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by: Citlali Separa
Help. That is what she had come to do, wasn’t it? But her eyes were so unfocused and heavy. The room was spinning and starting to get dark. Wordlessly her lips moved a bit, sticking together from the blood on her face. A few more silent attempts and Citlali licked her lips. The Hunger roared in her at the copper taste, the grittiness it added to her mouth. Her adrenaline spiked suddenly, dangerous for her current state of blood loss but she needed the focus.

Her right hand reached up slowly, adjusting her silver ear cuffs lower. Pressing them into the tender pressure points in the shell of her ears. Pain. She shuddered at the feeling. Good. Blood. Pain. Hunger. Focus. Another breath and Citlali focused on her cousin.

“Sedate her. Dreamless sleep and painless draught. Half a teaspoon of each,” she ordered, voice wavering but all business. Citlali all but dragged herself to the witch’s side using her good hand to gently prod the witch’s chest, biting back her curse. “Matt I have to remove her shirt. Her ribs are floating. I need Henrí to help me,” she warned the other man, not needing a mate attacking them during surgery.
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by: Matthew Cox
"Just...just do what needs...needs done..."

He panted and waved. Cora needed more help and attention than he did right now. Her wounds were physical, his were psychic. Sunshine was gone. For the first time in a long time, Matt couldn't feel the rage either. He was alone in his head. The quiet was peaceful. While the two Nagual worked on Cora, Matt meditated to try and heal himself mentally.
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by: Citlali Separa
She nodded swiftly then looked at her cousin, “I am relying on you for much of this. I am sorry,” she said softly. Citlali helped with the initial prep then pulled away towards the wall. She leaned back against it painfully. Her adrenaline was already fading, leaving her weaker than before. “It is just like that time Thyaya fell from the Kapok. Just open, reset, the potion, sew, and heal,” she mumbled, head falling back against the wall.

Bastard. The wolf had nicked something in her arm. Citlali had noticed when she had tried to move; the slow rhythmic spurts of blood. She had crossed her arm over her stomach, pinching off the pressure point in her upper arm. The blood loss was making her healing take quite a bit longer but as long as she didn’t pass out she would be fine. With another deep breath to slow the swimming in her head didn’t ease and a headache started behind her eyes. She squeezed her upper arm tighter, keeping what she could from spilling out of her ravaged arm.
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by: Cole
Henrí nodded and drew an obsidian blade, beginning his work on Cora. Out of the corner of his eye, the dark skinned Nagual saw Matt getting up and heading to the potions on the shelf for something. Henrí ignored him in favor of his task.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt's head cleared and his strength faded back in. Citlali was in almost as bad a condition as Cora was. They needed a real healer...

Matt pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number.

"Hi. Ye-...yes. It's really me, no, I can't explain right now, but I need help. Medical help. No, I'm fine, but some fri-...some people I know need medical treatment quickly. Yes, they're magical. I'll meet you at the top of the water tower west of Diagon Alley. Yeah. Gimme two minutes."

He hung up the phone, put on his helmet and gloves, then jogged up the stairs and into the rafters.

"I'll be back shortly!"
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali looked up at the man’s rapid movements but nodded easily. Whatever he was running off to do it was probably important. There was no other reason a Garou would let their mate out of their sight in such dire straits. Wriggling her shoulders, the Nagual pressed her shoulders against the wall using the wriggle to climb to her feet. She staggered to the potions rack. Her vision was blurring badly and standing had made her blood pressure plummet. Perhaps this is where the spirits would find her. Hurit. She would see her again. A small smile graced her face, peaceful and easy.

Pushing back to Henrí’s side, she set the two potions next to him. “Skele-gro… Teaspoon,” she said, her voice was thin, wispy, “Healing. Tablespoon.” When had she lost all her breath? Her chest hurt, why was she panting? Ugh. Even her head was starting to feel like it was going to explode. She hit the wall hard, sliding down to her knees. Citlali gripped her arm again, the blood pour from her arm seemed watery and thin. More like fruit juice than blood now. How weird.
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by: Orion Burgess
"And that's what's going on. Come on, I'll bring you inside the wards. This will go faster if you transform."

Orion gave the Devil a skeptical look, wand still at the ready. Matt beckoned, getting anxious.

"...fine, but if things go sideways on me, then you should know that there are people who know where I am."

Matt gave him a tight grin.

"Can't lie to me kid, but if you want someone to know where you are, text or call them. But people are dying. Come on."

With great reluctance, Orion transformed and jumped onto Matt's leg, clawing his way up the armor to his shoulder. Matt took off at a sprint, making Orion dig his claws into the leather and Kevlar outfit and squint his eyes closed. The wild ride was over with a long drop. Two women were laid out, one being treated, the other looked mauled.

Orion transformed back and started digging in his satchel for potions. He went to the woman who wasn't being treated.

"Hello. My name's Orion. I'd like to help you, is that okay?"
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali’s eyes were heavy. She had to stay awake. When had she laid down? Oh, that was a lot of blood. When had she seen so much? Hurit. Hurit… That was the last time. Hurit. She didn’t realize she was whispering the girl’s name, calling for her. Hoping that maybe she would no longer have to hover the edge of both worlds. Her eyes slid shut again.

