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by: Kara Viridian
FRIDAY 11 MAY, 2012
5 PM
Capitalum Building, Kara’s Office

Everything was moving along. The new recruits were all making some great progress and she was even making some professional strides (and personal ones) with Jace and the Lucky 7. Even though they’d offered one of their own to their company, Kara was actually proud to see the progress they were making with Stana. It seemed she was a better fit there than full on working for the Order.

Kara stood at her window behind her desk. She was looking at the courtyard from here, watching the children play on one side, and a few members of the pack hanging out near the training grounds. Things were finally looking up, even if they didn’t move as fast as anyone wanted. Casey was illusive up until the last minute in America. Jace was, for the most part, upfront about his requests and intentions. That was the key difference between these two men, both extremely vital to her leadership. One wanted to do it the old fashioned way, the spy game, to use caution and discretion. The other wanted to use force and an iron fist approach. Now she wasn’t taking anything away from Jon or Jaleth or even her father…these two were outsiders, men with plans to help shape the Order from the outside in, as opposed to the scattered approach the established Order Members had done in the years prior, with nothing to show for their sacrifice. She decided she would mediate, hear them both out on their pros, cons and opinions about the tactics from either side and then deliberate.

It was finally time for them to come together, so Kara invited them both here today. She said around five but she’d been in here waiting with a glass of vodka in her hand she’d been nursing since four. She was nervous, and needed this to calm her down, otherwise Jace would read her like the Sunday Paper.

The clash of these two would not be easy, she assumed.
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by: Jace Bryden
Three days had passed since he'd last seen Kara. Granted he hadn't gone out of his way to cross paths with her after their little tussle. Interesting set of events that had been. If Jace didn't know any better he'd be tempted into thinking Kara was purposefully avoiding him. Or had been. He'd found a message earlier this morning that had been left in their little den that requested his oh so charming presence at some sort of meeting.

It was around 5pm or close enough to it based on where the sun was in the sky that he'd told the pack they had a free night to do whatever they wanted short of killing Order people. They'd responded to that bit of news like unruly pups, though the sight had brought a grin to his face. It had been a while since they'd had a night with no prey that needed to be tracked or hunted down. Granted setting them loose on their own was probably asking for trouble, the alpha found he didn't care. Chaos always did better work when it was off the leash so to speak.

Jace entered the Capitalum building and headed towards Kara's office, taking great joy as anyone he happened to cross paths with in the short trip scattered and did what the could to make themselves scarce. He paused in the open doorway and leaned casually up against the door frame. It didn't appear that Kara had noticed him so he took a moment to just watch her. She was nervous that much was clear, and she'd been drink some sort of poison her race liked to drink to dull the senses... he could smell it. "That stuff will kill you," he quipped as way of announcing he was here. Jace then pushed himself up off the door frame and stepped into the small office, eventually moving the the chair closest to the door and flopping down into it before kicking his feet up to land on the corner of his desk. He clasped his hands comfortably on his stomach (the bandolier that was normally visible was on the inside of his jacket and hidden this time) and gave her a look that stated "What am I doing here?"
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by: Kara Viridian

Of course he would arrive first, he bloody lived here. Here she was, face to face with the beast she’d been avoiding for the last three days. Granted, Kara was actually avoiding everyone for the last three days, buried in all of the non-glamorous stuff that came with the desk and for the first time she was thankful she had that to pass the time and busy her mind. She had to start mapping out known locations of enemies based on scout reports. Then she needed to map and schedule supply runs, read through or listen to reports with Jon based on the aspiring healers. Then there was the matter of working with his charge, Maddie, since she needed to get better with her spellwork. She had other skills too, ones she promised not to disclose, but that needed to be fine-tuned as well. Fierro was doing a fairly decent job keeping an eye on things too, that said with no pun intended because, well, that beast that just walked through her door kind of took one of his eyes from him...before, Kara might have been angry at that thought but since Fierro had made his peace with it, there was no need bringing up something that occurred a couple of months ago, when this all started. Jaleth had taken quite a burden to himself, and partnered with Diana, it’s been good to see him in his element, teaching the young ones (and some of the older ones) what he used to teach back at the school and then some.

