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by: Jace Bryden
7 June 2012
7:00 p.m.
Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum Building

Follows Side Effects

The sound of dripping water pierced through the fog that clouded his head. Each torturous drip echoed loudly in his skull. Heartbeats that weren't his own could be felt thrumming over the air. Pat-pat. Pat-pat. Pat-pat. The cuffle of boots on concrete and gravel... muffled voices... Unfamiliar scents were picked up by his nose. Mold, stone, dust...the air was thick and the musty smell was almost overwhelming. But there was something else there... something familiar? Garou? No... well yes, but there was something human there too.

Clawed hands twitched as the wolf became more aware. Very slowly red eyes blinked open. The light was dim and at fist his vision was blurry...wariness settled over the garou when his vision settled on a blocky form. When the wolf tried to raise his paws- no hands, to rub his eyes to clear his vision he felt the cool bite of iron on his wrists and his rage flared, a savage snarl breaking free. Did they think chains could hold him? Tame him?

The snarl turned into a rage filled howl and the wolf lunged toward whatever was in front of him with the intent to kill only to be stopped just short of his enemy by the shackles that bound him. Another snarl interspersed with growls reverberated off the stone walls, only aggravating him further. Another attempted swipe of claws was stopped short by the chains only this time the alpha felt something give. Jace blinked a few more times and fixated on the what he now recognized as a human in front of him. Anger and rage was radiating off of the trapped animal in waves and there was no mistaking the killing intent in his posture.
It had been at least an hour since everyone left. Or maybe two? Or had any time passed since Shadow and Carver left the room? They didn't even leave. She pushed them away. At least the pounding had stopped--however long ago that was, as they must have realized the noise might wake him. She almost preferred the quiet, even if it was insanity inducing in its own way. The frantic rhythm of someone pounding on the metal door made her on edge and her heartbeat pound faster and harder than she wanted and she was sure Jace would be able to hear it. Quiet brought the calm. Kara wanted to be alone, to face his true form alone and she knew that if she survived this night she sure as hell was gonna get a scolding or five from her family and probably the garou too.

Kara had nowhere to sit while Jace occupied the chair in his resting state. She could have taken a seat on the floor but that would give him a higher vantage and put her in a vulnerable state with a bum knee with aching bones still trying to set properly and a cut over her chest that still burned like hell. So, she opted to stand. She gave kudos to Jon for helping her heal up and get moving right away, but field medic aid and rest in the infirmary were two different leagues, and she was still in tremendous pain.

As she traced her hand over her new scars, Kara was glad she'd gotten to Jace in time, as she was able to heal his wound before the bleeding got worse.

The chains clinked lightly and he stirred. Kara readied herself again, wincing as the pain burst from her knee up into her thigh. The snarl was her cue. She held her stance and flung her wand at the chains, pulling them taut as she jumped back and out of the way. Kara's heart raced as she caught her breath, her energy levels already low as she struggled to keep hold of this spell to keep him bound.

"Jace..." She called out, softly, even as futile as it was to try and find the man she cared for beneath the mask of the beast. "Jace, i-its me..."
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by: Jace Bryden
When the chains pulled taunt and effectively pulled the garou back it triggered a snarling frenzy. Rage. Rage at the fact he'd been shackled by humans. It was unacceptable and the wolf rebelled. Jace tugged hard at his fetters, focusing on the one that kept his right hand bound. He tugged as hard as he could and with a savage roar. The wolf twisted, pulled and howled as the iron that held him cut into flesh.


There was that name again. His gaze shifted to where the voice come from just as one exceptionally savage tug broke the chain holding his right arm. Jace slashed at Kara before turning to grab the chain that held his left hand. In a frenzied rage the garou struggled mightily to free his other arm. His captor was in range. If he could free his claws he could rip her apart, he could be free of the stone box they trapped him in.

It's me

Me? The words did nothing but add even more confusion and rage to the feral beast. There was no recognition in his red eyes other that of a hunter fixated on killing its prey. The only 'me' that ever mattered was the wolf. And the wolf wanted to be free. Free of this place. Free of the shackles of humanity. Free to run under the moons bright light with nothing but the wind ruffling his fur and the pack beside him.
He was so close she could see those bright red eyes up close, and it gave her the chills. His savage growls terrified her to her core.

