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by: Kara Viridian
TUESDAY, 8th MAY, 2012
07:55 AM
Tutaminis Manor, Grounds

They were on their way. Slowly, but surely, of course, but Kara was proud of the strides she’d been making as the acting leader of the Order. They’d recruited new blood, established jobs for healers, runners, groundskeepers, tutors, cooks, for some of the members and refugees who had taken up residence at the safehouse. She felt they had their feet firmly planted on the ground again and for the first time in years, she could say they were up and running. Kara would never take credit for doing anything on her own because that was completely false. She had help in re-establishing this as a more reputable organization, pulling it out of the ashes once more, from several friends and even unlikely allies, like the Lucky 7 who had been brought to them by her step-father…

…that was an unusual alliance, indeed. About a week ago, she and Jace Bryden, the alpha of the pack, had come to somewhat of a compromise. He’d unlocked something in her she never felt “allowed” to do since she’d come around, and even less so when she vied for the leadership role with the Order. She was bound by these what-ifs and what-not-to-do’s and Jace, in his own charming and not so subtle way, that she wasn’t particularly bound to anything if she wanted to be a good leader. Still, she wanted to remain as fair and just as possible but he made her realize that sometimes, force was necessary. Kara knew she was far from celebrating any major breakthroughs with her current role, but the small victories that were sprinkled throughout, still merited some sort of kudos.

It was early yet, for most of the inhabitants of the safe house, but Kara had already been awake for three hours. She’d spent a lot of these nights sleepless, and when she finally did sleep it was for maybe two or three hours at a time and then a lot of lonely, restless hours staring at the walls or ceiling. When she couldn’t sleep she liked to head outside to the grounds, where there were targets she’d throw her daggers to or a few spells if she really wanted some practice. That’s where she was headed now, ready to let the blades fly. Holding the knife Stana had charged her with, the blade that belonged to that Alpha Jace Bryden, made her really miss the weight of that forged Damascus steel in her hands, the curved blades that cut clean and landed with such a beautiful precision.

Right on target, she grinned. She could have spelled them to return them to hand quickly but she didn’t feel like using magic now. Old school training with her physical weapons was quite therapeutic. As she walked over to fetch the blades from each straw and cloth target, Kara could hear voices coming from around the corner.
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by: Jace Bryden
"I don't give a damn how good you think you are. I paired you with her so you both could learn a thing or two and I could still here you a 1/4 mile off. So don't give me your shit about being the best when you sure as hell ain't." Jace let out a snort of disapproval and while a dangerous edge could be heard in his words they were tempered slightly by the fact that this was one hell of a learning curve for the whole pack. It had been the first time Stana had come off of Order grounds with them as ended up being pretty much as expected. The girl was no garou but she did have some natural talent. What she lacked in skill she made up in determination and tenacity. At the very least she'd picked up on the sign language the pack often used when prowling about so theoretically Tao shouldn't have been that handicapped by being saddled with the human girl.

Then again it was only two days after the moon and most of the 7 were still relearning their human forms. The first moon since they had joined up with the Order had been a much needed tension reliever. Jace had made sure they had been well and clear of and Order grounds the night before the moon. It was hard enough to keep tempers under wraps without the moon adding to it. That said it had been a wonderful shift. He'd been sure to let the 7 be as wild and as savage as they were born to be and they'd hunted anything and everything that was deemed worthy prey. It had been such a successful run that when they'd returned to their little piece of territory back on Order grounds pretty much crashed the next 24 hours straight. Hence the reason Jace had them out and moving during the early hours of sunrise.

He listened intently as the pack bickered among themselves, placing blame and pointing out weaknessess that needed to be corrected. Most we're directed at Stana but Jace figured she could handle it and ask questions as needed. Maybe once they'd all had a chance to cool off and east something he'd take the girl and do a bit of work on knife skills. That was always fun.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara pulled the blades by their handles, first the right target, then the left, and stalked around the corner. She saw Jace standing there, giving his spiel to the pack. Nagging them about something, pack tactics and all that. She did her best to observe from where she stood, but she was actually curious and wanted to get a closer look. Kara didn't realize she'd walked up a little closer, with her blades drawn and moved to sheath them, lest Jace turn around and think she was going in for a kill strike or something. Yeah, like she would be dumb enough to do something like that after they'd finally made progress toward...well, whatever their professional partnership could be considered. Plus, she wasn't even trying to hide her footsteps. She already knew he'd call her out on how sloppy she was and how loud she was being, practically announcing her presence by stomping around.

