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by: Asher Castello
June 18th, 2012
3:45 p.m.
Electronics Shop / Cyber Dogs business

(can change date for timeline and locale for accuracy)

The little shop up front had the bell ringing every so often; customers wandered in and out of the place, scoping out some of the new tech that released just yesterday. Humans sure as hell loved their cell phones. Cas sat in the back of the area, isolated, earbuds in his ears, blasting some classic rock as he worked on one of the last projects he had lined up for today, something for the storefront, before he could get to the real work Keo had requested of him for the weekend. The real business. Cas had his goggles on, magnifying his already superb sight to see the finest details one would normally miss, human or garou, and he blinked to focus. He had been sitting at his workshop for hours, working quietly on his uncomfortable as hell stool, growling softly at the fact that the screw he was trying to work into its nook kept missing its mark.

"Um...Asher? Ash..." A voice called from the cracked doorway leading to the storefront. As it started to creak open, Cas leaned over from his stool and kept the door from opening any further by setting the tip of his left brown wing-tip oxford in the gap beneath it like a doorstop.

He held up a finger without turning, because by the sound of their footsteps, the rapid beating of their heart, and the wavering voice as they called his name, Cas could already tell that it was the new employee the store manager hired, to stop them from proceeding into the back area, which would throw him off of his concentration. He slowly guided the tip of the tool into the threaded hole. The screw fit like a glove and once it was twisted into place and tightened, he breathed out in satisfaction, a smile of pure victory spread over his features. "Gotcha, son of a bitch." He'd been at it for quite some time, determined to get that piece of hardware fixed up for the customer order that came in just yesterday. "Alright Jackie-boy, whattya need?"

The boy, Jack Trenton, nearly stumbled into the door when Cas removed his foot from being propped under the door. He was a pale, scrawny kid with wiry brown hair, who took the job for some work study at school, and was maybe a buck fifty soaking wet. When Cas stood up to greet him at the door, he nervously cleared his throat. "Mr. Castello, sir, uh, sorry to bother you, but there are some people here to see you."

Cas narrowed his eyes, the obsidian orbs cast over the boy with a furrowed brow. "Who? They give you a name?" He asked.

"No sir." Jack shook his head, his big blue eyes innocent and scared. "Older gent, tall, dark hair, black and gray beard--wouldn't much look at me after he asked for you. Asked for Mr. Lucci first but I told him he wasn't here. But he's got a woman with him." He paused, trying to get a handle on how to describe her accurately. Cas' garou sense picked up on the attraction to her though, and he smirked. "Brunette. Uh..."

"Nice pouty lips, curves that catch your eye?"

Jack chuckled softly, his cheeks feeling hot as he admitted that piece of information to Cas. "Yeah."

Cas scoffed as he reached back to tug at his work-apron strings, and then pat the kid on the shoulder. "Keep your eyes in ya head, kid. She'd kick your ass into next week without breakin' a sweat." Jack gulped, but after Cas hung his apron on the hook near the door, he reached over and grabbed his suit jacket, slipping his arm on the left then the right before fastening the button. He flipped up his collar and straightened out the mess of his shirt before flipping it back down.
"The man. Leather jacket?"

"Yes, sir."

He took a deep breath and eventually smiled. It was a pleasant surprise whenever the Lucky 7 would stumble into the city much less their shop without notifying Keo first, but if they were asking for him by name, then this was more than a stop and shop for some last minute supplies. They were here to chat on business, maybe to sort out what the shit happened last week when they called in for a getaway on top of other intel he'd gathered from Keo.


"Alright kid, thanks. Just tell Geno up front to call the boss, and get back to work, I'll take it from here."

No questions asked, Jack nodded and headed back to the storefront. He was a good kid.
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by: Jace Bryden
It had been a few days since the dust up with the Devil and things had been going well on the pack side of things as far as the alpha could tell. Everyone seemed to be in better spirits now that they all had individual and group assignments alongside a specific timeline. Everyone could come and go at their leisure. Jace (whether it was willingly or not was up for debate) had managed to lay low for a few days and let his ankle heal up. The alpha barely walked with a limp anymore, his shoulder was back to perfect working order. In fact, unless someone was looking for specific injures, it was as if the older man had never been in a fight.

