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by: Kara Viridian
24 May 2012
Tutaminis Manor (Grounds)
11:40 p.m.

The crack of the inbound apparition ripped and echoed through the open courtyard. They were deep into the night now. Time passed so quickly while they were fighting, and she had no recollection of when any of that even started. It was an eventful, albeit terrible evening. Kara not only found out her husband was alive, but she had also found that she was going to leave him. She had to. Kara hoped to leave it all there, with the bit of love she had left tearing her heart apart, and only a sliver of remorse in her—this happened. He cursed her. If she wasn’t so distracted with her compassion, haunted by her penitence or consideration for the demon that had erupted from him, she would have been able to prevent this.

Kara had aimed for her office, her bedroom at the very least, as she wanted to keep her arrival as secret as possible. She’d limp, drag, crawl or however the hell she’d travel, over to the infirmary, maybe send word to Jon if he wasn’t on the premises. However, in her current, weakened state, she was lucky enough to even apparate at all with little complication. Kara did feel like she wanted to throw up, if there was anything in her stomach at all. She was grateful to have landed somewhere near her intended target, even if that did throw her outside on the grounds in a patch of wet grass. The open air felt good on her lungs, and even refreshing over her cuts, never mind the fact that she was losing blood…and fast.

“H…help…” She tried to yell, or even speak at a normal volume but that was nearly impossible. Kara was so weak, it was barely a whisper. “H…p…me…”

Until someone found her, she wouldn’t move a muscle, except her eyes as she stared up at the night sky. It was funny though, in her delirium, she thought to count the stars. The stars were so beautiful this time of night.

Kara briefly wondered if anyone would hear her…
…she wondered if she’d ever see Jace again.
Her father...
She was sure that these stars would be the last thing she’d ever see.

Once again, she thought back to that meeting with Casey and Jace. Something she worried about for days, something Fierro had to advise her not to stress about—was the least of her worries now.
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by: Jace Bryden
[OCC: Credit to Krys for Shadow and pack convo]

The loud crack that rent the air was both heart-attack inducing and highly unexpected. Jace bolted upright from the couch he'd been sleeping, rolled to his right so he was off the thing and had a throwing knife cocked and ready to fly before his brain had even caught up with with the fact that they were not under attack from 1) Hunters, 2) Magic users, 3) the Order or 4) Death Eaters. In fact, aside from his racing heart and the startled looks of fellow pack mates in various attack stances, since they'd all for the most part been woken by the noise, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary at all.

Jace blinked a few times and took a couple of deep breaths to slow his racing heart. The room they'd made into their den was dark, not that it mattered to the garou eyes, and judging by the long shadows being cast it was well into the twilight hours... maybe 10pm? Fucking hell. The alpha couldn't even remember the last time he'd slept that heavily, though he supposed it shouldn't have been a surprise. He'd worked the pack hard over the past couple of days tracking down a particularly difficult mark and they'd been due some much needed downtime. The alpha reached up to rub the sleep from his eyes and took a moment to cast a glance over to the window where Shadow had set up her bedroll. She was just as awake and alert as the rest of the 7.

"What in the fuck was that?

"The hell..." The sleepy response was about what Jace had predicted and he watched as Shadow tried to orient herself to the situation. "Okay so that wasn't just me? The hell time is it?"

Jace shook his head and a quick glance had confirmed that the rest of the pack had heard it as well. "10? Maybe 11pm? Hard to tell," he responded quietly to his betas question. He pushed himself to his feet and padded over to the window, sliding back the curtain with his blade just enough to take a quick glimpse outside. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. He stretched out his senses in hopes they would give him insight to what was going on but he was met with silence...until his nose caught the familiar metallic scent of blood. "No sounds of attack...do you guys smell blood?" The question was directed to everyone in the room. What the fuck was going on? He turned his head slightly as Shadow stood from her bedroll and looked out the window too, putting her hands on her hips. She sniffed the air.

Mia peeked in from the adjoining room, her hair tied into a bun at the top of her head. "Apparition. It had to be." She'd only heard one like that two times before, but there was no mistaking that for anything else. "Its their way of getting around which means someone just arrived on grounds."

"Seriously, who the fuck would make an entrance that loud at this hour?" Shadow growled.

