonight, starting with the fact that he went into the god damn city. ALONE. His grunts and grumbles were enough to serenade her along the way, even if it did spur on her own irritation. The bright lights stung her eyes, after walking in the dark for so long but she kept them open long enough to see the infirmary was just a few steps away. She was plopped onto the nearby bed in the open room, one she felt was familiar even though the last time she'd been here was a blur. It was private enough to hold her and a couple others if need be.

Kara felt the presence of the Alpha vanish from her side just as the spell broke on her splint (just in time) and the surge of pain from her broken knee made her cry out in pain. My God! She bit down on her lip as she whimpered, breathing and puffing desperately to try and keep her wails to a minimum. Her eyes fought to stay open as she searched the room for the any healers on duty, not giving a damn if Jon was the only one here tonight...their personal war could be fought another time. Her leg was re-busted to hell, and she needed help. Quickly.

"Diana..." she called out, her voice weak and wavering.

And even though she was so angry she couldn't look to Jace, wherever he might have gone off to, Kara still worried about his well being. It was only a matter time before her spells broke and he'd be in pain again, and she didn't like the thought of him suffering. There was an intense conflict in her mind, the need to comfort him was overtaken by the need to scold him for his stubborn and insistent ways. There was going to be a chance for her to talk to him, if he'd hear her...but right now, she needed to tend to her own health first.
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by: Diana Blaine
Diana yawned. Nightshifts in the infirmary were not the best, but Jon stepped away and the other healers were down for the evening so she was more than willing to assist. The nights were quiet, so she didn't mind catching up on her latest book. As she took a bite of her apple, Diana saw the light in the infirmary suite turn on. She was just a few feet away from the door when she saw the trail of blood and dragged footsteps in the dirt, and she instantly dropped the piece of fruit onto the ground and took off running. Once she entered the room, she sharply gasped to see the woman on the bed as a familiar patient, one she'd just seen days before for the same injury. Her leg was contorted in a shocking and terrifying position, and she cried out in pain which made a chill run through Diana's body.

"Kara!" Luckily her feet were in control, because her body wanted to stay there, petrified at the sight. Diana was at her side in an instant, and she carefully placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Oh my Gods, Kara...what--what happened?"

"My l-leg...i-it's...ahhh!" Kara writhed, curling up as she tried to handle the pain.

It wasn't until now that Diana noticed a man slumped down in the corner of the room and she blinked. "M-Mister Bryden--Oh...Oh my." The embarrassment she had before, the sheepishness she felt around him because of their incident was shed. This was an emergency and she was the only one on hand to treat anyone. Her heart picked up, as she scurried along in the nearby area to fetch everything she was going to need for this. She pulled her wand and aimed it at the cabinets, and a hovering tray started gathering up bandages, a mortar and pestle to create salves, a basin full of clean water, towels and other things necessary for this treatment.

"I'm going to see your leg now, Ms. Viridian, please...lie back and don't move." Diana eased her back onto the pillows and she tapped her wand onto Kara's pantleg to create a tear from the ankle to her thigh. The bones were clearly broken, her shin was broken so badly that she could see the bone, splintered on end, threatening to poke through her flesh just below her knee. She winced, and held back a bit of bile that rose to her throat. Things like this were going to take time to get used to, and Diana had to power through. Kara groaned through clenched teeth and Diana pierced her arm with a needle to an IV stand that magically assembled itself beside them. She quickly worked to get a potion into her system that numbed the pain, and further sedated Kara into a silent sleep.

However, Diana was still panicked to know that the Alpha garou was a broken heap of a man, tucked into the corner of the infirmary. He was injured as well, as she already noticed his sunken shoulder and contorted ankle at first glance. Her eyes flitted over to him with a heartbreaking glance of pity, knowing that she wanted to help him but couldn't be in two places at once. "J-Jace, I'm going to help you, sir, but I know you don't like any of this." She said, meekly as she started to use her healing abilities to shift and fix Kara's bones. Diana had been made aware of Jace's distaste for magic, and she didn't want to cross any lines by treating him if she was just going to get her face ripped off. Literally.
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by: Jace Bryden
Kara's wavering call for help as Diana entered the infirmary was like nails on a chalk board and underneath all the rage he was feeling, Jace couldn't help but worry. As soon as the young healer entered the alpha had his eyes on her. Even with feeling as shitty as he was the wolf was still convinced he was surrounded by enemies, and if not enemies, people that didn't seem to have any qualms about hurting him.