Now that he was mobile though it made it much harder for the man to stay put. The wolf wanted out, wanted to prowl, stalk prey, and Jace was more than happy to oblige. The closed in walls of the den and compound were starting to grate on the alpha. Even with Kara popping in on occasion, the garou still felt the need to get out, and since he still hadn't had a chance to get out and square up a certain debt, it gave him the perfect excuse.

Jace finally tracked down Shadow in the late afternoon and together the pair made their way to a small electronics shop that was known to be one of Keo's fronts. A small chimed loudly as he opened the door, holding it open just long enough to let Shadow in before following. Some scrawny kid was managing the front which was a bit unexpected but on the same note not out of place. This was a front for the mob so personal tended to rotate out more frequently than more respectable establishments.

"Keo in?" Jace barked out at the kid, hoping that he'd be able to get the kid, a mere human at that, would be to scared to give him the run around. That thought was short lived when he was told Keo wasn't in. For fucksake... the alpha brought a hand up to his forehead and let it slide down his face as he tried to bite back the small flare of anger that rose up at the thought of going through a middle man. Fucking mob politics... There was a reason Jace had sought out this shop over others, and while it was a blow to his pride that he'd need the other garou's help it was probably the fastest way to get to Keo.

"Fine, Cas in? When the kid gave him a semi blank look Jace felt his patience thin. "Asher kid, is he fucking in or are you just keen on wasting my time?" The alpha could tell he struck a nerve and the kid stammered out an apology before nodding and confirming Cas was in the back. Jace watched as the kid went to retrieve the man of the hour and turned to Shadow with a fanged grin.

"You'd think with all that cash Keo'd be able to get some decent help." Humor laced the words as the alpha began to pace while they waited.
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by: Zeva Reid
It was fucking hot today, and being in the city meant there wasn't much in the way of trees or earth to soak up the heat, just stone and steel buildings lined with glass to reflect the heat into the crowded streets. She wore a thin black v-neck tee and a nice pair of black pants that fit her form like a glove, and her nice, new shiny boots were finally getting some use to break in the stiff soles. The smell of electronics made her scrunch her nose; it was like the face she'd made when they first arrived at the Order's Manor, though this was a different atmosphere. the painted wood and tile was at least surrounded by woodland area where she could smell fresh air outside their window in the den. The manor had walls and fences but still had a natural ambiance, as opposed to the man-made metropolis that reeked of human emotion, stench, electronic waves and whatever filth wafted up from the Thames.

The one good thing she was grateful for was the air conditioning in Keo's shop, as it was refreshing compared to the muggy city weather outside. Zeva and Jace didn't turn heads when they walked in because they looked like most customers coming in for their new technojunk that Keo and company were selling, although anyone who dared ask if they were an item beyond friends or even family would get a kick to the face.

She a good just behind her Alpha and watched the short exchange between him and the boy, folding her arms as Jace laid into him to fetch Keo or whoever else was hiding in the back. She smirked back at him when he just smiled, "Hot damn, is that the winning charm that got you the girl , or what?" She shook her head. Zeva still wasn't sure what the hell Kara saw in him, but it must have been something to keep him around.

"Keo know we were coming by?" She wondered aloud, leaning onto the countertop of the glass case when the boy wandered off.
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by: Asher Castello
"Just do what I asked and let Berta take over, alright?" Cas wanted to make sure Keo was informed that some 'friends' had come along, and when the kid was done he made sure to send the nearly petrified Jack on his break. The boy would be in the shop's breakroom, which was closer to the front of house and away from the duo who seemed to have scared the bejesus out of him. Not to mention, he had to keep the humans out of his workshop and even farther away from where Keo and the gang usually hung out in the back area.

He swapped out the work apron for a nice jacket, one that hung perfectly over his square shoulders, right over his navy button-down that had its top button undone to reveal his gold chain. Once that was all situated, he proceeded to head into the front area. As soon as he saw the pair, his face lit up with a bright ass smile, and his arms were wide open. "Eyy, well, look who has decided to grace the city with his presence." He laughed. It was custom to greet his acquaintances with a handshake or a hug but with Jace he opted for the prior, and then pulled him in for a light pat on the back if he let him. When he turned to Shadow, he held his arms open again and she begrudgingly obliged, allowing him a second to do his friendly pat on the back before she pushed him away. "Nice to see you too, Shad." He snickered, earning a nice glare from that gorgeous face of hers.

