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by: Liam O'Donnell
[This post will be split evenly between my characters, Liam & Kara O'Donnell in casual format, as opposed to threading format. **ALSO, DISCLAIMER: The following may have dialogue or actions that may not be suitable for certain audiences. This is a trigger warning. Please do not read on, if you are sensitive to the topic of domestic violence. Thank you.** ]

24 May, 2012
9:20 p.m.
O'Donnell Residence

The last two days were a complete blur. Liam spent them lurking in his own bar, his own place of business, listening closely for any gossip from the Wizarding World. Times, things and people might change but one thing he knew was consistent, was the fact that the pub was known for being a median, a place of business for muggles and wizards alike. It didn’t take too long for him to pick up on certain details that eluded him while he was locked away, solidifying all of the truths he feared. It fed into the sheer and utter rage that boiled inside of him.

This was concerning at first, as Liam once considered himself a rather peaceful person, despite his size and stature. This searing anger that corroded his insides…where did it come from? Was it from the mysterious treatment he’d been given in Azkaban? Liam had no one to turn to, no one to ask about any of that, because he’d been in isolation…there were no witnesses, except for those men in white.

He was standing in the office downstairs when he heard an apparition, the unmistakable crack that sounded like lightning had crashed right inside his home. “Hello, Kara.” It was almost as if Liam anticipated her arrival. He could smell her perfume and knew immediately that it was her, even from the next room.

The look on her face was priceless. If circumstances were different…if things hadn’t ended up the way they did, maybe he would have appreciated the shock and awe on her lovely face.

“Oh my God…L-Liam?” Her voice trembled as she froze where she stood, her eyes wide with the surprise. “How…How are you…here?”

If he wasn’t mistaken, she looked pale, too. Rightfully so. He was a ghost, after all. Perhaps she picked up on his tension because he expected her to run and try to leap into his arms. He might have welcomed her to, but he was curious to see how she’d react so far. “How am I alive, is probably a better question, and honestly I don’t even know. They let me go. They let me walk off with what they picked me up in, and here I am.”

Kara was still a fixture of silence, and she didn’t run to him.

For some reason, this accusatory stance, the act of nailing her down for a crime against him and their marriage, was thrilling. “But then, I get word that you’re screwing around, and I just had to see it all for myself. It’s true, isn’t it?” Liam knew that if she didn’t know it then, she must have known it now: he was pissed.
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by: Kara Viridian
“I…” Kara gasped, but she wasn’t taken aback or offended by this. She’d been caught and she knew it. Her dark hair moved over her shoulders as she frantically shook her head, those bright blue-green eyes still staring at him as if she’d never look away.

Now he was damn sure she wouldn’t get near him. Not now. Not with that dark shadow over his green eyes.

“I didn’t know, Liam. I thought you were…I thought you were dead!”

“Dead?” He sneered, a piece of the vengeful beast peeking through now. He chuckled. “You know, I fought so fucking hard to stay alive, and for what? This? To come home and find out you’re with him?!” He threw one of the picture frames he’d retrieved from upstairs and it hit the floor. “How could you do this to me? To us?”

So, her cover was blown. Not that it was needed cover at all, Kara was sure Liam was as good as dead, and all she could do was try to move on. Casey was always a friend to her, or closer than that. He was the obvious choice for a “replacement” if anything but Kara was honest to goodness not looking for a replacement at all. Casey consoled her, helped her, comforted her, and even loved her. Their paths crossed so many times over the years they’d known each other and due to bad timing or unlucky chances, they’d fallen apart until now. But this, finding out Liam was alive, was going to be another bit in their relationship of unfortunate events.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.”

Liam shouted as he swiped the lamp and picture frames off of the nearby end-table. The ceramic and glass fell onto the floor and shattered instantly.

Kara jumped.

“You’re sorry.” He growled.

