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by: Kara Viridian
25 May 2012
7:30 a.m.
Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum Building
Kara’s Room

The stars were speckles over the darkness of the night sky, and the scent of a fire from the chimney at the manor was mixed with the aroma of wet grass. She remembered counting those stars at more than one point during the night, but after she was found, everything started to blur. The chorus of voices, all familiar to her, were resounding—all rushed, blending together in a discordant piece of avant garde noise. These voices were familiar indeed, including garou presences and her good friend Jon who were all frantically working over her as she lie completely still because she was forced to. As Kara breathed now, in and out, she could already feel how much easier it was to move her chest. That sting of the gaping wound meeting the cold air was so painful, but now she took in each breath with ease.

When her eyes fluttered open, she blinked a couple of times to focus, and the first thing that drew her attention was the figure at the foot of her bed, sitting in her lounge chair. At first, her eyes hadn’t fully adjusted and all she could see was the silhouette of a man. There was an outline of someone familiar, but as she traced over her visitor’s features, her first instinct was to panic. The muscles in her body hadn’t fully awoken with her, and unfortunately Kara could hardly move at the speed she wanted to, to get away. And where was her wand, anyway? How did she end up in her bed?

She brought her hand across to her opposite arm where she noticed a bandage. Curious, Kara narrowed her eyes as she traced her fingers over the cloth. Another cut…Suddenly, there was a flash of the night before, and all Kara could see was the woodgrain of the hardwood floor in her home, the shattered pieces of glass from picture frames and furniture. Then the boots that drew near. Fear poured into her, and she gasped, as she scooted herself back on the bed. Her breathing picked up, her chest heaving as the room spun and all she could hear was the growl of the man who had attacked her.

Kara put her hands to her ears but as she raised her left arm, the tug of something inside of her wrist pulled taut and resisted. She whimpered softly, her breathing now frantic and ragged as she looked down, another memory of trauma rushing to her as they implanted the tracker into that same wrist. It took her a moment to realize that it wasn’t another implant but an IV, but she’d already tried to pull it out and was about half-way successful when she was struck by the memory of the bloody scene in her bathroom, the day she ripped it out of her arm. ‘I have to go, I have to get out of here!’ She kept telling herself, but she couldn’t so much as stand, let alone run…and why did her face hurt so bad when she moved it, even the slightest shift in expression?

There were tears in her eyes, and Kara threw her legs over the bed as she sobbed, wanting to get away from here, whatever this place was—and whoever was watching over her. The sense of danger was hard to shake…
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by: Jace Bryden
As soon as Shadow had brought him a clean pair of clothes Jace had wasted no time in making himself at home in the master bath that was thankfully attached to the bedroom. A quick shower to scrub away the dried blood and subsequent metallic smell was like a breath of fresh air. Finally he could pick up on other scents and as time wore on and the cool water ran over his back he felt his rage flicker down to a slight simmer. After 15min or so he padded out of the bathroom and handed his blood soaked clothing to Shadow, with the instructions to leave the jacket outside (he'd clean it up later) and to toss the rest. There was not point in salvaging that mess and odds we're good no amount of cleaning would get the metallic scent out of them. As soon as she was gone Jace shut the door and returned to his chair and silent vigil. At some point he'd fallen asleep, the events of the previous few days combined with the startling wake up call had finally taken its toll on the alpha.

At some point a wave of panic assaulted the sleeping Garou, though it didn't cause the older man to do anything other than shift slightly in his sleep. The feeling wasn't a surprise. Things like panic, fear, worry were all things that he'd grown accustomed to over the years and often when he dreamed they wrapped themselves around the man like a comforting cloak. Normal. they were normal. But why then was the feeling of panic growing? A slight whimper and the sound of sheets rustling against skin was enough to cause Jace to crack an eye open and lift his head from his chest to see what was going on? Was the pack stirring already? No, no that wasn't it. A slight intake of breath through his nose was all it took to jog a hazy memory. Kara. He was with Kara.