Thankfully, Diana went to Kara first. Jace could heal on his own, Kara couldn't and if the healer could do anything to ease the Order leaders pain all the better. Her whimpers were like torture on his already battered ears and he hated that he felt guilt because of it.

It was her own fault. She interfered in business. Stopped a sure kill. Put herself in danger. Stole...

A soft snarl rent the air as Jace tried to hold on to the human part of himself. He had to block out the wolf's hate, anger, lust for vengeance.... He brought a hand up to cover his face for a moment, just long enough to take a steadying breath before dropping his good arm back into his lap and letting his head tilt back until it rested against the wall. Jace hadn't even realized his eyes had slipped shut until Diana called out to him. His ears had been feeding him information but now that the woman was near he cracked an eye open and when his gaze settled on her wand he let out a low threatening growl.

"I'm fine," he barked back at her. "Just deal with Kara." Not the most elegant way of putting things but considering the turn his night had taken the alpha figured it was more than justified.
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by: Diana Blaine
Jace's growl and snap at her didn't make her jump, for once. She needed to remain steady and focus on Kara's leg and the healing process of getting it set, but it didn't stop the chill from running down her back.

"Okay.. " She whispered under a deep breath as she heeded Bryden's demand to help Kara get well. The break was worse since Kara hadn't fully healed from the last time she had come in for healing, when...Jace broke her leg when he was poisoned. She was no professional healer, still an apprentice after all, but she thought on her toes and was familiar enough with the infirmary now to get things stable before Jon returned.

She needed help. There was no way she could do this without another set of eyes and hands to get both Kara and Jace treated at the same time. He seemed to be uncomfortable with her and her wand but she didn't have time to consider his feelings...not in a mean way, of course, but this was a pressing matter and as long as Jace was seated in his corner, he would see her raise it to the door and not against him. "Expecto Patronum!" She was sending a message for someone, and hoped they would come quickly.

I'm sorry, Kara... the sound of her bones cracking and setting under her fingertips made Diana cringe but she had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get it right.

Just then, Kara's eyes shot open and she was pulled out of her sedation. She screamed at the top of her lungs and Diana reached up to grip her hand, to which Kara squeezed tightly. Her blue eyes met those of her Leader, and she offered some sympathy in her gaze. Diana quickly tapped Kara's thigh with her wand to stop the pain receptors from causing her any more discomfort. "Shhh... You're going to be okay. I got you..." Diana took a fresh cloth from the pile on the hovering tray and dipped it into the water from the basin. She wrung it out before dabbing it over her forehead, catching the sweat, tears and blood along the way.
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by: Jaleth Lenor
Jaleth heard something stirring in his dark bedroom, and when he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the glowing figure of a lynx at the foot of the bed. He wiped his eyes and sat up, rolling over to his back to pat the bed beside him, finding the bed empty. "Di?" he called out.

"In the infirmary. Need your help. Please hurry."


Has got to be the fastest I've ever changed in my life, he mused, as he quickly trotted over to he infirmary.

"Di?" Jaleth called out as soon as he entered the infirmary. He didn't find her in the main area, so he sought her out in the suite, where the light was on. He crossed the threshold and saw her standing there, gloves on with blood on her apron. He sighed in a bit of relief to see her standing, as he feared the worst when she sent the note with a bit of urgency."Di...Oh my goodness, I thought something happened--are you--"

Then, he saw her. Laying on the bed, her eyes weakly held open as she peeked up at him. "Kara? My God, what's this--what happened?"

"Ahem." Diana called for his attention and jutted her head towards the corner of the room towards the perch of the Alpha garou. "Please, love. I need some assistance..."

Jaleth gulped. Of all the patients he could have come to help. It was Jace. "Right. Just...tell me what to do, yeah?"

"Jace. Jaleth is going to assist you while I help her. I'm going to walk him through it..."

"Di, I'm not sure I--

"If you need to find someone else, then go. If you can stomach it, then do it because I can't stop what I'm doing here for her, right now..." Diana didn't mean to come off as bitchy, but this was her domain and right now, calling him in to help her was her choice because she thought he was capable and willing to help either one of these people. His friends.

Jaleth's stomach dropped at her harsh tone and eventually nodded. "Okay...okay." with reluctance, the professor brought the second tray of healing supplies to the corner of the room and approached the Alpha slowly, and carefully.
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by: Jace Bryden
"Kara just breath through it! It'll be over soon enough, just breath."