Asher Castello had an interesting relationship with the Lucky 7; His history mostly involved Jace Bryden himself, but he had a couple of memorable encounters with Shadow too. It was a very strong love-hate connection, one that involved a lot of back scratching, ego stroking, favor inducing events that led them to where they were today. Nevertheless, he would always be in Jace's debt for at least informing Keo of his whereabouts all those years ago, and even if he didn't say it aloud, he would owe both Alphas a debt for the rest of his life.

"Just the two o' ya? The rest of the family not wanna come visit their old pals?" He knew well that the Lucky 7 liked to stay as far away from the city as possible. Well, Jace that is. Most of their gun and gadget runs were conducted by Shadow and Rafe, the gunslinger, though he knew that they tended to stick together. Cas had mad respect for them though. As small as the crew was, they packed a nasty punch. "What can I do for you? Oh, and don't worry, you're not only dealing with my pretty face today--Boss should be heading in shortly."
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by: Jace Bryden
"Course, the bod might have helped but pretty sure the jackassery won her over," he quipped back to Shadow as he continued his slow pace around the front of shop, checking out the various pieces of tech as he did. "And course I didn't. Keo doesn't need the heads up and besides who doesn't like a surprise?" The last was followed by a quiet laugh. Keo was not a fan of anything even remotely considering surprises and it always put a smile on his face when he could catch the Cyber Dog alpha off guard. If anything it kept the relationship from going stale.

Thankfully the pair didn't have to wait long. A grating voice cut through the air with an even more annoying and fucked up accent. Italian-American or some shit. Jace set down the tablet he'd picked up to examine and forced himself to stay in the fairly good mood he'd been in all morning. He turned to Asher and offered a grin of his own and then for added flair tipped into a mockery of a short bow as if to say "the one and only." The alpha reached out to take Cas' offered hand but was quickly pulled in for a pat on the back. Jace bristled but bit back the growl and endured the gesture a moment before shoving the well dressed garou away. Fucking Italians and Italian mobsters and their god dam touchy feely bullshit.

If had been anyone else Jace would have opted to knock their teeth out but with Asher he put up with it on account of the fucked up love/hate relationship they'd developed over the years. It wasn't exactly a friendship but more of a tolerable work relationship that involved a lot of dancing and ego stroking. As tedious as it could be at times the benefits of have Cas around outweighed the negatives. Besides, the other garou was Keo's official liaison for Lucky 7, which meant if they needed Keo this was their contact.

"Naw, when they heard your ugly mug was going to be here they opted for working over visiting." A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth as he watched Shadow get the same treatment he'd just received, and the grin widened at her typical reaction. At Asher's query as to why the duo was here Jace opted for the straight forward, especially since Cas had just mentioned the boss was on his way down. Perfect. Maybe this would get dealt with sooner than he'd originally thought.

"Well if the boss is on his way down you've got most of what I need already. We're here to square our debt from a few weeks ago. Grab a new set of burner phones and a couple boxes of 9mm rounds if you got anything in stock." Jace turned to Shadow in case she had anything to add to the list before turning back to Cas.

"Feels like I haven't seen you in ages. Boss keeping you busy these days?"
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by: Zeva Reid
Zeva rolled her eyes when Jace boasted about his body and she shook her head. She couldn't even quip back about that or tell him that showing up unannounced in Keo's shop might have been a bad idea, one that would have the Cyber Dogs' Alpha bitching and moaning about how he wasn't prepared and he would have a feast and all that official, fancy bullshit that his crew tended to do. That whole...mob life and making things about familia and whatever. So she just shrugged and folded her arms, knowing that the element of surprise was indeed Jace's specialty, and that it would be fun to see Keo off-balance.