His eyes snapped open, alert as possible with the second abrupt awakening in less than 24 hours. Sobbing drifted toward his keen ears. "Kara?"

She was up and hunched over the edge of the bed as if she'd been trying to stand.... or run was more likely based on the emotional tidal wave he was now picking up on. She was scared. Jace stood, but kept his posture as non-threatening as he could. Kara was probably stuck in whatever hell she remembered happening last night, a situation not unfamiliar to the older man. Rafe had been the same way after his first encounter with a Hunter... Mia after she'd almost been gutted... hell even he'd lashed out whenever he'd been awoken unexpectedly, the instinct to hurt first and question later was always there.

"Hey, sweetheart, Kara... It's ok, your back at the safehouse." He moved until he was in front of her and could crouch down so he was at her eye level, but made no move to touch or push her back into the bed. That could come later if she insisted on needing to get up and run, but it was better if she made the first move in this scenario. "Kara it's Jace, no one's going to hurt you here."
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by: Kara Viridian
There was so much she wanted to do--just yank the IV out the rest of the way, and be done with it, find her legs to stand and get the hell out of here. If she was in her bedroom, this had to be someone holding her here, right? The same person who'd attacked her? Kara desperately sobbed as she tugged at her bandage, but even the strength in her fingers and hands betrayed her. She was completely weak. Useless, even. The curtains on the window had been pulled open, so the sunrise behind her visitor cast a shadow over his face and all she could make out was the outline of his body as he approached, carefully and slowly, until he was crouched before her. He'd said her name, but she didn't recognize it until he spoke again.

Sweetheart... She heard that before. She was called that, just the night before. Comfort filled her body as Kara remembered some of the better moments that got her through the struggle of the attack. He saw her, saved her, and stayed with her...He carried her underneath the sky filled with those beautiful stars. It's Jace... Kara repeated in her head. Jace Bryden, she thought. Why is he in my room? What am I doing here? Any other day, she might have yelled at him about privacy and asked him to leave. Politely, of course. But this was not under any normal circumstance and she knew it. Hooked to an IV, bandages, sore body, aching joints and traumatic flashbacks meant she'd been in a fight, or attacked. Indeed, she was attacked.

But by who?

The shimmer of tears streamed straight down her pale cheeks as she looked up at the man before her, who seemed to stand fairly tall even in his crouched position. There was a bit of hesitation but his voice, his calming reassurance, was enough for her to trust him, as the Alpha garou cooed her with the confidence she was safe. With his presence, she had no doubts about that. Kara's tear-filled eyes narrowed slightly as she studied him. Her hands were trembling, but they were suddenly stilled as she touched his cheeks, gently caressing the stubble over his face with her right thumb. The sun behind him made his dark mane shine with hints of dark brown, and those chocolate eyes of his were filled with a genuine kindness, unlike anything she'd seen before. She held him there if he allowed it, for some reason compelled to do so, even though no thoughts or words came to mind as she simply let her gaze rest upon him.

The only thing she knew for sure was that she was glad to see him.

"Jace..." Kara spoke, barely a whisper. A smile tugged lightly on her lips but she was careful not to let the smile reach her eyes because it was so damn sore to move her cheeks to smile or even speak.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace watched as she struggled with the flight response her body so badly wanted to put her into and he felt his chest swell with something akin to pride when she was able to force it aside and take stock of what was her in the now, and not in whatever hell she'd originally thought she was in. He's call to her seemed to have grounded her and even though she was confused, he felt her panic lessen.

Absently he let his gaze wonder over her battered body before locking with hers. Jace didn't miss the way her jaw tightened as she spoke his name, or the dark bruising that was starting to make itself known and he had to work hard to suppress the rage at that sight. Whoever had done that had got her good. With luck Jon would have something maybe to make take the swelling down and hide the coloring. As a Garou, and a Spiral alpha to boot, he'd have worn those bruises with pride and showed them off to whoever would look at them, but Jace also knew that wasn't the human way.

