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by: Kara Viridian
7 June 2012
4:30 p.m.
Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum Building

It had been a week since the attack on Diagon and the Ministry. Things were settled down for the most part, enough so that they could regroup and focus for the next plan, now that they were put back on the map. There was, without a doubt, a ton of things to take care of with the compound. In this brief window, this small bit of recovery time, Kara needed to sort some things out that were near and dear to her, though if she was honest with herself, she would rather have skipped it altogether. Unfortunately, she didn’t have that luxury. The words from her husband Liam had stayed with her. Things like whore and liar were like scarlet letters branded on her heart and mind. Thanks to Jace and the distractions surrounding the battle, she had been able to cast the pain of his verbal and physical curses aside… until now. There was still the matter of her divorce and the terms to be discussed as they began their separation.

Kara had been holed up in her room for the better part of the afternoon and she tried not to pace. She tried not to bite her nails either, because if she did that, she might’ve gnawed off her fingertips by now. As she fetched the paperwork from her nightstand, Kara tried not to roll up the folder and stack of important documents in her hand. It was her golden ticket out of the toxic relationship she’d wandered into, naïve and unknowing at the time, marrying a man who took advantage of her vulnerable state. It had been mentioned before, that he used her amnesia to get his way, but she didn’t listen. Little did she know that her own husband would turn his hand on her. If he’d turned his back, done something else that didn’t include any physical harm, maybe it wouldn’t have to be this way—but unfortunately, life had a way of screwing with her. Liam had transformed, turned into something else. He was a monster from the inside out, and peeked out to unleash hell on her.

There was only one good thing that came of this, though. Kara’s assault was the first in a series of events that made her come to terms with the newfound bond with the Alpha garou. Just the thought of Jace brought a faint smile to her features, and calmed her nerves as she prepared herself to walk into the storm. Much to his chagrin, Kara explained to Jace that the compound was her best option to meet with Liam. She was well-guarded, the grounds were charmed and protected, and there would be enough of the wizards, witches and garou there that if Liam so much as breathed incorrectly in Kara’s direction, he’d be turned to dust. Moreover, if things went south in a way she could contain, they’d send him the hell away from there and pack up the manor, move it somewhere else he couldn’t find or bother them ever again—as she’d been meaning to do that anyway.

Best case scenario, he would take his papers, sign them, accept the deed and leave.

And good riddance.

Kara wanted so badly to bank on the latter, but somehow, she had a terrible feeling that luck wasn’t on her side and it sat heavily in the pit of her stomach.

Only a sliver of remorse remained as she started her trek down the hall toward the conference room. That teeny-tiny spot of regret in the back of her mind hated that things were going this way, but they were doomed the moment she apparated into her house.
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by: Jaleth Lenor
There were footsteps racing to catch up with her from the junction. “Hey. You alright?”

“As alright as I can be right now, I’m walking into divorce court after all.” Kara responded bitterly to Jaleth, as they walked at a steady pace down the narrow hall. She didn’t mean to sound bitter to him, she was just speaking purely from the nerves. She sighed.

Jaleth nodded, solemnly as he strolled alongside her. “Yeah. I know. But look. Darque and I will be there to help you through this.”

“Yes…I know…thank you.” She smiled, but those eyes weren’t fooling anyone.

“Plus, you have everyone else here at your disposal, practically an army—nay, essentially an army, of folks to protect you. Shit Kar, I know you can probably take him out on your own if you need to. I mean, I remember what it was like getting hit with some of your--”

“Those were love taps compared to what I’d do to that son of a bitch.” Kara smirked, recalling the time she’d lashed out on him with a couple of spells. One instance was for practice, the other during a bit of a spat, but all in good fun. “I’m not going to let it come to that, Jay. I won’t.” There were far too many people here relying on her to be a good example. While aggressive forces like Jace, Shadow, and at this point—Jon—would rather her use her excessive force and take down the man who raised his hand against her, Kara knew it wasn’t the right time, locale or play. She just wanted this divorce to be signed over, everything to go smoothly, and send him away. “Hopefully it’s quick and easy. Like a bandage, right?”