Wait. Was she actually playing this out in her head as if she knew what he was going to say before he'd said it? How long had she known him anyway? Almost two months? The Alpha was hardly predictable but his mannerisms were easy to understand, once you got to know him. He was no-nonsense, no-bullshit type and she was starting to learn from him, in the time he'd been here. He practically kicked her ass to get to that point, and she respected that, because she knew she was walking into one hell of a task trying to take on the role of leader of the Order.

That confidence that oozed off of him was just so...intriguing.

Well, she wouldn't want to bother him anyway. He was the General, the Captain, the Alpha calling the shots here and she just wanted to take a peek into his progress with the girl. Kara felt a bit of remorse for throwing her to the wolves but she felt like she had no choice. She had to hand it to Jace, for that one...It was unusual to see any garou accept humans in the same vicinity, let alone let one run with their pack.

Kara walked up and folded her arms, leaning against the trunk of a tree, enjoying a bit of the shade from the early morning sun.
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by: Jace Bryden
All the bickering was starting to give Jace a headache and he snapped a few more time at the group before sending them all off to do something other than annoy the shit out of their alpha. Quite honestly he didn't really care what they did at the moment as long as it was somewhere he wasn't. Most of the pack could feel the tension he was radiating and didn't offer an argument, instead they opted to disperse and leave him be. Perfect. He'd heard someone approaching not that long ago and could feel eyes watching the small group. As much as he liked to show off this wasn't the right time for it. There were to many people around here and that meant to many eyes and ears getting an insight into how garou functioned.

So once everyone looked like they we're talking off Jace took in a deep breath through his nose to see if he could scent out whoever it was that was doing the watching and gave a soft amused laugh when he recognized the scent. Kara was nearby. The real question though was what was she doing out on the grounds at this hour? He couldn't scent anyone else nearby, so that meant she was alone... something worth investigating perhaps?

With a grin Jace slipped his hands into his jacket pocket and continued down the path, following his nose and whistling a soft tune. The turn in his working relationship with Kara had been... unexpected, but after that conversation a month ago, it was as if they were almost on an even playing field. Or at least less of a rocky one. He'd toned down his needling somewhat, though if the opportunity presented itself he always took advantage... and he could see the change it had brought on Kara. She seemed less meek, less concerned with what others thought she should be in certain situations, and she carried herself with far more confidence than when they had first met.

As he turned a blind corner the current woman of interest popped into view, leaning casually up against a tree. Jace raised a questioning brow as he closed the distance and when he was close enough he didn't have to raise his voice to be heard he spoke. "Now if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to stalk me. Learn anything interesting?"
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by: Kara Viridian
Before, Kara would have probably turned away, sheepishly bowing out of the area to get away from him. But now, she stayed there, unmoving, and she watched him approach casually with that confident grin and Alpha like stroll. "Stalk you?" She laughed. This was still a weird interaction of course as she never expected to laugh with someone like Jace. "Please. We both know you'd call me out on how shitty I am for having lead feet right?" She voiced her thoughts from before. Granted she wasn't trying to sneak. But her stealth was a little out of practice since she hadn't done runs in so long, not to mention she was probably no match for a garou right now.

She pat the handle of the dagger sheathed on her right hip and crossed her arms again. "I don't sleep much nowadays. Came out for some training and overheard your...way of whipping everyone into shape so I came to have a look. Hope that's alright." It was true, she'd spent more time stressing, planning, organizing and training than sleeping--and if she did retire to her chambers she wouldn't sleep. If not lying in bed staring at the ceiling, she would be reading or sketching out details for a supply run or something. It did show in some of her throws as it made her form suffer a bit, but she couldn't help it.