"Should we check it out?" Mia tried to walk past Shadow, but the beta put her hand on her shoulder. Mia stopped.

"Blood?" Shadow focused and sniffed again. She nodded at Jace. "I do now..."

Fuck. Fuck.Fuckity-fuck fuck. Blood meant death more often than not, or, if the totems were watching out for a soul, serious injury. Either way Jace didn't like what was going on and he knew if he felt uneasy about the situation the rest of the pack would as well. "Gear up, all of you. Carver take Bree, Mia, Stana and run a perimeter sweep. If something looks off or you find someone that shouldn't be here make them a corpse. Rafe take Tao and head toward where the scent is coming from. Scout the south and east side but don't engage. Shadow with me. We'll approach from the north and west. You all got 5 minutes so gear up quick. if this is a threat I want it taken care of before some stupid wizard blunders into an ambush."

Once the commands were issued Jace moved back to the couch and grabbed the t-shirt he'd thrown over it's back. He pulled it on without much fanfare and his leather jacket followed suit. Once the jacket was on, the bandolier of knives followed. He slipped his boots on and then drew three blades, two for the left hand and one for the right. After the designated 5 minutes was up and the pack was ready to move he motioned them out the door, and like shadows they dispersed into the night.
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by: Zeva Reid
Blood... Shadow was worried now, mostly for the welfare of her pack than anything else. What the bloody hell had the gall to tear into the night into the compound? Was this an attack? If so, it wasn't well thought out, because you didn't need garou senses to hear it.

Zeva took a moment to mull over those thoughts on the matter as she slid into her black pants. She pulled on her cotton hoodie instead of her leather jacket, since it was still in need of cleaning thanks to Carver. She followed Jace outside, and took off after him to heed the command of sticking by him as they all dispersed to investigate.

She kept her eyes up, assessing for any inbound danger.

"I thought this place could move and had wards against intruders." Shadow stated as she traced her steps and her eyes over the stretch of open ground she and Jace were traversing, sniffing out the blood by the aromatic trail in the air. "I'm just saying, if someone did this, maybe it's someone who belongs here. Whipping in here this time of night is sloppy as shit...but I wouldn't put it past a damn Death Eater to make that mistake."

The blood scent in the air was thick. Whoever it was...they were close.
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by: Jace Bryden
He kept the pace steady but purposeful, not wanting to alert anyone to their presence unless absolutely necessary. He mulled over Shadow's questions as they made their way north, swinging wide so they didn't cross paths with Rafe. The scent was growing stronger with every step and it had the alpha thinking that whoever this was, was probably in pretty bad shape, if not dead already.

"Supposed to from what I was told and could figure out, but I'm not about to blindly trust anything we didn't put up ourselves. I mean we've seen the guard rip down magic before so I'm not about to risk our safety... and guard aside you know what the nation is capable of. I wouldn't put it past them to still want our hides if they knew where we were holing up." He kept his voice low enough so that only a Garou would be able to pick out what he'd said. It wasn't that he didn't trust the Order even after being around for a few months, but, he still didn't really trust the Order.

As the scent grew stronger Jace motioned with hand sign that he wanted to keep communication on the silent side, at least until they knew what they were dealing with. The grounds were fairly open so once he had maneuvered Shadow and him into a spot where they could scan most of the grounds, Jace dropped into a crouch to keep a low profile as he let his eyes scan the horizon. Eventually they settled on a lump that resembled a human form. He tapped Shadow's arm and motioned in the direction of the form he pegged as their soon to be corpse. After a few moments to make sure there wasn't anyone else approaching Jace signed for Shadow to wait a few before following. He then took off at a brisk pace, knives at the ready in case this was some sort of elaborate trap.

The shape grew more defined the closer the alpha got and while he was prepared to see a mangled mess, he had not been prepared for that mangled mess to be know to him. Mingled with the metallic scent associated with blood was the familiar scent of the Orders leader. "Kara?" The query was out before he could stop himself and he silently cursed under his breath as he cautiously approached.
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by: Kara Viridian
So many stars... Kara lie back, trailing her heavy eyes over the constellations above. She had such an appreciation for the sky and the stars now, as it crossed her mind that she didn't spend enough time outside as of late. Kara was so cooped up in her office, in the bar, in her home, that she hadn't taken a walk or run under the stars in such a long time.