When she shoved Cas out of the way from getting too touchy, she stood back and leaned against a counter nearby. She'd be just as her nickname would entail: a shadow. Even though Cas wasn't an Alpha he was an ambassador, and since it was Jace's idea to come out to get some 'fresh air', she'd let him take the reins on chatting with his friend. If she and Jace had the same opinions, she'd probably voice them later--to complain about that grating voice of his. It was like gravel in a blender. Zeva looked down and grinned, trying to bite back a roaring laugh as Jace made a comment about his ugly mug. This was going to be entertaining, to say the least.
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by: Asher Castello
"Oh, hardee-har." Cas laughed at Jace's shot at his looks, and looked over at Geno who gave him a nod. He was a sturdy fellow, one who looked a little out of place in an electronics store as he was more muscle than brains, but he knew enough to get by and the staff felt safe from any outside harm or trouble with him around. The nod signified that Keo was going to make his entrance shortly, which was all fine and good, but getting to interact with other packs was a treat for him, especially ones rarely found in the city, like the Lucky 7. He spent a lot of time in the workshop, and when he wasn't tinkering with new modifications for weapons and their electronics, he was out doing some work in the city, trying to network and get in touch with anyone interested in Keo's goods.

"Yeah, Mr. Lucci is headed in. A bit late today, otherwise you would have caught him, or Stacia. But she's out at some gig in Belfast, picking up some new inventory, and it's the alpha's old lady's birthday today so he took the ol bird to...brunch." It was hard not to roll his eyes, but he smirked anyway, his tone probably showcasing just how much he wasn't a fan of Keo's wife. Which wife was she? He'd lost count... and unfortunately for him and some of the other capos held close to the Alpha's company, the longest lasting marriage they'd seen from him. Sure, keep the old man happy--but to have his wife yip-yapping in their ears about keeping her husband away, was not part of his job description.

"Nine-mil rounds and some burners. You got it, boss." He flashed his bright white smile at Jace and walked around behind the counter to pull some of the phones from the hooks on the wall. He threw several of them into a basket until Shadow gave her nod that let him know that would be enough, and slipped a couple of small, unmarked black boxes from a special safe in inventory. they were masked as phone boxes but they were the right ammunition that he'd requested. If there were customers close, he would have held off until they left, but Geno was handling the one human customer on the far end of the shop so they could speak pretty freely without being too suspicious. "Hey, how'd that gig go the other day for you, huh? Marco told me he had to drop you off at some place outside of town...pretty banged up. That intel we got any good?"
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by: Jace Bryden
The reaction he'd received was well worth the cheap shot he'd thrown at the other garou, and with Cas' reaction being what it was, Jace figured this was probably going to be an ok meet up. The alpha nodded at the explanation of where Keo was. To be perfectly honest Jace was surprised the man was even going to entertain them with this visit being drop in and all, and on a Monday near end of the work day to boot.

The mention of the mob boss in question taking his old lady out for a birthday brunch brought a deep hearty laugh from the alpha. Fucking Italians. Everything about them was family. Add mob life to it and, well, it got a little overwhelming at times, and Keo's old lady was as overwhelming as they come. As much as he love/hated Cas, the feeling he felt for Keo's lady was mutual. "Ya well at least he took her out and not you right? Last time I got stuck with her I almost died of boredom. Woman doesn't know how to keep her trap shut. Thought my ears would never stop bleeding."

Jace moved up to lean against the counter as Asher went about grabbing the things he'd asked for. The garou was quick and efficient in his work that was for sure and in no time they had 4 phones and 2 boxes of ammo. Perfect. The question that followed brought a tight lipped and forced smile to the older man. How'd that gig go? Jace let out a huff of air that would indicated to the other man that he wasn't happy with the out come. It wasn't something that he wanted to go back and rehash but since it was technically Cyber Dog info that put him on the trail he was going to have to rehash it with Cas or the boss himself at some point.

"Sure as hell could have went better cause I doubt it could have got any worse." Jace kept his voice low so that only those in the vicinity and with the amped up senses a garou had would hear.