He froze as her shaky hands reached out to each side of his face, the desire to pull away was intense but he didn't. Instead Jace held his ground and felt his heart beat quicken. The gentle touch was electric. The caress had him leaning forward into her touch, a genuine grin on his face. If she needed this to affirm that what she was seeing was real then who was he to stop her. The smile that tugged at her lips filled him with a happiness he didn't even know was possible and he felt something stir in the pit of his stomach. Absently he reached up with his right hand to lightly hold hers as she continued to caress his cheek, his left reaching forward slowly to eventually brush away some of her tears if she let him. Otherwise it hung comfortably over his left knee. "Yea, it's me." Jace didn't know why he confirmed it. Maybe it was to prove to himself as much as Kara that this was real, that they weren't in some dream.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara sat there with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed, and her bare feet were a few inches away from the floor. She noticed she was wearing gown from the infirmary, probably changed sometime in the night by whoever had been tending to her, Jon or one of his charges, out of whatever she'd been wearing when she went home. Home... she thought. Not her home anymore. Kara kept her eyes locked in Jace's as she continued to stroke the scruff of his cheek. She sniffled, and took a deep breath as she shook her head. Still, she said nothing, because she was still speechless, taken aback by the series of events that led all the way up to the present.

Then, something triggered her urge to escape once again. Kara visibly tensed as his hand raised to her face. She sharply inhaled, a brief hiss, as she backed up a little bit. But she stopped. More tears ran from her eyes. This isn't him, Kara. It's Jace. She fought so hard to kill that urge to run, frankly because she knew she couldn't run, but also because Jace was an ally, and a friend. He was perched in that chair, sleeping just a moment ago. He hadn't done this. He'd been watching over her. She pieced these thoughts together to make sense out of how she ended up in here. She was positive he was the one who found her. Just remember the stars...

"I'm sorry," She said, meekly. Kara leaned forward again, and if he would brush those tears away, she'd let him this time because she didn't want to let him go as her hands were still on his face. She hoped she hadn't scared him off as she backed away because she didn't mean to back away, it was just a reflex borne of fear, and she hated that.

Jace didn't do this to you...

"I'm...I'm so sorry..." Why was she apologizing to him? Why did everything hurt? There was a metallic taste on her lips and as her tongue flicked out to meet it, she realized there was a cut that had split open on her bottom lip, which made the tears pour out even faster.

Why did this happen to her?
Was this just a dream?

Jace was being so kind, and caring...it felt so unreal...
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by: Jace Bryden
He didn't miss when she tried to pull away when he had reached toward her face. His eyes sought out hers and he hoped his body language would convey what he didn't think words would. That she was safe. It must have worked to a degree because after a moments hesitation Kara let him touch her. Fear was the driving cause of that reaction, which only server to reinforce the idea that her attacker had been known to her. Still that wasn't something that needed to be touched on right this second. he could ask her later, when she was more herself.

Kara's apology caught the alpha off guard and Jace furrowed a brow in confusion. What had she to be sorry about? As far as he was concerned the reaction was about as normal as one could get. He felt as she tried to tamp down on the fear and desire to shy away and he let out a slow breath he hadn't realized he'd be holding. His gaze dropped to her lips and the familiar metallic scent flooded his nostrils though not as prevalent as before. He lip had split. Then there was more tears and the feeling of overwhelming sadness and to Jace it was as if he'd been dropped in the middle of an ocean and told to swim. It was almost overwhelming, and sadness was not an emotion he was accustomed to. Flashes of memory from a time long past flitted through his mind. A hug? Maybe that was what she needed to help stem the flow of tears. All Jace knew was he didn't like this feeling and he liked that it was Kara projecting it even less. On pure instinct he rocked forward to drop down on his knees so he wouldn't pull her off the bed, and pulled her into a loose embrace. "Don't be sorry, never be sorry. It's not your fault."