Kara pointed with her eyes as she kept her arms folded, "How's she holding up?" Stana was in one piece it looked like, but she wanted to hear the situation report from Jace himself.
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by: Jace Bryden
"Good, you're learning." There was a playful note to the way the words were said. At least she was smart enough to know she didn't stand a chance and also smart enough to know she'd needed to be on her A game if she ever attempted to stalk his crew. Jace leaned up against the same tree as Kara went on to explain why she was out at this hour. Training was a sentiment he could agree with. Her apology was laughable though. If she thought she'd overheard anything of importance or thought she understood how he trained the 7 Kara was going to be very disappointed. There was a reason he took the pack off of Order grounds when they needed to do anything serious.

Her question about how "she" was doing was interesting and he let his gaze follow hers over to where Stana and few of the pack were talking about something. Jace was sure if he strained his senses a bit he would be able to hear but at the moment he didn't really care. At the same time though he wondered why Kara was showing any interest at all. Last time they'd talked she made the statement Stana was his... still he supposed it wouldn't hurt anything to give her a bit of an update. humans did tend to form the strangest attachments to each other, especially with the ones that were considered children.

Jace gave a slight shrug. "She's holding her own for the most part. Kids got natural talent in some areas and in others it's pretty damn apparent where your race falls short. But she's got enough tenacity and brains to know what she needs to do. Gods damn terrible at tracking though." He shook his head at that. There was something that needed to be remedied or there was no way they could move on to killing marks and what not.
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by: Kara Viridian
"Yeah, someone told me--in so many uplifting words, it'd do me some good to catch on quickly." Kara smirked at him, with an almost teasing glare, which blossomed into a smile as she just shook her head. She emphasized the word uplifting, because most of his little pep talks with her were rather harsh, brutal but also to the point. Then she let the smile fade as she returned her gaze to the pack, in the distance as she let herself relax a bit more now that he'd actually come to engage in conversation. Merlin, things were very, very different now that things had come to a bit of a compromise. But why was she dwelling on that? Kara should be thrilled that this unlikely alliance finally leveled out--the faint scar on the inside of her hand a reminder that she'd made a pact with this garou on a whim, a judgment call she'd made and at first thought she was a mistake...

After enduring the two months of being verbally beat down by this Alpha, she was finally understanding the way he did his business and it just...worked.

She could see Stana out there, talking to the pack, doing whatever task it was Jace sent them off to do. Kara tilted her head as she listened to Jace give his assessment and she nodded in approval. Not that he needed the approval, she was just pleased with that. Even in his oh-so-charming way of insulting humans, Jace had a point. His comment on her tracking made her snicker. It was part pity, but also just struck her as funny, the way he'd said it. She gave a sympathetic sigh and nodded. "She's something else, I'll admit that. Seen some terrible things and is running purely on her emotions...but--while you might not be too sympathetic to that, Jace--I admire the efforts here. From her, and..well, from you too."

No, he didn't need the validation and Kara braced herself from the inbound sarcastic comment or scoff or eyeroll that came with the Alpha garou package. Kara felt it needed to be said, so she said it. It was admirable, what he was doing for Stana. He didn't have to take her in at all, he could have just taken her on a run and left her out to die. He could have killed her himself. Hell, he could have left her with the Order, but he didn't. Perhaps there was something underneath that leather jacket and thick skin that she wasn't seeing just yet, but it peeked out enough in the time they'd spent together for her to know it was there.
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by: Jace Bryden
Praise for anything was such a foreign concept to the alpha that he openly scoffed when she gave it. In all honestly he didn't know why he was bothering with the girl in the first place. It had started out as a pet project more to piss off Kara than anything but after their little spat it was less about pissing Kara off and more about if he could actually turn a human into a decent caliber killer... or it could be he'd taken a liking to her, though he'd never ever admit that to anyone. She was just a tool to add to his arsenal, nothing more.

"Unchecked emotion is going to get her killed." It wasn't a put down or a snide remark. No, it was just fact. Emotions on a hunt would only interfere. They gave targets and enemies an in to hurt you or and they made a hunter weak. Neither of which the alpha would allow in the pack. He kept his gaze on the few pack members with Stana as he spoke, raising a slight brow when it appeared to of the younger garou broke out into a mini brawl. Joys of keeping the pecking order straight he supposed. When he was sure the vicious little brawl wasn't going to involve Stana, he turned his attention back to Kara and notice the blades she had at her hip and grinned. Finally a wizard with some sense!