"The intel was good. You put me on the right trail and it was definitely our man from before. Got a few names and I would have had his life but was met with outside interference which led to the reason I'm needing to square a debt. Son of a bitch got away, messed up me and Carver. There was a lot of collateral damage in that run that shouldn't have happened but I found what I was after. You want specifics we need a better place to chat."
A raspy chuckle came from Cas as he nodded at Jace's remark, and he heartily agreed. Miranda Lucci was a force to be reckoned with, and both he and Jace knew that first hand. She was always yammering on and on about her friends and their designer this, their brand name that, all typical mob trophies that meant Keo had to spend a hefty amount of cash to keep her trap shut...er, happy. Cas was convinced she must have been a good lay if he kept her around for that long. At least she had that going for her. "Yeah, well, next time that banshee shrieks, I'm sure I'm going to go deaf. Last time she came down here, she made a shit fit scene about the old man cheating on her, we had to replace this glass cabinets she was that pissed. Geno said she used a hammer, I'm convinced it was that shrill as shit voice." He made a gesture as if he was cleaning out his ear, and shook his head, but then made a quick glance over his shoulder in case the boss and his wife stealthily walked in--which would be just his luck. Shadow laughed at his antics and colorful description of the scene, so he playfully glared at the woman, with an equally playful wink.

But once the tone of the conversation shifted, Cas listened carefully when Jace started in on the events of that night. He noticed the cuts on the Alphas face had almost healed, but they would probably vanish in a few days, tops. The cold sternness in Jace's eyes made Cas understand quickly that they needed a change in locale to hear the rest of the story. He looked around, noticed the store was essentially running itself. With one, knowing glance at the other employee, Geno, Cas gathered the basket of Jace and Shadows items and motioned for them to follow.

He would bring them through the back hallway that led them toward his workshop. There was a private room beyond that, dimly lit, the walls lined with stock shelves covered in their special inventory that rarely saw the front of house unless it was requested and even then it was taken to a drop off. Blades, guns, ammunition and the like were neatly categorized. There was a conference table centered in the room with several chairs around it, and once they were inside, Cas gestured toward a chairs for them to have a seat. "So it's the Devil then? That what that prick is calling himself then, the one from the papers?" He read enough on the human media, that the vigilante shit was hard to miss. "Shithead got Carver? The boy alright?" he knew Carver was a tough son of a bitch, but in a square-off with someone who was tough enough against Jace and Shadow, he hoped the kid was in one piece. "And who the fuck has the balls to interfere with you and your kills? Because I gotta say, it takes some shiny brass ones to cross you."

Cas didn't miss the quick glance between Shadow and Jace when he asked that; if he wasn't curious before, he was extremely curious now.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace followed and motioned for Shadow to do the same when Cas indicated he had a better place to hold this interesting little chat. It wasn't often that he got to hit up the back room. In fact Jace could count one one hand the amount of times he got to see the business side of things. The real business. It was hard not to let his eyes wonder over the various stock that the Cyber Dogs housed at this particular shop, everything from blades to guns and everything in between lined stock shelves. Absently Jace let his hands slip into his pockets as they moved to take up seats at the only table in the room. The alpha slouched comfortably in the closest to Cas just as the man asked for clarification.

"Yea, it was the fucking Devil. Though he goes by the name Matt on occasion. Was able to pry that much out of him before I tried to splatter his brains across the alley way. Like I said earlier, damn near succeeded. Carver got fucked up after when Rafe, Shadow and him tailed the Devil and that bitch when they ran."

Jace exchanged glances with Shadow when Cas asked when had the balls to fuck with his kill.... the real question was did he tell the mobster the truth? Odds would be good Cas would pick up on the lie and the man could be fucking relentless if he wanted an answer...but how did the alpha tell Asher about Kara without actually telling him about her? Maybe if he dropped the bit about the Wild Card that would be enough of a distraction he'd be able to gloss over the part Kara had played...

"Fucking Wild Card for one. Corc's half-blood girl was working to save the asshole. Fucked her up real good and Rafe was sure he ended her but couldn't confirm the kill when she jumped into the Thames. My girl showed up too and damn near got us all killed. Though we hashed that shit out so there won't ever be a repeat."

