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by: Bridget Callighan
June 7
5:30 pm

That idiot. That damned idiot. Why did she even try? It had been going ok. Not great but ok. As ok as things could be when you were freed from a prison that had you in for no crime other than who you were dating or married to. As ok as things could have been when you were injected with blood that turned you into a rabid uncontrollable monster once a month. But they were getting a hold of things. The transition had been hard. She was still irritable. Her bones still ached from shifting. She still had the sight and the smell. But they hadn't hurt anyone. They had a few bites, probably from each other, but nothing serious. Nothing she hadn't healed up right away with some efficiency. But then he had to go and do this stupid thing. Then again she should have known.

Liam had been talking about today since they had gotten out. The day he was going to get divorced. Part of him still loved her. It was easy to see that they had something once upon a time. That before the battles and the hiding and the secrecy they had been desperately in love. There had been fun and passion. She saw it in his eyes when he talked about her. She saw the hurt and the pain whenever he heard about another man or the rejection he was about to go through. But underneath it all she had also seen the pain. The resentment. The anger. Merlin, the anger above all else. He was filled with it. Fuming with it. She understood to an extent. The feeling of being forgotten and abandoned. When she had her arms growing fur, and her nose lengthening into a snout and claws breaking her skin part of her couldn't help but thing that it was Kyle's fault. That if Casey cared he would have gotten her out before this could happen. She had wanted to rip their limbs. To taste their flesh. To destroy them. To make them feel half of the pain she felt but coming out she knew it was all irrational. It was just her transition. Just her emotions. She was still touchy but she was't going to kill anyone. She had thought he wouldn't either- until this morning. That was when she noticed he was gone.

When she had woke up Bridget looked around the flat for him and had noticed two things. He was gone and there was no note. The two of them had promised that coming out of the transition they would watch each other. They would hold each other accountable and if he was gone without her it would mean that he was going to do something stupid. One look at the calendar and Bridget knew exactly what it was. She had run for him right there and then.

Licking her lips Bridget ran around the edge of the compound. She had been taken there right after the rescue so she knew its location. She also knew that if she were a woman who thought her life was endangered she would choose home pitch advantage. She would choose her allies. To be fair if Liam's attitude was any indication Kara would be dead soon and then....well, Bridget had no idea what she would do. What Liam would do. She couldn't go back to prison again. But she was tied to him now thanks to the blood. It was in her now to protect him and so far she was failing spectacularly.

Lifting her nose to the air Bridget closed her eyes and concentrated on the smells of the compound. There were the usual scents of trees and animals. A few wiffs of something pungent, nasty, dog like but not dog, not like Liam either. Liam smelled...well, strangely enough he smelled good. Familiar at least. This was the smell of death, decay, danger. She circled around a few times. Trying to throw off her own scent as she looked around the edge. She had to find him and find him soon before he did something stupid, or she got caught. Running a little faster Bridget tried to sharpen her gaze, hoping to see something, anything. Even if it was something just to fight. Bile was raising in the back of her throat and the hair was starting to stand on the back of her neck. Please, please, don't let me be too late.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
(Continued from: SIDE EFFECTS)

The sound of the howl came from this direction...right? Liam was running as fast as he could, toward the noise, and away from the chaos. Hell, he could have been wandering right into another patch of chaos, as far as the pack was concerned, because by his count, there were only three of the Lucky 7 present when he stepped away. The Alpha, the Beta and the other guy...the one who was protective of Stana, the one watching over Kara. The internal battle between Liam's humanity and the werewolf's predatory instincts were distinct; while he was rather remorseful for leaving his wife that way, he sure as hell was pleased that he'd left her lover that way. Her lover... That fucking garou. He should have known. He should have known the second she apparated in their house in London that it was all Jace and had nothing to do with Casey. No...it did. Casey's belongings were at his house. HIS FUCKING HOUSE. The thoughts, bombarding him as he fled, fueled the rage building inside the pit of his broken heart. "AAAGHHH!" He roared as he charged toward the source of the howl.