Echos of Shadows accusation of him getting to attached swirled through his head. This was something. Something different. All he knew was he hated seeing Kara the way she was.
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by: Kara Viridian
She felt pathetic. Weak, was a rather common descriptor for this situation too, and she hated that as well. The man with her now was the one who taught her to be something strong, to stand up for herself and to protect herself against her vulnerabilities--but here she was, a broken woman, having been beaten and nearly killed by someone she thought she loved. Was that even really him anymore? Kara sniffled and wanted to sit back. She was about to pull her hands away from his face when she was suddenly swept up into an embrace.

For a split second, Kara hesitated, but she quickly moved into the motion as she shooed away the fear of being touched by anyone, much less touched by another man. It's Jace...he's here, and he's going to keep you safe. She snaked her arms around him, and rest her head on his shoulder. Kara turned to bury her face in his neck, as she softly wept but the comfort in his arms was slowing the flow of tears now.

"You stayed..." She sounded surprised because she didn't think he would actually stick around. Was she making any sense? She hoped so. Of course, she could blame the heavy medication. Kara clung to him for dear life, holding him in her arms, and her heart was practically beating out of her chest.

Then another wave of concern struck her. Kara worried he might suddenly see her as weak, or a total weak ass, in his own words. She figured he'd leave her, if not for now then for good. She didn't want to be that meek person he fought so hard to break. For some reason, she was so afraid he would leave. She didn't want him to leave...
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by: Jace Bryden
The feeling of a hug was something that was foreign to the older Garou, and even though he had initiated it as a calming gesture it was still... weird. granted it seemed to have the desired effect he'd been going for because it didn't take Kara but a moment to reciprocate and snake her arms around him, her head resting comfortably on his shoulder. Jace stiffened slightly before relaxing into the embrace. They were close enough he could feel the rise and fall of her chest against his, and a tickle of warm air along his neck with each breath.

"You stayed..."

He had hadn't he? And Jace still didn't understand why the desire to stay was so compelling. He'd brushed it off earlier by using the excuse Kara had asked him too but that couldn't have been it. Was it because he genuinely cared about her well being? But what did he tell her? Honestly he had no idea so he settled for Just being his more cryptic self.

"Yep." Terrible answer sure but it got the point across. Obviously he stayed. It was times like these he wished Kara could read body language as well as the pack could. Jace was certain it would explain things so much better than his lack of words. But she couldn't so there was no point in dwelling on it. Maybe someday he could teach her a bit about it and some of the sign the pack used to communicate....
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by: Kara Viridian
Man of a few words, she thought.

Except, he really wasn't. Bryden was a man of million colorful words and phrases, as she had come to know over the last few months. Honestly, his reverence was a little unsettling. Not in a bad way, not enough to make her want to bolt, but Kara was wondering why he stuck around and he didn't seem to want to elaborate. She thought to hold off on her inquiries on that for later, if she got the chance.

For now, she found herself to be rather comfortable here, tucked into this unexpected embrace with the alpha garou. As Kara breathed, slowly, steadily, she took in His scent, his natural musk fused with the hint of leather and a smokey scent of a fresh campfire. She expected that sort of aroma from an outdoorsman like him, and it made her reminisce about her auror days. She loved being outdoors, and as she flew up over the buildings, she loved the smell of a fresh fire.

This sure was strange. Every time she met with him, it was a different level of closeness, which was nice and welcome, though a little odd. She kept telling herself in these times that the Jace she met was nothing like the Jace she'd gotten to know, and she wasn't sure how to handle this. She had done so well in reading his actions, reactions and speech, but this time, she was pleasantly surprised.

It all just seemed so...human of him.

"What...what happened?" She asked. It was ambiguous, as it matched up with her thoughts about the change in the man with whom she once feuded. But no, Kara meant more along the lines of what had happened the night before. She was getting bits and pieces of the big picture, and the pain of her wounds and scrapes were bringing it all back. But she wanted his account. How did he find her? How did she end up here? That was all blurry...

"How did I get here?" She specified. Kara realized she hasn't pulled away, her head still resting on his shoulder.

