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by: Julian Winslow
Something about the way Kara initially reacted to his spiel had the younger man thinking that he'd hit on something that resonated with her. A common ground in lay terms. Julian listened as the Order leader opted to commiserate and let lose everything he supposed she'd been holding in for however long. What he had expected was to feel a fair bit of anger toward Casey for how he treated Kara. While he may think the woman was pretty much on par with the scum of the earth, the Death Eater understood the let down, the feelings of abandonment, of feeling like you were second rate. He felt his brow furrow slightly at the mention of an attack by her husband... so, she still was the cheating whore he'd pegged her for. It wasn't bad enough that she'd broke up his family but now it sounded like she'd done the same to hers... presumably if her "husband" had attacked her he must have found out she was cheating right? Or was there something more to that as well?

Julian wanted to scoff at that, laugh at her until he was blue in the face, but he didn't. The younger man kept his face mostly devoid of any emotion other than what he normally would show around Kara. Her next bit resonated with the Death Eater. She had to bounce back, deal with life without Casey. It was eerie how that line mirrored his own experience. He'd been let down, dropped, kicked, left and each and every time he had no one but himself to pick himself up.

"You're better off without him." The words were out before his brain even registered what his mouth was saying and there was a definite bitter tone behind them. Thankfully Kara moved on and her small grin was enough to know that while he might have been treading on shaky ground bringing up the attack the way he had, Kara at least for the time being didn't seem like she was going to cut him off. In fact he was kind of surprised when she answered the way she had. That was certainly going to be helpful. If they were expecting some sort of retaliation it would be easy to fit that into Teague's plan and perhaps use it to their advantage.

"Are you expecting backlash?" Julian offered his own half smirk hoping Kara would elaborate somewhat and give him a small glimpse into what she was thinking on the matter. "It's not like they know where we are right? So most they could do is tighten security and maybe try and lure you out... do they still have anyone you'd risk your neck for?" He waited to see if she'd indulge him though he was already wondering if the Order was simply going to strike again before the Death Eaters could get something together. If he was in their position Julian knew he would have. This whole conversation was definitely up there in the weird scale and the Death Eater wanted to get on with the task he'd been sent here to do, but if Kara wasn't going to up and run just yet, he was content to stick around for at least a little while longer.
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by: Kara Viridian
What Julian had to say was quite surprising. Kara settled her gaze on him as soon as he said it, a look of clear disbelief. She huffed, something resembling a bit of a chuckle. He was full of surprises, wasn't he? First he greeted her, then he engaged in conversation and now he was agreeing with her... This was odd, if not a little suspicious, but Kara hadn't disclosed anything she would have kept from any one else who had come to join her, but this one was a little closer to home since they'd been at odds for quite some time. All because of one man... her ex-lover, his father.

There was so much to say to him, but she wanted to make sure what came out next was fitting and proper. "For what it's worth, and that might not be much, but... I'm sorry." Kara paused, giving the next flood of words some serious consideration. There were two ways to go about this. She could elaborate and get into detail, maybe push this along, but she could also keep it simple and leave it at the apology. It wasn't to reopen any wounds, but she felt he had to know that she felt terrible for the impact this must have had on his family. "I know I can't make up for everything and undo what happened, but... I am."

She paused a beat to leave room for any retort. She wanted to give him space to take that in, and wondered how he would respond. She wouldn't blame him if he would take a moment to yell, scream, curse at her. Kara hoped he wouldn't go that far, but this was their one chance to let it air out as it would, and she didn't want to miss this opportunity.

At his query about backlash, she nodded. "I'd be surprised if there weren't any other repercussions--I know that painting us as terrorists was just the first step, but it's only a matter of time before that escalates from there. Tutaminis has been located here for a while, but the wards are still up, and if they were going to make a move on us, I'm sure they already have a plan in motion to find it. We'll be ready, get everything secured and move it again when the time comes." Kara said, matter-of-factly, simply explaining a few business matters that weren't necessarily confidential, but everything was just in-progress. "As far as having anyone here...I dunno. Almost everyone here has been affected by gov in some fashion. My father's been in hiding since he'd defected, but, he's been doing well to keep out of sight."

Fierro's status as enemy of the regime was known by everyone in the compound. Even though it took a while for everyone to be accustomed to his residence at the manor, that wildfire seemed to have died down for now, much to Kara's relief. She didn't mention the wolves on purpose, however, wanting to keep their matters out of this discussion for the moment.

"On the matter of whether or not they will try to lure me out, that's a possibility. I'll have to prepare for any scenario, at this rate." The pressure of being the leader was intense and came with a great deal of responsibility. While this troubled her on the inside, stressed her out like none other, Kara knew this was part of the job.
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by: Julian Winslow
At first he thought he misstepped, given himself away with the way Kara was currently looking at him. But the woman wasn't doing anything other than disbelief... maybe he'd offended her? Julian shifted somewhat uncomfortably under the Order leaders gaze as silence settled and swallowed nervously. Then she apologized. To him. Julian was certain he was now mirroring the look she'd just given him. What in Merlin's beard was he supposed to say to that?