So why was she so flustered if things seemed to be rolling like a well-oiled machine? It was difficult to stifle just how much the other day affected her, but she tried her damndest not to let that get in the way today. Casey was on his way, after all, and there would be no need to bring that up in this meeting, because it wasn't the place. She just prayed Jace wouldn't think to bring it up, either.

His voice had ended the moment of silence she was trying to cherish, but it wasn’t like she hadn’t wanted to hear it. She did invite him here, after all. Kara disregarded his statement about her drink and she cleared her throat as she turned toward him. The Alpha was already in the room, and as expected, already made himself comfortable. She pursed her lips some and sighed as she zoned in on the dirty boots he put on her desk, glaring at him that dryly stated “Really?”, but she had this feeling he wouldn’t budge.

After taking a sip of the vodka, she set the tumbler on her desk. She shifted some of the paperwork away from his feet and moved to put a couple of the books she’d been reading back onto the shelf behind him. “Thank you for coming.” She was so quick to turn on the professional mode when it was necessary. She’d steer clear of any recollection of the other day, because she couldn’t think of any of that now. Kara was waiting for another guest after all. “And please, don’t look too excited or anything, I know you love this stuff.” Kara smirked, spouting a comment laced with so much sarcasm. She shoved the first hardcover book from her short stack into its place on the top shelf, reaching up to her tip-toes to secure it.

Jace didn’t need to explain to her that politics ‘wasn’t his thing’ because she understood that loud and clear of the many times before he’d bitched about it in so many words.

So many words…
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace offered Kara what could be considered a charming smile when she glared at him, presumably for the feet on the desk. Honestly he didn't care. Glares were a dime a dozen and right now he was more interested (was he really?) in her apparent standoffishness. She oozed professionalism, wore it like some sort of shield and Jace couldn't help but wonder if he had really put her off her game a few days ago. He watched under a hooded gaze as Kara went about moving things around and returning books to proper places on shelves.

The alpha didn't acknowledge the thanks though he did chuckle softly at the sarcastic response that followed. "Fan-fucking-tastic," he responded, though there was a lightheartedness to the word. He'd made it pretty damn apparent how he felt about all the political bullshit that went on to get even the simplest decision out of anyone here. At times it was worse than freaking pack politics. At least with the pack he could beat the stuffing out of whoever disagreed... this play nice stuff? Jace was starting to think that was the reason tat each and every time he'd left a meeting the urge to kill something was through the roof.

"You know, if you're trying to keep me in a reasonable mood this is not the way to do it."
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara placed the second book on the next shelf down and shook her head some, with a smile unseen by him. It was such a 'Jace response'. She'd heard plenty of those in her time spent with the Alpha and hadn't minded the language unless it was in front of one of the children. He wouldn't care, but she would. "Oh, I'm sorry is there a different setting to you, Jace, other than grumpy?" She teased, raising an eyebrow before turning back to return the last book she had in her hand to the bottom shelf. Jace was starting to show other colors than the red of rage, and she found it nice. Far be it from her, however, to bring that up to him. She rather enjoyed conversing with someone, a notorious hot head, and allowing the different facets of his personality shine...

...that is, with than he exception of than the last three days, since he'd , at her caught her by surprise, in a clever ruse, that left her just swimming in her own thoughts.

Kara made her way around her desk to her chair and placed her palms on the surface as she leaned over it to speak, "Look, it's customary, and you seemed rather upset about not being let in on certain things having to do with planning or the tactical advisory so," She stood up and took another sip of her drink before setting it back down on its coaster, "Here we are. My associate will be here shortly, I'm sure." She eyed the clock, and almost regretted saying 'associate' but that was all professionalism speaking. Boyfriend? That seemed so... adolescent. Lover? Well...that was not the right word to use, now was it? How were things with them anyway?

