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June 12, 2017
11:20 p.m - Warehouse Distict

Finally! He was finally getting to leave the little box that had come to be his home over the past week. Honestly Arlo didn't think he could have been any more excited by the prospect of getting out of that particular building. Not only did it mean that the doc's would have to take a break from turning the agent into a human pin cushion, it meant that the preliminary testing he'd done yesterday had gone well. Arlo had been working on control and out side of one small mishap where he'd blacked out the lower floor of the indoor testing area, things had gone quite well in his opinion. Guess it was only time before brass would want live field testing.

Currently he was sitting in the back of a blacked out van, which to be honest, was perfectly ok for the agent. It was dark, and the dark was comfortable. Even the voices seemed to be taking a much needed break and Arlo was content to lean back in his seat and bask in the silence. It was so rare. They'd been driving for what felt like a good hour before the van turned off what was presumably a main road. Not surprising. They probably wanted to make sure he was no where near an active population in case something went wrong... they'd also probably chosen a place that was relatively dark to start with.

Arlo knew the brass was concerned with his conduct, considering the last mutant they'd had went awol and bombed the place. Probably why he had what felt like a small army with him acting as escort. Clark was here, which was to be expected, and Arlo thought he might have recognized on of the other younger agents but he couldn't be sure.

Eventually the van he was in rolled to a slow stop and the agent felt a sure of excitement. When the side door of the van was opened the older man blinked a few times and the initial brightness before sliding out. He took a deep breath of the fresh night air and felt a grin tug at the corners of his mouth. Arlo let his eyes scan the area before letting them slip shut. He reached out to the shadows to get a better idea of where they were. Warehouses. Lots and lots of warehouses. Perfect.

Opening his eyes again he turned to look for whoever was running the show. "So what's the plan?"
Clark stifled a yawn in the back of the blacked out van. It was late, she was tired, and the rocking motion of the van provided just the stimulant to lull her into sleep.

"Good golly, I'm sleepy. You see how much I love you, Beck? I need my beauty rest, but here I am."

"Doc, you're gorgeous enough already."

"Pshh, Damien, you're a flirt."

She waved a hand at one of the doctors assigned to Beaker. Except, he hated being called that, hence her insisting people call him Becks if they weren't going to call him by his name.

She gripped her notefiles carefully and closed her eyes again as they slowed. Five more minutes...

Except they stopped and the door was opened and Arlo was out like a shot, enjoying his longer leash.

"Same thing as last night, larger scale. Had some of the teams come out earlier and hide some torches with different colored lights, so we're going to test your distance and accuracy."

They were also going to see if he could translate what he saw to a map. Hopefully, he could. That would provide better networking and espionage tactics.
Arlo let out a warm laugh at the banter coming from the back of the van. Of course MI5 wasn't going to let him off his leash without some significant eyes on him. Thankfully though, one set was apparently Clark's. How she managed to weasel her way onto the team the older man had no idea, but he was definitely glad she was around and seemingly at least somewhat in charge.

Beckett listened intently as Clark filled him in on what they were going to do. Torches. Same as yesterday but on a much larger scale. Shouldn't be to hard. The voices seemed eager to help him out when he asked and even more grateful when he let them come out to play. Over the past few days he'd become quite aquanted with his shadow pals. Clark's idea of a journal, well scoffed at at first, had done quite a bit to help him understand what was going on. It had been an interesting exercise at any rate.

The agent let his senses stretch out, drawing the darkness to him to settle around his shoulders like a cloak before sending them off in various directions. Once they were out and relaying information Arlo turned to the team with him. "Alright, which ones first?"
Matt scuffed his boot on the tar and gravel roof top listening to the skitter of the rocks as they dislodged from the top of the abandoned warehouse. He'd been bored the last few nights. Freedom wasn't sitting well on him, especially since it seemed that everything that he'd had in his life was unstable and in free fall. Two days ago, Bashar was laid to rest and Matt had made contact with Agent...no, Director Callaway now. They'd made a form of truce, but the question had been brought up as to why Matt had resisted Cora at all if his life was shot to hell the way that it had been. Legally, he was still dead. The shoot-on-sight had hopefully been retracted by now, but Matt had no job, no family he could go to, and nothing in his muggle life left.

