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by: Arlo Beckett
Her candid answer was not what he'd been expecting. It was, for lack of better term, refreshing, though as a father he couldn't help but feel his chest constrict slightly when Kat made it clear that she and the asset had been romantically involved. That sucked on so many levels. The admission made him want to do that dad thing and offer her a hug, tell her things would be alright and that any jerk (even a mutant) that left her was not worth her time, but he resisted.

Arlo took a sip of his drink before setting the glass down and turning so he was sitting sideways on his stool and able to lean up comfortably against the counter top.

"Matt? Saying the name will help. Hiding it is much like trying to convince yourself it didn't happen. Better to face things head on then ... well, believe it or not it helps to move on." The mutant let out a soft sigh and if one was listening well enough, the tone of his words almost hinted like he'd had to take his own advice. "It still sucks though, and I'm sorry." Arlo didn't want to dive further into that rabbit hole. If Kat wanted to keep going that would be on her.

"The uh wand was definitely a surprise and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I didn't know the Hounds had anyone with your talents around. All the same glad you had it. The shadowstep... I didn't know I could even go that far in one go. The voice just said.. err..." Becks paused a moment not sure how to take that back or to make it sound less like he was going crazy. "Don't suppose I ever did thank you properly for having my back?"
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by: Katarina Bauer
She felt his eyes turn toward him as he shifted in his stool. This was a little concerning because it made the conversation far too intimate for a first night out together, even if it was just between friends. Katarina gulped slowly and stared down into the mouth of her glass before turning her head to face him. When Arlo said the Devil's real name, she felt a prickle down the back of her neck. With her lips pressed together, she formed the 'M' but couldn't seem to get it out. What was wrong with her? She shook her head and looked away from the older man, clearly pissed off at herself even if he was giving some sound advice.

[You don't need to be thinking about that wanker...]
/Doesn't deserve your breath./
(...Arlo is right, you know...)

The voices. Manifestations of her frustration, aggravation and pain. Were they what was stopping her from saying it? Come to think of it, she hadn't been able to speak his name since May. Even in thought, he was still The Devil.

"S'alright mate. Not your problem, but mine, and I know I should move on, you got that much right. It's just..." Katarina trailed off as she considered ordering another round after throwing the last bit of hers back. "I dunno. Feels a little upper schoolish to me. Worrying about boys, getting gutted over someone I fell for way too fast, I mean I hardly knew the stupid old sod. Almost lost my job because of it--but I guess Jones had a place for me in that cold heart of hers eh?" She shook her head with a huff through her nostrils. "Instead of kicking me out on my arse, they send me back into the field with some stupid codename on Cal's special task force, and a bloody wand I dunno the first thing about." Well that wasn't all true. She knew some things about her powers now that Agent Burgess had been training her. Not enough to detain the vigilante, but enough to keep her interested in where her family was from and how she ended up the way she had.

Arlo taking the cue to segue into her abilities was aptly timed, and Katarina just laughed, but that soon trailed off as she turned to face him again and he managed to bring up his own abilities into the conversation. The shadowstep...the voice? She raised an eyebrow. There was a bit of a halt in the thought until he spoke up again and Katarina slowly nodded. "Yeah, same. Thanks."

She raised a hand to the bartender who happened to look in her direction (a bitter glare to be precise), and she pointed at her glass with a thin smile to silently, and politely ask for another. Katarina turned fully to match what Arlo had done before and faced him, her arm propped up against the bar counter as her stool swiveled. "The shadows... is that what they did to you then?" She asked, head on without any prelude or fanfare. She wanted to know a little more about the mutant she was partnered up with. Red tape would be cut right out the gate, no secrets. It had all come to light, after all.
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by: Arlo Beckett
The ebb and flow of the current conversation was as interesting as it come, almost as if the pair were taking turns in filling the other in. It wasn't surprising Kat wanted to get the spotlight off of her romantic ties with the asset. It didn't take a genius to know that broken hearts took time to heal. The shift to Jones had the older man shaking his head with a sigh. He still wasn't sure how he felt about the former Director after learning she'd been making a substantial amount of coin finding candidates for the mutant program. Surely she would have been better off doing the leg work and scouting out potentials... proper vetting would probably have done wonders to prevent their rogue mutant from going rogue.

And then Arlo found himself back in the spotlight. When Kat turned to mirror his own position he couldn't hold back a soft chuckle. She wanted to know what they'd done to him? Damn good question if he didn't say so himself considering he still didn't really understand what had happened. It was all medical jargon, procedures, a serum that had been injected with no real idea of what it was going to do the the stupid sap that had consented to the procedure.