No, she couldn't think about that stuff, not now.

So, that was it, right? A meeting with Casey to discuss the plans from their meeting in Salem, then she and Jace could figure out where to send their people for preparations, scouting, etcetera. Or was it also because she hadn't seen him in three days and wanted to check in?

Oh Merlin. What the hell...
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by: Jace Bryden
"Hmm, how about aggressive, assertive, violent," he quipped half-jokingly with a grin as he looked up at Kara. When she turned her back to put away that last book or hers his head fell into a slight tilt and his brows furrowed ever so slightly in confusion. He rarely joked, even if it was in a half assed manner and when he did it had only ever been with the pack... so what the hell had that little quip been then? Was it a sign he was growing more comfortable around Kara? To comfortable perhaps for a guy that was know for pushing everyone away? God damn he needed to get out of here once this was done... maybe take the pack on an extended hunt... clear his head.

Jace was drawn from his thoughts when Kara returned to her spot across form him and offered some sort of explanation. He could buy into that sure. Not so much the customary part but the whole being pissed off about being left out of the tactical planning they'd been doing. It was like letting prey design a hunt for prey. Stupid. Inefficient. Definitely not effective... and if the Order had any plans on using the 7 at all in its official capacity as a mercenary group there was no way in hell Jace would willingly follow any drawn up tactic that he or Shadow had not been a part of. In the alphas mind that would be tantamount to suicide. And what was this about an associate? Was the Order allied to someone else?

"Associate huh?" Jace reached up to run a hand over his beard and then down to scratch an itch on his neck. "Do I happen to know said associate?" It was a valid question. If said associate was a known then it took some of the unpredictability out of this meeting. If not... well, it would be nothing a bit of intimidation wouldn't fix.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara turned back just in time to catch his grin and she laughed quite a bit. She just couldn't help but laugh at his mild attempt at making a joke about his temperament. Kara nodded at each response--'aggressive', 'assertive', 'violent', because they were all true and she wasn't going to take that away from him. But she was beaming, even after the laugh faded. "It's too true...and exhausting, I'm sure." She shook her head.

There were times she'd get into fits of rage, anger, aggression. A lot of that happened just after her last trip to Azkaban. She was sent home, implanted with a tracking device. Her husband ripped out of her life. Kara was dealing with the memory loss all by herself, save the times Casey was there to pick her up when she was rendered to nothing more than a heap of tears and sweat on her hardwood floor. Of course, she couldn't discount Jon for his efforts or Henrietta and Seamus at the bar, but she was just glad to be past all of that.

She picked up her glass once more and sipped at the bit of vodka she had left toward the bottom. It was hard to believe that thing was almost halfway filled just before Jace arrived. "Except that--that thing you did with your face just now? It's called a smile. And when you aren't out for blood or wanting to kill all of the things--smiling is good. Maybe do it more often, yeah?"

Word vomit.

Why was she so concerned with seeing that fanged smile of his? Maybe because it was actually nice to see him come up with pleasantries as opposed to smiling with his usual dark intent. Nevertheless, she rather appreciated this side of Jace. Not having to worry if he was going to scold her or yell at her or take a shot at her if she had her back turned for too long...it was nice. Merlin, so much happened in the span of two months, it still blew her away the progress the two of them had made to tolerate each other's existence...and then some. "You have met him, though briefly." She responded, to his question of whether or not he'd met the 'associate'.

Now seated, she leaned into her chair and folded her hands in her lap. She offered him another smile though with a raised eyebrow, because what she was thinking amused her some. "And please, I'd rather not go through the same thing before--what with your aggressive, assertive and violent behavior, like at my meeting before this, with everyone else present? I'm sure you recall..."

It had already almost been a month since the day Kara had her first official meeting with the Order and its new recruits. The Jace from that time didn't think much of her or the people living there. The Order from that time was a shambles, fragments that needed assembly, and he let it be known that he was not impressed with her...ah yes, how times had changed.