It was big words and he knew it. Kara was her own person and she was smart as hell and coming into her own as a leader. A leader with a softer side than the garou preferred but with ground rules not out in regard to missions things would hopefully be less rocky. Jace waited for Cas to pick up on what he'd said, so the alpha steeled himself for the jabs and insults that were sure to follow an admission like that.
Shadow took up post on the side, opting to stand for now, to let the boys feel like they had a one-on-one chit-chat session going on, but she would hear everything that was said. She preferred to stand anyway since she didn't want to get too comfortable, especially with Keo coming. She refused to let the Cyber Dogs' alpha get the jump on her...last time he did that, she was scared shitless, letting out a yelp that sent her and Stacia into a tussle because she teased her so damn much. Not that Shadow minded, since Stacia put up a damn good fight and it was exhilarating to go up against another woman with such strength. Quietly, Shadow folded her arms and leaned against the wall, standing close enough behind her Alpha to feel safe.

Cas clicked his tongue. "God damn. I mean I've been reading up on that kid in the papers. Guess he blew some government building to shreds--they were saying he died? Yet, you're here telling me you saw him just a few days ago, alive and well--or I guess alive, un-fucking-fortunately. Huh." At least it wasn't a casualty. That Carver kid might have annoyed the fuck out of Cas, but he would hate to hear of that colleague a like Jace would lose one of his own. Then again, conversation wouldn't even be happening at that point if death of his kin was a factor--as Cas knew that Jace and Shadow would probably be burning the city down to find that Devil bastard if Carver got dead.

His eyes were noticeably bigger as he sat there, stunned at Jace's answer. "Fuck. One of Shep's? Come on." Cas had only been around the Wild Cards a few times, and that wasn't by choice, it was times Keo and Stacia had him tag along to gather intel or meet with those fucking sellout Spirals. He didn't care much for Corc, the family he bore or the family he kept, so the bitter look on his face made it clear to the Lucky 7 he was not a huge fan. "Damn. He let her go? Don't tell me Big Gunny is going all soft on you, I mean your pack can't afford tha--" Cas turned to look at Shadow and then stopped, mid-sentence. Did he just say what I think he just said? Cas thought, mentally rewinding to pick up on what was said. Because if he did hear that correctly, Jace just used the words 'My Girl' in a sentence. He narrowed his eyes at Shadow, who quickly averted her own gaze to avoid answering the question only Jace was due to answer. There was no letting that go, that was for damn sure.

Asher slowly turned his head to settle his dark brown eyes on the Alpha and his expression slowly melted away from hardened and confused, to an amused smirk. He leaned forward to get closer to the man, and made a show of sniffing the air around the older man as if it would garner any additional evidence to his suspicion. "Did you..." Cas sniffed again and sat back, with his tongue in his cheek, and that amused expression blossomed into a full on smile. He laughed, slow and raspy at first, and that evolved into a chuckle, and eventually, a laugh. Cas just shook his head, and leaned forward to smack the old man on the shoulder. It was genuine, as if he were a proud younger brother to the Alpha, commending him on a job well done for snagging a girl who put up with his shit. "You have a girl, and this is the first I hear of it? Haha, you sneaky old sonuvabitch, you...Ohhhh... When the shit did this happen?" He asked, looking up at Shadow for an answer, but he was sure she wouldn't explain. His happy eyes settled back on Jace, and like a giddy little schoolkid, waited to hear the details.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace made a mental note of where Shadow had positioned herself. Close enough to move in if it was necessary, yet far enough to make it feel like he was having a one on one conversation with Asher. While the alpha didn't think they were in any real danger, he also wasn't stupid enough to let himself feel too comfortable in mob territory.

"They say he's dead? Shit, I can tell you first hand that fucker is still breathing. Cover up maybe? If that place he blew up was hot shit they probably don't want word getting out that that freak is of their making." Jace still wasn't sure what all went down in that regard. He'd tasked that bit to Shadow, Stana and Carver so with luck they'd have some solid intel once the month was up.

"Bet my rep on it," he stated simply in reply to Cas' disbelief of the girl being on of Shepard's crew. His own feelings matched the other garou's in regard to the Wild Cards. A only good card was a dean one. "Word on the street is he's getting nice and cozy with the current wizarding government and the Death Eaters. His boy is running with them for about a year now based on what I could fish out of the Guard." It was troubling to say the least but also a fight Jace didn't really want to get the 7 involved in outside of helping Kara and the Order. As much as it galled the older man, Shepard was not someone to simply brush off.

