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by: Orion Burgess
Orion stepped in.

"Here. Sleeping potion. You couldn't even hurt yourself in a dream with this. You'll be safe until we wake you up."

He offered her the potion, ignoring Matt as he told her to it take it.
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by: Citlali Separa
“Yes she is still there.”

Citlali looked at the woman, grabbing hold of her jaw gently enough to stop her flailing and force her to meet her black eyes.

“Understand this is what I am trained for. I will keep you and your family safe. If it takes all my energy to keep that spirit locked away until you are healed enough to be able to join me in getting rid of it permanently then that is what I will do. I told you I wanted to help. I never meant with your physical state,” she said seriously.

She released the gentle hold on the woman, “She will not harm anyone. I will not tell you to not worry because that is counter-productive. Focus on resting and healing your body for now though. This is not a fight you face alone anymore.”
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by: Coraline Larson
The distraught witch trembled under the intense gaze of the priestess, her near-hysterical sobs reduced to pitiful sniffles and heaving breaths. Citlali's words still left many questions, but knowing that she had an ally who was not only aware of the Dark Lady but unafraid of her was more comforting that Cora realized.

When Citlali let go of her jaw Cora nodded quietly, sniffling again as she looked up at Orion holding the potion for her. Still trembling and wide-eyed with fear she allowed the younger man to feed her the sleeping potion, and gently drifted into oblivion in Matt's lap.
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by: Matthew Cox
He felt so ineffective. Cora was in crisis, he was a mess, and their sanctuary wasn't invaded by three strangers. What had happened to their lives? This was terrible. Matt pulled his mate close and held onto her gently. He needed to hold her; he needed to keep her safe...but how could he do that when he'd failed? How was he supposed to protect her from the demons in her head?

"Tell me what I can do to help...please. I need to help her."

He looked to the healers. One was a spiritual healer and he didn't know what to think of that. The other was a magical healer, and he didn't know what to think of that either. He just...he needed help taking care of her...he could think later.
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali looked at the man silently. His desperation and concern spread through his spirit, tainting it in vibrant colors. The shadows were dimmed and wounded so she would have to shelf dealing with those until later. First she would have to deal with the stubbornness he was presenting.

”Trying to drown yourself in caring for someone else will not stop you from drowning. You will just drown quicker,” she said softly, ”What I mean is you cannot continue to just push what is happening to you aside with the intent of distracting yourself by fixing other people’s problems. You and your partner need to work on the shadows that are happening in you before you can worry about helping your mate right now. You may argue with me but I can tell you right now further injuring your own spirit will not help you be in a place to take care of another.”

The Nagual stood then, most of her easy poise returning to her form despite the fatigue that was chasing her. She would have to rest soon. Henri might even have to carry her back to her apartment if it became much later. She turned her tired eyes to the blind man before her, ”I said I would help and I will, with whatever you or your mate need. But I cannot force either of you to do anything. I can only advise and be available when you want that help.”
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by: Citlali Separa
Dark eyes watched as the woman drifted to sleep. For Citlali, at least, she could also see the symbol burning into Cora’ s spirit. Po tightened the gate, closing the crackers against the malevolent spirit that dwelled there. At least for now. It would give her time to recover physically before facing her next challenge. That would be enough for now. She lifted her eyes to the men, ”I do not know what is happening here with you people but I do not like it.” She let the statement settle in quietly before she stood slowly, looking at Matt intently.

”Your spirits concern me. Particularly the fragmented parts that both of you have. The injuries that are going unhealed and the adaptations you have gone through just to be functional. It is not healthy. You are not healthy and neither is she. I will not force you to accept help but this is what I do. I deal with spirits of all kinds. This is what I have dealt with for twenty years,” she implored him. Because without help the Nagual would hate to see what monstrosities their spirits became. Cora would probably devour herself, leaving nothing more than an empty shell while Matt would suffer a constant war between his natures until he had to lash out at everything and anything around him. Either way, they would both be dead in a different sense of the word.

Taking a breath, she wandered to the desk and took to writing something before ripping the parchment into two strips. ”My phone number. Call me should you require. Though I hope you do take my suggestion and allow me to aid you further,” she said, handing a strip to Matt and Orion respectively.

Collecting Henrí for his position, Citlali smiled at Orion briefly. ”Thank you for healing me, turi. Please feel free to call if you also have any questions,” she said, ”Good night to all of you.” Citlali inclined her head politely before heading back out into the night.
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