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by: Everett Cooper
Everett’s apartment, Soho
May 16, 2012, 12:47 a.m.
*Direct follow up to Mixology*

This was perfect. No, this was better than perfect. This had to be heaven. Yep, he had died and gone to heaven and that’s why everything was so great tonight. That had to be it. There was no other reason for the night to have been as amazing as it had been...

Latin guitar music played quietly from the small stereo in the corner next to the TV, and the remains of a burger smorgasbord lay decimated and conquered across the coffee table while Everett and Alasdair sprawled across the couch laughing and talking. When Ev had discovered that Alasdair didn’t know what a good ol’ American burger joint was like he had insisted on ordering a slider sampler platter from the nearby American-style restaurant called ‘Burgers, Brew, and ‘Que’. There were -or had been- pulled pork sliders with coleslaw and house-made pickles; a cheese-stuffed burger smothered in caramelized onions and spicy mustard; a pastrami-topped burger with thousand island, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese; and a Cali-burger with avocado, feta cheese, and bacon. And then of course there were the buffalo wings, loaded fries, and crispy stuffed potato skins covered in sour cream, bacon, and cheese too. It might’ve been overkill for just the two of them, but it had been a damn long time since the SEAL had had any decent American food letalone someone to spend time with that wasn’t related to him or mentoring him in some way.

“Dumb question I’m sure, darlin’, but you had enough?” Ev asked Alasdair with a contented smile. The SEAL stretched with a small groan and laid back down on the chaise end of the couch, one arm propped up under his head as he looked over at his companion. Alasdair had shifted his features back to his natural appearance once they had settled on the couch, or at least Ev assumed it was his natural looks. The thought crossed his mind that with Alasdair’s abilities it was possible that that was just what the wizard wanted to look like and not what he really did, but he shook that line of thought off quickly. It didn’t matter if that was his natural face or just one that he preferred; Alasdair was real great and Ev wanted to spend time with him regardless of his looks.

Giving himself a good mental shake to focus again, Ev smiled at Alasdair and continued. “So what’d ya think of your first real American burger experience?” he chuckled. “My favorite is the Cali-burger, personally. Reminds me of my time in the SEALs, livin’ there.”
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by: Alasdair Bennett
So the trip top-side wasn’t nearly as nerve-wracking as Alasdair had been worried about. Probably because it was the dead of night and not many people had been out as they made their way from the hidden entrance of the City into London proper. No one to notice him with Everett or potentially even, somehow through sheer chance and bad luck, recognized him. Then he and Ev would have been in danger. But instead, no one had been out and the taxi ride had been nice, snuggling close to Ev and a few more stolen kisses before being dropped at the diner to grab some take out. Well not some. Apparently when the wizard admitted he never really had “American” food Everett took that as a challenge and ordered enough samplers to feed a party of six. It was a good thing using his morphing ability made Alasdair hungry. Plus not eating from grief over Jake and Ced for… longer than Alasdair was going to admit out loud. But Everett had cheered and soothed the hurting part of his spirit, bringing his appetite back with a vengeance so by the time they had arrived to Ev’s cozy apartment he had been starving.

Between the two of them, they had somehow managed to clear the entire order devouring like two drunk college boys on a binge. For a vampire, Alasdair was impressed with the appetite Ev still maintained. He was pretty sure the man had eaten nearly double what he could and he felt like he had overeaten as it was. Laying back into the couch, the wizard stared vacantly ahead halfway into dozing from the sheer amount of food and the lovely music Ev had decided to put on. He started a little with the question then smiled brightly, ”If you try to get me to eat anything more I will have to puke,” he chuckled, ”Might have overdid it a little.”

He turned to look at his companion again with a bright smile, ”I don’t think I could eat like that every day but it was really good. Thank you,” he said softly, ”Not a huge fan of the avocado but the cheese-stuffed burger was amazing.”