Corrigan had brought up good points that afternoon when he had gone to see her, and he'd even managed to push the storm cloud away during his trip to France with Cora...of course then he had gone and screwed it up tonight by losing control of the rage and screaming at her earlier...He'd stormed out in armor, intent on finding someone or something to thrash into a pulp, but it was apparently a holiday for all of the seedy lowlifes in London. The rage had bled down to nothing thanks to sheer boredom. Yes, he'd run around and jumped about for a bit, but that was all athletics and calisthenics. There was no adrenaline in it anymore for him. He needed to go and apologize to Cora and try to fix the mess he'd made.

A flicker of movement caught his radar, making him stop and freeze as he focused. Three vans full of people had pulled into the warehouse complex. Two belched out six men each who promptly scattered about in twelve different directions. All were armed, all had earpieces and radios. Mi5. Did they know he was here? Impossible...The middle van released a woman, two guards and...something interesting. It looked human shaped, but to Matt's radar, the man was surrounded by a cold something, sinuous and foreboding. At a slight movement from the man, the sinuous shapes thinned and spread out like hunting dogs searching for their prey. One headed in his direction faster than he could get away from the complex. Something told Matt that things were going to get mighty interesting really quick.
Instead of being transferred out of department, Katarina was still with Five, Paranormal.

Instead of practicing her spellwork with Orion, which had been limited to small stuff, so she wouldn't keep lighting shit on fire, she was out on the town with a new operative, a transfer from six?

Katarina wasn't even sure since she didn't pay attention to the full briefing where all of the introductions were passed along. The fact of the matter was that Clark was here and they chained her to this skirmish, or op, or whatever the hell it was. Jones was still insistent on keeping her monitored after the events of Day Zero, which she already admitted she was out of line and didn't know what had come over her. She knew what she did. She attacked an agent. Nay, a former agent, a fucking traitor, who just so happened to be her ex. No big deal, right? Now they were writing some bullshit in the papers about how he was dead when she knew he was too scrappy for that. He'd have survived somehow, survived the drop from a third-story window, survived explosions and managed to weasel his way into someone else's life to try and survive, right? Ugh. No use thinking on that now. It was better for her treatment if she didn't, after all.

So her involvement tonight served what purpose, if it was just training for Agent Beckett? So far, she was starting to feel like an extra wheel.

"Okay so that's the plan for Shadow over there, but do you mind telling me what the hell I'm doing here?" She asked, not bothering to look up to whom she was speaking. Kat didn't move from her seat with her boots up, as she cleaned the dirt out of her nails.
"I assume it's to make sure I don't wonder off to far," Arlo quipped offhandedly to the woman who was still in the van as he sent his shadows off to find said torches. It didn't even occur to the older man that she might have assumed he couldn't here her based on him being outside and her not. In fact it was an unintentional slip of his rapidly growing powers. The inside of the van was dark, a safe haven for shadows, and as such, it was as if he had a window to see everything in the van.

Arlo let out a huff as a couple of the other Doc's that had been sent out motioned for him to get moving. As temping as it would be to flip them off, the agent restrained himself. No point in pissing off the only people that would OK some family time for him. The phone call earlier with his girl had been nice but to actually see her? That was the ultimate goal. But honestly, finding colored torches was boring, child's play...or at least it had been in the controlled environment. Maybe once he indicated he had their locations Clark and company would have something more interesting for him to do.

