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by: Matthew Cox
June 11, 1530

Bags were packed, her outfit was laid out, the charter was purchased along with the flat in Paris, dinner reservations were made...Matt stood back and considered his handiwork. All he needed was the woman that he planned on surprising. Where was Cora?

Maybe breaking into the warehouse (okay, he wasn't breaking in, he had permission to be here, after all) for a surprise trip wasn't the brightest of ideas, but Matt wanted to give Cora a grand gesture to show that he was dedicated to them. As stressed as they both had been, they needed a vacation. And what better way to relax than with a romantic getaway?

A coy, playful smile played in his lips when he heard the door open downstairs. She was home. Matt left her bedroom and braced himself on the balcony, displaying the fitted tuxedo he'd rented for himself.

"I've got a surprise for you. I need you to trust me...go get dressed in the outfit I laid out and meet me in the foyer. We're going on a date."

It was forward, commanding, and even a bit arrogant to assume that she didn't have plans for the night, but Matt thought that she wouldn't care once she had the night's escapades revealed to her.
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by: Coraline Larson
Cora leaned against the door once she shut it behind herself, needing to rest after her walk. Damn shortness of breath hadn't abated fully yet since her cardiac episode a few days ago, she cursed silently as she tried to regulate her breathing pattern into a more normal one. She smiled when she heard Matt's voice call to her.

When she opened her eyes and looked up at where he was standing, her heart skipped and it had nothing to do with her recent medical issues. Oh lord help her... that tuxedo looked like it had been sewn onto him and damn did it look good! Cora felt herself blushing as she climbed the stairs toward him.

"You, um... you have a surprise for me? And you picked out clothes for me?" she blinked in surprise but was obviously pleased by the gesture. "Matt, what are you up to?"
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt gave her a lopsided grin and led her into the bedroom.

"A little under a hundred and seventy eight centimeters last I was Get dressed and I'll help you with your hair."

The dress he'd chosen was a rich velvet with embroidered embellishments on her back, shoulders, and arms. The texture of it was simply sumptuous under his touch. As much as he wanted to feel it on her, he was more excited for her reaction to the elegant gown.

"I had to use your card. If anything tonight is not to your satisfaction, I'll be sure to personally repay any way you want."

The forward gambit of the sexually charged dinner date was risky. Her cardiac issues of late would compromise anything too athletic, but Matt wanted to tease her imagination as much as anything.
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by: Coraline Larson
She giggled at his snarky quip about his height, rolling her eyes playfully as she followed him into her bedroom. When her eyes fell on the gown laid out on her bed she gasped in awe at the gorgeous drapery of velvet and embroidery.

"It's... oh, it's beautiful, Matty! But where are we going that calls for this?" She petted the dress appreciatively, the sumptuous fabric taking her breath away with excitement.

Cora began to change out of her jeans and t-shirt excitedly, nearly giddy as she slipped into the gown. The sheer sections covered artfully with the embroidery made her feel both shy and empowered and sexy at the same time, and for a brief moment she almost wished Matt could see her. Once she was dressed she kissed him tenderly.

"It's so beautiful. I love it, mo diabhal. Thank you!"
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by: Matthew Cox
Oh, how she felt under his extra senses....Her excitement made Matt feel nearly giddy himself. Quietly, he removed a necklace box from the in er pocket of his jacket.

"Dinner. The dress is lovely on you, by the way, but it's missing Try this."

He came behind her and draped a silver and diamond piece of art around her neck. Leaves and blossoms were crafted from the jewelry, flowing like ivy in his radar. It suited her.

"I'll let you handle the earrings...then you'll probably need to help me brush your hair. I don't want to pull it."

He'd had little practice actually styling hair, but he had a simple vision: an upswept bun with a braided crown, a cascade of curls from the bottom...teamwork could accomplish that, right? He ran his fingers through her hair gently, savoring the soft, silky tresses and their clean, floral scent.

"You captivate my senses, mo tine..."

