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April 15th, 2012
12 pm
Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum Building
Main Office

He was pacing...mostly because of nerves, but also because he could. Jon moved back and forth across the stretch of the window, feeling the warmth of the sun that was filtered through the glass. He'd was happy to pull the dusty curtains back, even though Kara liked to keep dark in here. She mostly came into this office at night, did whatever business she needed to conduct, and then retreated to her quarters if she decided to sleep here instead of heading home for the evening. But Kara wasn't here right now. She'd be gone for a few days, she'd said, verbally and in written form, as she'd left notice for both him and Jaleth to tend to the safehouse in her absence. She was on her way to run some Order errand in America with Casey--which was almost unheard of, and seemed borderline absurd to him. The Order had reach in other countries mostly by way of contacts and suppliers, but this was something different.

It didn't sit well with him, any of this, his nerves running low his supply of cigarettes in his metal container kept secure in his pocket. He took a drag of his freshly lit cigarette and blew out the smoke, watching it as the trail of it found its way out through the crack in the window.

"You rang?" A voice came from the door. It sounded flat, yet, at the same time friendly. Jaleth Lenor stood there, with a glass in hand. He appeared to be a lot healthier than when Jon had last seen him; Lenor and the Blaine girl were recovering quickly, though Jaleth was up and walking around a lot more often than Diana, who was still weak. The professor, who was wandering about without his usual Professor garb had recently joined the Order, dropping most of his ties to the school without hesitation. Aside from Professors Faust and Witte, he didn't have much else left there, though he'd probably request to send for this things at some point.

"Merlin, Lenor--isn't it a bit early for that?" Jon pulled his hand down at his side, careful not to ash anywhere inaccessible, carefully flicking it on the ceramic bowl he'd used often.

"It's five somewhere, innit? Won't Kara kill you for smoking in her office?" Jaleth smirked behind his glass as he raised it to his lips, and took a sip of the amber liquor. He'd been drinking a lot as of late, almost as if he'd been catching up on time he missed while in captivity. "We have our vices, and I won't be a rat on you, Jon. What's the real reason you called me over here? Or was it to simply mock me for my habits?"

Jon puffed at his cigarette, and exhaled. He scratched the back of his neck before turning away from the window fully, walking toward the two chairs near the fireplace. With a gesture, he'd offered a seat to the Professor and took one of the vacant seats as his own. Jaleth nodded in thanks as he took the seat beside him. The fire was lit, providing some warmth for them as they both sat back for a moment. Another drag. Exhale. "It's Kara."

Jaleth's lips pulled together in a thin line as he nodded. "I expected as such. You're not sure about this whole deal in America, are you?"

Jon shrugged. "I mean, are you?"

The professor rolled his eyes and sat back, crossing his legs in the process. "I'm the ex, Jon. Anything I say may seem like I'm some insecure, jealous onlooker who doesn't think Kara can run this place--"

"Do you?" Jon pressed the subject.

There was a pregnant pause as Jaleth gave that query some thought. He should have answered faster, because the silence was enough of a stretch to give him an idea of where his thoughts were at the time but eventually he just nodded. "Of course. She's a natural born leader, even if she doesn't show it as well as we want. Although I'm starting to wonder, for you, as one of her closest friends, if you have faith in her."

"I do."

He took a drink. "She needs advisors though, She needs us, which is why she left it up to us in the first place, right? If this is going to work, we're going to have to make do. Even if it means mingling with Jace Bryden and his...merry men." Jaleth grumbled. He made a face when the stench of the smoke hit his nostrils, but he had to get used to it if he was going to be spending more time with Jonathan.

Jon nodded, in agreement. "Right. Guess we're in this for the long run."

"Right." Jaleth echoed.

That painful quiet settled between the two of them, as they knew quite well, this was going to be a long run. Kara needed navigating. Jace needed monitoring. The infirmary needed manpower and the Order itself needed training. They hoped there would be progress in America, because they needed more bodies to fill those spots, to strengthen their numbers. While they were all for quality over quantity, there was comfort in knowing alliances forming for the Order would bring in the manpower. And so Kara's best friend and ex-fiance sat there, stewing in their silent concern and curiosity to know how things were going overseas.
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