He didn't know why he called out to her. Maybe it was the screams, or the tug on his heartstrings that bothered him the most and prompted the alpha to call out in an attempt to calm. He couldn't be at her side right now for various reasons but he could still let Kara know he was here. It probably wouldn't help things, hell, his voice was probably the last thing she wanted to hear based on her emotional state of earlier, but the deed was done and the words were out. They could deal with the rest of the shit later.

The next few minutes passed as if in a blur and Jace wasn't aware of anyone approaching until his nose managed to pick out the scent of probably the only person on the compound outside of Kara that he would even remotely consider trusting. The professor. The guy that went up to bat for him and stood up to Fierro and Jon after he'd gone berserk. Even with that in mind Jace kept a wary eye on the man as he moved closer with a try of who the fuck knew what. Why was it so god damn hard for people to just leave him alone?

"Fuck off Jaleth. Worry about Kara, I'm fine."

He wasn't really but right now he wasn't in the mood for any sort of coddling. His own healing would take care of everything eventually. Besides once Kara was alright and stabilized, the alpha had every intention of slinking his way back to their den.
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by: Jaleth Lenor
Jace's call out to Kara made both Jaleth and Diana exchange glances for a moment. They were both thinking the same thing--that he truly cared about her, despite the nature of their arrival. They both seemed angry, on edge, and not themselves...yet by the looks of things, they were also very much worried about each other.

But when the garou addressed him, Jaleth clicked his tongue. He expected that response from Jace, but it didn't stop him. The Professor looked back at Diana who was already shaking her head, even though she kept her head down and focused on tending to Kara's wounds. He started crushing some of the herbs in the mortar and pestle to heal up some of the cuts. "Kara's gonna be fine. Diana's got her covered, okay? You can trust us. Allies, remember?" He spoke calmly, to be personable with Jace and on the same token let the man know he wasn't about to let him go with out treatment.

"His ankle. Left side...By the look of the footprints outside, it might be broken... Careful with the boot and the garments around it. Same thing with his right shoulder looks heavy, might be broken along the arm or collar--Ferula for the major fractures. Episkey for the minor ones, if anything else is broken. By the looks of the amount of blood on his arm and shirt, check for any cuts or gashes and open wounds and use the salve on them after the mend. He's lost quite a bit of blood, by the look of him." Diana noted, of his pallor. She felt terrible for

Jaleth raised his eyebrows. Her assessment was given, without even looking up, without even blinking or stammering in panic, as he would have been if he was the one that was met with this mangled mess of a man without any help. Part of him was so proud that his Diana was taking charge of things and finding her flow with her new occupation. The other part of him was trying to remember each step like bulletpoints on his school criteria board, to take them one-by-one, with precision. "Right... Okay." He ground the herbs into a fine dust and added the other ingredients to create the salve as directed. He hesitated when he reached for Jace's boot and sighed. He saw how angry the garou got and didn't wanna lose that precious hand of his, so he held back a moment.

Diana smirked, "I think I've almost got Ms. Viridian stabilized and I can come help but Mister Br--er...Jace, we need to help you., to make sure you heal up properly." 'We need your permission', was the translation there. "Personally, I'm not above taking your clothes off and examining you. I've already done that, Sir."

Jaleth nearly choked on his breath as he gasped at her forward response, and if he'd heard correctly it even drew a bit of soft laughter from Kara on the table. Not to mention it made him flush red at what Diana had said, due to the fact that he'd JUST gotten over the fact that his girl had seen Mr. Bryden in the buff, since she'd tended to his wounds before. Just days before, actually. "Uh..."

The blond merely smiled, a strange little attempt at humoring the rather angry garou in the corner. She chuckled softly "What I mean to say is: I've treated you before, and I know that our methods will help your process along. We aren't here to hurt you." She meant well, and she was insistent. She promised to care for anyone in need, as was the oath she swore when she decided to train and become a healer. But mostly, she promised to care for Kara and Jace, especially after the terrible things they'd both seen and experienced as of late.