"You actually use those blades or are they just for show?"
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by: Kara Viridian
Scoff? Of course he did. She expected it. Kara fought to stifle a laugh as she shook her head. This was going to be fun, and maybe one day Kara would be able to call out his reactions before he could make them, to really throw him off. That would probably piss him off more than anything, losing that unpredictability? Yes. Yes it would. Kara kept that in mind, a card to use later, perhaps. Still, she didn't have the same vocabulary as Jace so she couldn't quite shape clever quips with the same flair or vulgarity, so he at least had that going for him.

Kara stood up off of the tree and shifted to a hip as she turned to face him now. "Yeah. I'm sure she knows that. Stana has a death wish as it is, joining you and your crew but I'm sure she'll catch on fast. Adapt. I think with the right force applied, she'll learn." Kara smirked, raising a brow. Ever since that day in the mess hall, Stana hardly looked at Kara. It wasn't like she harmed the girl like she did Fox, she just spoke with authority and used a little magic to show that she done tiptoeing around her or anyone on base. Kara did note that Stana had gone from looking her dead in the eye, challenging her almost, to averting her eyes or avoiding her altogether on the compound. Sure, she might have been confined to the area that was given to the garou for living or even training space, but they were still free to roam the compound to head to common areas to mingle and Stana hardly set foot in the Corporum building or even the courtyard without supervision.

But Kara put her hand to the hilt of her blade and nodded. "I'm sure it'll disappoint you to know I haven't used them on anyone in a while, but that's why I'm out here. Practice, remember? People say throwing or wielding stays with you, like riding a bike or broom or something--but I call bullshit on that load and try to break them out when I can." Kara didn't doubt that she could still slice a target six ways from Sunday. Her precision skills were in need of some work, and she would freely admit that. "Call me inspired from our meeting before," She made another reference to that incident in the mess hall, when she was able to handle his blade, even though it was brief. It might not have been one of hers, but she truly did miss the feel of having that sharp and shining steel in hand. "Getting the chance to throw again has been rather therapeutic."

Now he's going to mock her for not hitting living targets, isn't he?
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by: Jace Bryden
Practice. Right. He rolled his eyes at the comment but other wise didn't move fro the comfortable lean he'd adopted against the tree other than to tilt his head in dog like fashion when she mentioned she'd been inspired from their last meeting. How the hell that had been inspiring he had no idea and it wasn't like he cared anyway. At least she was using them for their intended purpose rather than just a decoration like most. A casual glance had him thinking they were full sized daggers to boot. Not something he'd use for throwing (he enjoyed the up close and personal aspect of the throwing knives) but if she could throw with any accuracy and a bit of force they'd kill all the same.

"Hnn," he stated simply with a raised brow to her mention of throwing being therapeutic. Jace had never thought of it in that way. He threw to take the edge off, he threw to kill, and he threw because he took some sadistic pleasure in maiming things he considered prey. It also helped to temper the violent urges enough so that when he was really feeling a blood lust he didn't take it out on any of his pack mates.

"Seems I've been doing a lot of inspiring lately," It was said with a small smirk. Jace couldn't quite tell if she was kidding or not. Either way it was weird to think he'd inspired anyone. He just told them what was what and expected people to shape up, shut up, or get he fuck out of his way. "So we going to stand here all day or you going to show me you know how to throw? Seems only fair I get to see your training methods since you decided to drop in and check out mine." The fact that she hadn't seen any method at all wasn't lost on the alpha, still, he wanted to know if she'd bite, and if she did, maybe he could get a few reps in as well.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara was flushed, and she hated it. She was already out of practice -- and he wanted to watch her throw? Here we go, he was going to tell her she looked ridiculous and that she had no idea what she was doing and that she was doing it all wrong. Wow, Kara thought, I think I've already spent way too much time near this one, if I'm picking up every single habit of his? She was bewildered, but at the same time, amused. She unfolded her arms and shrugged, walking over to the physical, stationary targets she'd been throwing at this morning. She assumed he followed her and waited until he was close by and out of range (ugh, that would go over well,) and she got into position.