As not to let her eyes linger too much on the Alpha, she looked at the clock on the far wall as she slowly swiveled in her chair. A nervous habit, if anything, as the silence fell between them.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey had no idea what to expect when he got here. He and Ianto had filled Kara in on a great deal the other day at Subway, yet he knew she probably had questions. They both had things they had to see to, though, so they had agreed to pencil each other in for today. Pencil each other in... It sounded so business-like, and Casey didn't like it. He hated that their relationship was on a back burner for the war. His personal life always had been because he'd always felt the need to step up and make sure Evie was safe or Evie and Julian, Evie and the kids.... Kara was different. He had known her as an auror and had known her during her time searching for her father's true identity and helped her through that. He'd never viewed her as weak. He still didn't view her as weak. Should they ever need to partner in a duel, he knew he wouldn't have to worry about her. They'd have each other's backs, and that would be that. She was inexperienced in ways of leadership, in how the Order was run, yet she was anything but weak. So, why then, did he still find their relationship was on the back burner even more than his and Evie's had ever been? Briefly here and there, yeah, but not like this. The war seemed to be the factor that they both valued most. Here they were again meeting because of it. With another person. When had been the last time they'd truly had carved out time for one another?

Casey supposed now was not the time to be thinking of such things. This was necessary at this point in time and would be necessary. He supposed the thought of their relationship had simply been weighing on him since his initial approach concerning obtaining the Order's help had led to such a big ordeal as allowing some pack of mercenaries into the Order. He remembered Mundungus Fletcher. Lot of good he'd been. Loyal to Dumbledore, but still. Not the most savory of sorts and certainly not a major player. This lot seemed more assertive and aggressive than Fletcher and had no loyalties to them to boot. Money could come from different sources. It wouldn't matter to them in the long run if needed. He didn't care how essential Darque and Kara thought they were to things, he still didn't like it or the direction starting off on such a foot could lead the Order.

Casey sighed as he approached the last part of the door maze that would lead into the grounds and paused a moment before opening the door and looking around at all the green. Another sigh and he squared his shoulders before taking off to the Capitalum building where he assumed the meeting would be taking place. Sure enough, he heard voices when he entered the building. Great. The leader of that pack was here. Was that whom they were meeting with? It didn't make sense at all. He didn't want to involve them in this attack. That would be like committing suicide. Yet what could he do right this moment? Nothing. He had to at least show up. What he did from there was dependent on what she expected and whether he felt he could live up to those expectations.

That decided, Casey approached Kara's office, knocking on the door frame before entering. "Evening."
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by: Jace Bryden
Kara's reaction to his half assed joke was fascinating. Most would have run or shown fear, or hell need a change of pants for that matter, but Kara responded with a laugh. It wasn't a nervous laugh either and from all appearances seemed genuine. It was hard to understand and Kara's emotions were so mercurial it was hard to keep them sorted into something that made sense to the garou. Maybe it was the drink? She'd gone from professional standoffishness to whatever this was at the snap of a finger. And then that thing about smiling more? His brows shot up at that before furrowing slightly. What was that supposed to mean?

Jace let his brown eyes settle on her, a slight look of confusion spread across his face as the grin he'd been sporting moments ago shifted into his more customary and comfortable smirk as he tried to figure out the woman across from him. Everything she was doing now contradicted her mannerisms from earlier... Perhaps this was nothing more than him reading to much into something that wasn't there. It wasn't like he'd gone out of his way to keep the 7 near any humans they weren't hunting. So why was he suddenly so concerned about trying to figure Kara out?

His thoughts shifted gears again at the mention of him already knowing her associate. Jace tried to call up the short list of people he deemed worthy of his attention but was coming up short. Whatever. he'd meet whoever it was soon enough and it didn't seem like Kara was going to elaborate further unless he pushed for a straight answer. Jace did well to keep from laughing at the mention of the one and only other meeting he'd crashed on nothing more than pure curiosity. Obviously it had been a memorable appearance and the alpha knew he'd created quite the shit storm before he'd left.