A small tilt of his head and Alasdair situated himself to get more comfortable, letting Ev spread on the couch, even helping him drape his legs across his lap while he lounged back. His hand rubbed over Ev’s shin and knee unconscious of the action as he watched the other just enjoying the slight touch. ”We were talking about them in the Labyrinth too. The elite water forces right? For Muggles? You’re called seals? Like the animal right?” he asked brightly, ”It’s a clever name. Since seals spend most of their life alternating between land and sea. Plus they’re one of the most effective and prolific hunters, divers, and survivors in the ocean for being a mammal. And for their sizes they actually live a decently long life as long as they’re not picked off by orcas or sharks.”

He smiled brightly at the vampire then, absolutely showing off a little bit and he wasn’t entirely sure why. Probably nerves. Now that they had eaten, their night would continue and where it led Alasdair wasn’t entirely sure. He was happy to just be. Talk and continue to laugh. Learn about who Ev was and is. But if the night turned to more… He had a strange, teenage giddiness in him. Ev would have to feed if he intended to flirt with him more but he hadn’t even mentioned the Limiting so maybe not? Alasdair had been accosted by a couple of Syndicate Nos and vampires and understood the basics of how these things worked but never really experienced with them firsthand since he hadn’t trusted those others as far as he could throw them.

But Everett hadn’t said anything, actually he had specifically said they could just hang out and talk all night if the wizard preferred. In truth, Alasdair wasn’t sure which he even preferred. The flirting and affection or this comfortable companionship, they were both really nice and very welcomed. Another smile settled on his features and Alasdair looked at the other man with a content, magenta gaze.

”So what was your work like? What do you do now?” he asked, focusing on him with that same bright smile.
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by: Everett Cooper
The vampire grinned contently up at Alasdair at his assessment of the food and scooted down a bit on the couch so his butt was nearly in the wizard’s lap and he could reach up to play with his hair. The soft tresses were just too tempting to leave alone and Alasdair made the cutest relaxed faces when his hair was toyed with too…

“Yeah, avocado’s one ‘a those things ya either love it or hate it,” he chuckled in agreement, letting his fingers twist in the younger man’s hair easily. “Took me a bit to get a taste for it but livin’ in SoCal for 20 years gave me plenty of chances. And yeah, the Inside-Out Burger is super great,” Ev added, referring to the cheese-stuffed burger Alasdair had liked. When the wizard changed the subject to Ev’s service in the Navy he couldn’t help but smile again. It was nice to have someone interested in getting to know him for once beyond ‘what clan are you from’ or ‘who is your sire’. The SEAL chuckled at Alasdair’s repetition of Aventus’ term of ‘elite water forces’ and made a mental note to tease his uncle about that again before answering Alasdair.

“That’s right, for the most part, darlin’,” he commented, starting to talk with his hands as he got more into the topic of conversation. “SEAL is actually an acronym that stands for Sea, Air, and Land teams, meaning we are equally deadly on any terrain. And actually, we’re called ‘frogmen’ or just ‘frogs’ because most of our operations when we were founded were diving or underwater demolitions. But you’re comparison ain’t wrong either,” he assured him, exerting a bit of self-control to keep himself from going off on a teaching tangent about his unit.

“What was my work like? Well… the SEALs are the elite Naval Special Forces unit and the Team I served on was the elite of the elite. Man, that didn’t sound like I was bragging at all,” Ev chuckled sarcastically, running his hand through his hair a little shyly. “We’re some of the most highly-trained and adaptable soldiers in the world so we all have a lotta different training with one to three specializations, usually, that we’re particularly good at. Me personally? I was a sniper, a demolitions expert, and an advanced close-quarters combat specialist. I uh… I wore a lotta hats,” he added a bit shyly. Man he hadn’t meant to sound like he was bragging but damn did it sound like it, huh? Hopefully Alasdair wouldn’t take it like that, he thought.
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by: Alasdair Bennett
He really wanted to hear what Ev was explaining to him because he genuinely did care about the answer to his questions and what Ev’s life was like before he had joined the magical world. But having his hair played with was a weakness that it instantly relaxed and distracted him. He was lucky he didn’t just become a puddle on the couch. His head lolled to the side to give the vampire more access to his hair, enjoying the shifting on his scalp, the reaction of goosebumps and shivers that washed through him, even the coolness of Ev’s fingers against his warmer skin. His hands stilled on the older man’s legs in his distraction, the tips of his fingers digging and kneading into Ev’s knee sporadically.