It was beautiful.

It was harder and harder to breathe, as she hemorrhaged from the deep cut over her chest. Not only had she lost so much blood but it was still oozing from the wound, though it poured slower now than when it first occurred.

Kara was convinced she was going to die here...

A voice called to her, and it sounded like her name...but she wasn't sure who it was until they drew near. "J...ja...ce..." Even if it wasn't him, that was the first name that came to mind. A second pair of footsteps accompanied her first visitor. If it was someone here to finish the job, she would go willingly, mostly because she couldn't move her hands or legs to put up a fight.
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by: Jace Bryden
The weak response to his callout brought out a fierce desire to protect in the alpha. A desire he'd never felt before toward anyone who was not pack. Someone had hurt Kara, the Order's leader. But why? Had she been ambushed while she was out. He trusted Shadow and Rafe to have his back as he moved in closer and took a knee beside the injured woman to take stock of her injures. It was as bad as the scent of blood made it out to be. Quickly he sheathed his knives as he come to the conclusion it was the chest wound that was the worst of what he could see. It was still seeping and without much though he pressed a hand hard against it.

"Fucking hell Kara. You look like shit." The words were brash and harsh sounding but anyone familiar with the alpha would be able to pick up on the worry he tried to hide. Humans were fragile things after all, and often wounds like these had a tendency to leave them dead. Judging by the weak voice and the labored breath, it wasn't hard to guess she'd lost a lot of blood-- was still losing blood. Jace let out a sharp whistle before turning his full attention on Kara. Gently he tapped her cheeks, hoping to keep her here with him rather than passed out. If she was semi alert then things might still be ok. "Hey, Kara, stay with me you hear? I didn't waste all that time teaching your wannabe ass to be an alpha only to have you croak whenever the hell you felt like it." After a moment of hesitation he realized that he needed to get Kara to someone with the skills to deal with this. The wounds looked like they'd been done by blades but the way the wounds still seeped led the alpha to believe magic might have been involved.

Footsetps could be heard approaching and when Rafe showed, Jace wasted no time in barking at him to find whoever the hell the Order had to heal people. Once the man was gone Jace removed his hand from Kara's chest wound and positioned himself so he could pick her up. "Gonna count to three sweetheart and then I'm going to have to pick you up. Probably going to hurt like a bitch but it's gotta be done. One, two, three..." Jace didn't wait for any protests, and true to his word on three he had them both up and Kara cradled in his arms. He trusted Shadow would gather those he set on perimeter duty and let everyone know what was going on, so he didn't even bother turning his attention to her. Instead, Kara in his arms, he marched purposely toward the place he knew housed their healing area.
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by: Zeva Reid
Zeva felt Jace tap her on the arm and nodded. There was no more room for conversation, even as low as they could have one, to where it was near silent. There was someone lying in the distance. She could smell the blood more than anything else, but notes of vanilla and verbena swirled in that scent. Lavender shampoo, perfume... Shit.

She heard the poor woman call for Jace as she stepped forward. Even in the faint moonlight, Shadow could see the large gash over the woman's chest. After looking around for anyone lying in wait to ambush them, Zeva unzipped her hoodie and slid her arms out of it, stripping down to her tank top underneath. She placed the cloth over her chest, and it soaked up the blood, just before Rafe turned up and was quickly sent away to fetch the healer.

"What the fuck did this?" She asked quietly, mostly in general since she knew the same amount Jace knew about this situation. It was a clean cut, not one made by teeth or even a claw, more of a slice than a gash. But Jace handled the woman straightaway, charming her in His own little way, with words to keep her awake and alert.

"I'll get the others." Zeva made sure no one else was in sight before she took off running in the other direction, trusting Jace to get Kara over to the infirmary, and hopefully to safety.
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by: Kara Viridian
Was Kara dreaming?

Jace was standing over her...and Shadow? There was a lot of commotion now. Jace was talking to her, but she only heard the warble of how gravelly voice. Words like "wannabe ass" and "croak" and "sweetheart" stood out the most and the delirium meant she was amused by this because she smiled at that. But just barely.