Kara gasped sharply when he snapped the chain, giving him a wider reach than he had when snared. But the gasp was all he got in terms of a reaction, because she stood her ground and didn't cower and scamper away to the darkest corner of the cell, like the rest if her instincts told her to do. Instead she aimed her wand at the chain and summoned it again, repairing the snap where he had pulled it, binding his dominant hand again. His feral cries and roars as he thrashed against the chains pulled heavily on her heart as she struggled to keep own self from breaking down in front of him, a predator out to kill the only living thing in his way, to get out of this prison cell.

She didn't miss how the mention of his name or the statement of her presence bore no reaction from the Alpha. He was angry, confused, adamant to escape, but Kara was going to use every ounce if energy left in her to keep him here.


The battle with the alpha garou raged on. The passage of time was only noted by the sound of panicked knocking on the metal door, but that wasn't enough to tell her how much time had actually come and gone.

Kara had been locked in here with him... weary... exhausted, finding only little bits of rest where she mistakenly dozed off and even the minor growls would bring her back into the nightmare of her current reality. Even when she stood up to him again, looked him right in those rage filled red orbs and said his name, said her name, and beckoned for her Alpha to return, he was not present. He didn't care. The only thing he demanded was his release in a series of grunts and growls and the occasional roar that terrified her to tears.

Her stomach was in knots, where the butterflies used to be whenever she was with him. She felt the need to vomit--fatigued and light headed--but she hadn't eaten much in the last day or so. It was anxiety and anguish. Her eyes were so heavy. The latest round of spells she had to throw was a protection spell, another one to push him backward, and another to mend the chains that had broken at his ankles. It was too much. She was so exhausted...

Eventually, the power became too much to handle in her fragile weakened state, and she gave in to the enticing sirens of sleep. The last thing she saw was the beast, the Alpha garou, struggling to break free from her hold, and she slipped into the darkness.
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by: Jace Bryden
Everything hurt. It wasn't a sharp pain that he felt, but a mind numbing one that sunk into his very core, almost as if he'd just gone through a shift. But that wasn't possible... he'd done that already hadn't he? Jace let out a soft whimper and with a good deal of effort pried an eye open. It took a couple minutes for the fog to lift over his mind and register that his face was pressed up against cold concrete. The floor? Confusion flitted over his face. What the hell happened? Why was he on the floor.

He tilted his head to the side and noted what used to be a chair. What in the hell? As the fog lifted further he realized he was in a small room. The dank musty smell told him it was below ground... the air was damp...A soft grown escaped and Jace tried to push himself up to get a better look around only to then realize he couldn't move his right arm. His head tilted downward and he pulled his left hand over. The sound of metal on concrete greeted his ears and the garou winced. Chains? His brown orbs followed the links and it was then that he realized why he couldn't move his right arm. He was tangled in a long length of the metal links and his arm had got caught up in the mess that was now rapped around his body as Jace tugged weakly in an attempt to free the arm. The following whimper held a panicked note to it. Had he been taken by hunters? Or a rival garou tribe?

Jace rolled to his back and blinked a few times. He needed to not panic. He needed to keep his head and figure out where he was. It was only then that he caught another scent mixed with the musk of the room he was in and the alpha was surprised to realize he recognized it. Shadow....and Carver? Had they been taken too?

"Sha-" He winced as he attempted to call out. His voice was thick and his mouth dry, almost as if someone had shoved a few cotton balls in there and left them for a couple days. And to make matters worse his words were some fucked up mix of wolf and human. Fuck he was tired. And double fuck cause he hurt. A few breaths later and he tried again. "Sha- Shadow?"
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by: Zeva Reid
June 10th, 10 a.m.

His voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard, and Shadows dark eyes shifted to the Alpha who was slowly waking up now.

"Mornin, sunshine." Shadow was seated a few feet away, her knees bent and her good arm propped over them. Her right arm was in a sling, much to her dismay, but Jon insisted she keep the slash wound covered and not in use for another day or so. "Are you... you?" It was a valid question, considering the last 3 days, he was anything but. He seemed to have come back, the human side of him, the part that vanished when Liam came to visit.