The howl didn't belong to Bridget, no. Even though he'd only been with her for one real shift outside of the prison, Liam had already known the sound of his packmate, and that wasn't it. This meant that the Lucky 7--or the few that were tasked to hunt him down were onto him or distracted by the sudden appearance of his companion.

As he maneuvered his way outside, Liam was pleased to find himself this much closer to freedom. He needed a way to call his packmate without alerting the others, but when he nearly gave up and wanted to call out into the air, he caught the scent of her and bolted towards her...However, he wasn't alone, and the sound of frantic footsteps hurtling towards him put the were on high alert. Someone followed him? Shit!
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by: Bridget Callighan
Every instinct in Bridget's body told her something was wrong. The way the wind was blowing the various scents in the air. She didn't need a howl to tell her that something was on her trail and it certainly wasn't Liam. She knew Liam's howl the way you knew the deepest quirks of a friend or family member. She knew that sound like she knew her own voice. Besides, she may have only been through one transformation since she got out of Azkaban but she knew the difference between a howl between friendly pack mates and a hunting howl. And if she was being hunted, or Liam was being hunted then something had most definitely gone amiss.

Nauseous and panicked Bridget looked around her for any signs that something was coming- friend or foe she had to be ready. She grabbed at her wand tentatively and looked around quickly for any signals of possible aggressors- a branch moving, footprints, sounds, smells. Merlin she hoped she wouldn't have to fight. She was terrible in a fight. She was worthless. She hadn't been any good during the battle of Hogwarts- merely spiriting away as many children as she could to safe places that were easy guarded by simple charms and traps. She hadn't been any good to the order the first time around as a spy or anything other than a minor medic. How was she expected to fight off, well, whatever was hunting her much less find Liam and get them both out in one piece. What the hell had he gotten her into and why couldn't he just give it a damn break for once. They had just gotten out of prison for pete's sakes. Bloody man. Bloody, impetuous, stupid, blighter of a man. Still, he was the only person she had left and its' not like she had much of a choice but to save his bloody life for all she knew because she was not about to be out there as a wanted werewolf hybrid on her own.

Think Callighan, think and breath. Taking a deep breath Bridget tuned herself in to the woods around her. The sound of a breeze through the trees, the rustling of of the bushes around her, the vibrations in the gravel beneath her feet, the smell of her pack mate rushing toward her. Green eyes bright with her minor success Bridget rushed through the trees with as much speed as she could possibly manage. Maybe, just maybe she could get to him on time and stop whatever nonsense this was- if she wasn't too late already.
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by: AC

A sharp whistle broke an other wise quite and uneventful evening. Well, perhaps uneventful wasn't exactly the right way to phrase things. That woman that had caught the alpha's eye was stirring up trouble and Bree couldn't help but think this was a terrible idea. The pack was split, that woman was inviting her attacker into their sanctuary and here Bree was, stuck outside on grunt guard duty with the book worm and the quieter than silence guy... honestly, it was supposed to be her alone time, a chance to curl up with a good book and cup of tea.

Keen blue eyes scanned the tree line for any signs of intrusion even as Bree lifted her nose delicately to scent the air. The stench of something awful drifted to her and she made a face. It smelled of wet dog... a were.... Just bloody perfect. But before the older woman could figure out what direction said wet dog was coming from, an ugly brute came traipsing by the copse of trees she'd been hiding in. Ughh another one... was it bring a were to the Order day and had she missed the memo? Well at least that explained what had cause Tao to call out... then again this big brute had come from the direction of the manor....