Kara pulled the shorter dagger out of its sheath on her hip and prepped to throw. She made damn sure her stance was straight, and she gripped the shorter knife by its handle between her thumb and middle finger, just like Lana showed her before. Once it was all settled, she curled her fingers and let the blade loose, throwing that one straight ahead. She sidestepped, precise with her steps and she pulled the right dagger from her hip and as she twirled, she flung it through the air at the second stationary target. She was posed, a knee to the ground and her leg out with her hand stabilizing herself and when she looked up, she was pleased to see both of them had landed right in the middle of both targets.


This time, she decided she would fetch her knives with her wand, pulling it from her hip and calling them back to her hands at once. It might not have been as impressive it felt---but, wait, why was she already selling herself short? It was as if she was pre-emptively putting herself down for him. This was bad. This was just...bad.

"Well...What did I do wrong?" Kara smirked, teasing into a grin as she raised an eyebrow at the Alpha. It would be interesting to see how he handled her somehow reading his mind.
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by: Jace Bryden
Was that embarrassment he detected? Oh this was too good. He watched Kara as she made her way to where she'd been presumably been practicing earlier. After he let her get a few feet away he lazily pushed himself off the tree with a smug smirk and followed in no great hurry.

As she prepared herself for her first throw Jace dropped down into a comfortable crouch, just behind and off to the left of her, and took in her stance with a critical eye. And honestly it wasn't bad. It showed she'd had some training at some point but like she'd stated earlier the rust had set in. As he waited patiently for Kara to settle in he couldn't help but take her in as a whole. Gone was the timid woman he'd first met when the pack had arrived two months ago. Now he was seeing a woman who was growing in confidence and stature, one that wasn't just going to roll over for the first person to get up in her face. No, this woman in front of him was a fighter even if she tried to hide it. Sometimes the fierceness was buried beneath the sickening kindness she often showed others... what a waste.

He almost missed her first throw but snapped his eyes toward the target as soon as the flicker of the light on steel gave away the daggers position. It stunk resoundingly into its intended target with. His gaze shifted back to Kara in order to catch the second throw. She was far to tense for his liking and all the twirling nonsense was just wasted movement, but the throws were accurate and would have killed or at the very least, taken a target out of the picture. All in all not terrible. Not great by his standards, but not terrible. His gaze shifted back to Kara as she stood and magically called the daggers back to her.

Kara's question caused his brows to furrow and his eyes to narrow slightly. Had she just assumed he was going to chime in automatically? Jace decided he didn't particularly like that. It was tempting to simply remain silent, giving her a knowing smirk that said there was plenty wrong but not actually say anything. Jace stood after a few moments and clasped his hands loosely behind his back and slowly walked as if he was going to come behind and around her to stand on Kara's other side. "Not bad, not bad. You got skill but as you said, the rust shows. First throw was decent but the second... so much wasted movement. The side step would have been enough, but when you finish on the ground like that-" He stopped his movement and as quick as a predator of his caliber was know to be, he had come up behind her, pressing his chest to her back and wrapping an arm over her should to draw a claw across her neck if she allowed, or her reactions were to slow. "How do you protect your back?"

Jace tensed, ready in case she reacted badly. She'd told him before not to touch her so he full well knew what he could be getting into, but it was to good of an opening not to press. He made sure to keep the motion as nonthreatening as possible but still... humans we're unpredictable at the best of times. There was something about Kara that drew the alpha to her and it galled him to know end that he didn't know why.
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by: Kara Viridian
To her surprise, Jace moved closer. She half expected him to just stay where he was at, spectating from afar, but he'd walked up and around her. She turned her head, waiting for him to appear somewhere beside her but no such moment came. Kara gasped softly as she felt him press up against her, the contact was seemingly out of left field as she didn't see the Alpha as someone who would touch anyone without breaking their bones or harming them in some way.

Her hair was up in a ponytail, exposing the scrapes and scars on her skin. It left her neck open to the gentle touch his claw as it reached across her from behind. She almost shuddered at that but she stopped herself, huffing in a bit of frustration -- yet she didn't deny that it was almost thrilling. What the hell...

To his question she cast a sideways glance to him, looking over her shoulder to where he stood, bringing her face dangerously close to his. Kara could feel his breath, and her temperature rose a bit. But then she cleared her throat as she tapped his side with the blade. Not to do damage or risk scuffing that precious jacket of his, but she'd tucked it under her arm when he'd moved in, a play she learned to use a long time ago. Her assailant would be so busy with her upper half they wouldn't pay attention to her hands and it meant there was an open spot for her to send her blades back and into the core of someone who was ballsy enough for a rear attack.