She was. But what did he want to hear? He was so furious. Kara could see that time in Azkaban had changed him, as it would for anyone in there that long, but there was something that didn’t feel right. He was…different. Kara stood as still as possible. “Liam…”

He wasn’t talking, hardly moving, only heavily breathing. Liam looked like a beast, the dim light through the circle skylight above him was highlighting every line and crease to his increased muscle definition. He’d changed in so many ways, physically and mentally, it seemed.

Kara decided to move. She carefully walked toward him and hesitated as she reached toward him. She placed her hand on his arm and felt his bicep flex at her touch. In a flash, he turned and used the back of his hand for a forceful strike, and promptly grabbed her. His large hands wrapped around her biceps, gripped tight and his fingers dug into her skin, applying a pinching pressure on her muscles. She yelped softly, trying to free herself from his snare, but he didn’t give. She looked up into his eyes, which were alight with a fire she had never seen before.

Wriggling a little more violently now, she tried to pull back as far as she could while he held her, get some distance between them as she felt the heat and rage radiating off of him.

“How could you throw all of this away? I LOVED you, Kara, and you rip out my heart like this? How dare you—after everything I’ve done.” Two days to stew over this new revelation, after a couple of months of worrying and letting Eric’s words fester in the back of his mind…Liam was agitated.

“Liam…it hurts—you’re hurting me, let go—!” Kara pleaded. Her eye had stung, leaving that dread under the throbbing pain and the mark it was going to leave on her already scarred face.

Liam grabbed her even tighter and shook her, trying to find her eyes as she weakly struggled against him, her head rattling like a ragdoll in the hands of a child. Even when she cried out again, he didn’t break. He snaked his hand behind her head and grabbed a handful of her long auburn hair, pulling it tight.

She screamed now, and leaned back into his pull, feeling the tension of each follicle at the root, throbbing and aching as he threatened to rip out that patch of hair. Kara was forced to look up to the ceiling with this motion, and she didn’t care as long as she didn’t have to look at him. She felt the tears falling out of her eyes now, as they streamed down the side of her face, running over her scars and through the bloody groove of her newest scratches.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
“I…gave…everything to save you. To help you. To free you…why did you—why...WHY, HUH?” Liam’s words were fragments of thoughts, pain, heartbreak, exacerbated by his recent discovery. He wasn’t thinking straight, but would she be able to tell? “My wife…a whore…So,” He laughed maniacally, “Did you screw all of them when you got out? Your friends…wait no, your ‘friends’.” He air-quoted on the second pass, his eyes full of disgust and hate.

Those words struck her just as hard as the hits she tried to resist, and suddenly, she thought: did she deserve this? Did she deserve the punishment for hurting him? Betraying him? Everything was a new scar, scrape or bruise, just reminders that may not fade, from the terrible thing she had done. Was she in the wrong, when she didn’t know he was alive? Was she at fault for finding someone else to make her feel whole again? Did she deserve this?

No… Yes… Do I?

Kara thought he had died for Merlin’s sake! Why is she being punished for that? She thought herself a widow and tried to move on after being broken down for the umpteenth time. Then what would her father think? Jon? Markus? As much as she wanted to yell and scream, Kara finally sorted out her thoughts and clung to the fact that she knew she wasn’t in the wrong and that he had hit her—Liam made a terrible decision that would render some terrible consequences once she was able to stand on her own two feet, once she was able to stop reeling from everything that was happening, and it was all happening so fast. It was so shocking, every bit of it. Kara was a fighter, but the man who made her feel so vulnerable made her freeze in place, petrified by her own fear. Her flight instinct had shut down and the fight in her was roadblocked by anxiety and uncertainty. This should have pissed her off, but she stayed there, weak and confused, at the mercy of his strong and heavy hands.

She knew that she couldn’t stay with him after all of this…

He shook her again, and her hair fell into her eyes. She could feel his tension, his rock solid physique a beacon of rage. But she didn’t look up again. She looked to the floor. Lost.

“Let. Me. Go.” She said quietly and evenly, even if she was screaming on the inside.