Jaleth offered the best sympathetic smile to his dear and darling friend as they stopped just short of her office door. It was hard to relate, since his marriage ended abruptly and in a darker matter than what he was about to witness, but timing and circumstance were factors that made their situations difficult to compare. Nevertheless, the Professor hugged her and kissed her cheek, a platonic gesture between friends. “It’ll be fine. Diana’s at the gate waiting now. I’ll bring him in when he arrives.”

“Thank you.”
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by: Fierro Darque
Once she pushed through the entrance of her office, Kara saw her father standing at the window, watching through the thick-panel of glass where the sun was perched just above the horizon. Kara took in this picturesque moment, and admired it for its glorious view of the former Minister. She suddenly realized where she’d gotten that stance as she pondered.

“You know you’ll strain your sight staring at the sun, father.”

He huffed. “And here I gain life lessons from my darling daughter. It’s why I’m here, isn’t it?” Fierro turned around, pipe in hand, and started over toward Kara.

Another face of sympathy, she noticed. It would be a while before she was rid of those. The sympathy was welcome of course but the pity was not. Kara walked forward and took a seat near him, and set the bundle of paperwork onto the table. She sighed as she plopped down into the chair, listless and almost defeated. “It's quite sad when I have to have an audience and bodyguards on standby to settle my own divorce.”

Fierro dumped the extinguished ash of his pipe in the bin and tucked it into his inside pocket before he took his seat beside her. “It’s for your own—”

“Safety. I know. Everyone has told me that at least 100 times and if I hear it once more, I might just lose it…some more.”

“No, don’t lose it.” Fierro chuckled sympathetically for his daughter. “But if you’ve heard it at least 100 times, then perhaps it must mean something.”

Kara shrugged, but she knew he had a point. Jon, Jaleth, Shadow… everyone agreed this place would be neutral enough, even more so than the their London pub, for this operation. She had to keep reassuring herself, tell herself that Jace and Shadow would be nearby.

“You okay, darling?” Fierro asked.

Kara took a deep breath, casting her eyes to the paperwork and then gave a half-assed smile to her father. “As okay as I can be. Just ready for the day to be over and done with.”

“In due time. You’re going to get through this.” Darque offered a smile, though he knew she needed more than that to survive the meeting.
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by: Liam O'Donnell

Liam was forced to take the long way around to the manor, the scenic route, he dubbed it. He absolutely loathed taking the mazes in, but since Kara was smart enough to remove the door, a portkey that led straight into the manor from the Abbey, he had no choice. It was a lengthy trek, but when he reached the gate, he hit an invisible wall. He cursed under his breath, attempting a couple of times to break through the barrier, when he saw two figures standing approaching, wands at the ready.

“The rav—“

“Don’t.” Jaleth was more perturbed that Liam would bother using the old phrase designed for Order members to identify themselves. “I know who you are.”

Much to his surprise, Liam saw Jaleth Lenor and a young blond girl there behind him. Could that be...the other girl who vanished about the same time? What was her name?. He gasped sharply and that turned into an overjoyed chuckle. “Jeez…this isn’t…Jaleth? Is that you? You’re alive…”
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by: Jaleth Lenor
Jaleth narrowed his eyes. Of course, he was alive. Had no one told Liam? Never mind that. Liam didn’t need to know the conditions of which he had been kept. They weren’t here to be friends anyway. Liam was in Azkaban all this time, so he couldn’t have known…and he was an enemy now, for what he did to Kara. “I am.”

If there was a staple that truly locked in the reality of his freedom from Azkaban, solidifying it, making everything not seem like such a dream, it was this. Proof of life. They’d held him on several charges, first it was that he killed Stana Chastaine, but that was a lie. Then it was because he killed Kara—but that was a lie too, a falsified memory to throw him off, and further push him towards the looming insanity. Then the kidnapping of Jaleth Lenor and that girl…Diana, was it?

Everything was a lie, and he knew it.

There weren’t any other words to exchange with his wife’s oldest friend, but he offered a pitiful smirk to try and cool the tension. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be enough for anyone to forgive him, but he wanted to at least try with him.