She screamed as the earth disappeared from beneath her and suddenly she was aware that there were wounds on her body. The biggest one was a slash over her chest, stringing from her neck and shoulder down her chest, with a minor cut on her arm, as she could tell from the sting. Kara felt bruising settling in on her face because when she cringed as she howled, her cheek bone throbbed from where she'd been struck.

Blinking slowly, she looked up at Jace, her eyes pulled together with worry. What was happening to her? Where was she going? Where did Shadow go? So many more questions that she couldn't even say aloud because she couldn't think straight...his face was blurry, and as she found the strength to move her arms, she weakly pressed her hand to the stubble on his cheek. There might have been a smear of blood left from her hands, and she might have said sorry if only she was able to...

Kara breathed out. Her eyes were slowly shutting, her pale lips dry as she tried to say anything to stay awake. Merlin, she was fighting this with everything she had, but it was a losing battle, and she didn't want to succumb to the light. "You came for me..." She uttered softly, finally able to say anything at all.
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by: Jace Bryden
He was so focused on getting Kara to the infirmary that he started slightly when her hand pressed against his cheek. Jace glanced down and gave her a fanged grin. She was getting weaker with each step and the Garou picked up his pace to something just short of a light jog, not wanting to jostle her anymore than was necessary. A raised brow joined the grin at her comment and the urge to protect and care for flared again. "Course I did. Wasn't about to just leave you out here." The words were soft and meant just for her. "You need to stay with me Kara. Keep those pretty eyes of yours open, just for a little while longer." He shifted his hold on her slightly as they neared the building and the alpha turned and put his shoulder into the door, easily breaking it open since it wasn't locked.

He shouted then, in a commanding voice, for a healer, hoping Rafe had made it here and alerted at least someone that they were coming. Even if his pack mate hadn't, Jace was sure his shout would have everyone in the building up at any rate. Rather than wait, the alpha continued in the direction of the infirmary. He figured meeting someone there or on the way was by and far the better option as opposed to just waiting for someone to maybe show up at the front door.

"You still with me sweetheart?" He shook her gently to bring her back if she ws unresponsive. "Kara do you know what, or who did this to you?" Jace hoped she was with it enough to give him an answer. Underneath the desire to protect was an even greater one to rip apart whatever did this to her and that was something Jace planned on doing sooner rather than later. Nothing that dared to hurt one of his own was going to live for long.
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by: Diana Blaine
Diana yawned as she turned the page of the book she'd been reading. It was a mystery novel, one Fox recommended from one of her muggle contacts she knew from that side, so she figured she'd give it a shot to pass the time. She promised Jon and the other healers that she would stay awake for about another hour or so to keep watch on the infirmary since they had some patients here. The book was already intense by the third chapter, she was idly biting her nails when she jumped at the sound of the front door to the Capitalium building opening with great force. She reached for her wand and took a few steps outside of the infirmary, surprised to see the Alpha garou bounding towards her with a body in his arms.

There was a cloth draped over her body and she looked limp, so injuries must have been more intense than a simple break or sprain.

Dark hair...light skin... at first Diana's eyes widened at Jace mostly because she'd never encountered him alone before, then as she assessed the body in His grasp she assumed it was the woman he referred to as Shadow, his second in command. But as he got closer, she noticed that it wasn't Shadow at all. It was Kara Viridian, and there was a lot of blood...everywhere. On his clothes, over her, and even some dripping on the floor as he walked.

Diana had offered to become a part of the few healing hands left to the Order but she was only given basic spells for minor wounds, she was hardly prepared for something this. "Oh my God..." she uttered.

Even though her fear spiked at the sight and presence of Jace Bryden, Diana held open the double doors to the infirmary and waved him inside. Any accusations towards him for this weren't meant to be made by her, as he could easily break her in half with even a simple look of his, and by the looks of it, Kara needed help, and fast. "Over there," She pointed to the next room to his left, which was isolated and prepped for these such emergencies. She waved her wand behind him and sent her Dove, her Patronus out with a message for Jon, in hopes he would come as quickly as possible.

She averted the eyes that were blinking awake with a charm that eased them back to sleep. Diana had spent enough time with Jaleth to know appropriation, and while more people stirring would make a chaos when there wasn't a need for it, they couldn't see their leader in this condition.
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by: Kara Viridian
How far out was she? Where was she, anyway? The stars were streaks against the velvet sheet of the black sky, so Kara assumed she was still in transit somewhere. She wanted to hold onto him, physically, drape her arms around his neck so it would make things easier on him as he carried her, but she simply couldn't. The most she could do was put her hand to his cheek a minute ago but even that took a lot out of her. At least her hearing came through clearly and she understood every word that strung along the low baritone melody of his rumbling voice. She even felt it against her as it came through his chest.