She knew he felt like hell too, she could feel the pain and confusion radiating off of him. Without waiting for confirmation, Shadow nodded to Carver to remove his bindings, and she rolled a bottle of water over his way until it stopped as it hit his arms. Resting her head back against the wall, she kept her eyes on Jace, ready to make a move if the Alpha tried to make a move against them.
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by: Jace Bryden
His head tilted in the direction of Shadows voice and a small sense of relief and did wonders to temper the rising panic that had settled over him. It wasn't lost on him that she didn't seem to be shackled... she seemed withdrawn, wary.... hurt? And when she asked if he was really him, Jace felt a feeling of dread settle in the pit of his stomach. Had he.... had he lost control?

Jace swallowed even though his throat felt like sandpaper and did his best no nod before croaking out, "Yeah." It wasn't much but as far as he knew he was himself. At least he didn't feel any different from normal and his rage level was about par for the course as far as normal was concerned. The alpha heard Carver's approach before his pack mate stepped into view. Jace felt the other man slip a hand under his shoulder and lower back and help pull him up into a sitting position. he let out a soft gasp as he felt the area around his right him pull and stretch....almost as if it was a recently healed wound. What the fuck had happened?

He waited patiently as Carver set to work untangling the chain that kept his arm pinned to his body. Once free, Jace took a moment to stretch it out. Damn he felt like hell. Brown eyes followed Carver as he then set to work undoing the fetters on his other arm and feet. He brought his hands up to absently rub his wrists. It had looked like over the course of how ever long he'd been down here he'd done a number on himself. His wrists hand been rubbed raw and he could see where dried blood once coated them. Once that was done he slowly lifted his shirt high enough to look at the area over his hip and was rewarded with a scar he didn't recognize. Well at least that explained why it hurt in that area when he moved.

"How long?" It was a standard question for him in situations like this. Generally in a rage fit most of the the time he was under he had no recollection of and relied on the pack to fill him in if something serious had gone down. The fact that Carver was being as quiet as he was, was reason for concern. Jace reached down for the water bottle Shadow had rolled to him and after a couple of tries with shaky hands he managed to get it open and take a long swig. The cool liquid tasted like heaven on his rough throat. "Did I hurt anyone? And where's Kara?"
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by: Zeva Reid
Shadow sat silent and still as she waited for Carver to help Jace sit up and unravel himself from the chains. She watched him carefully, the form of the older man looking ragged as hell, like someone threw him from a train. She sighed softly. He looked worse than she'd ever seen from any fallout of his rampages she'd witnessed before, and that was saying something. They had been on the go constantly for the past couple of weeks so that was part of it, but there was a mystery of sorts, an additional, unknown factor that added to his rage...

"It's the tenth." She responded when he inquired about the span of time that passed. "Two days down here." She gestured to the room, this small, private dungeon they had found for him.

Zeva shifted to cross her legs and she leaned forward, exposing the arm in the sling if the light in the room provided enough for him to see it. "Clipped that were motherfucker pretty good on his way out, but other than that, they got everyone away in time." She purposefully sidestepped the query about Kara, and noticed Carver shift uncomfortably at his post by the door.

His blue eyes were piercing as they looked directly at her, curious at that avoidance. But instead of pressing, Carver kept his mouth shut and just lightly shook his head. He couldn't look at Jace, so he moved his saddened eyes to the floor.

"Carver, let them know he's awake."

The usually lively Carver nodded and obeyed the Betas request, taking his leave and heading out to deliver the news. This was to ensure no one would get in their way while they escorted him from the dungeon to the den, as she wanted no magical interference with something that could be discussed and dealt with in house. After Kara did her part to secure the Alpha, it was Shadows turn to maintain and do the damage control as the dust settled.

She turned her eyes back to Jace, knowing he would have questions...if not demands...to find his mate.

Carver, one of the younger garou in the Lucky 7, was confused. Lost. And if he was completely honest with himself, worried. As long as he'd been running with his Alpha, Jace, he'd seen him run wild, in human and wolf form, but nothing like that. Damage? He'd caused one hell of a fright and terrorized the place, just like any other...but full on rampage, full on chaos? There was bloodshed, bones broken, and a lot of injury. It was a good thing Shadow had picked up that youngling in time, too, otherwise... Carver gulped. Otherwise, that child might have been a terrible tragedy, a casualty in a war she didn't even know was taking place. Not at that age. Jace hurt the Phoenix leader too, and that scared the shit out of him. Wasn't Jace supposed to be kind to her? Her and her people? That was the deal, to his recollection, and with everything that happened, Carver wondered if the pact, their deal, was still in place. Where would they go? Back to the small territory and hideout for a bit and sort shit out? Pick up more Ministry contracts? Fuck, he hated those. And what about Stana? Would she come along too? There were too many questions, too many variables, and too much dread going on in Carver's head that it made him so subdued and overcome with silence.