Catching bits and pieces of the explanation, Alasdair opened his eyes thoughtfully. ”That’s terrible. The acronym should be SAL then which makes more sense. Ya know, since navy sails,” he said, unable to keep a straight face at his own bad joke. He reached over to stroke his fingers through Ev’s hair then, scratching his scalp with his fingernails gently. ”Lotta hats help keep you busy. I’m similar with work,” he admitted, ”Did you enjoy your work? I mean… I understand being a soldier is probably very difficult and nerve-wracking and you probably gotta do stuff you don’t approve of or like but still… I’m assuming you joined of your own choice? So did you enjoy it?” He blushed a bit at his own rambling hoping he wasn’t offending Ev with his questions.

In his nervous computing, he frowned slightly in confusion as a realization hit him belatedly. ”Hold on, I thought you said you were from Georgia? How did you live in California for twenty years? Did you move as a child?” he asked, though that didn’t make sense with the Southern accent and had him starting to attempt to guess Ev’s age. Not that age made much of a difference to a vampire but still… Alasdair was curious. Everett looked like he was in his early thirties but that didn’t account for how long he had been Turned. Would it bother the wizard if Ev ended up being hundreds of years old? No, not really, if he thought about it honestly. Though Ev being that old didn’t make much sense with the way he spoke, even the most adaptable people would still have verbal tics of their true culture but the vampire didn’t seem to have an older speech pattern and used mostly updated slang and connotations. But then there was the other side of the coin. Depending on how old Everett was, would it bother the vampire how young Alasdair was despite the fact that he didn’t tend to act his age? A spike of fear flared through the wizard briefly at the idea. Their night had been so lovely so far and Alasdair would hate to have it cut suddenly because of something as silly as a number. But then that wasn’t his choice, he would just have to hope that it didn’t happen as he looked back at his companion.
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by: Everett Cooper
Alasdair’s head lolled to the side as Ev let his fingers twist and play in the wizard’s hair gently, bringing a smile to the vampire’s face as he watched his reaction. Goosebumps had risen on Alasdair’s arms that he could see and his breathing and heart rate both had slipped into a slower, relaxed rhythm; it was relaxing and oddly pleasing to know he had that effect on the other man. It was nice, plain and simple, and Everett briefly wondered if he even wanted to pursue a more physical ending to their night together. Just laying and talking and getting to know each other was so pleasant and out of the ordinary for the vampire that it almost seemed wrong to spoil it with trying to get more out of it. Maybe he would just let things go and see how the night progressed…

Ev laughed at Alasdair’s assessment of the SEAL acronym, letting his hand fall back to rest on his own chest as he laughed. “It’s the military; common sense isn’t the most common,” he chuckled, not realizing Alasdair probably wouldn’t understand the odd workings and regulations of the muggle military that had earned it the reputation it had. The wizard’s rambling question had Ev just smiling up at him patiently, absently admiring how adorable Alasdair was when he was flustered again. “Yeah, you’re right on both counts, darlin’,” he drawled with an indulgent smile. “I did join up by choice, and yeah, I did enjoy my work. We were in some of the worst situations and places more often than not when we were sent on-mission, but the training… the camaraderie… the feeling of being part of a team, a family really... “ He sighed wistfully. “There’s nuthin’ else like it in the world. I miss it, some days anyway…”

When Alasdair cut him off with his sudden question about his age Ev blinked in surprise for a moment, taken slightly aback by the odd question. Well, maybe not so odd, he realized. After all, he was a vampire and age was pretty well impossible to tell in a vampire or a Nosferatu untill nearly the end of their lifespan. “I uh… I just turned thirty-nine back in January of this year,” he explained. “I joined the Navy when I was seventeen and retired about eighteen months ago…”
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by: Alasdair Bennett
Alasdair hummed thoughtfully at that then stopped short, looking at Ev in surprise, ”You’re just a baby then!” he commented then went red in surprise at himself, ”Er I mean… I am so sorry. I meant you are a young vampire. Sorry.” Man, how many times was he going to put his own foot in his mouth tonight? He would have thought the nervous giddiness would have worn off after almost three hours of hanging out together but it had barely even faded. Every time he thought it had passed then he looked at Ev or the man did something charming and adorable and all of Alasdair’s insides just turned into nervous mush again. Because apparently he was doomed to be an inexperienced teenager tonight rather than the smooth, intelligent adult he had thought he had grown into being. So Alasdair should probably just get used to his bumbling ways or, perhaps, even just stay quiet before he actually offended his companion.