Jace's expression didn't change and after a long silence he figured he probably should at the very least try not to antagonize whoever her associate was until he'd at least met him face to face. "I'll try," he quipped back, though by the even tone it was given in there was no indication the alpha would or would not actually try. He let the room fall into a comfortable silence and his smirk widened slightly when he picked up that Kara had let her gaze linger on him longer than was probably considered normal. Before he could call her out on it she had turned her chair to look over at a clock and the sound of footsteps approaching, coupled with a vague familiar scent caught the alpha's attention in full.

The step was light yet moved with purpose, indicating whoever was approaching was comfortable with being here. The lack of heavy step was also an indication that whoever was approaching wasn't someone who been in the field recently, or tracked, or frankly was a rough and tumble fighter... And then there was that voice and Jace couldn't stop the small laugh of disbelief. He looked at the floor then back up at Kara before mouthing "Him? Really?" knowing his back was to the door and Casey would more than likely miss it. Jace had only briefly met the man once when they'd first arrived and in that short span the alpha was of the opinion that this man was going to be nothing but a thorn in his side.
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by: Kara Viridian
Good, they were off to a good start. Smiles and chuckles, jokes and conversation, as opposed to the stiff awkwardness that usually accompanied something like what had happened between them. It meant they were mature and could handle said matters in private, instead of hanging that dirty bit of laundry on display. But even with that thought tucked away in her mind, Kara still had a cloud looming over her. Jace was full of surprises, but Merlin, now was not the time for any of those.

Still, this was quite possibly the most civil she'd ever seen Jace, so maybe that day affected him too?

Ugh, cut it out.

Kara looked up as she heard the soft raps on the doorway, and she offered a smile to the newcomer. It had been some time since she'd seen Casey, and while she never forgot his face, seeing him here after all of this time made her eyes light up. She had been quite distracted with her own agenda as of late that her private life had been shelved. It was kind of sad that she'd only noticed that the other day, when she sent the invitation to both of these men, particularly to Casey, that their relationship had been stifled, held back due to planning and talk of war.

She didn't miss Jace's mouthed words as her gaze drifted over him briefly when she stood from her chair. Kara tried not to react but she slightly narrowed her eyes at Jace that sort of warned him, 'Don't start...'. There was almost a smile there, not to mock Casey--no, not that at all. She was just trying to kick these nerves away, nerves that seemed to swirl back at the sight of Casey standing in the doorway.

"Hi...Casey. Please come in. Would you care for something to drink? Either of you...water, or tea?" Given the remark from earlier, she picked up that Jace might not want an alcoholic beverage. Casey didn't partake much either, but it was a polite gesture as the host to offer to her guests. That, and bartending habits of course. She stopped herself from approaching him, unfortunately something she found herself doing on more than one occasion.

"Casey, let me officially introduce you to Jace Bryden...Jace. This is Casey Winslow, my associate." Kara gestured between the two of them, trying to maintain her confidence as she remained standing by her desk. She emphasized the word associate in regards to what they'd been discussing earlier. "I believe things were rather...different, The last time we were all together."

Their last meeting was Jace's arrival, the initial seal of the deal originally brokered between Fierro and Jace. Casey had shown his disdain for making that call, which, in hindsight might have been the cause of the sudden rift between them...but Kara hoped Casey could at least give her some credit, especially now. She was getting along with Jace, and the pack had been helpful assets thus far. No worrying about losing them due to finances or resource as they were given a home, food, supplies and then some...and surprisingly, there had been no deaths on the premises. No real incidents, save the issue with Stana and Fox, but that was handled, nipped in the bud.

Kara motioned towards the other chair, spaced enough and appropriately away from Jace but still across from Kara that they would be comfortable. Even if Casey didn't want anything to drink, she offered him a seat. She somewhat shifted again; Kara was forced to kick it back into professional gears with Casey around.