He was already up the stairs and in the main hall. Kids running about were already scattering, young adults and older folk who he recognized as the local citizens, inhabitants of this compound, turning away. Their eyes were downcast, almost ashamed to look on him, a garou, because of the horrors of that night. He even offered them a grin or a welcoming glance, but they weren't having it. It frustrated the shit out of him, but he kept walking. Rafe told him to seek out the healer, one of Kara's favored contacts in her circle, the man Carver recognized as one of her best mates. He'd need to know that Jace was awake now.

Carver's shoulders sank as he made the trek to the infirmary, but when he took the corner at the junction leading toward their medical rooms, he spotted Jonathan Partridge already waiting in the hall. He must have been so deep in thought he didn't catch his scent or the sound of his pounding heart. Jon was nervous at the sight of him, and he didn't blame him. He didn't blame anyone who fled the scene as he walked through. They were all scared, and had the right to be after what they'd witnessed from the enraged Alpha.

"What's up? Is he--" Jonathan asked, already walking towards him.

Carver nodded, "Shadow sent me. Once he's able to walk, we'll get him over to the den."

Jon didn't look too pleased with that answer, but he wasn't about to shoot the messenger. Whatever tiff he had with them now would be settled with the girl in command, for now. Shadow. He blew past the blond man with a bit of a growl, a sound Carver was accustomed to, even coming from a human. "Yeah. We'll see."

Carver sighed heavily, and followed the healer towards the dungeon in the basement.
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by: Jace Bryden
The silence that hung in the room was borderline nerve wracking and it weighed heavily on Jace. Carver's silence was the most concerning. In all the years they'd run together, after all the fights, spats, rage fits, he'd never know his pack make to go silent. More often than not the younger man was the fist to get up in someones grill with that goofy grin of his... Now though? Jace could feel the worry. He watched as Carver left before shifting his gaze back to Shadow to give her his full attention. They weren't telling him something...

"Wait, two days?" His brow furrowed in confusion. He'd never had a rage fit last that long as far as he could remember... couple hours, maybe half a day at most when it got really bad, but two full days? What the fuck? And he clipped someone on the way out? Jace raised a hand and placed a palm to his forehead as he hunched over. Why couldn't he remember what the hell had gone down? And why the fuck was everyone being so god damn cryptic. He felt his rage rise slightly and took a deep breath. He needed to push that away.

After a few minutes Jace looked back up at Shadow and let his eyes linger over the sling. "Did I do that?" He nodded in the direction of her arm and winced already knowing the answer... "And who got out? What aren't you telling me? Last thing I remember was a meeting, Kara's attacker was coming for something, and then pain and blood.... my blood." He'd been stabbed by some jackass, and the guy to do it didn't even have the balls to do it in a real fight. No, dumb fuck had to do it all cloak and dagger like. Stupid prick. But the alpha had been stabbed numerous times and it had never triggered a fit like this so what then- Jace leveled a glare on his Beta. "What triggered me Shadow? And where the fuck is Kara?" His voice was still incredibly rough, so the tone was probably off but having been around each other for so long the alpha was sure she'd pick up on the fact the he wanted a straight answer and he wanted it yesterday.
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by: Zeva Reid
Carver left yet, Shadow could still feel concern in the air. Jace must have sensed it and felt it for herself, and for the first time in a great while, she hated that the garou had the ability to do that. The pack had been together for years and they had their own sort of bond that would have done that sort of thing, surely, but the garou ability to sense feelings or intentions was a detriment to the need for concealment, sometimes. She sighed as she leaned back on the flat wall and kept her eyes on Jace, locked right into his. He wanted answers. Ones she wasn't ready to surrender, but he'd find out sooner or later, and she figured it'd be best if she was the bearer of bad news anyway...