A frown graced her features and Bree un-slung her hunting rifle and brought it to her shoulder so she could watch the direction ugly was barging off in. If she could gauge his current trajectory odds were good she'd be able to parallel him and push him towards Tao and Mia. And if the totems were watching out for them, odds were good that this were would lead the rest of the 7 to the others unknown location. Bree lowered the rifle and pulled the bolt back so it could pick up a cartridge. She then slide the bolt home quietly and checked to make sure the safety was off before removing a small mirror from her jacket pocket. Bree flashed it a couple of times in Tao's direction to let him know she was moving. Once that was done and the mirror returned to its proper resting place, Bree moved to track her target.
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by: Kay
Something felt all-too-off about this whole bring in the abusive ex husband thing, but far be it from Mia to speak her mind on the issue. Everyone, at least of the 7, knew that Jace had taken to the Order's leader, so arguing on that front was like diving face first into some hot coals. The dust had hardly settled for anyone to ask questions. After he and Shadow found her almost dead on the grounds thanks to some curse he threw at her, that they were already knee deep in the attack against the Regime. Not only a week or so later and now they were dealing with unwanted visitors...But when the air was hit with a bunch of uncertainty to confirm her already uneasy mindset, Mia closed her book and tucked it away under the tree she'd been posted at.

Tao had come by to tell her what happened and that they had to be on high alert. Damn right they did. Something smelled funny around the safe house. Things seemed like they were getting worse by the second...Weres?! And they just let one come in without blinking? Hell, without cutting its throat and calling it good? How did he disguise that enough to be permitted through without Jace or Shadow picking up on that? She clicked her tongue. Of all nights and all places. At least they were present to deal with this crap to make things a little more interesting around here for a change.

A glint from cut through the darknes and caught his eye. There it was. The signal. "Let's go." Tao uttered, and soon he was off, darting like a bullet from a gun towards his target.

"This son of a bitch thinks they're gonna get away. Cute." Mia mused. If she wasn't mistaken, she saw a smile on that unusually thin line of Tao's lips. The thrill of the chase always got the best of them, and if he was pumped for this one? So was she.

They were tracking the source of the mysterious howls coming from outside. Progress. She and Tao were finally getting somewhere. With Bree at their back, moving into a better vantage point with that trusty rifle of hers, they were set to run around in a wide arc to flank not one, but now what she picked up as two weres outside of the Order safe house. Blech. Their stench made her sick. Much to her disappointment, they were bolting away from the noise and disconcerting scene that was unfolding back at the main courtyard but by the sounds of it, this might be a little more fun. These magic users probably thought Lucky 7 didn't have much of an edge behind them, but since she was armed with her wand and her weapon of choice, the night was about to take an interesting turn.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
He'd been running for his life. Liam could feel the chill of the eyes and bared teeth at his back, but he just kept running. A snarl rang out, loud enough to make him feel like the garou was right over his shoulder, but he didn't stop or turn to investigate. Bridget was outside, and if Bryden's pack were now onto her whereabouts, he had to get to her...and fast. Why the hell did you come here, Bridget?! He thought. It was supposed to be a solo deal, one that meant minimal damages. To him, and him alone, and now he was riddled with worry that his one and only companion was going to pay the price for a line that he'd crossed.

I'll find a way to confirm that fucker is as good as dead... A deep, dark voice rumbled in his mind as he kept his steady pace toward the exit. He was right on target, and had no remorse for spilling that garou bastard's blood, but he didn't want to stick around in fear that the entire compound would strike him dead. Liam felt a sharp sting on his calf and let out a cry, as he'd ran past a sharp rock that tore through his pantleg and even the top layer of his skin. It drew blood. He could smell it. The metallic tones of his own blood laced the air, and sent his mind swirling with an even deeper need to run.


He thought to howl, or even shout her name but that was a surefire way to give out his position, if they hadn't already caught on to his whereabouts. Liam picked up the pace and felt the cool air on his skin that felt alight with a flame unseen. He grunted and pushed forth, even with the new injury to his leg.

