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by: Matthew Cox



Sunshine felt stripped down and exposed, belittled, and dehumanized. He was back to being a thing instead of a person. He didn't even have a right to his own body, apparently. The treatment of being less than human, less than worthy of acknowledgement did something to him. He felt his vibrancy shutting down into a monochromatic thing, no better than the thing he was being treated as. Emotionally, he detached and shut down, going stiff, wooden, and stubbornly still.
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by: Citlali Separa
“It is not very kind, is it? To refer to someone as their base existence? Now as I stated my name is Citlali. Would you care to attempt to treat me with some semblance of kindness by telling me what to call you?” she said finally looking back at him. Through him. Three spirits this time, not one. But this one was entirely an invading force like the other but it was hinged more closely with the invader. That explained the blur. The other spirit seemed pushed down either way though. More questions. Both this woman and man were strange but if this is where she had been led then they had her help whether they wanted it or not.
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by: Matthew Cox
Sunshine crossed his arms and hunched his shoulders, unable to shake the cold feeling he got from being treated as a thing.

"I don't care what you call me...Matt. My name is Matt."

It was a polite lie, since apparently this wasn't even his body. Sunshine was subdued, but maintaining a grip on himself for Cora's sake.
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by: Coraline Larson
Strange taste in her mouth. Astringent. Earthy but slightly bitter... liquid... warm. Cool hands holding her, supporting her head, feeling the slowly-steadying pulse in her neck... who was that? Where was she? Why was everything dark still?

Cora's misty green eyes opened and her mind stumbled clumsily back to consciousness. Pain hit her like a stampeding elephant as soon as she awoke, eliciting a pitiful whimper from the battered witch's throat. Oh god... everything hurt! Her ribs were agony and made breathing difficult still, even though her heart had resolved into the proper rhythm once more. Her vision was still slightly blurry and she struggled to see through the haze of tears that had formed there.
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by: Citlali Separa
Citlali hesitated. She had done harm to the spirit. She opened her mouth to address it when the whimper slipped out. She focused her attention back to the woman. “Easy girl. You are safe. Your friend is here. Everything is okay. You must breathe slowly. You have a few fractured ribs but nothing terrible,” she instructed softly. She got up then, going to the potions and glancing over them.

Picking up a thick bottle Citlali returned with the numbing potion, easing barely a few drops into the woman. Enough to dull her ribs’ ache but not enough to further affect her breathing by relaxing her too much. “There. Can you respond at all? I need to know you are at least somewhat aware or can hear me? Move your fingers if you can hear me,” she said softly.
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by: Matthew Cox
Sunshine shivered and started to Cora, needing to comfort her and receive comfort from her. He stopped short because Citlali was still treating her. He needed to not interfere, but oh, he wanted to hold her.

"Mo tine, tá do diabhal anseo..."

He spoke softly, looking for an invitation from his mate to comfort her.
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by: Coraline Larson
Who was that?! Ugh... her mind felt so foggy... Her head was spinning still too, she realized as she tried to focus on the woman who seemed to be helping her. Did she know this woman? She seemed familiar...

Oh. The shifter woman... Citlali. She had insisted on helping her home. It was starting to come back to her now... she was speaking. Breathe slowly, okay, she could try.

Something cool and almost tingly trickled over her lips and down her throat and Cora swallowed the potion automatically. A small sigh of relief eased out of the witch almost immediately after as the pain in her body was dulled. Without the agony of her injuries creating a deafening cacophony in her mind, Cora recognized the other voice in the room.

"...M-matty?" she slurred the short question quietly. Cora turned her head weakly in the direction his voice had come from, seeking her lover's comfort.
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by: Citlali Separa
“Move her slowly,” she warned the man. She frowned at the shift in his spirit. “Ah. You are the bridge. My apologies. I have made a mistake.” She shook her head a bit then. Moving away from the pair a moment, she returned to the potion rack thoughtfully. “Henrí come here. Let me have a look at the damage,” she called to her cousin. Citlali would not leave just yet, at least not willingly. She had too many questions about the strange people behind her. Even Po had begun the insistent chanting about helping them again. But their wounds were healed so the spirit could only be talking about their spirits. The woman full of spiderwebs and the man full of shadows.
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by: Matthew Cox
Orders. Something about them felt natural to obey, as if that's what his job was...that scared Sunshine badly enough that he stilled and fled, not wanting to give into or fall under the Nagual's orders. Matt took over at that point and carefully came over to Cora. He stripped his gauntlets and helmet off, tucking them into his belt. Henrí made a sound of surprise at Matt's eyes, but came to his cousin for healing.