Liam relaxed slightly, an indication that he might have come to, and realized what he had done. Yet, ye still held her, until the iron grip turned to feather light. His hands trembled before he finally released her and stepped back. One step. Two step. Three paces away, he stood.

Kara on the other hand, could not relax. Even when he let go, she just froze, trying to comprehend what had just happened. She never expected to see him ever again. To her, he was dead. How could she have known? Should she have waited? (There were those thoughts again)…But there was no way she could have just waltzed into a place like Azkaban to visit her husband convicted of murder. She, a former prisoner, on their watch list, couldn’t just burst in and demand proof of life for a man on hold for treason. His letters had stopped. His communications had stopped. Everything stopped without so much as a peep from the Warden or anyone there to let her know how he’d passed.

So, again she asked herself: Did she deserve this? This horrible treatment?

Kara inhaled through her nose and back out again, so soft it was almost silent. “I’m…leaving, Liam.” She felt herself get caught up on his name now.
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by: Kara Viridian
“Leaving?” He echoed.

There were more hot tears streaming down her cheeks and she knew Liam could see that from where he was standing. Maybe he could hear her loud and clear now. Hitting her…that was the last straw. Whether or not she chose to believe she was deserving of such treatment? That was hers to bear, and for now, she was done. “I’m leaving this place, this home, you can have it.”


“I need space and I need to get away from you—I can’t be here if—”

“I’m sorry, please don’t—”


He sounded aggravated again.

Kara nodded, firmly. “This means I’m stepping down at the Abbey, and—”

His voice broke. It was as if he’d shifted again, changed personas, changed moods on a dime.

“It’s your bar. It’s your home.”

“Our home.”

“Not anymore.”

He started showing signs of breaking, regret, and the revelation that he had crossed the line…but he also should have realized that was one step too far before acting—before he put his hands on her. “Kara, please don’t do this.”

Talk? OVER. Kara was already up the first flight of steps, and she moved toward their bedroom, moving at a quick pace to get a head start in case he followed. Her suitcase was on the bed and open at once. She waved her wand and tossed the clothes from her closet into it, then pulled a few from the drawers. She grabbed anything she wanted to keep, which was mostly her clothes, toiletries…but nothing of sentiment unless they were family items she couldn’t leave without. Small, irreplaceable items that were from her mother and father were going to go with her. Anything else, things she purchased with Liam would just be reminders of him and what happened here today. Kara needed to separate herself, distance herself from the man who swore to love and honor her, and always protect her. He was gone now.

Was this what Casey was warning her about? Was this because of something Azkaban had done, or was this a beast unleashed because of her actions? It was also possible that this was the true face of the man she knew and loved—a betrayer of her heart, a token he no longer deserved. A cheater. A whore. A liar. He could call her all of the names in the book but everything paled to the fact that he struck her.

“Kara—my love, please stop. You don’t have to—you don’t have to leave. Can we just talk?”

Dammit. She thought. Kara just wanted to make a clean getaway, leave with whatever dignity she had left. Of all the days she chose to come home and fetch some items she'd left here, maybe check on the status of her home to make sure it hadn't been broken into--she picked this day, only to find him here. Home. Alive. But he didn't seem like the husband she fell for...not anymore. “We could have talked fifteen minutes ago, before you decided to—”

“I-I know I acted too fast, too stupid before, just—just please don’t leave me, darling.” Liam stalked into the room, standing beside her, at the foot of their bed.

She shuddered as he called her that. My Love. Darling. He wasn’t allowed to use that anymore. “I’m going.” The suitcase fastened shut and she grabbed onto it, before heading for the door. She was just about outside and into the hall when a vase slammed against the door frame, and it shattered instantly. It fell to pieces, leaving a puddle of water and dying flowers on the hardwood floor. Kara had cringed, and she turned, her wand up in her open hand.

What the hell made him like this? What made him so angry, that he couldn’t contain it? There was not a doubt in her mind that something happened to him, but she wasn’t going to stick around to ask. Not after that—there was no excuse for his behavior against her. None.