The wizard smiled weakly at the other man through his bumbling and rubbed Ev’s shin affectionately. ”Sorry if I’m sounding nosey or like a jackass,” he said softly, ”Never really done something like this. Come home with someone, I mean. I’m a little… anxious? Just from being out of my element, not from you. I hope that makes sense. Sorry.” He continued to smooth his hand over the other man’s shin, the repetitive motion offering some comfort and calm for the shapeshifter.

His motions hesitated for a moment then picked up again as a errant thought darted through his mind. ”Also feel free to tell me to mind my own business,” he said suddenly, ”I’m not meaning to pry. Just researcher blood. That’s what I’m gonna blame at least.” He let the statement end in a light joke just so he didn’t ruin the mood of the night completely with even more of his bumblings. Because he really didn’t want to mess this up. Even if it ended up that he and Ev were just friends and Alasdair was left with a crush then so be it. He just didn’t want to lose the vampire’s company completely because of his own need to have questions answered.
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by: Everett Cooper
‘You’re just a baby then!’

Everett blinked in surprise at the exclamation and the look of utter shock on Alasdair’s face and promptly laughed, his deep bass warm and delighted. He tried to control the laughter so he didn’t embarrass his companion any more than he already seemed to be but he just couldn’t help himself at first. He hadn’t been called a baby or even young in at least a decade- other than the occasional grizzled old Navy vet at the hospital anyway- and it was just so unexpected that he had to laugh. After a few moments he was able to finally stop guffawing long enough to sit up and smiled reassuringly at Alasdair, patting his leg gently.

“Oh man, I needed that laugh,” he chuckled, patting Alasdair’s thigh again lightly. He fell silent again when Alasdair continued apologizing and even rambled a little bit; damn that was cute. “Don’t apologize; it’s just fine, darlin’,” Ev drawled. “You ain’t nosey and you definitely look more like a cute wizard than a donkey, so don’t you worry about either of those, ya hear? It’s actually really nice to have someone trying to get to know me other than what clan I’m from or who my sire is and all that political horse shit,” he added, verbalizing his train of thought from just a few minutes ago to try and soothe Alasdair’s embarrassment. “I don’t mind at all, I promise.”

When Alasdair mentioned his nerves and being out of his element with coming home with someone Ev had to admit he was taken aback, though not at all in a negative way. Did that mean Alasdair was a virgin or just that he didn’t have much dating experience? Not that either was a bad thing, just kinda surprising considering how good-looking Alasdair was, although he did seem pretty shy too so maybe it wasn’t such a surprise on either count. Not that Ev had much room to talk about dating experience either, he thought with a mental shrug. He had had a grand total of three relationships in his life and all three- yeah, he didn’t wanna think about that tonight. He didn’t need to trigger a PTSD episode when he was trying to relax with someone new…