To the query about her arm, she let her eyes flit down toward it before returning back to his and with little change in her expression, she blinked...and nodded. Shadow gulped, the recollection of that night still difficult for her, even though she'd seen him go through that frenzy before. That caliber, maybe. But not the duration and not to the level of insanity he displayed. She remembered saving that little girl before having to defend her own life against the many fangs he raised against her. The one that claimed her flesh and tore clean through remembered most of all, a sight that haunted her for the last two days. She took a deep breath, nodding along with the details he got right. "Kara's husba...ex. That were bastard, Liam or whatever the hell. When you...changed... you tore through the place--you guys nearly leveled her office and crashed into the courtyard. I sent Darque and the teacher to lock down the house. Pack was split because Tao picked up some other were on the field, his companion probably." She omitted the part about the kid. Would he have been taken aback by that? Probably...but she didn't want to kick the Alpha while he was down, as she was already telling him more than she should have but Zeva couldn't hold too much from him. "The teacher. Lenor. He mentioned to me that he knew what might have done it, but said he'd get back to me. I don't think anyone expected you to wake up anytime soon, but... I guess that means I'll have to check in with him."

Then the last hammer fell. Kara. Shadow knew he'd be looking for Kara. He hadn't told anyone about his current situation with the woman, but Shadow could pick up a lot of unusual emotions from her Alpha when it came to Kara. He'd visited her often, and by the way he looked at her...

As she opened her mouth to speak, and reveal the situation surrounding the subject of his current concern, two men entered the room and interrupted her.

Carver quietly followed the healer into the basement. The door had been left propped open, and his Alpha and Beta were right there where he left them. Seated on the ground, across from one another, looking gloomy as hell. He sighed. This was all so strange, so foreign, and he hated it. He also didn't like the feeling he got from the healer, because he was walking at a pace of urgency--and seemed to have a rapid heartbeat, contempt and ill-feelings radiating off of him. He was infuriated. Carver understood. His friend was harmed, and his home was torn apart, so the territorial instincts weren't too out of place.

Once they were in the room, Carver took his post by the door, on the outside, facing the hall instead of inside. He couldn't face anyone, not while his head was in a weird place...not while he was so damn worried about what was going to come of this.

Jonathan didn't regard the other garou, because the ones he meant to talk to were in the cell. He stood just three feet from the door and firmly planted himself in front of the exit. He folded his arms and with cold, steely eyes, set them upon Jace. He wasn't going to smile, he wasn't going to treat the man as if nothing had happened because it was quite the contrary. Jace destroyed the building, terrified the inhabitants there, and most importantly, injured his best friend. And while he rehearsed over and over the words he wanted to spit into the face of the Alpha now that he'd come to, he couldn't find the words to say that could encompass just how furious he was with him.

"You alright?" He asked Shadow, without looking up from Jace. Shadow nodded, so he spotted in his peripheral vision. His jaw flexed as he nodded. "Good." Jon sighed. If he had it his way, he'd have cast them out already, all seven of them, but he knew he couldn't. After a beat, he finally spoke to Jace. "Luckily for you, for the sake of our kind lurking in and around the base, the best option was to keep you locked up and your people here to watch you. Otherwise, I'da shut you all out two days ago." There was venom in his words, spitefulness in his tone. Jon was angry.
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by: Jace Bryden
Something akin to sadness flitted across his face when Shadow confirmed he had in fact hurt her. Jace pulled his knees up to his chest with a slight wince, wrapping his arms around them and hooking his fingers together in a somewhat relaxed position. He let his head fall forward, forehead to knees, to effectively hide his face as Shadow spoke. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck "Fuck!" he hissed under his breath. He'd fought with Liam... a were... Jace felt a shiver course over his spine. Were's, motherfucking blight on the world and humanity. Created by a humans desire to fuck with the natural order of things...

As Shadow continued on, Jace felt dread settle in the pit of his stomach like a lead weight. He'd lost control. He'd scared and hurt people, his own beta... He'd broken the truce they had with the Order. Jace was certain he visibly paled at that thought. What of the pack then? Was everyone still safe? Obviously something had worked in their favor if he was still here, alive, and Shadow and Carver.... He swallowed nervously and felt sick. As always it was Jace that was fucking things up for the pack. No matter what he tried to do for them it always ended up in some fucked up mess.