She would move, though, if he wanted her to, especially if he was having any discomfort from the position he was in.
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by: Jace Bryden
What happened? Jace assumed Kara was talking about last night. Well that was the question of the day now wasn't it and one just about everyone involved in last nights whatever that was wanted to know the answer to. He noticed she hadn't pulled away yet and contemplated just staying where he was but in light of the direction this conversation was probably going to turn he had a feeling this could take a while. Carefully he pulled back, untangling himself from the embrace before standing up and in a fluid motion took a seat on the bed beside her, slightly hunched over so he could rest his elbows on his thighs, arms loosely crossed. After a minute or two, Jace turned his head so he could see her.

"Well," he let the word hang as he tried to figure out the best way to explain what had happened. Eventually he decided on the blunt as hell truth. "You scared the shit out of most of the pack, myself included, when you did that apparating thing you magic folk are so keen on using. Thought a mother-fucking hunter or something was in the area, or an attack was going down at first. Wasn't going to worry about it until I caught he scent of blood and Shadow confirmed it. It's how we found you. Damn near dead and bleeding out on the grounds. Brought you in to that Jon guy and him and some girl patched you up. You asked me to stay so I stayed." Jace didn't elaborate on the stay part either. He gave her a few minutes to let what he'd said sink in and maybe job her memory, before returning the query with one of his own.

"What were you up to Kara? No defensive wounds and I know you can fucking fight.... Did someone get the drop on you or was your attacker known?" He didn't sugar coat his questions. There was no point honestly. She'd answer or she wouldn't, and if Kara chose not to he still had Shadow and Rafe looking into things for him.
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by: Kara Viridian
As he gently slid out of her grasp, it was Kara's first instinct to frown a bit. But then she looked down and blushed, to herself mostly, because she wanted to keep that reaction out of sight. Would he have noticed that? Perhaps. Would he care? She assumed not. There was much to discuss, it seemed, as he took a seat seat beside her, and settled in to talk. Kara sighed, and stretched her back some, but moved ever so carefully as not to undo anything that was mended the night before. She returned her hands to herself when he retreated, fidgeting a bit as she looked down at her fingers. Kara listened as he talked, zoning in on her left hand, her fingers searching for the wedding band she hadn't worn in months...the wedding band she'd returned to her husband the night before.

Ex-husband...late husband...Ugh, no. God this is so confusing.

She gulped. His detailed account of her rescue was another surprise, not because of the language he used (as she was accustomed to the way he talked by now), but mostly that the 7 were concerned at all for her well-being. Kara rarely interacted with the others, mostly just Jace really, and Shadow from time to time but nothing more than a sentence or two to confirm or deny an order that might have been placed with the Alpha. Apparating was rather jarring and to those who didn't expect the sound, like the pack, was understandably means for being scared or upset. Truth be told, she didn't even remember that she made it back to the manor. Kara nodded. Jon...Diana, probably, since she was excelling in her studies with him as a healer, so it was probably her, since Kara remembered those big blue eyes staring down at her, worriedly.

But then the hammer struck down; He asked the inevitable question of what she'd been doing...brought up her fighting skill...and asked about her attacker. Shit...shit...shit...

Kara closed her eyes, and her hands started trembling again, so she fidgeted even more to try and keep them busy. This wasn't going to be a pleasant discussion, and she knew it. But with her eyes closed, all she could see was the rage in the evergreen eyes of the demon that had taken the body of Liam, as he tore their home apart. "It's...complicated." She gulped again. Her heart was beating so fast, and her hands were busy. Her mind was on overdrive as she relived the incident from beginning to end, with every strike feeling fresh as she saw it happen again and again. He's going to see through your bullshit...what are you doing?

She wanted to be upfront with him, she really did. After everything he did, finding her, rushing her to Jon and watching over her through the night...why couldn't she explain this? She thought she might if he decided to give this a second pass, but finding the right words was the real trick and she was having issues with that. Clearly. Kara fought the tears as she felt the chill of reliving that night, the fear that overcame her at the sight of her once beloved Liam.
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by: Jace Bryden
He watched her closely for anything that would help him understand what she was going through, to understand why that sense of dread and confusion had welled up again. He'd figured this was going to be a touchy subject. Humans tended to react weirdly to trauma. From the way her heart was racing though, and the tremble that was visible only because he was looking for it, touchy seemed to be a bit of an understatement. He placed a hand on hers to stop the fidgeting, hoping the touch would ground her in reality and let her know he was still here.