"And it's Beckett please, Becks if necessary," Arlo added as an after thought. Damn he hated nicknames, especially if they weren't of his own choosing. Thank the stars that Clarky had refrained from using the tag his friends in MI6 had tagged him with. His current train of thought was derailed by the voices and bits of visions they were able to impart on him. Arlo shut his eyes for a moment and slowly spun as if he were a needle on a compass. After a moment he stopped and grinned.

"Red torch, on the stair landing to the second floor of W-6249. Blue torch, back west corner of a storage room in a crate, W-2112. Green torch, roof, tucked in beside the fire escape ladder, W-4387. Purple torch-" He stopped suddenly as a bright light flashed in his vision, and he brought a hand up to his eyes in a bid to block out the noise. It made him want to shrink back, cloak himself in the comforting darkness he'd come to befriend. Arlo took a moment to stretch out his powers and send a few out to ward the direction of the bright light. It was the first time the mutant had experienced resistance on the part of the shadows, almost as if being near something that bright was hurting them. Curious. "Can you tel what it is? No? Is there a gate?"

The agent wasn't even aware that it would seem as if he was talking to himself. He was more than curious as to what was causing his shadows fear.
Oh HELL no. Kat was here with the Mi5 mooks. Matt wasn't going to stick around, especially if it seemed like they were training his replacement mutant. Shit. More mutants. More unleashing insanity on the world. This was not a place for Matthew Cox to be found, even if it was his territory first.

Still. It was intriguing, listening to the other mutant. Supposedly he was searching for something like lights. Matt could hear him describing the colors and locations of the lamps that the scattered agents had carried out into the emptiness of the warehouse. The locations were more pinpoint accurate than Matt could have described, with the mutant Kat called Shadow providing the building number as well as the location and color. Well, Matt consoled himself, colors and reading were lost on him anyway, so it didn't really matter much, did it?

It was time to go. The swirling thing that had brushed past him was back, moving like a banner in a breeze. A nonexistent banner in a nonexistent breeze. It was a curious thing, only sometimes showing up in his radar, but not his other four senses. It was like a flicker of light or shadow seen from the corner of his eye. Intriguing, but unsettling. Matt turned to leave, stretching his radar sense out as he planned his escape.
She chuckled. It was amusing they made her the muscle of their little training mission tonight. The could have asked someone else from Swenson's tactical team to do it, if not another one of the hounds, but they picked her. It wasn't too tedious but it wasn't all that glamorous either, she just wondered how long this was going to take.

Katarina shifted, putting her boots on the ground outside of the van. She leaned forward, her elbows rested om her knees, finding a more comfortable seated position to watch the older man show off his skills. "Alright, Becks. Show us what you got." She smirked. He said if necessary, so if they were going to be partnered up on the regular, she found it very necessary. She still wasn't sure how to process the thought of more mutants getting involved. Hell, she was still comprehending the existence of magic and her own magical blood, so this was going to take some time to get used to it.

She vaguely remembered seeing him from the bar, months ago. They were celebrating a birthday party, if she remembered correctly, and he had gotten a drink thrown in his face. His name also appeared in some old mission Cal, Burgess and Lex had gone on, a pest control dive she was glad she had missed at first but it sounded interesting all the same. Now things changed. Cal was acting Director, Beckett was a teammate and Kat was shoved in a van to play babysitter for the new Agent, his shrink overseer and the other doctors who were present. Lovely...

Still, Arlo seemed like a genuinely cool guy, a breath of fresh air compared to the stuffy, stuck up agents she'd run into during Cole's title change. Not agents. Higher ups. She hated their demeanor, walking around with sticks up their ass because of protocol and handling the ordeal. Well, okay so maybe the explosion wasn't necessarily a good thing and the reprimand she received for attacking the former agent wasn't as bad as she thought she'd get. Getting to stay free, out of cuffs and in the field for a bit with Clark and her new pet wasn't too bad.