His ears perked up slightly when she mention that Jaleth might know what had triggered the rage fit. Well, at least that was a bit of light in an otherwise very dark tunnel. But still nothing about Kara and Jace felt the dread and worry he felt for her intensify. Why would no one tell him where she was. Had he... had he killed her? The alpha screwed his eyes shut and sucked in a huge breath before letting it out slowly. No that couldn't be what they were keeping from him could it?

Jace never got to ask. The sound of heavy footsteps indicated he and his beta were about to have visitors. The alpha didn't look up when the pair entered. His nose had told him who was hear which meant he didn't need to see with his eyes. Carver was back and still uncharacteristically quiet. The second was Jon, and he radiated anger, and when the emotion hit the garou, Jace struggled to keep his wolf in check.

Jon's words cut like a silver bullet. Jace could feel the venom behind them and only confirmed Jace's fear he'd hurt the pack. A low growl rose form the alpha who was still seated on the floor and he turned his head just enough to fixated a brown orb on the man. "Fuck off asshole." The words were out before he could stop them, a defense mechanism that refused to lie down. Still the alpha was able to pick up on a few good things from the verbal exchange. Obviously Jon wasn't the man in charge since he and Shadow were still here, which meant the pack was as well, and if he wasn't in charge that sparked a bit of hope that Kara was still calling the shots and was ok.

"Ready to take that sling off, Shadow?" Jon's grey eyes trailed over to Jace's second in command. He tried not to seem cold or standoffish with her, because he wasn't angry with her. Contrary. He was impressed with the way she'd handled his captivity this whole time, given the amount of bitching they had when they first arrived about getting special housing and other supplies that Kara so generously offered to the crew. He knew she'd been complaining about having to wear the protection over her injured arm, so that was his ticket to getting a one-on-one with Jace and the chirping of her constant complaints out of his ear.

Shadow might have picked up on that, because she was silent for a minute. She considered her next move carefully, which was to stand up and take her leave. She signed to Jace that Carver would be staying, and that she'd see him soon--as quickly and as concise as she could keep it, and left the room. Reluctantly, and a little saddened she couldn't explain what he'd requested of her twice now, but Shadow knew they were treading on thin ice with the Order as it was, and all she wanted was for Jace to make it out of this dungeon and back to the den so they could regroup.

Once they were alone, Jon still remained standing, fixed in his spot in front of Jace. His insults weren't lost on him, as his eyes flickered with frustration that he couldn't obliterate the garou where he sat. "Still deciding what to do with you lot. Jaleth might think he's got something to help your case, but, who knows, at this point?" His lip twitched at the mere thought of keeping the garou here for any longer than they had to. "But one thing's for sure, wolf. You better stay the hell away from Kara."
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace watched as Jon chose to interact with Shadow. The man was radiating anger and seemed standoffish, and if Jace wasn't mistaken this was his way of telling Shadow to get the hell out without actually telling her that. The more surprising part was that she actually listened to him and seemed like she was going to leave. The sling probably had a lot to do with it, then again so did the topic they'd been discussing before being interrupted.

He didn't miss the sign she'd thrown in his direction and it allowed a small quirk of a grin tug at the corner of his mouth. If she was going she at least wasn't going to leave him alone with Jon, which if Jace had been thinking with a clearer head, would have realized how bad of an idea that would have been. Still it was a comfort that Carver ws willing to stick around. Even though he was being uncharacteristically quiet, the younger man was pack and pack could be trusted to have your back.

His gaze tracked Shadow as she left but was pulled back to Jon when the man spoke. The delivered threat was enough to make the alpha visibly stiffen and a low hum that indicated the beginnings of a growl could be heard from the hunched over form. Good for them, though the mention of the professor having something that would help him was slightly intriguing, not that it would matter in the end. That last bit about staying away from Kara though...

Jace raised his head and leveled a glare at Jon. "And who's going to stop me? You?" There was enough snarl in the gravely words to indicate that he'd stand up to Jon if he needed to, though with the way the alpha was currently feeling, he'd rather avoid the fight for now if he could. Still his first instinct was to snap at people when he was hurt or feeling down and that wasn't about to change anytime soon.
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