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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali swore in the old language waving off Po. She hadn’t meant to cause him agony. That would never be her intention for a decent person and just from his spirit she could tell he didn’t deserve the pain she had just inflicted on him. The rage was roiling now, the attachment and tight interwoven spirit more clear to her now though. It had leaked through both him and his fractured self, looking more like poison then a helpful spirit. Or even a possession. Something wasn’t right here.

With a deep frown, Citlali approached Matt ignoring his warning snarls. She knelt by him, her own Hunger rising as a warning at the predator in front. She swallowed back the low growl in her throat. “Easy Matt. Breathe. Do not let it consume you,” she said gently, “It is loud but you must be stronger than it. Push it back. Own it for it is part of you but do not let it consume you.” For now, Citlali would teach him the same way she taught the cubs of her tribe and her questions could wait.
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by: Matthew Cox
"Get back. Keep away from me, keep back!"

The warning started off soft and became harder edged. If he wasn't already recovering from the spiritual whiplash of the events of the past month, he'd have been able to hold onto himself, but his control was frayed and damaged. The orders, from a Nagual that smelled like she was hunting prey no less, let his control slip away completely as the rage surged.

Matt, even the capricious Sunshine, was gone and all that was left was the black rage. A low growl of warning preceded him rolling back and lashing upwards with his feet in a dual kick. He sprang backwards and put his back to the wall, head low, body vibrating with suppressed energy.
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by: Coraline Larson
"Matt... n-no! Don't... pl-please don't... hurt him," Cora pleaded with the Nagual, breathless and panicky at her lover's distress.

Despite the dose of calming draught she had been given, adrenaline surged in the witch at the need to help her mate. Her heart spiked and raced in her chest, only increasing the dizziness, nausea, and aching once again as she tried to roll to the side to get up and go to Matt.

Cora cried out in pain as she managed to roll onto her right side, her broken rib sliding out of set and sending nausea- inducing waves of agony through her battered body. Desperate tears fell unchecked down her pale cheeks as she fought through the distress of her own body to reach her mate. Her vision narrowed and Cora began to feel the tide of unconsciousness rising to overwhelm her again..
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by: Citlali Separa
“Calm girl. I do not intend to harm him. Lay still before you send yourself into another fit,” she said softly, “Henrí, please get her a few more drops of painless draught and the calming draught. Only a few drops. We need to prevent another episode but I doubt she wants to be completely out of it again.” She turned her attention back to the rage-infused male.

“Matt. I will not come near you. But you must breathe. How can I help you?” she asked softly, not moving from her knelt position. Her body was relaxed and she kept her eyes down so he could not mistake her as challenging him. Even with her predator smell, she was clearly submitting to him.
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by: Matthew Cox
The submission did more to help it regain control than the instructions to calm itself. Still, it was tense. Quick bird like motions of the head reacted to every sound, every movement, every stimulus. It would be so easy to become overwhelmed...

Words came with difficulty. It didn't speak, not even to the host. Words were a human thing and it wasn't human. It wasn't even really real. No, it...it was a shadow. A hoarse whisper came from its throat from between bared teeth.

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by: Matthew Cox
The male Nagual obeyed Citlali almost immediately, grabbing the two potions mentioned and kneeling next to Cora. "Please, he is dangerous right now and you are injured. Please let the priestess work," he tried to soothe the panicked witch. Using his much greater strength Henrí took hold of Cora's shoulders and pressed her back down on the ground, the woman so weak her resistance was negligible.
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by: Coraline Larson
Cora had no choice but to lie down as the armored warrior forced her down, another cry of pain ripping from her at the sharp stab of pain in her abdomen. She tried to keep watching the stand-off between her lover and Citlali but Henrí turned her head and supported it gently as he administered more of the potions that he was directed to. Cora struggled still, adrenaline and panic driving her to try to help her mate, though her struggles were no more effective than a newborn kitten against its mother.

Once the potions had been force-fed to her, Cora began to go limp and submissive in the grip of the warrior Nagual. The calming draught was like a warm, soothing blanket fresh from the laundry and clashed with the cold, creeping numbness of the pain-relieving potion, leaving Cora shivering and whimpering softly at the dissonant feelings. She was barely conscious but stubbornly lolled her head in the direction of her lover, struggling to remain awake.
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by: Citlali Separa
Pain? Citlali frowned at that, “If I were to give you something to chew on, would you at least try it? I believe the lingering pain may be from the rapid spike in your system.” She raised her eyes a bit. “I have helped your mate. Please let me help you as well,” she spoke softly.

She watched Po hovering around him. She was wary to let the spirit prod much more with him being unaware and ill-prepared for it. Po, for all the spirit’s tendencies, seemed to have understood her hesitation and instead of prodding seemed to be putting energy into Matt trying to ease away the pain they had caused. After all Po was a gentle spirit as well. The little spirit gently hovered smoothing and repairing the damage they had done to the other spirits in Matt, melding back together as they had been before Po had tried to antagonize the dark spirit.
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by: Matthew Cox
Something was still messing with it. It...he...didn't want to chew anything. He didn't know about a mate. He was in pain. Constantly. Life was pain and anger and burning.

"I burn...I...who am...who are you...?"

His hands went up to his head as the host started fighting him. Something was still happening to him, strengthening the host. No...

"No...not...going. Mine. This is mine now..."