Kara managed to smile at those words but it was not without closing her eyes even after he asked her not to. The voice relaxed her, called her, soothed her ... The stars vanished with a tremendous boom and all Kara could feel her surroundings start to close in on her. A hallway? His footsteps were reverberating now, the sound slow and resounding at each step. She was inside, someplace.

The sear over her covered wound was numb, but she could still feel the blood dripping from it. Her breathing was reduced to a hiss, a desperate and pathetic gasp as she struggled to inhale and exhale. She was shaken. That voice again...

Kara's eyes fluttered open, but only to about halfway, and she blinked the tears out of them. She inhaled carefully, then exhaled again.

'...with me, sweetheart?'
'...did this to you...?'

Who did this? She couldn't remember right now, all of her thoughts swirling and tumbling in her mind. She blinked again, but only a blank expression followed. Kara couldn't remember or confess right now, but everything was starting to blur. "Ja...ce...I..."
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by: Jace Bryden
The small morsel that greeted the pair at the entrance to the infirmary was not exactly what Jace had been hoping to find. Wide eyes and fear radiated from the younger woman and if it had been any other time in any other situation the alpha probably would have ripped into her for it. As it was now he just hoped she didn't freeze and was able to do something and stabilize Kara until someone with more experience showed up.


"Hey, hey, it's ok, don't worry we can figure it out later." It wasn't much of a response and he was sure it wasn't going to do anything to reassure Kara but he tried anyway. He didn't miss how scared she sounded, even with the broken words. Hell, she was radiating fear, real legit scared of something fear and that bothered the alpha more than a little. His own worry turned to anger when he felt Diana was taking to long to snap out of her own shock.

"Where do you want her?" He barked out the words, harsh and demanding and as soon as Diana found her voice and directed him to a room off to his left he took Kara there. Once inside he set her gently down on the bed. It took a bit of jostling to get his arms out from around her but he tried to do it as gently as possible. Once she was down he took a moment to lift Shadows hoodie and reassess the chest wound. On seeing that it was still seeping he replaced the hoodie and pressed a hand against it to apply pressure until directed otherwise.

"Kara you're safe now. Your Order guys are going to fix you up good as new, promise."
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by: Diana Blaine
The Alpha garou asked Kara who had done this, the inevitable inquiry that only made Diana curious and a little more scared when Kara responded with Jace. She narrowed her eyes but kept moving, silently praying that Jon would have received her patrons and come over from their barracks without question. She busied herself with fetching supplies.

Her heart raced as she searched for anything and everything to aid Kara. Towels, gauze, medication, she bundled it all in the base of her shirt before she moved over to the bed where Jace had set her.

Diana didn't miss any of what he wa saying to her and quite frankly, it took her by surprise. He was...being nice to her? The last moment she'd spent with Jace in the same room as Kara was when she did her rally call about a month ago when they just had new recruits reeled in and were finally finding their legs to stand on their own. Jace interrupted with some mockery, nothing short of rude and crude, as he announced his presence there and made quite a stir that the others had to help extinguish. Yet, here and now, he was showing signs of compassion, something unexpected from a dominant, outspoken hard ass like him.

"Ms. Kara, Jon is on his way, okay? I'm going to remove this cloth and assess the damage, and you're going to be alright." Empty words, probably. Diana hated making false hope but she was trying to emphasize the importance of keeping the faith, as Jace Bryden had already tried to establish.

She was still in fear that this damage might have been done by the garou himself, but Diana needed to think through this, logically, and understand that even if Jace had committed this against Kara, he wouldn't be a fool and bring her here, where all eyes would be on them. Would he? She hoped this hasn't his handiwork.

When she pulled back the hoodie, she gasped, and the bundle of dark cloth fell to the floor.