The professor took a beat to recover from that little jest from Diana and once again looked down at the man's ankle. It was twisted at such an odd angle, he winced at the sight. "Merlin..." He whispered. Jaleth breathed out and nodded, mostly for his own mental support and encouragement for himself, and he looked up at the garou. "Jace, I know you don't trust us. Wizards. Our wands and our healing methods and what not. But I gotta use them, mate. You heard the young lady. Healing factor or not, whatever you are able to do... we need to set these breaks or your bones aren't gonna form up right. You can trust me..."
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace let out an exasperated sigh when it seemed like Jaleth had decided to grow a spine and ignore his growled warning. Not that it should have been a surprise. The alpha figured he must have looked like he couldn't hurt a fly otherwise why would the man still be here doing whatever the fuck he was doing? At least the mortar and pestle were fairly nonthreatening, and the delicate scent of herbs intermingled with the copper tang in the air. "Yeah allies...."

Still the man had a point. Diana and the professor hadn't really given the garou a reason not to trust what they were saying or doing.... and Jaleth wasn't exactly out waving a wand in his face... And then Diana was calling out a list of his injuries. Fanfuckingtastic. Yes he had broken bones, it wasn't like it was the first time that had ever happened, certainly wasn't going to be the last, and the alpha was about to tell them just that when the young healer made her lightning quick quip about taking his clothes off.

Jace's momentary surprise was eclipsed by a round of laughter not a moment later. The girl did have one hell of a good point. A wracking bout of coughing followed the laugh and Jace turned his head to spit once he'd calmed down enough to draw a somewhat proper breath. Fuck that hurt. Still, the older man couldn't shake the grin that now rested easily on his face. The fact that Jaleth currently looked like he'd just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, blush included only added to the alpha's amusement.

"Fine." He let his head tilt back again to rest against the wall, though dark brown orbs still followed the professor's movements. If his ankle was as bad as it felt, Jace knew the boot was going to have to come off and that was going to bring with it a world of hurt. And if that was going to be as bad as he thought, getting his jacket off later was going to be just as fun.

"Use anything other than the spells she told you and I'll rip your arm off, just so were clear. Otherwise do your worst." The words were offered with a grin and once said, JAce braced himself for the pain that was surly to follow.
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by: Diana Blaine
Diana pressed on the shin again, and Kara groaned again, even through the spell work that disconnected most of her nerves from her knee-up. It wasn't a perfect way of doing things, but this was the battlefield of sorts and Diana was doing the best she could with what she knew. She heard one more crack and snap as she set the bones the way they should be. The pieces of her shin that was shattered glowed beneath the skin thanks to the tracking spell she cast, made specifically for this purpose, and once she was pleased with the way they were set, she waved her wand there and set the splint to Kara's leg.

"T-Thank you, Di.." Kara whispered, weakly, a few tears dripping from the corners of them as she tried to smile at the young healer. She felt the crust of dried blood and slight cuts over her lips as she moved her mouth.

Diana nodded with a smile, trying to help Kara through this pain. They'd been here just day's before and it pained her to see her Leader in such terrible shape once again. "I've settled the bones and pieced it back together. Your shin was still healing and some of it was re-broken in spots that weren't affected before. Even with all this magic at our fingertips it's still going to take time. I have you on mixture of potions to keep your muscles relaxed for now, and I wouldn't suggest walking on that any time soon. If you need transport to your room, I can take care of that. Indicators showed you've used quite a bit of your magic and you've had quite a bit of strain on yourself so I added some to help with the aches. But what you need to do is rest. Please." She urged. Even with their private hideout for a few days, Diana knew the pair hadn't been at 100% before going out to fight what looked like some sort of monster.

"You're a natural, doc." Kara whispered as she nodded back. She admired the work Diana had done for them both, and the fact that she picked up on all of this in so little time after her own recovery from their capture, was impressive. She was proud of the young woman, and glad that she had someone like Jaleth at her side to encourage her along the way. Then Kara thought of Jace...he was her partner in this, through and through. Yet, somehow their anger was getting in the way of what usually soothed each other by merely being around one another. Why had that gone? No, they hadn't talked about what happened yet, because they hadn't had a chance... it was only a matter of time before it all came pouring out again and whatever peace this was, was going to go right out the window.

I think after this, I am taking a dayshift, Jon. She thought, as she turned to see the progress of the Professor with Jace.
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by: Jaleth Lenor
(with parts written in by AC for Jace, used with her permission)

When the Alpha laughed, Jaleth couldn't help but laugh too because the situation from before was comical, even though it was slightly embarrassing. For him, at least, since his girl got a whole show just by dealing with his treatment before--but now he had to forget about that. The situation now was anything but comical, because by the looks of it, and by Diana's rundown of the laundry list of his injuries, seen and unseen, was going to take quite a bit to get through. But Jace finally agreed to let them help, and only a sliver of relief found him, because now was his time to panic. He was tasked to get the boot off of his twisted foot and the jacket peeled off of his torso.