And then there was the brush off. It's complicated. Jace couldn't hold back a slightly amused snort. It was not god damn complicated. All Kara had to do was give a name. No, she was hiding something, or in denial, or protecting someone... maybe all three? Then again they weren't really close in that sense. The pair had made leaps and bounds in tolerating each other over the months... then again maybe it was just tolerance and the trust wasn't there. If that was the case he couldn't really blame her.

Jace wanted to push for answers but the sudden wave of sadness that washed over him and the salty smell of soon to be tears had him pausing. Kara was clearly struggling to deal with what had happened and even though she hadn't given out any details her body language and emotions told him plenty. "Look, I get it. If you don't want to talk now it's fine. We can talk later or not at all, your call." Jace fell silent after that and cast his gaze to the floor. Why are you here? Again Shadows words raced through his head and the alpha had to tamp down on a rage that desperately wanted to break free.
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by: Kara Viridian
He put his hand on hers again and it calmed her, almost instantly. It was like a reflex too, as she placed her hand atop that, if only to show him that she was grateful he'd stayed at all, and even bothered to sit here with her for a moment to stabilize her and make sure she was alright. It took a second but Kara turned and looked up to face him too, locking her eyes in his once again and it was just as intense as it had before when he crouched in front of her. This swirl of emotion, the oddity of that comforting touch, embrace, and coo--all of this coming from him was so foreign to her. She expected this from anyone else, but Jace? Kara was convinced she was dreaming, but the bruises on her face, the split lip, and the very vivid recollection of the incident were all proof that she was very much awake. And even then, would she be satisfied with this dream if it was Jace trying to care for her? What about Casey? Did anyone tell him yet, and even if they did, would he bother to come, if he had the time, wherever he was in the world?

Merlin...what was she going to do about Liam? Kara couldn't help but chuckle as she shook her head, sniffling back a few of the inbound tears that were threatening to fall. The shy little Gryffindor from Hogwarts who had one boyfriend while in school, and never saw herself as someone who would have a suitor at all--was in quite a mess of things with her emotions, and the men in her life. But then she had to step back in her thoughts. Why was she thinking about her love life again, sitting here with him? She was with Casey, finally, after years of trying to be there for one another, in a semi-serious relationship. However, it was strained by the stressors of the inbound war, with little time to reinforce their bond. But with Jace, it was...something else. Was Liam right about her? Was she just getting close to someone because they wanted to get close to her? Was Jace only in this to sleep with her, and nothing more? Kara hated thinking this way, especially since he seemed so damn sincere, that it was throwing her off completely. Not to mention, he'd put down humans almost every chance he got when he was around her, so why would he have any interest in her? Brash, rebellious, 'bad boy' type would be able to get anyone he wanted, have his way, and be done with it of his own accord, why would he want to get involved with a scar-faced, war-worn, weak-ass human like her? Kara admitted she was probably more trouble than it would be worth...

...and then she had to just stop that line of thinking altogether. Why was she bothering with thinking about any of that? He wasn't going to want her anyway. He would never want any of that. Right?

"I know it's just..." Kara found herself staring at the bundle of their hands, with his sandwiched between hers. They weren't shaking anymore. And then he said he understood? Seriously, it felt like such a dream because he didn't seem like himself. Kara took a breath, and kept her eyes on their hands as it kept her calm and focused. She decided she would explained, because he deserved that much. "You're right. I know who did this to me. I...I went home, to my house. In London. I-I remember telling Jon I had to pick up some clothes and things and it wasn't going to take long at all--which is why I didn't take anyone with me." She had a feeling he was going to grill her for going anywhere by herself, but everyone was busy at that point and she had no idea she was going to be ambushed...so she braced herself in case he decided to snap. "I-I was home and...and he was there." As Kara finished her sentence, she slowed down because the thoughts crept up on her again. The sounds of shattering glass and ceramic made her bottom hand clench, tense with fear and anxiety as she thought back to it.
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by: Jace Bryden
As the silence stretched on Jace chose to focus on his hand sandwiched between hers. It was just as odd as the hug had been and she was throwing more mixed signals at him than he knew how to rightly deal with. He was never like this with anyone damn it! He felt the anger flare again though it wasn't directed at anyone in particular and the once comfortable silence started to grate on his nerves. Jace chalked it up to being stuck in doors and a general lack of sleep.