Matt kissed the back of her neck as he lifted her hair away from her nape.
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by: Coraline Larson
The jewelry was simply stunning and complemented the gown perfectly. A delighted grin lit up Cora's face as he fastened it around her neck. She deftly put the earrings on and picked up her hairbrush as he had asked.

She purred softly as he caressed her hair, getting momentarily distracted by his extravagant thoughtfulness. She couldn't help but giggle lightly when he kissed her neck.

"I don't even know what to say, mo diabhal. You've left me speechless..."
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by: Matthew Cox
A self satisfied grin blossomed on Matt's face. He was obviously pleased with himself to no end. As gently as his inexperienced hands could, he brushed through her hair and split it into two bunches. The upper portion he gathered into a high, domed bun.

"Need an elastic. Should have grabbed that first...where are they?"

He cast around, looking for something to hold the bun in place. When Cora handed him one, he thanked her gently and wrapped it around the bun, then braided a section of her remaining hair and pinned it into place with bobby pins. At least he had been able to find those without searching...he considered the remaining third of her hairstyle and carefully pinned it up, letting her hair tumble naturally down in a waterfall of her soft natural curls.

"...there. I should stop this vigilante nonsense and become a hair dresser, no?"

He grinned at her, then fished around in his jacket pocket again.

"One more bit,"

A crystal and silver hair piece, matching her necklace, added the final bit of glitz to her hairdo. Matt set it into place and helped Cora secure it. Perfect.
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by: Coraline Larson
Cora sat on the bench at the end of the bed and relaxed as Matt arranged her hair. "I didn't realize you were so talented at cosmetology, Matty," she teased him, handing him the elastic and pins as he needed them.

The final look was just as stunning as the rest of the outfit he had planned, but even then he had to outdo himself. She giggled as she helped him pin the headpiece in place, letting out a soft 'oh' of wonder when she looked in the mirror.

"I feel like a princess, mo diabhal," she couldn't help but giggle as she looked at her reflection.
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by: Matthew Cox
"Good. I plan on treating you like royalty tonight."

He felt the face of his watch to check the time. Good. The cab would be here in fifteen minutes.

"Barest amount of makeup, if you please...just around your eyes and lips...too much masks your lovely scent...our ride will be here in fifteen minutes. I packed your perfume already, so that will have to wait until we get there."

He smiled devilishly, knowing she was bursting to know where 'there' was.
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by: Coraline Larson
"Does this make you my Devil-Prince?" Cora teased him. She sidled up to him to steal a kiss before going into the bathroom to put on the makeup he had asked for.

She cleaned her face gently then lined her eyes with eyeliner, applied just a touch of shadow and mascara, and chose a soft rose pink lip color. Cora smiled at the finished look and came back out into the bedroom a few minutes later, smiling brilliantly.

"And where are we going? I know you said 'dinner', but where?"
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by: Matthew Cox
Her Devil-Prince? A chuckle escaped from him.

"Would you like me to be?"

For the most part, the makeup was lost on him. He could smell it; the powdery, mineral-oil-pigment smell was just another facet of most women's scents in the day to day sensory world he lived in. Cora didn't wear much makeup, so the smell of it stood out to him. The musty was still out if Matt liked it or not. When it was a barely-there thing, he could ignore it. Sadly, so many women preferred to erase their faces and redo them completely. It was usually enough to mask their natural scents for him. In those cases, it became incredibly annoying.

To her query of where they were headed, Matt could only shake his head slightly. A coy half-smile betrayed his own excitement at the prospect, however.

Before he could shoot back some witty repartee, the sound of a car caught his attention.

"Our ride is here. Come along..."

Matt offered her his arm, grabbing the duffel bag he packed in his other hand. It was a simple pack: an outfit for either of them, their shower kits, a change of shoes. Everything else was awaiting them at their destination.

Matt led Cora outside where a sleek black tow car idled in front of the curb. The driver waited expectantly by the back door, opening it for them when they approached.