"Oh no..." It was unlike anything she had ever seen. Diana gulped, and heard the crack of an apparition.
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by: Jonathan Partridge
Jon was already in his room, resting his legs as they were kicked up on the ottoman by his chair. He had been flipping through a muggle newspaper, reading up on any activities in that world. He'd been searching for news of the Devil of Judgment, trying to see if his friend 'Matt' was still being vigilant in His search to take down criminals in the London syndicates. Nothing new to report, it looked like, so he took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose to let this eyes rest some from reading that fine print.

There was a knock at his door. He figured it was probably kids again, knocking and running, like they always did, so he ignored the first round. Then it was followed by a heft pounding, the sound of adult fists furiously and vigorously knocking fairly high on the wooden door. Jon's brow pulled together as he padded toward the entrance of his room and he cracked the door.

A garou was standing there, one of Bryden's men, Rafe. He looked...worried.



Between getting a message from the Dove sent by Diana, and the surprise visit from the garou, Jon had changed into something more appropriate for his rush to the infirmary. He offered to take the garou with him on the apparition but when Rafe declined, he grabbed his wand and transported himself, solo, to the place he was needed most. He was greeted by Diana who looked more than surprised, she was terrified.

"What's going on?" Jon asked as he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. He flew into the infirmary, blowing past all of the bed where he was grateful they all remained asleep for this. News that Kara had been injured would not have done well for morale, but most importantly, he wanted to make sure he could work without distraction.

"Jace brought her here a minute ago. I just set the tools beside her and...Jon, I think it's a curse, she's bleeding out. I-I don't know the counter, if that's what it is, I couldn't get it to stop."

Jon narrowed his eyes at Jace as he entered the room, not to intimidate him, but skeptically as he neared the bed. There was already so much blood on the floor, trailing over to them, and bloody towels from her compresses already on the floor as well. "Shit," He uttered. "Diana, grab the Dittany from the herb closet, there's two recipes for healing potions, one restorative for her blood loss and the other for scar prevention. Follow every instruction to a tee. If you need help with it, fetch Jaleth. I got this."

Diana was just a student, so he couldn't blame her for not knowing something like this. She was eager to learn, and battlefield training her like this would keep her alert and on her toes.

Jon had to cast aside the anger he had with himself for not being here sooner. He just...didnt know. It hurt him to see Kara this way, but he was determined to heal her wounds, quickly. He lowered his ear to her mouth and nose. She was still breathing, good. "When did you find her?" He asked Jace, as he pulled his wand from his hip and started in on remembering the incantation of the counter curse. He'd never done this before, but there was a first time for everything.

"Kar, I'm here...I'm here, you're gonna be fine, just stay with us okay?"

It hurt so much...she was so pale, and that ugly wound, that gaping hole in her chest, pulled so violently at his heart. He whispered the words for the first round of the incantation, hoping to slow the flow of blood from her chest.
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by: Jace Bryden
The crack of another apparation was enough to set the alpha on edge and while he didn't jump he did visibly bristle. That sound was something he figured he'd never get used to. It sounded far to similar to a Hunters gun shot to ever be considered safe. Still, in this situation, Jace could only hope it was help arriving and not a delayed attack. At least the pack was out and about so if anything did go down they'd at least have that little bit of warning.

A familiar voice drifted from the other room. John if he remembered right. He was talking to the girl... but what was this about a curse? Was that the reason the wounds didn't seem to be clotting? Jace supposed it made sense. At the sound of footsteps entering his head snapped up and he leveled a glare on the healer to match the narrow eyed look he was receiving. If it had been any other time Jace probably would have thought the glare was well deserved as was the suspicion that naturally went along with it. He was covered in Kara's blood, as was the floor, the bed... hell they'd probably left a pretty good trail outside...

John's question snapped him out of that line of thought and the Garou though hard. Times he knew would need to be as accurate as possible here. "20-30 minutes since the sounds of the..." What the hell had Mia called it? "Apparition. 10 minutes to decide it was worth checking out and gear up, 5 to set a perimeter, 5 to be sure it wasn't a delayed attack of some sort or that anyone followed her. 10 to get her here. She was like that when we found her... non of you were around so I brought her here and sent Rafe to find you."

Jace backed away once John moved in to do whatever it was that he was going to do. The alpha had no skills for the magical so there wasn't much he could offer help wise outside of getting out of the way. So he settled in, and leaned up against the closest wall, to watch and protect if it was needed.
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