When Kara spoke again, Jace tilted his head so he could watch her out of the corner of his eye this time, not wanting to spook her back into silence. There was the beginnings of a low rumble that churned in the back of his throat though it would have been perceptible only to a Garou's keen hearing. That said, anyone paying close attention would have noticed his jaw tighten and his eyes narrow slightly. So he had been on the right track in thinking it had been someone she knew... that made the list of potentials significantly smaller... That thought was quickly derailed when she mentioned going to her home...alone. He wanted to snap at her for it. Tell her how stupid that had been but he bit the words back. She was struggling to tell her tale as it was and the last thing Jace wanted was for her to clam up.

"Who was there Kara?" Had it been Winslow? He felt his rage build tenfold at that though and even though Jace knew he was jumping to conclusions that would be one fight he wouldn't shy away from. He knew Kara had feelings for the man. Hell, everyone knew that, or should have based off of the emotions the pair threw out when they were around each other. It was sickening. But it couldn't be Winslow... last Jace had heard the man was back overseas... so who did that leave that would have access to Kara's home? Absently he reached up with his free hand to scratch his neck before returning it to its casual hang over his knee as he waited for Kara to go on.
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by: Fierro Darque
Fierro stormed across the compound. He would have apparated, but found that to be wasted energy casting when he was more than capable of walking across the way to get to the Capitalum building where his daughter’s room was located. After an extremely heated conversation—or rather, scolding, with Jon and his charge, that young Blaine girl, Fierro was on his way to see Kara for the first time since no one bothered to inform him of the events of the night before until now. He was livid, grumbling and fuming as he strolled across the courtyard, each step heavy and with a purpose. He yelled at Jon and startled the girl, since they waited to call on him to come tend to his daughter as she was near-death. And a sectumsempra?!

Who the hell would do this to her? Fierro hadn’t seen that curse in a great while. One thing was for sure, however…he would find whoever had the gall to commit this act against her, and end them himself. Darque moved swiftly through the main doors of the building. He didn’t mean to seem cold or inconsiderate of the people who greeted him with a nervous smile or a nod of acknowledgement, but he simply moved past them to turn down the hall that lead to the far wing which was the area of Kara’s bedroom, one of the only other rooms in this building that wasn’t the common area, conference room or the infirmary.

It was rather quiet here, private enough for her to keep her sanity in these tranquil halls.

Fierro heard voices, one of which belonged to Kara, so that was a relief in itself to know she was awake. He didn’t knock, however, he just opened the door and made his way over to her. Fierro didn’t want to regard her company because he was there for her, and her alone, but he couldn’t help it. He was so surprised to see that she’d been sitting beside Jace Bryden. The two had been getting along quite nicely, as she’d explained before they had a meeting with Winslow weeks ago, but that was all he gathered…though not enough to merit sitting here in her bed, alone, with the door shut.

He damned those fatherly instincts, as he hadn’t the chance to do so while she was young, but the nature of the garou, or more importantly Jace is what concerned him. Fierro paused that thought as he kneeled in front of his daughter. He took her hands into his and kissed the top of them, searching her eyes and face. “My God…” His heart sank, as he studied the bruises on her eye, and the fresh scab on her lip. Fierro held back the need to touch her face because he didn’t want to cause her any pain. “I just got the news, my darling, are you alright?” He searched for the scar on her chest and noticed minimal redness around the cut, which did well to heal up under the dittany concoction Jon assured him they’d used. Still, it hurt his heart to see her this way.


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