“You off to stay with him then?” His voice was low, with a touch of a gravelly rumble, one with the purr of an animal ready to attack.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
“What?” A small voice inside her head was telling Kara not to engage, not to encourage further conversation, but she said it so sharply, like a reflex, at his newest accusation.

“Casey.” His teeth ground as his jaw flexed. He was angry again. “Or no… are you going to scamper off to that other fellow…Bryden, was it?” Liam knew the man somehow...He'd heard that name over and over, but why? Not to mention, it made him angry just to think it...

He knows his name… Kara’s face nearly went white. How the hell does he know about Jace… It was bad enough he caught the affair with Casey, but word of her working with Jace? That awful feeling in her stomach twisted. Jace was a well-known mercenary, sure, but everything surrounding their deal and alliance was for the most part kept under wraps, and well within the confines of the Order’s compound. There must have been some loud-mouthed people living among her people. Still, the simple question was: how did Liam even come to know about him? She needed to know. “H-How…”

“Just because I was in prison doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.”

“I d-didn’t think that…”
She said, softly.

“Just because I was locked up doesn’t mean you were free to roam, either. There are eyes everywhere, darling.” He grinned, white teeth, almost like fangs shining through the darkness, oozing of ill-intent. “Guess it’s your fault for not being more careful. For not sticking to your vows and keeping yourself close to the men who probably just want you for sex and nothing more, hm?”

Kara clenched her teeth. He made her sound like some sort of prostitute…and she felt disgusted. Kara trembled. She was mortified. It was true, she had a list of suitors and romantic links—about as many as anyone else…but for him to list off her friends and allies as sexual partners as if she were just sleeping around on him out of malice, it just cut her deep, straight to her core.

“When the vows you made to me…meant that you were mine.”

Her lip twitched. “I don’t belong to anyone, Liam. Not even you.”

“Not even—“ He laughed, almost a cackle. “Not even ME. So who then, huh? Jaleth is dead so it can’t possibly be him anymore…Markus? No…Jon!”

“No. STOP IT.”

“Or is it that one? I mean, if not Casey then that Bryden…No, Casey...in our own bed? In our fucking house? I should have fucking known!”
Liam chuckled, “Ohh, my love… just do us both a favor and cut the innocent act. I just said: there are eyes on you and the company you keep. So…if not Casey fucking Winslow—is it that filthy fucking garou?” He was so close now, bringing up both Casey and Jace in the same breath, in the same accusation, in the same light.

Hearing their names made her flash back to their meeting that had happened a couple weeks ago, the meeting that stressed her out like crazy, but oh--what she'd give to flash back to that time, to be in that room again with them. Even with that tension in the room, she felt safe as their arbitrator, unlike now, where she was a woman falling and stumbling before her abusive husband. Kara felt so sick to her stomach and her need to distance herself grew by the second. She turned away to try and shut him out. “It doesn’t matter, Liam. wherever I go won’t be any of your business.”

“It will, because like it or not? You’re still my wife!”

There was another loud smack and a blinding light in her right eye, followed by a bloom of smaller stars and spots. Kara staggered backward, dropping her suitcase to the floor. Her face burned, and her blood boiled under her skin. He’d hit her again, but didn’t linger, as she’d seen he’d walked back across the room on a near rampage. Liam growled and grumbled as he shoved other breakable items on the ground until there was almost nothing left to break.

“I can’t believe I fucking trusted you. I longed for you when I was locked in there, when I was subject to…” He hesitated. Would he dare reveal that he’d been subjected to an underground program that even he didn’t understand? “My wife…Look what you’ve done…”
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara was torn, and in pain, both external and internal. Is this what she signed up for when she said ‘I Do’? She didn’t know this man anymore. She didn’t know the demon that hid so well behind those dark eyes. Her heart was beating now, a mile a minute. She could taste the blood that dripped from her nose and from her busted lip as it burst out from the last hit. “I…” Kara’s voice shook as she’d been terrified, and finally wiped her face with the back of her free hand. “I’m not just leaving you…tonight. I’m not just leaving. I-I want a divorce.” Her ring flew across the air and smacked him in the chest, before it fell to the floor. Even if she hadn’t been wearing it, Kara always had her ring with her. She didn’t need it anymore. That was the last straw, as there was no redeeming him now. He hit her twice, and destroyed so much of her, that she had had enough.