She watched carefully as Beckett showed off his abilities, and it was mesmerizing. It might not have seemed like much--maybe a madman yammering to himself--but Katarina was aware of his targets and he was hitting all of them with his... shadows. As Arlo stopped calling out torches, he seemed to have come across something that made him uncomfortable? Kat sat up, her hands on her baton tucked away beside her, and she waited.
Arlo felt more than he saw the woman in the van reach for something, her demeanor becoming more alert than it was only a few seconds before. He chanced a look over toward her and wondered if he'd done something just now with his powers that had been unexpected. The agent looked around. It didn't seem darker in the area, so he wasn't trying to absorb more light than normal... The agent offered the woman an apologetic shrug before continuing on with the faux mission he was supposed to be carrying out.

Clearing his throat he continued from where he'd left off, splitting his attention between finding the colored torches and keeping an eye on the white light. "Purple torch. W-3345. West entrance above the exit sign. Yellow torch. W-2213. East side-"

A flicker of movement from the white light caught his attention and a cheering pain lanced through his skull. Arlo let out a sharp hiss and again brought a hand up to cover his face. What the hell was that thing. The mutant took a moment to gather his wits and focus and reached out to the shadow that was already there. There was a foot? Was this a person? Arlo reached out in front of him with his left hand as if he were about to grab something only he could see, stretching the limits of his power at the moment to get the shadow to grab onto whatever was about to run away.

"Agent?" Arlo queried the woman who was still seated in the van. He cast a side long glance at both her and Clark. He could already feel a headache coming on and when he pulled his hand away from his face it was covered in the familiar black ichor that was familiar with pushing limits. Well whatever. He wasn't dead yet and the only way to increase limits was to push through them right? "You presumably have a tracker on me yes?"

He waited for an answer before nodding. "There's something out there, not sure what but.... he is no friend of the dark. I'm going to check it out."

As soon as he finished talking Arlo was already moving for the large shadow cast by the van and once he stepped inside it was as if he'd vanished.
The rippling thing lashed out and wrapped around his leg, tripping Matt right as he was trying to hop up onto a slanted roof. the tendril holding him felt cool and slick, as if it were the essence of darkness itself. Additionally, now that he was in contact with it, he could sense it completely.

Matt struggled against the binding, a bead of panic welling up in his chest as it constricted more tightly around his limb and spread to his other leg. The harder he fought, the more he could feel it slipping up his limb, oozing like a sentient oil slick.

As if that wasn't enough, the man that Five was interested in stepped out of a shadow as if to inspect his catch. A growl escaped Matt as his struggles redoubled, feeling the need to get away from this shadow-manipulating mutant.
{Yeah, yeah. Sound off, one two...}
/Can we just get the hell out of here already?/

The older man was naming off each target, but that wasn't anything to cheer over. It was impressive, she'd give him that, but she wasn't about to jump for joy until they got the hell out of there and she was in her pajamas, in the comfort of her own home, with a pint of froyo and some whiskey, of course. Katarina started picking her nails again, missing some of the dirt in the corner of her left, middle finger, until he called out for her. "Yeah?" She didn't look up, but she was paying attention. It wasn't until he mentioned a tracker that her sapphire eyes pulled up and settled on the mutant man's face and those eyes widened in an instant. The black substance that covered his face was so strange and at the same time, quite intriguing. Was this the 'shadows' he kept yammering about?

Katarina looked at Clark before nodding about the tracker they'd placed on him. He was already gone as soon as she replied, and she whipped out her phone to trace the monitor of wherever the tracker would ping. He couldn't escape, there was no way they could let him out into the city, not with the way they were treating Cole because of Jones' situation and the whole mutant outbreak thing would not do them any favors. Arlo was to be kept on a leash, and if she'd learned anything about mutants, they were dangerous as hell. She didn't need to hear the word 'go', but Katarina realized this was really why she was on this op, if not to be kept close to the doctor but to tab the new agent. Katarina took off running, chasing down the shadow man, following the gps locator on her tracker. What the hell was he after?