He sensed at least two others in the woods now...three, counting Bridget, though they were faint, and far away. He needed to close the distance.
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by: Bridget Callighan
Smells were everywhere. It seemed like every single time Bridget took a step she would catch one or two more. They weren't friendly smells either, nor were they the scents she had come to begin to recognize as scared little forrest creatures. These were the smells of something far more dangerous and predatory. They reeked like death and blood and rotting flesh. She had caught a smell of them during the rescue effort and again during her brief stay in the manner but had yet to figure out what they were. She had hoped to never find out but it seemed that was no longer going to be an option for her thanks to Liam. Merlin was she going to rip him to shreds for this if they could get out alive. She didn't know what he did and already she was ready to pound his uncontrollable, self-righteous, anger driven, stupid, jealous, head straight into the ground because whatever he did do was clearly not good. Not good at all. For either of them.

She was beginning to regret that she didn't pay more attention to what she had been like in wolf form. If she could remember to howl or how to mark or something maybe they would have an easier time finding each other. But then a cry. The sound wasn't close but it had been caused by pain. It was male. And the smell of blood that drifted on the wind was clearly Liam's. She growled low and deep in her throat as her head went down and she followed the scent spurring her feet to move faster on the uneven terrain of the woods. Still, with the scent of rot coming closer and closer and differing slightly every time Bridget knew they were being tracked and presumably trapped. If she headed directly toward Liam she would be in trouble and that would be no good at all besides, if they could smell him they could likely smell her. She had to come up with a plan and quick. A half way decent wand would be lovely right now. She was still waiting on one. There were a hundred spells she could use right now but she hadn't worked much with anything but apparation with the new one and a few basic defensive spells- advanced magic was probably right out. Still, a shot was all she had.

Her wand moved delicately and quickly as she murmured, "Avis. Nothing. Taking another deep breath she tried again a little louder, Avis! Nothing. Bridget raised her wand again and as she did a dozen or so birds flew from the tip of her wand. Her eyes widened with excitement as she quickly cast another spell so as to not ruin the plan. "Accio birds. They came and gathered around her landing on her. She held them all. Tearing off bits of her cloths wit her scent she set them loose one by one and then she ran. Let them deal with that for a while. It was worth a shot if nothing else.
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by: Rafe McPherson

This WERE SON OF A BITCH thinks he's going to get out of here? ALIVE? HAH!

That was a laughable thought and he even huffed aloud as he ran.

Rafe kept his bright red eyes fixated ahead. He was closing in on him, the crunching sound of the earth beneath the asshole's heavy feet was growing louder with each step. They were out of the facility, but not out of the woods, that's for damn sure, and his packmates were around, he knew it. Bree. Tao. Mia. Carver was left behind to help Shadow contain the situation that was long in the distance behind him, and he knew with all the magic folk there, they'd be able to handle this. Four pairs of eyes on this wanker trying to get away with attempted murder was going to be better than just him, even though he wanted to shred and gut the pathetic waste of space all on his own.

He hadn't drawn a gun yet, the pistols in their holsters just begging for blood. No, he'd draw them in due time. Now he needed to keep pace, if not pick it up, to try and take down the dog filth before Bree could reload and let off another shot. That had to be her rifle he'd heard, and the sound of it was lovely as it ripped through the air. The whine in pain was gorgeous. The sound of the chase, the feel of the night breeze as it caressed his face in the pursuit, and the scent of blood in the air...the symphony of chaos composed by the thrill of hunting that jackass got the blood flowing real good through his body.

He was hardly breaking a sweat, though he'd reached the peak speed in this form and started to feel the burn in his lungs. That sweet, sweet burn. Rafe could finally make out the silhouette and pulled the gun from his left holster first. BANG! Running this quickly might have thrown off his aim by just a little bit, but he hoped the bullet found its way into the bastard's legs. It wasn't a fatal shot. He wanted to play with his food. Even with the disgusting taste the were's provided, Rafe was going to enjoy tearing this sucker limb from limb for what he did to Ms. Kara and now to their Alpha.