Jaleth lead the way toward the meeting and Liam followed. It had been far too long since he had seen the outside world, let alone see Tutaminis, and these circumstances were far from welcoming.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
The stench of another feral being was in the air and it made Liam’s hair stand on end. Just a few feet away, he saw a familiar blond girl standing beside a man who looked about Liam’s age. Stood about the same height as Liam too, with short blond hair and wide blue eyes that were fixated on him as he walked. Liam narrowed his eyes at the man but continued on his path which brought him closer to the blond girl he’d noticed, a girl who was familiar from before. Before his imprisonment, that is.

“Stana?” Liam called out as he removed himself from their path. He took a few steps towards her but that strange man who wore the smell of something clearly not human came forward and stood in front of her. Liam instantly sensed he was not welcome to speak with her, and felt the danger of getting any closer run through his body. A low growl started at the pit of his chest, rumbling up and out of his teeth as he glared at the stranger. What the hell? He was just trying to say hello, but he should have known that those pleasantries were no longer welcomed by him. Once he backed off from that, Jaleth steered their path towards their destination.

There was a woman at the door, her dark hair matched the dark eyes that flickered with rage as he walked closer. Her arms were folded as she leaned against the wall. Something told him if he paid any attention to her she might lash out, perhaps from the growl and the same feeling of danger emitted from this, another feral being, glaring daggers at him. Under the certainty that there were enough wizards and witches and creatures here that could take him down without hesitation, he did not engage. He did stand his ground, however and give her a glare right back too.

“In here.” Jaleth said, gesturing towards the open double doors to the Capitalum building.

Liam followed, reserved and obedient, a solemn stranger amidst the animosity and chagrin at his mere presence.

They’d reached her office quickly an Jaleth opened the door with little warning. He saw her there. Kara. She was not alone, however. Her father, who’d donned a patch over his right eye, caused Liam to bristle slightly. They were set to have mediation but he didn’t know Fierro would be present, and the Viridan father and daughter sat behind the desk, with two empty chairs sitting on the other side for her guest and Jaleth. Liam locked eyes with the former minister and could feel the anger. Everyone must have known what went down that night. There was a gentle tug at his heart when he saw her, a brief sense of remorse… the emotional pain couldn’t justify what had been done to hurt her physically, and still, Liam knew in his heart that he loved her. But what he did? That was unforgiveable in its own right.

I wish I wasn’t alone today… Bridget, he meant. He wished he could have had her there to help him get through this. They weren’t a full-fledged pack. They didn’t belong anywhere except with each other, because she was the only one in the world who truly understood him and all of the intense, red-hot rage that came out of nowhere. But something told him there was no way they’d invite him here with a plus one. Things were already tense as it is.

Still…Maybe coming here was a mistake.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara tapped her pen on the stack. Even when the door opened, she didn’t need to look up. She knew who had walked in when Jaleth came through; the pain on her chest started to throb, a light mark where he had cut her. It had to be him. She took a deep breath and looked up at Fierro who was already engaged in a stare down with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Just keep things civil. Get through today…and just remember Jace is here for you.

Everyone was. She had the full support of her the Order behind her, an army who had finally given her respect after the struggle of preparing them and trying to gain their trust. Kara focused on Jace for the comfort he provided, and that was going to be the key to getting through this meeting. She hoped that once this was over, she would be able to relax with him at her side, and have a normal, stress less night, much like they had the night before.

“Have a seat.” Kara said, with little to no enthusiasm in her voice. “Thanks for coming.”

Liam grunted, a pathetic attempt at begging for pity without saying a word. There was silence. Exchanges of glances, before he decided to break the ice. “Look, no one wants to be here—no one wants me to be here so perhaps I’ll just cut to the chase. Kara, darling,

She noticeably flinched when he said her name, and he regretted using a term of endearment that he was sure he shouldn’t have used. Her eyes were down for a moment and when those sea-green eyes looked at him, he felt ill. As much as she wanted to speak up and cuss him out, revoking his ability to call her that? She remained quiet.

“I’ll sign the papers. You’ll…” He took a deep breath, “You’ll get your divorce. And I’ve agreed to release my share in the Abbey…”

Kara shook her head. “The Abbey? No. It’s yours.”