The old man would get an earful after this. He was supposed to find torches, not give everyone a god damn heart attack.
It was only a moment ago that Arlo had been with his MI5 keepers. Now the agent found himself standing beside another man dressed in some sort of red body armor, and said man was currently struggling against his small shadows hold. A quick thought and wave of his hand had another shadow moving to help hold down the mystery man. A quick glance to their surrounding only showed Beckett that they were up on a roof of some building that didn't seem to far away from where his training run had been established. That was a small relief to the older man. He had traveled by shadow before though never over a large distance and the agent couldn't help but equate the feeling to that of walking through an open door. It had been so easy to listen to what the voices were saying and he was where he needed to be.

"This the thing?" Arlo asked out loud, appearing to talk to himself.

[Yes. Bright. To bright. Hurt. Hurt us.]

It was all the confirmation Arlo needed and he turned most of his focus onto the mystery man. "Who or what exactly are you? And why are you here?"

They were straightforward questions and Arlo sincerely hoped his current prisoner would make things easy and answer without much fuss.
Whispers. Matt could hear whispers from the shadows moving up his legs and trying to pin his arms. He thrashed and growled, snarling in response to the questions being asked of him. Who was he? Did that really need said? Was the man so out of touch with Mi5 current events that he didn't know the traitor Matt Cox on sight? Maybe that was a good thing. Matt had more pressing problems than bad press, however. He was trapped, and it was setting off all kinds of panic and alarm bells in his head.


And there it was, the first words he'd spoken to the man trying to interrogate him. Matt thrashed and kicked even more, desperation setting in as he noted that several of the agents that had been escorting the mutant were converging on their location.
There. A blip on the screen.

Here goes nothing.
[DON'T fuck it up.]

Katarina retrieved her wand from her side and held it out in front of her; In one quick motion that Orion had taught her, she made an attempt to apparate. It was one of the worst feelings she ever felt--a method of travel she was advised not to use in the field without proper practice. But right now, she needed to catch up to Becks and whatever his shadow selves had sought after. She felt like her chest was being squished, her airways obstructed. She felt like she dove through a tube that she was too large to fit into, and by the time she reached her destination, the sound was so loud it sounded like someone clapped their hands over her ears. Of course she didn't properly, either. She was in a plank, flying position, hovering above a stack of wooden crates near the area she wanted to transfer to, and by the time she realized she was in mid-air, she didn't have time to out her hands or legs out to brace herself for the fall.

Katarina landed on the cold, damp concrete with a deep OOF! tearing through her throat as she rolled over onto her back to get up. That sure as hell hurt like a bitch, but she wasn't going to let this stop her from taking off. "Son of a bitch!" She cursed at herself, dusting off her black uniform when she stood up. Kat checked her monitor and saw they were just a couple blocks out, and started up again.
"Hey- Look- Would you just hold still a second!"

Arlo tried to keep the struggling man still but he could feel his tenuous hold slipping with each passing second. He brought a hand up to his head and let out a sharp hiss of pain when only a moment later it felt like someone just unleashed the full fury of an air horn right by his ear. The growling coming form the trapped man and disregard for the questions asked certainly didn't leave the mutant with a good feeling. Who the hell simply hung out on a roof top at this hour and glowed like a bloody lighthouse beacon?

"Look guy, I just want to talk, I'm not here to hurt you. Just want to know why you light up the sky like a bloody beacon."

It was a bid to get the man to settle but if anything it seemed like his struggles only intensified and Arlo was forced to let him go or risk putting himself in a two day coma. Almost instantly he could feel the pressure lift and he did his best to keep his eyes on whoever it was he caught. He could still use his shadows to trip the man up if he tried to run since since he doubted he'd be able to get another solid hold on the guy. Heck even if he could just delay until the rest the agents could catch up that would be enough, they'd be able to take over if they deemed mystery man to be a threat.


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