"I... I, uh..." Julian let out a slow breath as he tried to wrap his head around what had just happened. "Wonder if this is how Wile E.Coyote feels right before he realizes there's no ground under him." The Death Eater let out a little laugh and then felt his cheeks flush slightly when he realized Kara, being a witch, would probably have no idea what his was talking about. He flashed her a small smile and and let out a small laugh of disbelief. Even if she was the enemy, even if he was about to bring the regime crashing down on them, that fact that she'd been the only one to ever apologize... "It means more than you know Kara. I know I wasn't- my younger self wasn't exactly the easiest to get along with... I mean I kinda got over it considering the end of the world tends to change your priorities real quick."

Thankfully they didn't linger on that topic for to long as it was making the younger man all kinds of uncomfortable. He still had a job to do and couldn't afford to get knocked of course by the family bullshit. in fact the next bit held quite a bit of intel for the Death Eater. her father was here? Darque. Well there was a person he hadn't been expecting to still be breathing. And then the bit about wards up, and the ability to move it on the fly...

"Yeah, guess that makes sense. No point in worry about till it happens I guess. Your lot here has always managed to keep under the Death Eaters noses. Don't see that changing anytime soon. With luck you can hit them back before they move."

Julian didn't have much to say beyond that and absently he glanced down at one of the multitude of leather wristbands on his left wrist, eyes seeking out the charmed time piece that was buried among the leather. He still had a few minutes before he felt he needed to make an exit but as an indicator to Kara he was nearing his chatting limit he sat up, shifting so he could get booth feet on the ground so he could lean forward and use his arms to prop himself up on his knees.
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by: Kara Viridian
His shock stunned her. Did she say something wrong? Well, of course she did. There was rarely a chance that she said anything right with Julian, but the fact that he hadn't gotten up and left at the first chance of an escape, then perhaps her apology got to him. But in what way? She gulped, her fingers lacing together in her lap as she observed him, carefully and quietly, trying in some way to sense how he was feeling.

Kara narrowed her eyes slightly when he made a comment about a ... coyote or something? Perhaps an other-realm reference, one she wasn't accustomed to since she spent most of her childhood here. A soft chuckle at least acknowledged it, even if she didn't understand it completely, but she at least picked up on the part about there being 'no ground under him'. So he was floored then? Taken by surprise? As well, he should be since the comment sort of blurted out. Kara had been holding onto that for some time, and it was such a weight off her shoulders to finally let it out. His comment about the end of the world, his time changing perspective on things wasn't lost on her, however. Priorities would tend to shift to far more important things like survival than stewing in a pit of resentment for his father's choice of love interest.

"I truly mean it." She returned his smile with a thin one of her own, and nodded. At least he'd accepted it, joked about it even, and smiled warmly.

Mention of her father seemed to pique his interest, but he didn't add any choice words about it, unlike others around here who would make a feeble attempt at saying it behind her back, even with her within earshot. He figured, like Casey, he would disagree with keeping the minister here, but she wouldn't press on that matter if he wanted to keep that to himself. Kara nodded again at his last remark. Somehow, she wondered if it was just a matter of time before the Death Eaters sniffed out the location of Tutaminis. It had been here for a few years, which meant it was about time to plan for the next movement. That was penciled in on her list, just below the set-up for their next strike.

"That's our intent, it's just a matter of when and where." She responded, giving a shrug at that. Not to shrug it off, per se, but to agree that they were already fixing up another hit.

When he shifted, she picked up on him wanting to take off, and it wasn't her place to stop him. The conversation seemed to find its natural way of tapering off, and if he'd had his fill of chatter with her, then she was content with where they stood for now. It was a pleasant surprise, this exchange, and while they were never going to truly become anything more than acquaintances, she was fine with that. Kara leaned back on the bench, letting her shoulders touch the old wood, ready for his departure. "Thank you, Julian... for talking with me."
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by: Julian Winslow
Julian nodded, since he really didn't know how to deal with Kara's full blown and highly unexpected apology. At least she seemed sincere, which was more than could be said for a lot of people that he knew. A comfortable silence lingered after her last bit about striking again. That was also a good bit of info he could relay back to MacTail. It also meant he could and should stick around a bit or at the very least come and go a bit more frequently over the next few days to get some solid numbers. Rumor had it that the Order had hired some mercenaries to boost their ranks and the Death Eater had to wonder if they we're truly loyal to the Order or if they were loyal to coin. It was definitely an avenue worth exploring and while he was at it he could get a decent estimate of over numbers.

The conversation seemed to come to a natural close so Julian worked himself up to his feet and again found himself surprised and caught of guard by her thanks. The younger man reached up with his left hand to rub the back of his neck, a tell he'd picked up from his dad and oft showed when he was unsure. "Yeah," he said after a beat. "Yeah, it was... it was good. Maybe do it again sometime?" Julian chuckled on the inside knowing full well the next time he probably saw her would be when he set the Death Eaters lose in what was considered their safe haven.

"See you around Kara." With his civil good bye said, the Death Eater slipped his hands in his pockets and headed up the path with the intent of making a pit stop at his room to grab a few things. Hopefully by then he'd be low enough under the radar and any inhabitants of the place would be inside doing whatever the hell the Order did these days to pass time. With luck that would give him enough time to at least lay a few travel runes down.
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