“I’ve already made arrangements. It will function under your ownership with the existing crew and I will take a step back.” Liam’s hands were folded in front of him now and his deep green eyes were focused there. He figured it would make things easier for him to take whatever money he had and go. Run. Be with Bridget and lay low for a while, or maybe seek out the help of that man who'd approached him before...if he had any work beyond this, that is. He had to keep his head down, being an escapee of Azkaban, after all, until the smoke cleared and he'd be able to resurface again, eventually.

Kara narrowed her eyes. The bar was his life, even before she wandered into it. He established the business after they’d graduated and now he was giving it up, just like that? She gave a skeptical glance at Fierro who met her gaze with a shrug. If this was his counter offer, to relinquish his standings in the business, she wouldn’t complain. Things were going smoothly with Henrietta running the bar and if Kara needed to tend to things in the Wizarding World, namely with the Order, this still gave her the flexibility to do so. “Fine.” Kara responded flatly, with a sigh. She wasn’t going to put much effort into arguing with him on this. “Thank you…”
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by: Liam O'Donnell
Liam just nodded. His green eyes hung low, somewhere beyond Fierro, Kara, or even Jaleth who had appeared and taken his seat beside him. All six eyes were on him, and he could feel their judgment bearing down on his shoulders like a six-ton weight dropped on him. He sighed.

“I just want my valuables from the house. Things I was going to pick up that night…” She raised an eyebrow and set her own pen down, only to fold her hands in her lap as she swirled the chair to get a better and more comfortable view of him. Her elbows rested on the arms of the chair and her hands clasped across her midsection as she looked over at him. “I’ll be moving away. Somewhere else, maybe here permanently, who knows. And for the sake of my protection, I have comfort in knowing I can move this place if we have to, in case you decide to follow me I won’t have any need to file a restraining order against you.” Liam knew how to find this place, but they could easily pick up and move if he posed a threat to her.

He scoffed, but not offensively. “That’s hardly necessary.”

“On the contrary. After the other night, I find it entirely necessary to protect myself from you or anyone that might come for me, like your friends.”

Liam was close to the last page of the document, when his hand tightened around the pen. His lip twitched as he “I don't—“ Liam took a careful look around, and then glanced up at her with saddened eyes. “I don’t have friends.”

Another shot at pity? Kara was getting a little sick of this. With a flicker of annoyance in her eyes, she sighed and moved on. “Just sign the papers, alright?” Kara pushed the documents over to him and forcefully set the pen down.

He winced. Just a few more scratches and scribbles and he pressed the papers back together. “Done.”

“Good.” Kara twisted her chair to the side, looking up and away from him as he finished signing.

He stared at his wife with one more longing glance, though there was something behind his evergreen gaze that had a hint of sorrow. Unfortunately for him, his words would get the better of everyone, because he chose poorly, and let them loose without thinking. “Give Winslow my regards.”

Kara’s eyes immediately went back to him. She felt like she was punched right in the gut. They were so close to dispersion, concluding their little powwow here as all of the paperwork had been signed. She almost got off scot free, but no…he had to say something that triggered a whole bag full of bricks worth of pain and anger out of nowhere. “What did you say?”

Fierro held up his hand, his eyebrows furrowed at the unsolicited insult. “That’s enough, son.”

Liam nearly snapped the pen in half but he set it down on the papers. He wasn’t Fierro’s son-in-law, or rather, he wouldn’t be for long, and a tremendous wave of anger burst through him. “What the hell do you want from me, huh? A smile and hug like it’s all gonna be sunshine from here? I signed these fucking things like you asked. I’m letting you go, like you fucking asked, just so you can scamper off with one of those men—“

“No! No, that’s not how this is going to happen today.” Kara’s voice wavered as she stood up from her seat to meet his eyes. Jaleth stood up with her too, his hand ready to reach for his wand the second he saw anything spiraling further out of control. Kara held her hand up to him, knowing he was primed to fire at Liam if need be. “You’re right. You did as I asked. Now. GET OUT.”

"Sidestepping?" He laughed, a low and rumbling cackle. “So that's just it, HUH?!”

Silence hit the room, as if all sound and air had been sucked out of it with a vacuum.