Someone was coming. And she was prone. A gasp snarl rose in her throat as she tried move but her limbs felt water-logged and beaten. Her eyes flashed open then settled on a large cat, mostly fluff than predator, just in time for it to become a man. Guide. A guide. Maybe this was finally time. Citlali had hoped Hurit would have guided her there but this would be enough.

“Ayiyanchu yanasu,” she greeted the spirit with a bloody smile, “Nuna michʼakuq. Achkiy umapaq.”
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by: Orion Burgess
Well then. If silence implied consent for medical treatment, so did delirious babbling. Orion drew his ebony wand and started to work on the tattooed woman who looked like she was savaged by a dog or some other animal. First was to get the bleeding to stop, then to replenish the blood loss, support shock, then treat the second woman. Matt went over to her and was cradling her head gently, so Orion focused on sealing the open wounds with magic.

It took a while. He discovered a bone fracture that didn't need set, but she did need a pain reliever, blood replenished, and skelegro. Orion had plenty in his stores that he was able to treat her from his satchel alone.
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by: Citlali Separa
Awareness had started to warm her. It laced its way through her body rapidly forcing her to breathe deeply and look up at the ginger haired man with still unfocused eyes. Seeing too much but not meaning to. What had he given her? Numbness, dullness, her senses were… “What… Es chaqrusqa?” she demanded. She squirmed, trying to sit up. Seeing too much. So many spirits.

Why were there so many? Staring and gaping. Screams. Oh gods the screams. Blood. What was happening? Too dark, so bright. Loud. Quiet. Help them. Help me. Save. Hate. What was touching her? It burned. She was so cold. Oh gods why. Make it stop. Why wouldn’t it stop?

He had given her something to make the pain go away? No. No. The shadow of Hunger swelled in her in response to the spirits and a snarl was out before she could stop it.

She rolled to her side, curling up as bouts of snarls and growls overtook her. She promised to help. Had to help. Her duty. Her word. She bit into her hand, trying to feel something. Numbness. Citlali rolled back over, splaying out and staring at the man with crazed eyes. “Silver! Chest! NOW.” she demanded. If anything would help, silver laying over her heart would push the Hunger down. “Ayudame. Please. she whispered desperately.
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by: Matthew Cox
God, why? Why did there have to be an emergency on either side of him? His mate and lover was having her chest flayed open on the floor and a Nagual was starting to freak out behind him. What had he done to deserve this?

Matt reached into his armor and withdrew his rosary. The crucifix was the only silver he owned, ornately shaped and wrought, half as long as his palm was wide.


Orion thankfully didn't flinch from the throw, catching the beads easily before pressing the ornament to the Nagual's chest, obeying despite his confusion.
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by: Citlali Separa
The flesh exposed by her collar instantly blistered and burned under the silver and Citlali didn’t bother to hide the moan of pain. Tears leaked out as she went silent, gripping the man’s wrist so he couldn’t pull the necklace off her festering and bleeding skin. She mumbled through a pray before releasing the man’s wrist. The screaming had stopped. The guilt was fading a bit.

“...My apologies.”

She sat up slowly then. Inspecting her healed arm, she flexed it quietly testing before smiling at the wizard. “Thank you turi. I very much appreciate your assistance. You have quite a few talents.” Citlali smiled at him easily then, ignoring the slight bleeding on her chest.
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by: Orion Burgess
This was distressing. What was so allergic to silver that it's skin blistered like that? He didn't think this woman was a werewolf; she seemed more foreign than that. Coupled with the jaguar motif she and the other armored up person had, he was willing to bet that they were something...else. There were many other elses in the world and Orion wasn't going to be shocked by another one.

"You're...welcome. I'm sorry that helping you meant adding to your pain. I'm going to help that other woman."

Orion stood and grabbed his healer's bag. It only took a few short steps to take him to...


He stated that negative simply and stubbornly, getting a look of betrayed hurt from Matt.

"She's hurt and needs help...Burgess, please..."

"Matt, this is the woman who enslaved you and made you into a terrorist. She's killed thousands. She's evil!"

Orion was backing off now, intent on leaving before he felt compelled to help.
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by: Citlali Separa
One breath. Two. Four. More. She let out the gust of wind in her chest with ease. Control. Pain, balance, nothingness. Enjoyment of everything and nothing until you die. A smile crept onto her face as she centered back to the issue in front of her. The small cat was refusing to help. Despite being a healer. Citlali caught only the last part of the argument then frowned.

“You are incorrect turi. She is no slaver or murderer. There is no such taint on her spirit. There are patches and cracks of darkness. Something evil lingers but it is not her. You are wrong in your assessment. You do not see everything,” she said coming to the side of the taller man. Her black eyes held no light in them as she stared him down, speaking with complete honesty.

“You spared my life from travelling on. I would not lie to you when I am in your debt. This woman is not what you perceive her as turi.”
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion drew a breath in to argue with Matt, pointing out that the man had been held captive for a month and he clearly wasn't thinking straight. Instead, the woman he just healed answered, saying that she didn't do the things Orion had seen her do.

"She once held a knife to my throat with glee, threatening to kill me. And, for all that she's a ghost professionally, enough rumors exist about her killing defectors from the wizarding world that I would rather not get gutted. Or put under the imperius, right, Matt?"

He was being testy and stubborn, but he had empirical evidence on his side.

"And my name is Orion. What is it you keep calling me?"
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