Matt ignored the two shifters in favor of scooping up Cora.

"I'm here love, I'm here..."

He whispered to her and held her close, breathing in her scent.
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by: Coraline Larson
The raven-haired woman made a sound of pain as her lover picked her up and cradled her, jostling her fractured ribs despite his gentle touch. Matt's familiar, masculine scent enveloped and helped calm her, however, and the witch simply lay in his arms. Now that the crisis had passed, exhaustion hit her like a truck. Cora felt her eyelids getting heavier and drifting closed, the cocktail of potions and herbal remedy the woman had given her lulling her into an almost dozing state.
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by: Citlali Separa
“I told you slowly. I was waiting until she woke for the skele-gro,” she huffed a bit. She pressed an herb paste to one of Henrí’s wounds before pulling out the mentioned potion. She had set Henrí’s clavicle already so he shouldn’t need any but the witch would. She completely ignored that he was cradling her, working around him gently prodding the ribs to ensure they were placed properly especially the broken one before she slipped the small dose into the witch’s mouth.

“Sincerely please hold her still until those set,” Citlali reiterated to him before returning to her previous work. She checked over the bruising and cuts before deeming Henrí as fixed as possible.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt gave a half hearted sneer and continued to hold and comfort Cora, humming softly to her. His arms were wrapped carefully around the woman and he could feel the magic working in her bones as a growing, subtle heat.

As soon as the Nagual was done healing her compatriot, Matt addressed them.

"You've healed her up. Thank you. Please leave, now."

He was polite, but to the point. He didn't want other predators in what he now considered his home.

The male replied.

"The priestess leaves when her work is finished, Garou."

"...I'm not Garou. Get out of our home."
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by: Citlali Separa
“For someone that claims they are not Garou you certainly have the spirit of one,” Citlali hinted quietly watching the man’s reactions. This was the original owner of the body, the main spirit though now that she looked closer she could see the slight fracture separating him from the one she had insulted earlier. The looming shadow, however, was something completely different. Po hovered and with a slight nod from the Priestess needled the dark figure, not pulling but pressing and testing curiously.

“Beyond that your friend is not healed. Merely patched. Or are you telling me that you know how to mix concoctions to deal with her physical state? Or will that be something she must do in her condition as well? How long has she had this condition? She needs to be resting, not out walking about like nothing is wrong with her.”
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by: Matthew Cox
Well that was a barrage of information, wasn't it? Cora was mostly asleep in his arms, so Matt quietly answered the questions.

"I'm NOT a Garou. Never was, never will be, so I don't know what you're talking about."

Something felt wrong. The control he normally had in his rage crumbled for a moment like it was never there and he had to set Cora down or risk breaking her body as his fist curled and clenched.

"Wha-" he barely got the syllable out before groaning under the tidal weight of what he normally was able to keep locked away. He panted and forced himself away from Cora; God, it hurt to leave her, but it would hurt more to hurt her...

"It's-we-I can't...I'm...ugh...something is wrong, I..."

He fell backwards heavily and curled over himself into a fetal position as he tried to breathe and count the way Mae had taught him. Compulsively, he began to rub a pressure point in his wrist to keep from falling into a rage fit.
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by: Coraline Larson
The cadences of the voices in the room were all the exhausted witch could make out of the conversation around her, barely keeping track of who was speaking as she dozed in Matt's arms. The female's voice was soft and gentle and farther away from her and she spoke with a quiet authority, a confidence that spoke of training and surety of her actions and speech. There was a male voice similar to the female's as well, although the quiet tone of his voice was more like the quiet stealth of a hunting cat rather than the healer's softness of Citlali's.

And then there was Matt's voice, rumbling like a growl against her ear as he plowed her head against his chest. There was both gentleness and aggressiveness in his voice as the sound washed over her, and she wished she could focus enough to hear what he was saying. More specifically, Cora wanted to ask him what he was doing in the first place. After their reunion yesterday she hadn't expected him back so soon.

Suddenly the witch found herself jolted awake by another stabbing pain from her ribs as Matt put her on the ground. Cora whimpered through clenched teeth and looked over at Matt with confusion and concern. He looked like he was in pain! When he groaned and crumpled to the floor Cora struggled to sit up and go to him, her pulse spiking with adrenaline once more as she was knocked back to the ground by the pain in her own body and she was unable to help her lover.

"M-matty!" she called weakly to him. Tears of both physical and emotional pain formed in her eyes at her inability to help him and the sharp agony of her healing bones. "... Matty please... what's wrong?!"
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