Damn, this was one hell of a mess, but even if Jace hadn't have gotten himself all snout over paws on this woman, they wanted to tear down the abomination known as the weres so they wouldn't try and come back and try something down the line. After all the damage he'd caused, Liam, or whatever the hell his name was, didn't deserve to draw another breath.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
Keep going!

His instincts told him to keep going and his legs were propelling him faster than he could have ever dreamed to run. Was this a possible effect of what they'd done to him? His mortal bones still hurt from the shift, but there was no stopping now. There were (from what he could sense) at least three others going after him, and after what he did to that asshole Bryden? They weren't going to let him get away alive. He hoped he was far enough away to catch his breath behind the large trunk of a tree, and he breathed as quietly as he could through his nose to get it under control. He didn't hear the footsteps heading toward him, so he let out a whistle, two short burst and a long one to signal Bridget to get the hell out of there. They would meet up eventually; She knew where the Abbey was, and had his address now so they could rendezvous whenever the coast was clear...he hoped.

Liam peeked around the tree and noticed the silence in the woods as he scanned...but that never meant that it was a good thing. It was too quiet. The eerie chill of dead air prickled at his skin and before he could turn to run, he felt the sharp sting on his arm.

Snickkt! The sound of a blade cutting at his flesh alerted him, and he looked above him into the high branches of the nearby trees. One of the pack, a swordsman, had thrown his longblade down on him, with the intent to pierce his flesh directly to his heart, but missed. Liam had subconsciously turned his body and the blade grazed over his arm and it sank into the tree trunk behind him. FUCK! He thought, trying not to cry out too loud to totally give away his position. Make that FOUR. There were four wolves after him now...and he needed to get moving. Liam growled and yelped in pain as he took off, hoping to evade the four hunters searching for him in the darkened forest.

BANG! Another shot ran through the woods, and that was his cue to keep running.
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by: AC

Bree moved like a shadow through the trees as she continued to parallel the big brute as he crashed through the thick vegetation. Each snap and crack or a branch, the rustle of leaves, was all the older woman needed to know where ugly was in relation to her current course. What she needed now was the high ground. The sniper paused her movement for a moment to give he keen eyes a chance to take in the landscape and the natural rise and fall of the dirt floor.

After a moment of deliberation Bree had her course plotted out and she set off for a high ridge line that was about 400 yards from her current position. If she moved north and then cut back based off of the werewolf's current path, she would be able to cut him off just before their paths would intersect. But just on the off chance he decided to zig when he needed to zag, the older woman raised the rifle to her shoulder and lined up the were in her sites. A slow steady breath followed by a gentle squeeze of the trigger rewarded the sniper with the smell of blood and a loud howl of agony. Bree had grazed the man, but her intent hadn't been to kill but to direct. With luck it would keep him on an intersecting course with hers and push him right into the maw of Tao.

It didn't take the older woman long to reach her destination. Bree took up a prone position and took a moment to settle in. She placed a box of ammo within ease reach even though her rifle was able to hold 5 rounds in the clip and 1 in the chamber, which, and Bree would never brag, should be more than enough to take the dog down. It took about 5 minutes before her keen ears picked up the sound of footsteps and she aimed her scope in said direction. What she saw brought a smile to her face. Rafe was hot on the were's tail and he unloaded a shot of his own. Eventually though after a short game of cat and mouse the brute was able to give the gunslinger the slip. A flicker of movement off to the side of where the brute thought he was safe indicated Tao was waiting in the wings.

Bree wasn't disappointed in the younger mans skill though she cursed the totems loudly when Tao's attack missed. No matter. Even though he missed the killing blow his attack had the pleasant effect of pushing the were out from under the cover of the trees and gave the sniper a semi-clear shot at his back. Deep breath. Easy on the trigger. BANG!
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by: Kay

"L...Lumos!" The younger garou shouted as she pointed her wand in the air. It was one of the only spells she knew, off of the top of her head, one that would reveal their prey who was trying to use the darkness against them. Even with garou sense of sight or smell, Mia wanted to give as much of a disadvantage to this asshole as she could, because he was already making work for Rafe and her mate Tao. Even for a towering build like Rafe, he was still a fast one, but somehow this stranger seemed to evade him. And where was the other one, the woman she'd scented when they first started this pursuit? Had she gotten away? The shrill whistle rend the air, a code in blasts that could only mean he was signaling her away. Nevermind her, then. If he was baiting them to spare the other, then Mia was fine and dandy closing in on him, outnumbering him 4 to 1.