A sneer, malicious and foreign, took over Matt's face as the wolf-spirit strengthened its hold.
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by: Coraline Larson
"Mo... mo diabhal... p-please..." she murmured, the sound more of a pleading whimper than coherent speech.

Tears leaked from Cora's pale green eyes as she fought the tide of unconsciousness to watch her mate. That wasn't Matt... didn't sound like him. Didn't even sound like his other half, the Devil... Cora struggled weakly, trying to sit up again but the male Nagual's grip on her was far too strong for the weakened witch to shrug off.
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali frowned deeply, head shooting up to glare at the spirit. “That does not belong to you,” she warned. She moved suddenly; folding her legs under her, relaxing back her shoulders, chin lifting proudly. “Henrí. I am going,” she warned before letting her eyes unfocus and close slowly. Her body relaxed quickly falling into a quiet stillness that seemed more like sleep than meditation.

Once Po felt the surge of the Priestess’s energy through them, the spirit dove into the parasite. For a gentle spirit, Po was still clearly trained to be a protector. The bright white of Po haloed with Citlali’s energy became a lunar eclipse of energy plowing directly into the parasite wolf, driving him back to the furthest corner of the man’s mind. Po grappled and struggled against the beast tumbling through the darkest reaches of Matt’s mind.

Citlali watched her friend’s battle for a moment before wandering deeper into Matt’s spiritscape. The ribbons of white and grey twined closely together, both having been shoved aside by the wolf. Citlali frowned at the spirits. Twins. Huh. Not a fracture then. Just an extra piece. She tilted her head at them, “Stand up. We must hurry and go. You have to return before the wolf realizes,” she said, offering a hand to help them to their feet.

She spoke gently, comforting and sweet. Trying to not terrify them with her appearance. Citlali knew her dark hair was wild, the black edges shining deep golden red; her eyes burning with hidden fire behind their void color. The embodiment of an eclipse. Colop U Uichkin’s Vision in her truest form.

“Please Matt. We must hurry. Po can only hold the parasite off for so long,” she insisted, moving closer to the two spirits.
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by: Matthew Cox
Fire, blood, energy. The smells from what Matt was perceiving seemed more than they normally did. And the Nagual? Holy...demonic.

Sunshine, on the other hand, sensed the shift in the tide of battle and was gone in a flash, diving into the darkness to fight the usurper.

Matt's perspective in the landscape was brief and confusing. The next thing he knew, he was in the floor on his hands and knees, ears ringing with the sound of his own screaming as it felt like his soul was being ripped into shreds.
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by: Citlali Separa
Within a few short seconds of Citlali taking her position the injuries began to form on her skin. Her burst into a geyser of blood from phantom fangs, soon the flesh peeled and chunked as her arm was torn to shreds. Random claw marks and bruises appeared slowly from an unseen assailant.

Citlali felt Matt’s return and she braced for the revolt of her invasion. She should not stay much longer. She felt the grate of her spirit against the owner of this place and nearly collapsed from the agony as she held herself there. She couldn’t risk that thing taking over again though. She turned towards the darkness, feeling where Po’s battle was happening their injuries and the energy quickly draining from her form.

She lifted her hand, tracing her energy into the scape infusing her power into Matt’s spirit gently. Cimi; the symbol of balance to keep the savage one quiet and asleep for some time. Just long enough to explain what was happening to Matt. The seal set, leaving Citlali weak and panting but the screaming agony in Matt’s spirit drove her to dump a little extra. She lifted her shaky hand and drew Cauac; cleansing and regeneration. It would heal the pain.

With a shove of her energy, Citlali ejected herself and Po fairly violently from Matt’s spirit. She crashed back into her body gracelessly, taking in a painful gasp of air choking and coughing like she had stopped breathing in those few moments. She swayed weakly where she sat barely aware of her surroundings. Her nose had started to bleed at some point, most likely after Matt’s return. Her left arm was unusable. Her body hurt and spirit felt depleted entirely. But Matt’s spirit glowed strong within his body, fully in control again.

“I… Did what… Could. It… will not… bother… for while.”

She panted out the words barely keeping herself upright.
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by: Coraline Larson
One moment she was on the edge of sleep, the next her eyes snapped open at the smell of blood in the air nearby. Cora hissed in pain as the male holding her still unceremoniously dropped her struggling form and took a position next to the other shifter. Halfway to delirious from the medicine and sheer exhaustion, the witch wasn't sure what she was seeing was possible.

Citlali's arm looked like it was being shredded by a mauling dog, flesh turned to bloody ribbons under invisible claws, while her mouth seemed to burst with yet more blood. How... what...? Matt's scream of agony had Cora panicking and trying to reach him once more, disregarding her injuries and fragile health in favor of aiding the man she loved.

She couldn't be sure if the -crack- she heard was audible to only her or not, but the sheer agony that came on its heels was all- consuming. Her ribs felt like they were constricting her lungs and she gasped for breath, unable to even scream in pain. Darkness overtook her vision as Matt fell forward on his hands and knees and screamed again…
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt fell heavily to his side, exhausted and shredded feeling. It took a great amount of effort, but he rolled to his back and propped his knees up to help his blood flow and blood pressure.

"Oh God, have mercy on this sinner in my hour of need," he croaked in a hoarse whisper, vocal cords damaged from the screaming. Matt couldn't even keep his hands on his chest, instead letting them splay out to his sides like a man crucified.

Blood. He smelled blood. And he could hear ribs creaking. Cora?

"Help...help her!”

He directed and begged the Nagual weakly.
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