When he looked down, Liam’s heart sank. He’d gotten another round of blinding rage that got the better of him. His fists had slammed so hard against her desk they left indentations in the thick, polished wood. Liam even noticed a couple of her ceramic decorations had fallen off and shattered on the the floor too. Shit. He should have kept his mouth shut. He shouldn’t have used his wildcard, the low blow, and just took the high ground. But that was it. He couldn’t take it back, and he couldn’t go for his wand either, since Jaleth took that when he came in. Guess someone who threw the sectumsempra couldn’t be trusted.
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by: Jace Bryden
So far he'd done exactly as Kara had asked him: stay away but close enough that if something went wrong he'd be able to step in. So that was what the alpha had done. He'd staked out the grounds early and set the pack on a watch. It wasn't that he didn't trust Kara and her circle, it was that Jace didn't leave anything to chance if it could be helped, especially if people he had the capacity to remotely care for were involved.

Since Kara ahd at least told him they'd be meeting in her office, the alpha had staked out a quiet room where he could squirrel himself away until the meeting was over. Kara's goal, naive as it was, was to have this be quick with no extra bullshit thrown in. It was supposed to be quick. Liam would be in, sign, then ushered out. Jace had settled himself in a high back chair that was in his chosen room and slouched into it, letting his eyes slip shut so he could focus on his hearing since that would be the easiest way to keep track of what was going on.

Jace figured an hour had passed before he'd heard Kara and Jaleth show up, and then Jaleth leave to go and fetch the jackass that had cause this whole mess. maybe another 15-20min after that, the sound of two sets of feet could be heard traipsing across the floor, one familiar gait, the other not. Jace focused in on the unfamiliar one and inhaled deeply to pick up a scent. There was something feral about it and the alpha felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise... what the hell? Was Liam a were? No... the scent wasn't quite right for that... Jace bit back on the growl just in case what his nose was telling him was true. He'd promised Kara he wouldn't do anything unless she was in danger of being hurt. Fuck this was so stupid and unnecessary...

He wasn't sure how much time had passed since he'd first heard the asshole and Jaleth approach. What little he could pick up of the conversation and things seemed to be going alright, or at least they had been until the mention of Winslow. The spike of rage that flowed out of the room at that comment had Jace sitting fully upright, head cocked to the side, straining to hear what was being said. Kara was upset but holding her ground... Fierro was trying to stay calm but projecting anything but. And then the insults started flying, presumably from Liam and Jace felt the low rumbles of a growl begin to form. He stoop and began to pace, the nervous energy he was feeling building with each passing second.

The there was the familiar sound of fists hitting wood and glass shattering. The silence that followed was deafening and Jace moved without thought. This was so fucking stupid. He should have reinforced how fucking stupid they all were by bringing Liam here, by even letting him get this close. The alpha stalked to the door to the office and opened it slowly, leaning casually against the door jam as it swung lazily open.

"Afternoon gents," he paused a moment before tipping his head in Kara's direction a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. "And lady. Was just passing by and you know.. I could have swore it sounded like someone was going to start a fight without lil' old me."

Jace let his tongue run across is teeth as his gaze focused in on Liam. The alpha could feel the rage radiating off the man and that set the older man on edge. Jace took a moment to size up the now confirmed threat before continuing. "All right, listen, Liam is it? Don't go doing that tantrum throwing shit again or I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one's free. It's an emotional moment, I get it. But I do believe I heard Kara tell you to get the fuck out, so why are you still here?
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara looked up as the door slowly creaked open to see Jace standing there. The usual soothing calm that rushed over her came and went, not lingering as it usually did when she saw him. She finally caught up with her breathing, her chest rising and falling a little more pronounced as she stifled the anger that flowed through her with Liam’s attempt at a parting statement. Her lips twitched as she bit back another rage-fueled comment to spit at him, her hands balled tightly at her sides. It was taking everything in her not to hit him with a punch, physical or with her wand. Or maybe even both.

Fierro was beside her, rendered to a similar silence due to the atrocity of his son-in-law’s behavior. He could sense that something wasn’t right with him, but he just wasn’t exactly sure what…

“I got what I wanted.” She echoed. “So go.”

She did. Kara accomplished what she wanted today, by getting her signatures on those bloody papers so she could be rid of this son of a bitch once and for all. Though her Alpha preferred to kill him and be on with it, she was far too civil in mind for that—and knew that she had to get him out before anything escalated into something far worse than a verbal confrontation.