"Ma'am, sir..."

Matt thanked the driver and released his bag into his custody, then slid in beside Cora.
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by: Matthew Cox
Merlin, the smirk he gave her was just... ugh. She had seen that coy little expression god-knew-how-many times in the last month and it still made her knees weak and put butterflies in her stomach! Cora felt her cheeks flush slightly, feeling like a schoolgirl on her first date for a moment as she quietly fawned over her date and his extravagant plans.

So overwhelmed by the surprise and his gifts was she that his almost commanding demeanor seemed coy rather than arrogant. It was... different, but so far not unpleasant, if she was honest. Cora followed him down to the car, raising a brow at the duffel bag he grabbed on their way out. Were they going somewhere overnight perhaps? Excitement zinged through her anew as she slid into the sleek car, carefully gathering her gown out of the way and thanking the driver politely. Once Matt was seated next to her, she turned toward him with a grin, nearly bouncing with excitement.

"Matty, where are you absconding with me? I saw the overnight bag, what are you up to?"
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by: Matthew Cox
The car pulled away smoothly. Cora's mounting confusion only fueled his pleasure.

"If you're a master thief and I abscond with you, does that make me a master thief?"

By no means did that answer her question, and that was just fine. Matt's grin only grew. He leaned over and put a kiss on her nose.

"If I told you, it would ruin my surprise of how you're going to react. So, out of self interest, my lips are sealed."

His hand possessively found its way to her leg, enjoying the feel of her athletic body encased in rich velvet as the car slid through traffic towards the airport. The driver bypassed the gates and commercial airlines in favor of a service road. They were stopped once at a guardhouse, but were waved through when the driver showed his badge. The car pulled onto the tarmac itself, stopping in front of a Hawker 400. Matt's grin only doubled, it seemed, as the driver got out, passed their bag to the first officer, then opened the door for them.

Matt slid out and escorted Cora to the plane where the captain took over in assisting them both up the steps and into the leather and ash interior of the private charter jet. Matt took his seat.

"I want to be the reason for that smile on your face every day for the rest of our lives."
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by: Coraline Larson
A giggle bubbled out of her at his cute kiss on her nose, her smile blooming into brilliance again.

"Hmm, considering you've already stolen my heart, mo ghra, I think it might," she playfully shot back. Her heart skipped a beat as he turned that damn grin and his full charm on her once more to explain he wanted to keep their destination a surprise. She huffed a good-natured sigh at his answer and cuddled against him as they drove through the city.

When they approached the airport she grew concerned about the risks of security and being seen, but when they detoured onto the tarmac itself her fears relaxed slightly. Her smile bloomed even further, if that were possible, as Matt helped her out of the car and toward what appeared to be their own private flight. Cora smiled and thanked the captain who assisted her up the steps then took a seat in front of the vase of orchids, a little breathless. Matt's voice pulled her attention away from the flowers and his words put another rosy blush on her pale cheeks.

"I... Matty, I don't even know how... oh lord, I sound like a schoolgirl," she giggled nervously, ducking her head slightly.
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by: Matthew Cox
She was overwhelmed and off balance. Perfect. Matt listened to her heart and her breathing to make sure she wasn't too overwhelmed, then reached across the table to grab he hand gently. His thumb brushed against the back of her hand as he savored the delight of her. Her speechlessness was all he needed as an affirmation of a job well done. The self-satisfied smirk faded into a smaller smile of pure joy as he lifted her knuckles to his lips to brush a kiss against them.

He savored her scent, her flavor, her feel...everything that he could use to pull her into himself approved of Cora. She delighted him and entranced him to the point that he empathized with her speechlessness.

"I love you."

Sometimes it didn't need to be said in an elaborate gesture or scheme. The truth could hang in its simplicity. He did. He loved her. He wanted her happy and well taken care of. She was the delight of his heart and, of Maeve's Garou-instinct assessment was true, the mate he had bonded with. She was his. And this? Tonight? It was perfect.
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