Ev smiled tenderly at Alasdair and leaned over to place a soft kiss on his cheek. “You’re just fine, darlin’. I’m havin’ a really great time with you, and if it makes you feel any better, I’m not real experienced with datin’ or pickin’ people up at the bar either,” he said with a sheepish little chuckle. “I really meant what I said earlier; I don’t care if we end up sleepin’ together or not. I’m just having a good time hangin’ out with you and gettin’ to know each other, and if that’s all that ends up happenin’, then it’ll still be a great time as far as I’m concerned,” he smiled again.
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by: Alasdair Bennett
His eyes were definitely pink but his hair was probably red too if the heat in his face was any indication. Hues of pinks and red streaked the mess of brown curls as Alasdair smiled at the chortling vampire that was nearly sitting in his lap. Not that he minded that. Nope. Not at all. He blushed a little with his own thoughts before focusing back on the other man. He patted his leg again, ”Glad I could assist in being your comedy and entertainment for the night,” he teased dryly then grinned, ”But, seriously, who is your sire? It’s super important information.” He smiled at the playful jab about Nosferatu politics that the other seemed to hate then lifted Ev’s hand from his thigh to kiss the back of it contently. He wasn’t sure what had moved him to do it but it just felt like the right move with the way the two of them were getting along. All these giddy but delightful emotions floating in his torso that seemed to be trying to escape in one way or another. Ev’s sense of humor, especially at Alasdair’s fumblings, was making the lingering conflict in him at his own decorum lessen at an exponential rate too. For some reason, Alasdair had thought this would be more tense and awkward. But then his experience with dating was watching other couples while he had been at Hogwarts and everything was tense and awkward when you’re a teenager.

He was pleasantly surprised with how the night was turning out. It was really nice getting to know someone else and, so far, he had been able to keep the questions off of himself. Because Alasdair genuinely wouldn’t know how to answer any of them and he didn’t want to lie to Ev either. But going into his shitty, tragic backstory on their first get together was kind of cliche not to mention that it was a sure way to chase the vampire off. That was something the wizard would like to actively try to avoid. The fact that Ev hadn’t been chased off by his earlier wallowing had been astounding. Or maybe it was pity. Didn’t seem like it but that awful thought leeched its way into his brain for a intense moment of self-doubt before he was able to shake it free. He focused back on his companion quietly and smiled brightly.

Ev hadn’t dated much either? That was honestly really surprising with how attractive he was and the seniority he had on Alasdair. But then maybe they had been more long-term, add in Ev’s time in the military he probably just hadn’t had the time either. But the inexperience with relationships both helped and didn’t since the wizard had already managed to wind himself up tight with nervousness. The conflicting emotions in him were causing one hell of a maelstrom of reactions in his mind and actions. With a slow breath, he tried to center himself back to the present rather than continue his introspective retreat.

His fingertips skimmed over the back of Ev’s hand that he finally realized he was still holding, tracing the veins and scars soothingly. ”I know. I appreciate it too. It’s nice to be able to just be without expectations of performance,” he said softly, ”I’m enjoying myself too. I’m also not very good with people. I’m pretty introverted. Honestly this is the first real conversation I’ve had with someone else in… a week? Week and a half maybe? I didn’t know what else to do with the news about Jake so I just hid for a while and fell into research. To think it through and have a little bit of methodical work to distract me too. So this is really a nice change. Apparently I needed it.” A small smile settled on his face as he continued to distract himself with his ministrations on Ev’s hand.
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by: Everett Cooper
Shades of pinks and reds shot through Alasdair’s hair again and his eyes were a lovely shade of rose petal pink now as well. Everett smiled at the changes, delighted despite the fact that he had seen Alasdair’s eyes and hair do that earlier already. But, come on! It was magic! How awesome was that?! And that adorable blush over those high cheekbones… Sweet baby Jesus, you could cut diamond on those things! He sighed softly as he kind of (okay, it was pretty blatantly) stared at Alasdair. Ev blushed a bit himself when he realized he was staring at the wizard (again…) and tried to get his head back on straight but was almost immediately distracted by the gentle pets on his thigh, although it was the tender kiss on the back of his hand that truly did the vampire in.

Ev blushed as pink as a vampire could when he was almost a full day off a feeding and cleared his throat lightly in an effort to distract from the sudden flush of relative warmth on his face. More often than not when he was home relaxing Everett didn’t bother to keep up the human facade with breathing continually, but now it seemed like he was short of breath with the happy-nervous fluttering in his stomach and the odd rhythm his heart had skipped there for a moment. Logically he knew he wasn’t actually short of breath- even though by definition he certainly was, being a turned vampire and all- but metaphorically he felt as though he should’ve been gasping like a trout on the end of a fisherman’s line. The SEAL took a few deep breaths in what he was sure was a futile effort to calm the hell down, though it did seem to help him focus a bit. Maybe.