Arlo waited for the bartender to bring Kat her refill and leave before taking a good long pull on his own glass. "The shadows among other things. As you saw first hand I have a bit of control over them and can use them to hold things, or travel through them from one place to another. I know it sounds...crazy for lack of better word, but it's like they're sentient. Aware. And I can tap into that. Light absorption is the harder part of my... change. I still need to be actively thinking about it when I'm out in the daylight hours or I'm libel to put myself into a coma. Learned that one the hard way."

The older man took another pull form his drink and absently reached up to run a hand through his hair before letting his arm fall to rest comfortably on the counter top. "Don't get me wrong, the shadows are a nice perk, same with the fixed hip, but some of the side effects are killer. Pretty sure they forgot to mention that in the recruitment brochure."
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by: Katarina Bauer
Kat nodded at the bartender who seemed open to make peace after their little beef earlier, especially when Kat slid her a couple of notes as a decent sized tip. She took a drink as she looked over at the older man once he started telling the tale she'd asked for. Arlo was open about what happened to him, and that was a bit surprising. Kat was quiet as she drank and listened, nodding in the right spots as he spilled what he could. She still wasn't sure what to think of his abilities, but if they were partners now, there would be plenty of time to see more of what he was capable of.

When he mentioned side effects, she raised a brow and then shook her head. The Devil went blind because of his it must affect everyone differently--which was obvious, otherwise there might have been more blind vigilantes or villains running the streets.

[Greeat... we have a whole group of these jerks to deal with.]
(They're not all bad. Arlo is proof...)
/Give him time./

Kat had only been told about the other mutants because she asked. Cal broke it to her in the most concise way possible after he took over which was only a few days ago, and he didn't even truly know the whole story since he was knee deep in red tape and bullshit from his supervisors and what Jones left in her wake.

"Must say I am pretty impressed you aren't screaming and running away. I've lost a couple of real fragile pansies the last couple of months because they don't 'like the way I talk' or 'let me go, that hurts.'" Kat mocked one of the rookie agents, Brice or Bruce Rennam something or other, who couldn't handle her headlock after he bugged her to spar. His fault, he just couldn't hang.

"That shadow stuff...was intense. I imagine it takes a lot out of you?" Kat took a sip and gestured at her cheek, recalling the black substance on his face when she saw him after their mixup with the Devil.
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by: Arlo Beckett
"Screaming and running?" He looked over at Kat with a highly amused expression. Did she think he was green enough that he'd run from someone just because they happened to be a bit abrasive? If that was the case she was going to be in for one heck of a surprise. You didn't make it far in 6 if you couldn't handle a good bit of ribbing, or yelling, or a myriad of other things. "Honestly Kat, if a rookie can't handle it then it's best to just cut them loose. And quite frankly I've had run ins with superiors that would make you look like a teddy bear in comparison. No offense."

He took another pull from his glass when she focused in on his unique powers again. Honestly Becks had been hoping she'd missed that little bit, but the agent supposed between the black tar like substance seeping from his ears and nose, and being chewed out by Clark, he hadn't exactly been focused on keeping that on the down low.

"Intense is a good way to put it. Yes it's taxing, but the docs all say that as I get used to working with- using my abilities I'll be able to go longer. But yes, what you saw was what seems to happen with I push to hard or exceed my current limits. Usually it starts with headaches but as you saw it gets progressively worse if I keep it up."
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by: Katarina Bauer
It was a good thing she wasn't taking a drink right then, otherwise it might have come right back up when she snorted at his remark. You know? I like this Becks guy. She thought to herself, surprised that the voices hadn't made some snide remarks about her taking a liking to him. It was strictly professional of course, but the way things were going, she was sure they would be great acquaintances as they were colleagues and would have to work together. She'd have to commend Cal for lining up a decent partner. Finally. "None taken." She said, raising her glass slightly at his remark. Whatever he did before this needed thick skin, and the way he'd let her demeanor roll off his back and channel his own snark to match hers was impressive and intriguing all the same.

When he started to explain the effects of over-exertion, Katarina nodded, taking it in for what it was. She was a little creeped out over what happened to the mutants during their experimentation. "So what you're saying is, I should go off on you once I start seeing that...goop coming outta your ears and nose, yes?" She tried to joke, making light of a rather grim situation. "All seriousness, mate. I'd take it easy. I mean, it was our first run and all and you went all in like you had a royal flush when in reality you had a pair of deuces. I'd hate to lose you already...and so soon." Her tone was slightly teasing toward the end, though there was some genuine sentiment there.

