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by: Maddie Jamison
March 22, 2012
Shot in the Dark Café, London

Today was a long shit. Because of her last drop off on Tuesday Maddie had to pick up an extra shift today. That meant working double shift two days in a row. But still she doesn't have much of a choice. She was sixteen going on thirty, living alone in a one room flat in the middle of a part of town that lookeducation as bad as Knockturn Alley did, and that came worth certain financial obligations; like working a double shift.

Still, it wasn't too bad today. The radio was playing some decent music, not add pretentious as normal, more pop than alt. The customers hasn't been too rudeep today and she only had about an hour till lunch. The tipsame had been decidedly average that morning but the late aftermoon crowd always tipped better anyways.

Cleaning the expresso machine for the third time that day Maddie ran through the hours of work left in her head. She could eat lunch get through the noon rush. During her break she could pull out her laptop and finish the photoshop job on her latest batch of papers and them after work she could scope out the drop.

The very thought of going back into Diagonal Alley again, back home where she belonged made Maddie smile absentmindedly add she put the machine back together and hummed a Weird Sisters tune under her breath. A few short hours and she would be back where she really belonged.
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by: Casey Winslow
((Playing as though the 22nd.))

There was much to consider at this point in time. What supplies would he need? What supplies did the Order need? What supplies would Lucy and Seren need? With any luck, he would be heading back tomorrow with supplies for those in question and meeting a select few Order members at Denny's to meet with Ianto. That left very little time to plan, especially with the week they'd had since Casey had come to see Kara. Frankly, he was still reeling from some of the revelations of the past few days. Darque was on their side, which was both terrifying yet hope-inspiring all at once. If he felt the way he did toward the regime, then what was to say there weren't other Death Eaters feeling that way or other citizens who might surprise them and help out in their attack in the next few weeks or month? And the men he had brought with him? Well, that multiplied their power and their presence. So long as they could help, there would be so much more power and strength behind them, considering Casey and Ianto had planned to work with what amounted to a skeleton crew in comparison to what Evie made it seem Isis was.

Still, there was something about it all that left Casey feeling fear and dread. Turncoats weren't to be fully trusted. If they could change their colors so easily against one group, what was to keep them from doing the same to you? Death Eaters had attempted to spy on the Order in the past, the same as the Order had spied on the Death Eaters. Some attempts were successful and went unnoticed, Casey was sure. Yet others had been caught at some point or another. Casey had to trust Kara at this point. She was the only one on the Order's safe house premises still trying to organize something. He'd gathered Damien hadn't been able to resume his post at the head of the Order, and Casey certainly had abandoned it after the last meeting he'd attended had proven only Markus had a backbone. None of the others had been interested in doing whatever it took to succeed in the war against the Death Eaters.

Finding himself in front of the "Shot in the Dark Café," Casey figured it was as good as any other place in London to fill the hole. Food had come to be simply food with the lack of home cooked meals served and eaten at the table. It was nothing exciting or holding any meaning, just a necessity and an expensive one at that.

When Casey entered, he walked up to the counter, catching the melody that was being hummed. He attempted his own rendering of the lyrics to get the girl's attention before smiling and chuckling at himself. "Afraid I'm a bit out of practice."
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by: Maddie Jamison
The espresso machine was cleaned. That was always the worst part of working in the coffee shop. If you didn't do it just right the dang thing would pressurize incorrectly and you would have a mess on your hands, or worse yet, it would shoot out the steam at you and you would burn yourself. Maddie had been working there a few months now regularly so she knew from experience that unless you got that dang thing just right you were apt to get a good scalding from the grumpy old piece of junk that was the espresso machine. Still, once it was done it was done. Best part was she would only have to do it one more time today and she would be finished with the thing until tomorrow and tomorrow she wouldn't have to do it near as much because she wasn't working double. Just the thought of getting out of here and having a few moments of free time made Maddie's lips quirk up in a little lilting smile as she hummed along. And then she realized that she was not humming alone. In fact, there was another really off beat off pitch hum behind her.

It was the thought that counted though. Off beat or off pitch or off anything whoever was behind her was just trying to be pleasant. Maybe they liked the music, maybe they liked to sing, maybe they just got caught up in the tune or were trying to get her attention. In any case, Maddie knew they were just trying to be sweet. It was a nice change really. Some of the pretentious hipster types in here could be real jerks, and that wasn't even talking about the lack of tip as they paid- that was just counting the way they treated her when she dropped off their drinks and food. Well, at least this one didn't seem like he would do anything too awful.