Sure enough, Alasdair’s voice alone had his heart or his lungs or his stomach or whatever the hell it was start fluttering again as the wizard seemed to agree with Ev’s sentiment about their time together so far. A brief flash of anxiety flared in his mind when Alasdair started examining the backs of his hands, but his gentle touches and soothing words helped Ev calm the momentary panic reaction and he smiled softly at Alasdair. “If it’s any consolation, I think you’re great with people, or with me at least,” he said with a bright smile. “And I understand introverts. My best friend growin’ up was the same way. He used to joke that the only reason he had any friends at all was because my extrovert self liked him and adopted him,” Ev chuckled, his smile turning a bit wistful at thoughts of his long-gone friend. He was quiet for a few moments before he looked up at Alasdair and smiled a bit. “I needed it too, darlin’. Bein’ over here is the first time I’ve really lived alone for any real length of time since joinin’ the Navy. Didn’t realize how lonely I really was til I saw you lookin’ just as lonely at the bar…”
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by: Alasdair Bennett
”My revenge is complete.”

The claim and grin from Alasdair was followed by him rubbing his thumb over Ev’s pinkened cheek. Damn, just when he thought the vampire couldn’t get even cuter. Delightfully proven incorrect by a streak of red. ”If you’re gonna get my eyes and hair stuck like this, least you could do is join me,” he teased some more, hoping to bring the color out more. It was nice to see Ev flustered as much as he was, or at least the vampire equivalent of it. At least now the wizard had an indication that he wasn’t alone in his nervousness or delight despite Ev’s smoothness in comparison. The whole situation might not have been tinged with awkwardness or tense like most teenage relationships but both men were definitely at that level of giddy teenage nervousness with each other.

Alasdair grinned at his own line of thought. Inexperience, nervousness, shyness but delight, comfort, and companionship too. What a strange mix they had formed. Just because they happened to end up at the same bar on the same night both feeling lonely and isolated. Before he could really think about it and emboldened by his own thoughts, Alasdair let his fingers trace across Ev’s cheek and curl gently under his jaw. He lifted his face gently to steal a soft, slow kiss. He sighed happily, drawing out the moment for a breath before pulling back only slightly.

”Not feeling so lonely anymore,” he said with a warm, content smile. He shifted slowly then, wanting more affection but not wanting to over step boundaries. He stretched out next to Ev on the couch, putting his head on his chest and draping his arm over the elder man’s stomach.
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by: Everett Cooper
The gentle swipe of Alasdair’s thumb over Ev’s cheek might as well have been an eraser clearing a chalkboard for how effective the small affection was at erasing all coherent thought from the vampire’s brain. Even though he couldn’t physically show a deeper blush that he already had going, Ev sure as shit knew he would’ve been as red as his red-lacquered electric guitar if he had still been human. He hadn’t felt like this - awkward, almost teenage levels of shyness and nerves- hell, since he WAS a teenager. It was exciting and a little scary but definitely didn’t feel like a mistake. Nope. Not even a twinge of doubt crossed his mind as Alasdair caressed his cheek like that. All Ev could do until his brain rebooted was just stare up at the wizard and his pretty pink eyes and marvel at how lucky he was to have connected with someone the way he felt they had connected.

The vampire had thought he was going to say something witty and charming at last, but whatever that train of thought had been was derailed like a train on a warped track when Alasdair trailed his fingers down to his jaw. Ev leaned up as he was guided toward the wizard, blue-gold eyes wide and eager as Alasdair’s lips met his own in a tender kiss. He sighed against his lips and gently reached up to hold Alasdair’s wrist to keep the gentle touch on his jaw right where it was. If he had thought the soft caress on his jaw was nice, oh lord, he was not prepared for the soft but bold and delicious kiss! The soldier barely relaxed and returned the kiss when it felt like Alasdair pulled away a little breathlessly but Ev didn’t want to push too far or too fast and steal another one just yet, and besides, the adorable delighted little smile on Alasdair’s face was just too sweet to look away from yet.