"And no Rafe did not just fucking let her go. Clear your ears out Cas. While your crew has ample fodder for something like that I don't. Not about to risk one of mine for a Card. She pops her pretty little head up again we'll take her out."

Jace blinked and cocked his head to the side in confusion when Asher stopped mid sentence. Fuck. Fuckilty fuck, fuck! He'd caught the last bit about Kara. It was hard not to facepalm when the other garou got up close and personal, though Jace supposed it was a natural reaction. Cas was looking for a scent and judging by the grin he was receiving, Jace was certain he'd found it. The strong pat on the shoulder was unexpected and Jace bristled, though he did well to hold back the low growl that threatened to break out.

"Yeah, last yer gonna hear about it too if you don't shut your-" He didn't get to finish as he was promptly cut off by a very suave sounding Italian accent. Keo.

"Well, well, well... when I was told I had some unexpected guests I had no idea I was going to be graced with the presence of Jace and his Shadow."

A cocksure grin rested easily on the face of the mob boss. His tall, lean figure was dressed in an expensive and well tailored suit that accentuated the man's look. Keo moved toward Shadow, even as Jace stood, and took her her hand to offer a kiss to the back of her hand if she let him before pulling her into a loose hug. He then moved over to Jace and embraced the older man and gave him a hearty pat on the back. The Lucky 7 alpha returned the gesture even though Keo knew it pissed the older man off to no end. Touchy feely was not something one associated with Bryden and his crew.

Another quick embrace with Asher and the mobster found himself a chair, motioning the rest of the room to join him in taking a seat.

"Now what was this I was hearing about a girl?" Keo flashed a fanged grin at the occupants in the room. He was curious. Almost as curious as he was to find out what brought the alpha of the Lucky 7 into his city without being called.
Shadow kept her laugh to herself as Asher did his song and dance to pry the answer out of Jace. As Kara was his first and only ever relationship that was more serious than a one night tumble, it was going to be interesting to see how Jace handled telling others. Would he brush it off and try to make it seem like it wasn't really a big deal? Would he gush about how she's the best thing that's ever happened to him outside of the pack? Or would he actually manage to configure a balanced way of explaining to Cas that the girl was his and clearly off limits?

Cas' smile only grew when the older man bristled, knowing he had been caught, red-handed in a way. He laughed and was more excited than he should be about Jace's new life as a taken man. His smile and laugh didn't fade when the appearance of his Alpha interrupted their conversation. He stood from his seat at once, and watched as Keo greeted Shadow and Jace before giving him a hug and pat on the back.

"Nice to see you, Keo." Shadow smirked and allowed Keo to do his greeting ritual. She didn't mind it as much as Jace did and quite frankly, she wasn't opposed to being treated like a damn lady every now and again. When he pulled her close, she returned the brief embrace and then pulled away as not to be at risk of being clawed at by what sounded like a lovely wife of his.

Cas returned to his seat and Shadow stepped back against the wall, this time joining both Alpha's as they were convened in this semi-formal meet up. Cas chuckled, "Loverboy over here was just filling me in, right Jacey-boy?" He didnt know why he was so invested in this story--but maybe it was because Jace was flying solo all these years, that finding a potential mate was something he could finally look at the old man and say "Hell, it's about damn time!"
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace took the hug in stride not wanting to piss off the mob boss before they'd even had a chance to talk and at Keo's indication to sit, the alpha fell back into his chair in a lazy slouch. The jab and focus on Kara had Jace talking in a deep breath to keep his cool and he flashed a fanged grin at the pair. "Heh... yeah I was telling Francis I found myself a girl, or rather she found me in a round about way. And all you two need to know is that she'll kick your ass sideways if you give her the chance and she's got the biggest pair of lady nuts you'll ever see. So keep your ideas and paws to yourselves and we won't have any issues."

The older man gave everyone a chance to mull over what he'd just said and the alpha knew he'd been crystal clear in that Kara was off limits to them. Same rules applied to her as the rest of the 7 and family was something that Keo was big on anyway, so wit luck nothing would come out of it.