Damages, to her desk and trinkets? Those could be fixed, easy. One wave of a wand, if she felt like it, or she could toss the old shards away if she didn’t feel like repairing anything touched by the beast who ruined her life. She glared at Liam and looked at no one but him, focused on his every move in case she needed to take action. She was quite curious to see how he’d react to Jace’s presence, knowing that the abrasive greeting would have put anyone off.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
Oh, so someone else in her army wanted to come out and play then?

Liam took a deep breath and gathered up a scent that unleashed something he hadn’t been expecting. Without even looking, he already knew who it was, even if he hadn’t seen him before. The scent of him was new, but faint and familiar as if he’d been around it before. That’s him, isn’t it? He thought to himself, slowly turning to set his bright green gaze on the older man. The way he walked in here, staking claim in this place as if it belonged to him. Then there was the way he looked at Kara…A flicker of the night he fought with his wife came to mind. He’d accused her of many things, and one of them was being with other men, others, aside from Casey Winslow, even. This was him, it had to be. The pictures he’d seen, the scent he picked up…This was Jace Bryden.

Liam arched an eyebrow. He could feel his blood boiling, the heat rising to the surface. The corner of his mouth twitched, biting back a snarl.

Destroy. Jace Bryden… Eliminate him.
That is your target. That is your mission.

It was difficult to stifle the feeling of pure rage when he spotted his target; Liam pushed himself up off of the desk and stepped back, huffing as he did. “Oh, I’m gone.”

“Jace, is it?” Liam glared at the older man as he stepped forward. But once he got closer to the garou, he noticed a faint scent that didn’t belong to him. It belonged to…Kara? He growled. So it was true then? The desire to rip out Jace’s throat, kill him where he stood, intensified at this revelation. He shook his head, disgusted at her infidelity with one man, but now this filthy garou? He just huffed. “She’s all yours.”

He went to move past him, but…not without one last strike. Instead of going for Kara, however, he decided to swipe at Jace.

In one swift lunge, not anticipated by anyone in the room, Liam extended his arm with an unseen weapon in his fist, and jabbed it into the gut of his target. Heart or neck would have been optimal, but it was as close as he could get without giving too much away. Liam was armed with a blade, hidden carefully on his person, a blade modified to inject its prey with the deadly poison he’d been armed with by the men who visited him that day. A chance to go for his wife, but he got the grand prize of aiming for his prime target instead?! Oh, this was pure magic. “Oh, but please…consider this a little gift from my ex brother-in-law.”

With a smirk, Liam pressed the button to discharge the poison into Jace’s bloodstream. The cartridge casing fell out of the blade once it fired, falling somewhere onto the floor, but he had missed that detail in the mix. He was focused on staring at his victim square in the face as he did this, letting a smile blossom from that arrogant smirk. Liam twisted the blade once before pulling back.

With luck, he would be able to get away before the filthy garou bastard kicked it, even though he’d want to see that through for himself, it was time to leave before the swarm of his garou buddies and the wizards rained down a hell-storm over him.
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by: Jace Bryden
The rage the other man was emitting was off the charts and definitely not human. The way the man moved, the way he postured, his very demeanor aggressive and challenging. Jace felt his own heart beat pick up and he stood a little taller, though did nothing else. He was on his guard but he was wiling to at least try and play this Kara's way or at least that had been the plan up until the parting shot Liam gave. But before Jace could get a response out, Liam lunged and he felt a sharp searing pain in his gut.

The alpha's eyes rose in surprise and shock and he fell forward against the other man with a grunt of pain. Pure reflex had him reaching up to grab Liam's wrist to prevent the man from twisting the blade.. What the fuck had just happened? Asshole here was supposed to be weaponless so why was it that the older man now had a fucking blade in his midsection? Jace picked up on the soft click from something and coughed hard, turning his head to spit out a glob of blood as the area around the blade started to burn. It was in that moment that Liam twisted hard on the blade and it took everything Jace had to brace and stop the other man from completely gutting him. Jace was able to stop the twisting motion and with a grunt managed to push back on the blade and the man holding it. With distance created the alpha fell back against the door frame and clamped a hand down hard on the wound. After a moment of shock he pulled his hand up to see it coated in blood and felt his rage rise to the surface. That mother-fucker had stabbed him and his inner wolf wanted to rip Liam apart.