Ev was sure his own scarred face was not only pink but grinning like a dopey teenage boy as he laid back down, his heart skipping a beat for the umpteenth time that night when Alasdair shifted to lay next to him as well. The vampire shifted so that his left arm was under Alasdair’s shoulders and neck in a loose embrace, gently hugging the wizard to his chest as he settled on Ev’s shoulder. Ev idly wondered if it was possible to pull a muscle in his jaw just from smiling so much, not that that was gonna stop him even for a second, but still. His right hand came up almost of its own accord to gently run his fingers through Alasdair’s dark unruly hair.

“This is… fuck me, I don’t even have the words,” he chuckled softly. “Nice just doesn’t seem like enough. I had sumthin’ clever and cute as hell to say but y’all just wiped that right the hell outta my brain with that kiss, darlin’...” Ev grinned playfully and kissed the top of Alasdair’s head gently.
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by: Alasdair Bennett
The one bad thing, he was discovering, about his morphing ability was the fact that if Alasdair really thought about he was sure he would be able to shift his body into an actual puddle. He had never lost control of his abilities to that extent (or ever attempted it) but with the way he felt around Ev, he was starting to be very concerned about turning into a pink hued Alasdair-shaped puddle. Maybe that would be okay though. Or with Ev’s arm wrapped around his shoulders it would help him stay as a solid mass instead. Either way, Alasdair was content either way to accept whatever form his body decided to take.

Because this was surprisingly nice. Alasdair had never been able to cuddle with someone like this before. At least not in a partner way. The intimacy was foreign but so welcome with its newness. Not to mention he couldn’t have asked for a better partner. And for as solid as Ev looked, he was comfortable too. He was definitely solid, wherever Alasdair was draped over him was definitely just muscle under his clothes, even his arm around his shoulders was solid and strong. But he was still comfortable. Like a really supportive pillow. He was so glad he hadn’t said any of that out loud with how intelligent it all was. He sighed contently and nuzzled into the vampire more.

But in truth he was more comfortable than he had been in a long while. And it was making him tired. Which sucked because he wanted to stay awake. Spend more time with this sudden but amazing man. He cuddled closer, tucking his head into his shoulder and taking a deep breath. He smelled good too. He had noticed that at the bar too. But now it was everywhere and somehow it wasn’t overwhelming, just comforting. His eyes fluttered. His arms tightened around Ev’s body briefly as his body relaxed more. He was full of good food, warm from cuddling, protected by the strong arms around him. His breath released as a content sigh before starting to even out. He briefly thought that he should change his clothes before his eyes fluttered again, settling closed happily.
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by: Everett Cooper
Lord, had he missed this… Just snuggled up with someone nice, no expectations, no pressure, just pure enjoyment from the company he had. It had been so long since anyone had held him like this, or rather he had held anyone like this he supposed since technically Ev was the one doing the holding. But whatever. Whoever was doing the holding didn’t matter; it was perfect and relaxing and Ev didn’t want the night to end, he realized as he yawned a bit when Alasdair nuzzled into his chest tiredly. He hadn’t gone out looking for something so… sweet but he sure as hell wasn’t mad about finding it.

“Hey, handsome,” Ev murmured against Alasdair’s hair and pressed another soft kiss to his forehead. “Why don’t we go get ready for bed? I’m sure I’ve got some PJs that’ll fit you if you want ‘em, and I don’t mind sleepin’ on the couch if you’re not comfortable sharin’ the bed with me,” the vampire offered innocently. While he certainly wouldn’t have minded more kisses or making out or even sex, he was also perfectly content with the way the night had played out too and he wasn’t about to kick Alasdair out of his apartment with as sleepy as the wizard was. Who knew what would happen if he tried that teleporting spell thing when he wasn’t fully awake and aware of what he was doing? Nope, Ev would rather tuck him in his own bed and camp on the couch for the night if that’s what Alasdair wanted. Or rather, that’s what he would do if the other man didn’t wake up to contradict him.