Her heart was racing and she was on a full sprint to catch it and slow it down. Jace had a thing about reading her, so she needed to control everything she possibly could to show him, and inevitably Casey, she was not afraid. She couldn't appear weak, not in front of the two men who actively tested her as a leader.
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by: Casey Winslow
Officially introduce? Jace had introduced himself before, but he supposed this was the first time face to face. Casey offered his hand as Kara introduced him, managing not to cringe when she called him her "associate." Well, this was first and foremost a business meeting, so he supposed it was appropriate. It'd be better for both of them professionally if Jace saw they were capable of being professional rather than mixing business with pleasure. Thus far, they had separated the two. It made things interesting, to say the least. Casey wasn't entirely certain what to think, but they had settled into routine of not greeting each other as a couple in front of others when it came to the topic not being something other than the Order. It was for the best. There was more respect when there was little threat of potential nepotism between them. They weren't married, but it still stood.

"So, what are we here to discuss?" Casey asked, moving toward the chairs. He wouldn't sit until the other man had sat, fully aware of the implications of one standing over another being a sign of dominance whether intended or not. He motioned for him to sit if he'd like. He'd sit at the same time rather than after for that very reason. He didn't want to make the alpha Garou think he was trying to assert dominance himself, but he wasn't going to let the power play exist either.
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by: Jace Bryden
And back to the formalities. Fun times. Jace kept his mannerisms as neutral as he could but when Kara narrowed her eyes at him he bristled slightly. It was hard not to snark at her for it but with Casey now entering the room there was no point in antagonizing anyone before they'd even had a chance to get a couple words out. Besides he did tell Kara he'd "try" to play nice out of the gate.

"Nah," he drawled out when Kara asked if he wanted a drink. Small talk. He let out a soft sigh. If this was a precursor to how this meeting was going to go he was going to need to kill something. Or a lot of somethings. He let his gaze fall on to Casey as Kara formally introduced the man and then to his hand as he offered it. Jace didn't miss the cringe, or the steadily growing nervousness from Kara, or the rapidly growing tension in the room. Granted most of the tension was probably his fault but still made for an interesting scenario. It wasn't until after a few beats and a small internal war with himself on whether or not Casey was even worth the effort, that Jace even got to his feet and grabbed the hand, a slowly growing smirk playing on his face and he moved in far closer than would be considered comfortable and so that he could look down on the shorter man.

He didn't move when Casey motioned to the chairs and asked his question. It was highly amusing to the alpha that Casey didn't seem to be taking a seat right away. Was the man posturing for dominance? Oh this was just to rich. Did he honestly think he even warranted a blip on Jace's radar? The alpha shook his head and let out a small laugh, clearly amused by the whole thing, and turned to find his chair, flopping lazily into it and kicking his feet back up onto the desk corner so he could resume his former position, hands clasped loosely and resting on his stomach. He turned his attention back to Kara once he was comfortable and waited for her to fill him in.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara stood now too, just to join them and not seem rude, even if she didn't expect any contact with Casey upon his arrival. Not even a handshake. Ugh, these business affairs were so stiff and bloody exhausting.

So, Casey walked in ready to dive in, yet Jace...alright so she couldn't get a good read on the man before he and Casey did what men did best: sized each other up, for lack of a better explanation. Things didn't go as smoothly as she wanted, no. They went about as she expected...uncomfortably. She sighed at the sight, but once everyone was settled in--the garou with his boots back up on the desk made her huff a little--Kara just smiled, as awkward as ever, giving it a beat to catch her thoughts.

If she was going to be real here, Kara wanted to go in for more of her own drink but considering her company abstained from any beverage, even of the non-alcoholic variety, she settled for drinking what she had left and leaving it at that. She was a ball of nerves, and that was an understatement. If they could only hear what was going on in her head--wait, no...that would be bad. (She chased that thought away.)

"Right. So, I'll try to keep this brief, but I wanted to touch base with both of you. Casey, regarding information we brought home from our trip to Salem, I thought it would be in our best interest to inform Mist...Jace, of what we plan to accomplish on the homefront." Kara was glad she caught the word before it came out, as he made it clear, not just with her but with others including Stana, didn't like such titles. If she wanted him civil, she'd have to play nice, too. No need riling up the beast now, she had to be careful.