Jaleth took a deep breath..."Okay...Sorry in advance, mate..." He winced as he untied the boot, loosening the laces and pulling the tongue to get it to where he could slide it off. He reached up and curled his fingers around the mouth of it and pulled.

While Jace had been expecting the pain that accompanied the tug of the boot he barely was able to hold back a stangled yelp. Instead, his head snapped back and his eyes slamed shut as he sucked in a sharp breath. He could taste copper--a fang must have piereced his lip... A strangled whine broke out and his fists bunched into white knucked grips but otherwaise the alpha's position remained unchanged. It took a few moments for Jace to calm his racing heart though his breaths were still coming in short pained gasps. "Son of a fucking bitch..." He could feel the sweat dripping off his face... and to think, he still had a jacket to get off.

Dammit, Jaleth thought, as he eyed the other open table beside Kara that was free. "Think we can get you up there without making things worse?" The jacket was going to be a huge obstacle, especially with him sitting with his back to the wall. Any damage done to his midsection would be best examined with him on that thing as opposed to a curled up heap in the corner. "Come on, I'll help you..." Jaleth was in no way shy to admit that Jace was heavier and a HELL of a lot stronger than him, but knowing that the taller man could crush him if he so much as shifted wrong was rather terrifying. Nevertheless, he tried. This was for his own good.

He thought about refusing the offer. The alpha felt far safer with his back to the wall so to speak... but maybe in this case it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. He fought through a pain-filled daze before finally nodding. It wasn't like he'd be able to stop the professor anyway. "Yeah... alright... no magic." Before the professor could get a wand out or arms, the alpha began to force himself to his feet with the intent of at least helping Jaleth get him to the bed.

The professor stepped to the man's side and let him put his arm over his shoulder if he needed. If so, Jaleth hooked his arm behind his back and let Jace lean with most of his weight on him if he had to, to keep off of the injured leg. Luckily, it was a short trip to the table and both he and Diana assisted in getting Jace situated. He was seated before they could lay him back, because here came the tricky part. The jacket. It looked torn over his left forearm, a long slash that ran from his elbow to his wrist was open and decorated with blood and dirt. "Alright, before we let you down, we gotta pull this off. We'll start with your left side." He gestured for Diana to run to his back, and allowed him to pull the sleeve of his left arm to free him from that side before starting with the other side. Merlin, his shirt was covered in blood and slash wounds were seen clear as day under the exam room lights. He waited until Jace was ready, and pulled on the right sleeve.
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by: Jace Bryden
The trip to the table was short, but even then, as much as he didn't want to, Jace found himself leaning with most of his weight on Jaleth. Fuck he was a real mess wasn't he? Eventually the was settled down into a sitting position, and while it left the Spiral feeling open and vulnerable, Jace did his best to stay still. He wasn't stupid by any means and the garou knew what was coming next. They were going to peel him out of the jacket.

Jace nodded his acceptance when the professor told him they were going to start with his "good" side. It made sense since there was only a foot long gash, that seemed to be well on its way to healing, to worry about. With barley a grimace, Jace let Jaleth peel his left arm out of the sleeve. It was unpleasant, the only real annoyance was when the blood that had dried the leather to his skin finally gave way, though in the grand scheme of things it was nothing on the pain scale. The right arm though...

This time he couldn't hold back the whine, though it was quickly hidden beneath a tirade of expletives that would have made any dockworker blush. It felt as if someone had lit his nerve endings on fire. Fucking hell if he ever met the Devil again he would end the son of a bitch, interference or no.

"Mother fucker! Gods jus- just pull the fucking thing off already! His left hand gripped the edge of the table to tightly he could feel the metal bending. Jace could feel every millimeter of the leather material being pulled away and each jostle or nudge of his arm sent waves of agony through him. Fuck they needed to do this quicker of he was going to black out....

After what felt like a small eternity, Jace finally felt his arm come free of its leather binding. Sweat beaded on his forehead and dripped down his neck and face. He could feel his body shaking and his breath was short and ragged. "Jus- Just like a mother fucking band-aid right?" Jace let out a small laugh in between each ragged breath, almost as if he was panting in hopes that it would eventually relieve some of the pain.
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