He idly played with Alasdair’s mop of dark hair as he waited for the wizard’s input, still unable to keep a smile off his face. When he didn’t get an answer, Ev tilted his head to look down at the younger man and chuckled softly when he saw Alasdair was nearly asleep. Shifting the sleepy wizard in his arms gently, Everett slowly sat up and maneuvered Alasdair into his arms as he stood up. He paused a moment to make sure he had a good grip on the sleeping man then made his way into the bedroom and gently laid Alasdair down on the queen-sized bed. Ev frowned slightly as he stood up, unsure if he should try to help Alasdair out of his jeans and baggy sweater to make him more comfortable or simply try to wake him up enough to do it himself. He gently shook the smaller man, smiling at him as he cooed, “Alasdair? C’mon, darlin’... ya don’t wanna sleep in those jeans, hun. I’m sure they’ll pinch and pull sumthin’ awful if ya do…”
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by: Alasdair Bennett
There was a special kind of teleporting that only kids seemed to be able to do. The ability to fall asleep and then wake up somewhere else, cozy and safe in their bed. It was something that hadn’t happened to Alasdair since his second year vacation from Hogwarts when his dad had come home early to surprise him. Now, the wizard remembered shutting his eyes to blink and then he was being lowered, causing him to jump a bit from the sudden sleep. ”Huh?” he mumbled as his brain rebooted, blinking up at the vampire confused. A few glances around placed him in Ev’s bedroom. So he had actually fallen asleep. Oops.

His brain slowly comprehended the words that Ev had previously asked him and he gave him a sleepy, dopey smile. ”Oh. Yeah. Gotta change,” he agreed, trying to change. He undid the buttons of his pants then tried to pull them off without moving too much. The metamorph ended up flopping to his side like a fish and kicking to try to convince his jeans off his legs. Everything was hard and all Alasdair wanted was to curl back into Ev’s chest and sleep. ”Stupid… Fucking… Fuck!” he grumbled, finally kicking his pants free to the floor. He tugged his sweater off then, sitting up in Ev’s bed as he threw that to the floor as well.

Bleary brown eyes looked at Ev, unconcerned about his sudden state of nudity. ”You said I can borrow shorts or something?” he asked quietly, ”Then you’ll come to bed? Sorry I’m so tired suddenly.”
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by: Everett Cooper
’Oh now that’s just illegal…’ Ev reflected, momentarily entranced by the wizard’s endearing and kinda dopey smile. ’Nobody should be that attractive when they’re that sleepy. How is anyone s’posed to survive that much goddamn adorable-ness? I mean, shit… I know I’m pretty immortal but fucking shit…’

The vampire’s inner tirade about Alasdair being too pretty and himself being too awkward was only derailed when the wizard in question finally woke up enough to answer that he indeed did need to change. At least with being a little over a day since his last feeding Ev’s cheeks were only slightly pink instead of the bright fire engine red he was certain they would’ve been otherwise. He cringed a bit as he realized that was hardly the first time he’d had that consolation thought since sidling up to Alasdair at the bar earlier, but there wasn’t much he could do about it now was there? Just ‘cause he looked like a smooth operator certainly did not mean he was; wasn’t there a saying about judging books and covers or something? Seemed fitting.

Speaking of judging books by their covers… When the SEAL turned back to the bed after stripping down to his boxer briefs the sight that met his eyes was DEFINITELY covered under that damn saying. Not only was the kinda nerdy little guy not so little without his baggy shirt on and was actually pretty ripped, but apparently… Holy sweet mother of god, he didn’t wear underwear. Oh. Ev’s jaw nearly hit the floor but he was too busy scrambling mentally to even notice letalone register that he was staring at, well, everything. Alasdair’s reminder about borrowing a pair of shorts from him had Ev blushing once again and trying to pretend he hadn’t just been staring blatantly at the wizard in his bed like some kind of horny teenager.

“Oh. Uh. Yeah, of course. Uh. Lemme look through my, uh… shorts,” he stammered, turning to the dresser near the bathroom door. It only took him a minute to find a clean pair of basketball shorts that were good for sleeping but the slight reprieve was enough to help get his head back on straight. Or as straight as Ev got anyway. “Here, darlin’,” he said as he handed the shorts to Alasdair, sitting on the edge of the bed. “You sure you’re okay with sleepin’ with me? I can sleep on the couch if you’re not, hun…” The offer was absolutely genuine and sweet but… was it bad if he quietly hoped he’d say it was fine?
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