Turning around as she wiped her hands off on the towel hanging from her apron Maddie beamed a bright smile in welcome. "Well, in my experience it doesn't matter with singing so much if you are right on the money, it's the feeling that counts and I think you got that spot on. What can I get for you sir?

Maddie leaned over the other end of the counter and grabbed a cup and a pen and got ready to write down the order and while she did Maddie got a real good look at the bloke in front of her. He looked familiar, that was for sure if nothing else. Pretty decent looking for an older guy, well, older than her. She just couldn't quite place him right off the bat. Maybe he had been at that school her mum had sent her to before she ran away. Maybe he was from the wizarding world and she just couldn't quite place him there.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey smiled as the girl turned around and replied. There was something about her face, he thought, that seemed familiar yet not overly so. Perhaps a former student? The likelihood of the statute being at risk if he asked was slim to none. After all, that was the Weird Sisters, wasn't it? And the fact she was working here at a muggle shop was a fair indicator she wasn't someone to worry about. She could be a plant, but it was unlikely. Something to keep in mind, he supposed. If the cafe remained quiet, perhaps he could ask her.

"Just a coffee, please," Casey replied. "Large, room for cream." He was fairly basic when it came to the beverage, only periodically straying. But today was no one's birthday. Perhaps he'd return when it was. Lydia's was coming up. Had she lived, she wold have turned ten on the fourteenth of April. He and Evie would be having an influx of conversation regarding which house she'd get into in a year's time. Evie would have, naturally, rooted for Gryffindor and probably been right. Lydia had been smart, yet there was something decidedly not Ravenclaw about her. Then again, perhaps she would have surprised them both and ended up in Hufflepuff or even Slytherin. They would have supported her regardless.

Casey shoved the unwanted train of thought away as he reached into his pocket for his wallet and opened it, taking out the necessary muggle bills to produce minimal change and handing it to her. "So, you been out of Hogwarts long?" he asked as he waited for his change. May as well. His voice was appropriately lowered to a normal conversational tone to avoid demanding attention from the individual reading the paper in the corner.
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by: Maddie Jamison
Well at least it was an easy enough order. In fact it might have been the easiest order of the day. In trendy districts people tended to focus on what was in or what was most impressive. Plain coffee wasn't always the order of the day. It was usually something that sounded pretentious or complicated- macchiato, caramel mocha with two pumps of sugar free sweetener. The whole thing was stupid in Maddie's humble opinion. Ordering expensive drinks like that was a waste of money and calories. She preferred tea anyway.

Pouring the coffee Maddie turned around and set the coffee on the counter, producing cream to go along with it before reaching out for the money. So, you been out of Hogwarts long?

Hogwarts. The mere mention of her old school and her old life made Maddie start and accidentally knock over the coffee. "Bollocks."She looked up in absolute surprise and stared hard at the man in front of her. Either he knew who she was or he could guess based on the fact that she had carelessly been humming to the Weird Sisters. She shouldn't really be so careless. If it had been a muggle or someone more aware of what she was actually doing Maddie may have not gotten away without other explanation. But who was he?

"Sorry. Really sorry. So sorry. We don't get many non-locals here. I haven't seen anyone from the other side in a couple of years now." Quickly turning about Maddie gathered what she needed to clean up the mess- a mop, a couple of rags, and cleaning solution. She started mopping up and then it all clicked. Hogwarts. Hogwarts had teachers and she had been a student. A bright smile overtook her face for the first time in what Maddie was sure was several years. "Professor Winslow!" How did I not recognize you! I mean I should have right away. It's not like I spent four years in my class. I mean it feels like forever but...."

Mid sentence Maddie just stopped. She was back to herself for a minute, but that minute was over. Just because some old professor waltzed into her life for a brief moment again did not mean that she could go back to Hogwarts, or practice magic again, or have her family back. She shook her head and fixed him another coffee. "I guess some things don't change. I'm still a little clumsy and overly talkative. A new coffee....on me."
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by: Casey Winslow
When the girl spilled his coffee, Casey cringed, feeling rather sorry for the girl. He'd caught her off guard, hadn't he? And he was seemingly quite fortunate she hadn't managed to spill any on herself. As she cleaned, Casey waited, figuring he'd get a cup of coffee afterward. She couldn't be blamed for not wanting to let the coffee sit there and stain something, especially not when he had started conversation with her which at least indicated he was in little hurry to be elsewhere. 'Don't worry about it," he reassured her as she rambled an apology and explanation. He didn't need one. He could understand entirely.