As the band hit the floor, Liam didn’t move to pick it up. He just stood there with misty eyes. He must have shifted in thought again, as he appeared lost…confused…devastated by the sheer gravitas of her announcement.

After enduring everything here, and toying with blaming herself in her own head, Kara made up her mind. It was over. Her fairytale, Prince Charming, was no more. It was a shame, too. Liam had pulled her out of her shattered state when she left Azkaban, fragile, with her memories stolen. She and Liam had made new memories together. She loved him. Loved him, past tense. It was still early to say that she’d have a place for him in her heart always—but that was reserved for the memory of him, a preservation of the kind and gentle man who ran the Abbey and loved her unconditionally.

“You can’t…” He finally spoke up, a piece of a thought. A plea.

“I am. We’re done. Th-this is over.”

“No—No it’s not—“
He started in again, practically begging her forgiveness on the same spot he’d struck her.

“I’ll…I’ll be sending papers for you soon.”


“Goodbye, Liam.”
She turned heel again, and fetched her suitcase from where it stood on the floor.

“No—you…” Another shift. He was enraged again, an emotional time bomb, who looked at her with those murderous eyes, glowing with intent to kill. He revealed his wand, and readied it in front of him.

Kara aimed hers now, and instantly her heart picked up. She needed to leave, but feared what he would do to her at the first chance she would turn her back. She feared what he would do to himself or his home, or even the people around him.

…but that hesitation was a tremendous mistake, one she would regret in the next moment.

Liam smiled, accompanied by the menacing glare of a feral beast. “Sectumsempra!”

Kara’s eyes widened, but before she could get the counter-curse out, she was blinded by the green light and felt the slash of the severe cut over the exposed part of her chest. It tore from her right collarbone to just above her left breast. The warm liquid sprayed out first, and soon poured from the fresh wound and she fell to the knees. Kara gasped for air, as it had caught her by surprise, another cut over her lower back, was smaller but still just as painful as it ripped mercilessly through the scar tissue already there. Kara inhaled sharply through her nose as she reached her hand up to the blood across her chest, and it smeared over her skin. She reached down to brace herself as she fell.
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by: Liam O'Donnell
Liam was watching…waiting… a predatory gaze over her, as if he was playing with her, this darker side of him completely savage. She heard him chuckle as he waited a beat, the footsteps started toward her.

Crying now, Kara tried to drag herself away, gasping for air. She sobbed, pulling herself along the hallway floor, crawling helplessly with the elbow of her free arm. Her suitcase was behind her, but that didn’t matter. She had enough at the safe house to get by and those precious items of sentiment weren’t worth further torture if she stayed. The main objective was to get the hell out of here. The trail of blood she left behind her made it look like a house of horrors. Kara struggled and squirmed across the floor, taunted by the steps of her assailant behind her. She needed to stand, stabilize, and apparate. But he was still too close for comfort.

Kara threw herself over onto her back, which aggravated the cut but she aimed her wand at her husband. “Expelliarmus!” She cried out, and it landed successfully. Kara was pleased when she heard the wood hitting the floor. But he was still too close. “Flipendo!” She called for the blow-back spell, which also succeeded and Liam was pushed far enough into the room he hit his back against the armoire on the far wall. Kara saw her window. She used what little energy she had now to pull herself up along the wall, and she stabilized herself the best she could. The dizziness was getting to her, the room spinning all around her and she started to feel cold. Kara had lost a lot of blood. She could hardly see clearly, but she wanted to get away.

The echoes of his roar, his cry for her, reverberated in her mind as she teleported away.

Her destination: The safe house.

(To be continued at: Breathe Into Me, Tutaminis Manor)
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