This was thrilling, because she missed the fight sometimes, and being able to let these blades sing like they were meant to. Or was it thrilling because it was Jace?

"Now what did I say about touching me?" Her voice was low. A whisper almost, a sultry rasp that surprised even her as it came out. It'd be interesting to see what his next move would be, if he'd skitter away because she demanded before that he not touch her...or would he pull another move out of left field?
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by: Jace Bryden
The emotional response he received to his advance was intoxicating. It was some weird mixture of tension, uncertainty, and fear to some degree. It was as if he could feel Kara's flight or fight instincts trying to kick in and her struggle to keep them at bay. Jace didn't miss the scars that decorated her skin and absently wondered what stories they held until he felt a couple of strong taps to his side with what he could safely assume was one of her blades. Impressive. Seemed she had the ability to stay calm under pressure. He made a mental note to remember that move in case things ever went south. "Clever girl." He almost purred as he delivered the words hoping to get a rise out of her.

And then come the warning. Whispered in a sultry rasp that only had his grin widening to show a bit of fang. Instead of retreating to a safe distance, Jace opted to test his boundaries in regard to said warning. It had been missing the bite and ferocity of the previous one after all. He let the arm that had reached over her shoulder slide down her arm, letting it linger perhaps a bit longer than he should have when he reached her wrist. All it took then was a bit of applied strength, and if she cooperated, he'd work her hand with the blade away from his side and forward until it was fully extended in front of her, as if she had made a throw. he then leaned in close enough so that his nose almost brushed her ear. "Don't sell yourself short. Fully extend and you'll have more power in your throw."

Once the words were delivered Jace let her go and stepped back, walking a bit to her side so he could reinstate the couple of feet buffer zone he normally kept around people. He'd had his fun for now. Kara had made that far to easy. As if to prove a point the alpha whipped one of his own blades out of his bandolier and in the same swift motion and a well practiced underhand throw, had the knife sailing through the air to strike the same target Kara had been aiming at earlier with a resounding thud.
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by: Kara Viridian
Oh, now I'm clever, am I? Kara just grinned but the low rumble of his voice released a wave of goosebumps over her flesh. She damned her emotional tics for a second--because she knew Jace noticed things like that. Body temp, nerves, heartbeat, everything with that extraordinary sense of his. It made her feel like an open book and she didn't like that much...she wasn't ready to expose too much of herself to him. They were hanging onto a single thread, a meeting that called for compromise, but this was leaps and bounds beyond that now...

That grin...it was just as mischievous up close as it was at a distance, only now she could see the scars over his face, the dimple in his cheek as he smiled, and all of the silver hairs on his chin shining in the soft morning sunlight. Kara kept her eyes on his face until she felt his hand move and she followed the movement. She gulped as he trailed his hand down her shoulder and over her arm, and her heart beat ran faster. This contact chilled her all over again, and he pulled the blade from her side under her arm, and out to the front. His voice tickled her ear and suddenly he was gone, stepping to a safe distance, as if they'd been talking like this the whole time.

She just smirked letting her shoulders relax and her body slant to her hip as she raised an eyebrow at his advice. No, she raised an eyebrow at his actions, more than anything. What is this...

"Alright." She accepted his advice and decided to pull out the rest of her training gauntlet, which required the use of her wand. In one flick, Kara brought the course to life, moving targets floated at different levels and speeds in the small arena.

She took off in a sprint, closing the distance between her and the farthest targets but she slashed the ones hovering at her side. Two more inbound, and she slashed those too. Kara stood in one spot, knowing that the ones above her would swoop in and she tagged those before throwing her smaller knife at the one falling directly above her. Once the hilt fell back into her hand, she took off again, stylistic footing and swipes at either side took care of the last two before Kara used Jace's advice and extended her arm with her primary weapon.

It soared through the air, with such speed that shocked her, and landed directly in the middle of the target again, but this time it penetrated it all the way to its hilt. The power in her throw...the speed...the accuracy.

All of her magical targets caused a rain of blue sparks to trickle down, but they dissipated before they touched her skin. Kara turned to find wherever Jace was spectating from now and tilted her head. "Noted."


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