Then, she recognized him, and Casey smiled, feeling a little embarrassed he still hadn't entirely placed her. This alone told him she had to have grown some since he had last seen her. Usually if it was someone he'd taught til graduation or close to, he could remember after a few moments to ponder. This girl seemed familiar. Very talkative, clumsy.... "You'll forgive me if I don't recall your name off the tip of my tongue? It's right there. I recognize you, remember...Gryffindor? Evidently I'm rubbish with names these days."

((Sorry it's short.))
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by: Maddie Jamison
It was a wonder he even remembered what house she was in. After the battle he hadn't come back. So many professors hadn't come back. One or two even died of she had recalled correctly. She didn't want to recall. Sometimes the nightmare of holding her friend's body as her eyes stared up at the ceiling blank and lifeless would flood her mind and she would wake up sweating a screaming. It happened less and less now. In the beginning she had needed calming droughts to help her sleep. She wondered if she was the only one who still shot up in the middle of the night thinking she was under attack.

Maddie finished pouring the new cup of coffee and pulled out a small selection of crexams setting them on the counter. "Well, you got the house right. And to be fair I only had to remember like ten professors. We had you pretty outnumbered. Madeline Jamison. Maddie. I was a fourth year last you knew."
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by: Casey Winslow
Madeline Jamison. Maddie. And there it clicked. He smiled slightly. "Julian's friend," he said, taking a grin. What a difference four years would make. Julian was fifteen, yet he hadn't seen him since he'd run away from the safe house. And now here he was seeing the girl who had actually been his friend nearly four entire years ago. Well, sort of. Julian had, of course, insisted otherwise, but it was the age of cooties and puppy love. Merlin, it felt like forever since he had walked those halls as the defense professor. It very well had been. And so much had happened since the night of that battle, since the few months of the interim school that he and Evie had no part in as they'd gone into hiding only to find out Thomas Price had sold his daughter and their family to the devil.

Though none of that mattered now, he supposed. He was working with Evie and her group more or less. More less than more given his and Ianto's deal recently. Whatever would happen from that would happen, and hopefully with it, he would get his son back and save him from becoming the Julian who had come from the future.

Casey was willing to write off the "fourth year" comment as perhaps when she'd left Hogwarts. Given the turmoil, he couldn't blame her for everything being muddied. Probably was why she even seemed semi-happy to see him. He'd been a right git back then, dealing with the skeletons in his closet, though he'd tried to keep it from the students, but somehow he doubted he could have kept them from noticing how the other Professor Winslow had been keeping him with her when he was not teaching.

"Glad to see you," he said, and he was. If she was out here, she was one of the lucky ones when it came to muggle-borns or sympathizers. Most were enslaved or, if severe enough in their offense, imprisoned. He'd seen a few young slaves in his time masquerading as Kevin Bristow early in this regime.
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by: Maddie Jamison
Julian's friend. She wouldn't have gone so far to say friend but she was certainly classmates with Julian. There was the one incident first year when she kissed him on the cheek and he had never really gotten over that. It would be funny to see what Julian would say now. Maybe at fifteen he would have matured a little, grown up as she had. She was almost sixteen year old now, almost old enough to practice magic on her own despite having no instruction past fourth year. Things would have changed for Julian too- his mum had been part of the Death Eaters for a while and Mr. Winslow had been on the run or something. It couldn't have been easy for her former classmate either. In many ways, Maddie imagined, he had lost his family to the regime too.

"Yeah, Julian's friend. I hope he is well, and little Lydia, well, not so little anymore I suppose, I mean, I was older than her and i'm not exactly a baby. Anyway......Yeah, it's good to see you again. I don't get to talk to many people like....well, people who are different anymore. Been stuck here over a year now. I was starting to think I made the whole thing up in my head."