The Cyber Dog's alpha let out a loud melodic laugh at Jace's antics, slapped his hand down on the table and grinned. "Well done Bryden. Finally found someone to tame that beast of yours huh? Good stuff. Now as much as I'd like to sit here and banter all day with my favorite mercenary I have a corporation to run and a wife to get back to so, what can I do for you Jace?" The mob boss leaned back in his chair comfortably with a sly grin. Jace had come to him after all which meant he held most of the bargaining power.

Jace let his gaze settle on on Cas and the eventually Keo. Straight and to the point. Cas apparently wasn't kidding when he said the other alpha was busy wining and dinning that wife of his.

"Here to square the debt we owe and confirm some information you asked about regarding our mutual friend the Devil."

Keo's eyes took on a delightful glint and his grin widened as if he'd just been given the keys to the kingdom so to speak.

"There's no debt to be paid off Bryden. Consider it me protecting a business investment."

"Don't think so Keo. Don't make a habit out of owing anyone favors and ain't about to start now."

Jace matched Keo's hardened look with one of his own and it didn't take a genius to see the wheels turning in the mob bosses head. The man was a shrewd business man through and through and the Lucky 7 alpha knew even if they paid out the debt in full Keo wouldn't simply let them go without a catch.

Keo eventually turned his attention to Asher, a calculating look on his face.

"What would you place for a dollar amount on that pick up Cas? Two cars, two drivers, clean up, rush job..... And supposing Jace here gives you a good report on what went down we can probably swing in a discount since it turned into an off the books job."
Shadow could hardly contain her laugh when Jace used Asher's given name. He was known by many things: "Asher", "Castello", "Cas", "Jackass", "Yank"... all things he would answer to--but the name Francis struck a chord with the Italian jughead so badly, she knew that the only reason why Jace used it was to grate on his nerves. Shadow knew exactly why Cas hated that name to begin with, but it was nice to see his smug ass get out in his place every once in a while.

Cas' cocky smile hardened into a stone-cold glare in the blink of an eye, and when he saw Shadow's reaction that glare intensified. He sat back in his chair, a tightened fist rested on the table in front of him as he listened to the older garou explain what he had been wanting to hear. So his mate was off-limits. Sounded like a feisty one, so he sure as hell was intrigued, and that barrier, that warning Jace set up made him ever so curious to get to know this woman. He and Jace might not have been the best of friends, but damn would he want to know the woman who was crazy enough to jump into the ring with the "crazy as fuck Spiral Alpha", as his cohorts would say.

His eyes shot a threatening glance and a low, albeit bitter growl, at Shadow, who was quick to avert her eyes and stifle her laughter.

As the Alpha's exchanged words about the debts owed to the Cyber Dogs due to the favors pulled the other night, Cas' ears perked up when Keo addressed him for his two cents on the matter. He made a face as he pondered that query, shrugging after a moment. "I'll check the books, see what we can pull." He wasnt the official bookkeeper for the pack but he oversaw a lot of the official and unofficial invoicing for their business that had little to do with the front of house and more to do with their other...skills and talents.

"I won't even charge your ass extra for namedropping, old man." Cas stood from his seat and cast a smirk at Jace before walking further into the room toward the file cabinet where the ledger was kept. He turned the key and flipped open the books, skimming through the papers and jotting down some prices. He felt a tingling over his neck, as if he was being watched, and when he turned to look, it was no surprise that Shadow was right behind him.

"What?" She asked, folding her arms with a coy smile.

"Don't trust me?" Cas asked, his voice in a low rumble.

"Just... observing." Shadow grinned, raising a devious eyebrow at Cas. As someone who always stood in for "quality control" for Jace and the pack, Shadow was more curious to see the numbers and how this all added up. Really though, she just wanted to pester him. And her plan was working.

"Hm." Cas huffed as he slammed the ledger shut for the sake of client privacy. He jotted down the numbers, putting the right amount of zeroes and decimal points in the right spots, before he and the 7 Beta returned to the Alpha's at the table. "Alrighty, here you are Mr. Bryden." He made a point to glare again at Jace, addressing him by a name he refused to accept. It once earned him a swift punch to the jaw, but he banked on Jace's lighter than air attitude over his new mate and the presence of Keo would keep him at arms length for now.

" I think that's a fair enough discount, don't you, boss?" He asked Keo, standing back and folding his arms.
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