She followed the orb toward the direction Tao had gone, leaping through the trees with his stealthy expertise. Shadows dancing along the path were still not enough to fool the garou as she quickly moved toward the scent of the feral abomination.

Mia's dark eyes had turned red, her focus solely on the were-wolf running away from her in the darkness. Oh, how she enjoyed the chase.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
Liam was in bad shape.

He'd been shot at numerous times, grazed at least twice and almost had his heart run through by a psycho-swordsman in the trees. His blood was surely scented in the air, and there was no way out of this. As he clutched his arm, he limped toward another tree, when he realized...he had his wand in his pocket. When he looked over his shoulder, the unmistakable sight of a lumos orb was following one of the wolves through the wood, which ultimately confused him. Were they a witch or wizard like he was? Well... shit! This was not going to go over well, unless he did something...and fast.

Taking a deep breath, he braced himself for the amount of energy and magic he was about to expel, with what little energy he had left as it was holding his injured body together. Liam saw the path he could use to exit, through the cover of trees in the distance. He just needed this to be executed perfectly, otherwise, it wasn't going to end in his favor. When he ran, he turned to run backward as best as he could with his limp and tried not to run over or into any rocks or obstructions in his path. "Bombarda!" He shouted, aiming for a tree to his right, cutting its trunk at an angle and it toppled over to create a barricade of sorts in his way. Whoever was sniping might have had their sights skewed and now the big man in the dark coat and wherever the swordsman was--would have to climb through the mess. That was, until...

"Incendio! Confringo Maxima!"

If he was going to get away, he needed to create the biggest diversion. After knocking down the tree, which had become the fuel and kindling to his fire spell, he sent a large blast at the trees beyond them, in hopes to keep the wolves back and away. Liam hoped that would be enough, and made his desperate attempt to disappear into the dark woods.
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by: AC

Bree was already lining up a kill shot and had just set herself to take the werewolf out when the oversized brute bolted unexpectedly. The sniper swore under her breath and tracked the man through her scope but the combination of branches and his erratic movement meant any shot she took would run the risk of not being clean. And then he unleashed magic. The 7 were no strangers to magic and its many uses. they'd tracked and brought in enough fugitive wizards though to gain a healthy respect for the art.

When the tree come crashing down Bree cursed loudly, hoping that none of her pack mates had been caught by it. Her eyes widened moments later when the fallen tree burst into flame, effectively obscuring the area and blocking any chance of a clean pursuit. The older woman dropped her rifle to the dirt and brought her fingers to her lips, letting out a high pitched shrill whistle. It was a signal to the others that they needed fall back and regroup. While they had garnered a reputation for never letting a mark go, Jace had also made it quite clear that no mark should be worth the life of a pack mate. As much as it galled Bree to call off the chase, she knew they weren't prepared to tackle a wizard right now.

The sniper pushed herself up to her knees before grabbing the box of ammo and returning it to her jacket pocket before grabbing her rifle and slinging it over her shoulder. Once that was done she quickly dusted herself off and made her way to where she could see the others grouping up. She was greeting with angry words and the older woman snarled in response.

"Enough! His life isn't worth ours. Mia, douse this fire if you can... we're heading back to base." Her tone brooked little to no room for argument and even Rafe didn't push back for once. "Lets go figure out what the hell went on and why we had two werewolves on the premises. We can pick up the trail later if needed."

Once she was sure everyone was going to follow her back home, Bree took off at a fairly brisk pace. Something had gone down tonight and her gut was telling her it wasn't anything good.
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