Except for the nightmares of the attack. The brain could do some pretty tricky things but Maddie was pretty sure there were limits to even the darkest corner of a teenage girl's mind. There was no way it could have made up the attack even if it could have made up magic and Hogwarts and everything else.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey chuckled slightly. "Yeah, well, that would certainly be easier to deal with," he mused. Perhaps not in reality. They obviously wouldn't be functioning well in daily life if they had imagined everything of this other world. There would be absolutely no camaraderie. "Julian's...Julian," he said. "Ran away and haven't seen him since." The whole time turner business with his older self didn't count. He was his son but he did hope to intercept and change his son from going that way. "And Lydia..." Casey cleared his throat lightly and scratched his neck. "Her grandfather did us all in a few nights later. She didn't make it." He closed his eyes at the memory of the teddy bear arriving on its own then looked at Maddie with a small smile and took a sip of his coffee. "I hope your family made it alright," he said.

He honestly did. Not many were as affected as the families of the Order of the Phoenix, but he knew there were still those out there who had been touched beyond that. It was hard for there to be no one else affected when muggle-borns and blood traitors alike had been enslaved or imprisoned based on their determined threat level. The Death Eaters had seen to the downfall of society, the spread of the war to affect all of wizarding society within England, Scotland, and Ireland. Things would likely never be the same. Hopefully, that was ultimately to the betterment of society, yet it was hard to say. It was quite hard to say with the ultimate outcome of the resistance efforts against the regime remaining yet undetermined.
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by: Maddie Jamison
By no means did Maddie think she was the only one effected by the war. She was lucky in a way. She at least was not enslaved or dead. Still, as terrible as it sounded she could not help but feel relieved in a way when Professor Winslow told her that she was not the only one who had been devastated by the regime’s take over-that she was not the only one left alone in a world of monsters. It seemed that Mrs. Winslow was off somewhere as he had not mentioned her. Julian had run away like her. And little, poor sweet little Lydia was dead-killed by her own grandfather from the sound of it. She could not imagine what it must be like to have to live with a dead child. Having her father in Azkaban was bad enough but the thought of losing him forever was almost unbearable. Worse yet to have something die that you were supposed to protect and take care of....she could not understand how Professor Winslow was still standing. She had a pet rabbit that had died once and that was bad enough but a child? That would be the end of a whole world. The man had to either be in unimaginable pain, tough as a rock, or both. Maddie imagined he would have to be both.

And what was with Julian running away? Why would anyone run away from a strong family that loved them. Maddie would give anything to have her grandparents back, her father, her home. If she could take their place she would in a heartbeat. She had in a way done it. Carrying on her father's mission without his knowledge or permission- hell he would probably kill her if he ever found out. Still, if she knew that by stopping the paper reproduction she would get them back, she would do it. Still, maybe this wasn't the whole story. After all, she had run away from home too. Maybe Julian had his reasons. She recalled the relationship between the two Winslows had been strained back at school-war brought out the worst and the best in people; maybe in this case it just brought out the worst. Still, she couldn't say anything else, couldn't ask anything else. It was clear the Professor was pained by the way he shut his eyes and avoided her gaze a bit. Maybe she would find out more later but now was not the time to push.

And then he opened the can of worms-her family. She supposed it was fair. She had started it. Still, could she trust him? What was to say that the Professor wouldn't frog march her right back to her mum? Especially considering he had lost his boy that way? Surely he would side with mum over her. Best be non-committal for now. "Not quite. I'm the last one. Da..... Maddie steadied herself and swallowed hard as she got a quick flash of the men coming into the house to take her away after a night of waiting up. "Da and my gran and gramps are in Azkaban right now. And mum wasn't really ever in the picture." It wasn't a complete lie. Even if he sided with Lord Trevor and the like he couldn't fault her for the actions of her parents and it was true her mum wasn't in the picture. Up until her father's capture she hadn't heard for the woman for years outside the occasional birthday card. No need to say that Mum had tried to quash her magic, had taken her wand, and had attempted to make her something she wasn't before Maddie ran away. There were some things no one but her needed to know. Privacy, even in a world of terror, was still an institution of society-she had a right to some of it.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey nodded and licked his lips as he chewed his lower lip back. There was something about loss that made him emotional. Perhaps it was the steady flow of it in the last few years. Even when it had turned out Evie had feigned her own death a few years ago to get away from Trevor after realizing the truth of things, he'd still had another loss to get used to when he'd seen her animagus form at her grave the one time he'd gone to say his goodbyes to his wife. Thirteen. Thirteen years and he'd lost her. Even now, the pain was still there if he searched for it. Kara was amazing and he loved her, but what they shared was so different from what he and Evie had shared he found himself questioning it. Did he really love her? He and Evie had been so rushed, so passionate. She had driven him forward in life, helped shape him into the fighter he was, borne his children.... Kara was Kara. She was a person he enjoyed seeing and spending time around. They just hadn't been through the insanity he and Evie had shared. It was nice and slow yet strange and complex in its own ways.