"Since you are spearheading this as a liaison of sorts, I was hoping you could clarify any details for us here, that way he and I, as well as his Beta, Shadow can ensure the safety of their homestead and ours." It was admittedly impressive to Kara that she'd been able to work with them without issue so far, but two months was a drop in the bucket compared to what they were in for.

There was that fragile faith again, but at least it was still intact. Merlin, she wanted to rewind to ten minutes ago when she was laughing and joking, and not being so damn worried about how this was going to go. It was far better at that point...
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey sat as soon as he sensed Jace was going to. The man irked him. Too much bravado, too much cockiness. Most people used such things as a front, but somehow Casey doubted this was the case with the Garou across from him. Casey listened as Kara told them what the purpose of the meeting was and what she wanted to do. He stared at her for a few moments. What did their homestead have to do with any of it? They wanted to attack Diagon Alley, seats of government. None of those places affected the safety of either the safe house or any territory this pack might call theirs. They didn't need Garou help to make a statement. While there would be skirmishes possible, it wasn't as though this first attack was meant to do anything but say, "We're here." At least, as Evie had planned it, at least as the supplies they had would allow.

Casey looked from Kara to Jace after a moment had passed. "We're going to attack places of import to the government and establishment. The only threat that would possibly come across to your kind or our safe house is if the Death Eaters find out our current location or you get seen as part of the attack. What do you want to know?" Yes, his frustration was showing, but he didn't see the point of bringing these Garou into this. So long as they had people to place the bombs Evie had purchased months prior, they really needn't lose too many to this fight or need huge numbers involved. The healers were primarily needed for any casualties.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace took a moment to shift his weight in his chair slightly so that he was facing both Kara and Casey at the same time. It would be far easier to pick up on small nuances or movements that could potentially give away thoughts if he gave himself a clear visual, and he had every intention of trying to get a solid read on things. Eventually as Kara spoke and explained why she had called them both here and instantly his gaze shifted to rest firmly on Casey. Kara had now used the words associate and liaison in regard to the man across form him, Jace absently wondered if the man was running with a different pack, or group or something along those lines... an unknown.

The irritation in Casey's tone was enough for Jace to conclude that the younger man didn't want his involvement in what was being planned. Kara on the other hand did. And it was about damn time too. Two months of sitting here twiddling thumbs was enough grate on the alpha's nerves, even with the small progress he'd made with Kara the Order had still yet to make a move and there was only so many hunts he could take the pack on before they would question and push to sever ties with a weak ally. The idea of attacking places important was a decent one. It would destabilize and create enough chaos if done right that Jace was certain it would cripple the currents governments ability to react if they could keep the ball rolling. But that was the kicker, they needed to push. If they went head on it would announce that they were around and then the real hunt would be on.

Jace narrowed his eyes and let out a small snort of amusement that stated he was clearly not amused by Casey's insinuation that he was a threat to the Order if seen in any kind of attack. "I'm the fucking liability if seen in an attack? That's rich coming from probably the 2nd or 3rd most wanted guy by the Ministry. A guy who has been labeled as having direct ties to the god damn Order." Jace did well to keep his tone even and for the most part neutral, rather than lash out with a rage that wanted to rip into the man across from him. He let the silence stretch on for a bit as he gathered his thoughts and gave Casey time to chime in if he felt oh so fucking inclined to. What did he want to know?

"Who is 'we'"? It was a good starting point the alpha figured. Before anything else could really be discussed he needed to know what he was working with. "It is the Order? Is it the Order and Lucky 7? You and some mystery group that as far as I'm concerned, doesn't exist? Or is this like that thing humans call the royal we? You know, the we that really means us," he pointed at Kara and then himself before continuing, "where we do the dirty work and you swoop in last minute to claim the credit?"


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