Jace sucked in a breath and a savage snarl was let loose. He reached up to grab a blade of his own and focused his red eyed gaze on the slowly turning back of his prey. At almost the exact same time he was about to lunge it was as if an explosion went off that had specifically targeted his senses. There we're heart beats everywhere, and it had suddenly become far far to loud, and the fucking emotions of fucking humans began to press on him like a great weight. What the fuck was going on? He reached up to grab his head and gave it a shake before he felt his rage flare to life. prey ws still in the room. Prey that had tried to hurt him. The wolf wanted to hurt it back and Jace was more than alright with that.

Another savage snarl and the alpha lunged at the back that was now facing him, his dagger leading the way. Jace was aiming for a kill shot and he'd put enough power into the downward swing of the fang to bury it hilt deep in its intended target. There would be no mercy. If the enemy survived the initial attack Jace had every intention of carving out his spine.
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by: Kara Viridian
The assault on Jace shocked everyone in the room, sharp gasps erupting from the three witnesses here. Jaleth stepped back as he noticed Liam shift his emerald eyes on him.

“What the hell did you do to him?!” Kara threatened to step forward, her hand already reaching for her wand, but once it was up and readied, her father stepped in front of her. She growled in frustration, trying to step out from behind him, but he wouldn’t let up. Her first instinct was to run toward Jace, but he was already stalking towards Liam with a blade in hand.

“Kara, listen to me. You have to get away from here.” Fierro said, worriedly. This was no place for her; Leader or not—this fight needed to be contained or somehow diffused, but he didn’t want his daughter caught in that storm.

“I’m not going anywhere! JACE!” She shouted for him, frantically trying to break from the hold of her father he’d was hellbent on remaining barrier, not allowing her anywhere near the brawl unfolding before her eyes. She’d been told that the garou had a special healing factor, but that didn’t stop her from worrying like hell that he’d just been stabbed. “I’m not leaving him.”

Thinking on his feet, Jaleth struck Liam with an offensive spell that punched him right in the shoulder, making him stagger back, which forced him back toward Jace, and gave him a chance to step over to Kara, catching her as she stepped past her father. “It’s not safe, and we have to get you to safety. We have to get the others—“

“I’m not leaving!” She struggled with them, but Jaleth was strong enough to pull her away, though against her will.

“Kara, let’s go!” Jaleth would use a magical method to pull her, if he had to.

This was a bloody mess. Kara wasn’t thinking straight, she was thinking out of fear, horror, and a dangerous instinct to dive between the two men, the garou and…whatever the hell Liam was. The inbound storm had launched into something far more dangerous, and Kara wanted to dive head first into the middle of it.

Kara tried to wriggle out of Jaleth’s grasp, she was already through the double doors, fighting to get back. She inhaled a deep breath and screamed at the top of her lungs for the one person who could possibly help her with this impossible situation. “SHADOW!”

The woman had to be nearby, since she was generally near Jace—that is, unless it was down time and he came by to visit Kara. Shadow was posted outside to her recollection and if she wasn’t already on her way she sure as hell would be now.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
The look in his eyes. Perfect. Priceless.

Liam had no clue what he was in for; he didn’t think he’d get this chance, let alone have the ability to peg him just like that! He didn’t know whether or not the drug would take hold in a few minutes or in a few seconds, but the sight of blood coming from the garou’s mouth made him proud he’d hit his mark. Again, he would have wanted to get the man right in the heart but the bandolier and everything else he wore, gaudy if anything, was obnoxiously blocking that target.

Even when the knife was removed from his stomach, Liam prided himself in the strike and was gifted with the chorus of Kara’s helpless cries and pleas to break free from her father’s guard. Honestly, he wondered why the man hadn’t tried to strike at him yet, but he didn’t mind. If he wanted to take that petrified, terrified, defensive stance, Liam couldn’t care less. He just needed to get the hell out of there, quickly.