"Blood purity?" Casey asked as he looked at Maddie. It could have been any number of things from that to being against the new government and how things had been run and daring to take action. The government was quick to snuff out any hope for meaningful resistance it could. It had almost succeeded with the Order. The lot who had joined when Damien had offered the safe house as headquarters when Hogwarts had reopened and the direction of things had become clearer than crystal had been so resistant to doing what it took despite weathered members crying otherwise. Only Markus had come after him after that meeting. Only Markus had realized the severity of things. Kara was trying to revive now, but what of it? What would happen? Would anyone worth their weight in gold join and help move things forward? Would anyone help revive the Order to its former glory? Or would it further devolve into some lesser form of itself?

Some would argue Casey had settled for a lesser form due to Evie's group's willingness to do what it took and waiting so long to follow through due to Evie's need for revenge against Trevor for all he had done to her, but Casey was finding hope now that something might be done, especially since he and Ianto had sat down and discussed their concerns and agreed to move things forward. It was a matter of weeks or days now rather than an undefined eternity. During this time, there would be a chance to help right wrongs like what had surely been done to Maddie's parents. That was the reason he had fought all his life: to bring justice and an end to the Death Eaters.
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by: Maddie Jamison
She was making it worse. How was she making it worse by telling him about her family? Unless she was reminding him of his own family and his own losses. It was entirely possible. He had reminded her of hers. Loss had a funny way of reaching across families, across lives, across gender and age. She didn't like it, but it was life-especially during war. This, if nothing else, was war. She had a feeling professor Winslow understood that. "Not exactly. Da was pure, so were his parents. I'm not. He....he started looking into how I could stay with him. It went a little farther than looking into things pretty quickly from what I understand. He has charges of being a blood traitor, as well as obstructing justice, and treason against him. My grandparents both have been convicted of aiding and abetting if nothing else. They weren't quite clear when then informed me."
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey nodded. Were they ever? He'd heard enough stories in the time he had spent at the safe house before leaving the Order to have an idea. Those that weren't there as a result of the original raids had fled and come across someone from the safe house on a supply run who'd decided the risk was worth it. It had helped having an inside man to confirm the charges the person claimed along with the name and description of the individual. They'd taken further measures after that to ensure the truth was being told and no Imperius or polyjuice was in use, of course. There was no such thing as "too cautious" when you were part of an organization housing "blood traitors" and other refugees as well as Order members. Only one person had managed to work through their safeguards thus far, but she was dead thanks to Mandy.

"I've hardly heard of any cases where they were. Seems spelling out charges are secondary to carrying out whatever objective they might have." Maddie was, frankly, lucky she'd had an explanation. She'd been young, easily someone they could have simply told at school and taken. "How'd you escape?" Casey asked. It was the question of the hour. So many had been unable to make it out alive and well (all things considered) in her situation. Many had been harmed and or sent into slavery before making their escape.
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by: Maddie Jamison
Well, he was onto her. She hadn't expected to get away from it. No one had ever pried into her story enough to poke holes into it. She should have practiced it more. Worked though it. She was smarter than that. She was better than that. She really should have tried to poke holes in it, at least put it in front of some muggles as a creative writing story or something. She could figure this out. She had gotten out of tighter pinches before. Besides, he wasn't trying to kill her...was he? He seemed to be friendly enough, been though things just like her, so it didn't need to be perfect, it just needed to be enough. Just a few more simple details that is all.

So what details to release? Her mom? Was that too much given that he might feel compelled to return her to the woman who tried to suppress who she was and what she had inside her. "Before he left Da got me some papers. They checked out. They assumed I knew nothing, which I did at the time, Da kept me in the dark completely so they took me away to my nearest relative. They thought she was a squib, but she's a muggle. I outstayed my welcome there very quickly. I had to make a new situation for myself so to speak." There, no mother needed.
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