"So, I suppose we should let Cal know things went well, for the most part, maybe rib him for not really explaining the nature of our...abilities right?" She smirked. Kat fully expected Arlo to make another go of her relationship with the Devil and maybe even about the fact that she was a she braced herself for it.
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by: Arlo Beckett
Watching her reactions to his comment was as amusing as they come. He had caught her off guard with the comment. Maybe it was dad mode kicking in, but Arlo found conversation with Kat to flow as easily as if he was talking with his own daughter. Katrina had interesting quirks, habits, a certain charm that when all pieced together, helped to paint a picture of the younger woman beside him. While she may have a rougher side with a sarcastic streak to match like most agents, Becks got the feeling that underneath all that was a person that cared deeply for those she considered friends and family.

When she raised her glass slightly, Arlo followed suit and added a grin to the mix. If you didn't have a thick skin you'd be done before you even started out in the field.

A snort of disbelief or possibly amusement broke from the older man. "A friendly reminder probably wouldn't hurt on occasion, but I've been told I can be a stubborn git sometimes so you might have to ask extra nicely." Humor laced his words though he was being truthful and it wasn't like he actively went out of his way to push past hard limits like the shadow manipulation unless the circumstances required it. "I do agree with your assessment though. I don't usually go in guns blazing unless I hold all the cards but right now its like my heads telling me one thing, my gut another, then add the shadows and the docs to the mix... it's like there are a million little voices in my head right now and I'm still trying to sort through everything. I'll work on that though since I have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon unless it's to a full pension retirement on a beach somewhere."

He laughed at that. Retirement didn't suit him and almost everyone he was related to or friends with knew that. Heck it was why his wife had made him open and run the little antiques shop in the first place. Arlo picked up his glass to take another pull but stopped the motion to point at Kat when she brought up Callaway.

"If I know the big wigs like I used to I wouldn't be surprised if he calls us in for a meeting once he reads the reports. But yeah, would probably have been a good thing if we wold have had full disclosure about each other or at the very least a chance to sit down and and well, minimize the surprises. I mean I knew next to nothing about our asset friend there and ... how long have you had some of you're more unique abilities anyway?"

It didn't even occur to Arlo that he might be nosing into something he was supposed to have no idea about but judging from the spells he'd seen Kat throw, the mutant had to wonder if she was fairly new to magic. The last spell that had backfired and caused the soot... if reminded Arlo of when Harlow, his oldest, had started Hogwarts and learning to work with spells.
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by: Katarina Bauer
She chuckled and shook her head, "Ask nicely? Oh my dear Becks, I dunno if I'll be nice about it. I mean, maybe threatening to sic that Trish--er, Doctor Clark on your arse might nip that quickly." It was a threat that meant well. He and Clark seemed to have a tight enough bond that she wouldn't go easy on him, and that would be Kat's ultimate weapon if he got out of hand. When he started to mention voices, however, Katarina stopped. He had voices too? He'd mentioned something like that before, but she never stopped to consider that they might be in the same boat.

[Aww, someone has a new friend?]
(shut up...)

It wasn't until he'd stopped talking, muttering something about a beach or retirement or something that Kat snapped out of it, and just chuckled as if she'd heard his entire thought. "Huh. Yeah..."

As he pointed at her, she tilted her head, giving her full attention. Shit. Cal reading the reports. Even when she said it aloud just a moment ago, she didn't really piece it all together with the Devil and the debrief and...she gulped down a big portion of her drink before setting it down. He'd asked about her abilities, her magic, and as it was still fairly fresh to her, she knew this one would be a quick and simple explanation. It was inevitable, anyway. She'd prodded him about his shadow stuff, now it was his turn to ask her. "Well. Burgess tells me this is something I was born with." She shrugged, "It's in my blood, or whatever. Anyway, I had no idea until about a month ago--no...shit, that was just at the end of last month--when they're running drug tests on us and the next thing I know, they're pulling me into the room with a couple others telling me I'm a witch. Not the Double, Double, Toil and Trouble kind. A legitimate witch."

When she said witch that last time, the bartender came by with another round for both of them and set their glasses down with a heavy thud. Katarina jumped at the noise, but once she realized what had happened, she nodded at the girl to acknowledge her anticipation that she and Becks would need another round. She silenced herself to be sure she wasn't speaking too loud, and waited for the bartender to leave before picking up again. "So now I'm fucking crash coursing through this--cramming years of spells and experience into my head--like there's any room for that in there with..." She trailed off. Katarina hadn't quite confessed to the racket going on in her head, and even if Beckett would understand, she wasn't sure if she was ready for that reveal. She shook her head, and shrugged. "Anyway. The spell I threw last was a failure and a half, obviously. And I let that wanker get away." There was a harsh bitter tone to her voice, likened to a growl as she recalled that moment. If only she'd practiced it, or used something that she was more comfortable with, the Devil would be in custody. "And that was my mistake, so don't worry. I made sure to tell Bazeeri it was all on me."
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