Liam had every intention of forcefully taking his wand from the Professor, but it was all prevented when he actually had the balls to throw him backward. But something told him there was danger there, and he instinctively dodged. However, it wasn’t fully successful. Liam was met with Jace’s blade, the slash at his back made him roar in pain as it grazed over his skin, effectively tearing his clothing in the motion too. He snarled back, his eyes alight with a fury that was ignited with the lash that was aimed to kill. Jaleth could wait for now, he could keep his wand at this point. Liam’s attention shifted back to Jace, who was apparently still up and kicking.

How long until this shit kicks in? Liam wondered, and he prepared himself for a fight he was trying to avoid.
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by: Zeva Reid
Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong… and Shadow knew it. She and Jace discussed the events of this evening after he’d returned to the den early this morning, after spending the night with Kara. As memory serves, her exact words were “Are you fucking kidding me?” When Jace mentioned Kara’s plans of bringing her bottom-feeding, scum-sucking, douchebag husband to the compound. Everything about this whole meetup simply screamed danger. The plan was to get him in, disarmed, and get him out, as quickly and cleanly as possible, even though she and Rafe both discussed how much they wanted to rip that sniveling abuser from skull to toe and leave no traces of him behind and by the looks of it, Carver would probably tear him to bits too. Good.

Much to her dismay, Jace wanted to do this the way Kara requested, which was fair, but also stupid as hell. Kara’s office was quite a bit away from the main entrance, but she could still hear the voices inside. Muffled, as they may be, she picked up a lot of stern, cold cadences matched with pitiful, sorrowful ones. That must have come from that asshole, and rightfully so. He was gonna traipse in here, wearing the stench of an old dog, and give those little puppy eyes to Kara, thinking after what he did to her, everything was just going to turn around? Shadow might not have known Kara as well as…well, Jace, but she was rooting for the Phoenix leader to spread those fiery wings and not take shit from him, or anyone else, really.

Zeva busied herself sitting outside the main entrance of the Capitalum building, or whatever the hell they called it, knowing this perch all too well as she’d been posted up here before. Kara wanted Jace nearby, which meant she had to know she’d be nearby too—given the nature of this operation, all hands, all of the Lucky 7 were posted around the compound to make sure nothing could go wrong.

A sharp whistle caught her ear as she stopped the tracing she had started in the dirt with her stick. When she looked up and to the west, Zeva saw Tao in the distance. He shook his head, something must have caught his eye—but she also picked up he was concerned with something in his direction. He signed for her to follow him. She looked over her shoulder, hesitating at first, as she didn’t want to leave, but she knew that she could step away for a moment, since Jace was already waiting inside.

“What is it? I don’t have much time, I gotta get back.” She jogged over to him.

“I noticed tracks outside. Not familiar. The scent it’s…feral.”

“Garou?” Zeva asked, curiously. If there were other garou sniffing around the compound, they had another thing coming to them, as the 7 would group up to knock them out before long. As apolitical as any of them, Zeva still knew that the only garou working with the Order were her people, and that was it. This was treated as their territory, and no one else needed to come snooping.

Tao looked at her with a gravely expression and shook his head.

“Shit.” She stomped, bringing her hands up to her face and she proceeded to run her fingers through the length of her hair. “It’s…”

Tao nodded.

Dammit…She had to think. Fast. “Take Bree and Mia and figure out what the hell is going on out there. Carver will—”

SHADOW! The shrill cry ripped through the air and reverberated loudly in her ears as her head quickly turned in the direction of the compound.

“Come on!” She groaned. When she looked over, Tao was already gone to carry out her orders. Zeva took a deep breath and she ran at a full sprint back towards the Capitalum building, as fast as her legs could take her in this form. She whistled as loudly as she could, a call to summon the remaining members of the 7 from their posts and join her at her destination. Upon entering the threshold, she was struck with a high level of sheer terror, fear so intense that she got a chill. She tilted her neck from side to side, hearing the bones and cartilage pop. It wasn’t until she felt her brethren behind her, Rafe and Carver, both on high alert, that they ran towards the noise, only to find their Alpha. The metallic scent was hard to miss, which prompted her to move faster through the hall.

“Kara?” She called out, finding the woman just past the threshold as she was being pulled away by that Lenor fellow. "What the hell is going on?
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