The Alibi is a bit of a classier pub. As you walk in, a large, elongated bar is before you, shelves behind the bar top well-stocked and high with a mirror behind the bottles. To the right are booths and tables for sit-down meals and four upkept tables for games of snooker to entertain patrons. The jukebox at one end of the bar dictates the music selection patrons listen to whilst dining.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Friday, April 27th 2012
8:30 pm

The post-work and inbound weekend rush was already beginning to pour into Alibi when Katarina pulled up. She'd come stag tonight, not yet telling her own boyfriend where she was headed off to after leaving the office. For all he knew, she'd be having her weekly weekend dinner with Will and Wayne down at the Abbey. That was her intention at first, but tonight she decided to take a detour and steal away to a place she'd been shown over a month ago. Alibi. It was the bar Klaus took her to, on their first outing, on her very first day, when she first met him.

Call it sentiment, call it hope, but she was sitting at the bar for over an hour, hoping that maybe--just maybe--her partner would walk in, so she could talk to him. One-on-one, face-to-face, just a little private conversation to clear the air. It'd been over a week (ten days to be exact) since Klaus saw them kissing on the perch of the stairs beside their door. Since then, she'd been on eggshells everywhere. At the office, off the clock, or even visiting Matt at their flat, which was rare since she didn't want to be rude in his own home. She needed some sort of reassurance, or closure even, to settle whatever negative issue that had pulled them apart.

"You doing alright, love?" Siobhan was tending tonight, and finally made her way over to the end of the bar, where Katarina was sitting. She wiped down the area, around Kat's drink and searched for her eyes, as the agent seemed rather distant. "You've been sipping at the same pint for forty-five minutes, so it's rather concerning, since I've seen the way you drink."

Katarina couldn't help but chuckle, lightly, almost to herself, at the remark. Siobhan was right, last time she'd been there she'd had a few pints, and a double in a matter of a couple of hours so this was a slow pace compared to that. "Long day. Just trying to think through some things."

Siobhan laughed, "Don't think too hard now. Drink up. Next one's on me." She started to ask for the drink orders along the line at the bar, but her voice faded off somewhere into the music coming from the jukebox.

Katarina raised her half-empty glass to the redhead as she walked away, thinking to herself she'd leave a couple of extra notes for Siobhan as thanks for tending to her so well, even without Klaus in her company. Then she sighed. Thinking was always such a necessary evil, but Katarina got so lost into it sometimes she'd make herself sick. It was such a simple dilemma, one would wonder why it was so hard to fathom at all. She had Matt. She loved Matt. Others might even say she'd be rushing into things, thinking that she fell in love with a guy in a week, but she was going with her gut instincts on this one. She loved him.

She. Loved. Him.

Yet...there was Klaus.

Her finger idly tapped on the side of her pint glass as she started to zone out, staring at the bottles along the top shelf behind the bar. She wasn't watching anything in particular, or wanting any of that, she was just staring. Every time a new patron would come through, she'd turn her head to see if it was Klaus. Yet, for the last hour, each time she looked, not a single one of them had been the man she'd been looking for.
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by: Tabora
It wasn't easy being a Nagual in England. Or cheap, Tabby thought to herself. She'd surrounded herself with some like-aged friends whose memories she'd modified to be in their social circle. They'd all had a class with her, so they remember, a semester or two ago. For now, though, they were just camouflage as she hunted for a way into Mi:5 to kill the rest of the mutations that were going to destroy the world.

The girl grimaced slightly at that thought. Matt hadn't died. It seemed impossible to Tabby given that she'd shredded him and thrown him off a building. He'd broken some of her bones and left her bruised and sore, but he hadn't died. Of course, she hadn't found this out until several nights later...the trail had run cold and she wasn't about to face him in her human shape. He'd be too much, just like the first fight.

The college aged group flowed into the Alibi and took a booth. A round of their usual cheap swill was ordered, but Tabby broke away from the group to sit at the bar with a familiar blonde. Well, her scent was familiar. People picked up smells from all over. Home and work were two common places, and this girl had the same office as Matt and Klaus...was she a potential in? Tabby turned on the charm and flirted.

"Hi there...looks pretty lonely over here, you and your beer. Can I join you?"

Tabby wasn't bisexual or lesbian, but this woman didn't need to know that. Besides, it didn't really count as flirting if you were just trying to schmooze information out of someone...Tabby gave the woman another look and decided, maybe for tonight, if the woman wanted to experiment, then some fun and games could be had. The Nagual wouldn't be heartbroken if the answer was no, though.
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by: Katarina Bauer
A voice. A female voice, made herself heard by Katarina, but she didn't turn right away. The lonely remark was right, and she just laughed. Turning her head towards the woman, she raised an eyebrow as she asked to join her. Katarina was straight when it came to sexual preference, but had attracted this sort of attention from time to time. It didn't offend her, it actually amused her. Flattered her, even. "You want to join me? The lonely girl with the lonely beer?" She didn't have many friends, but it didn't mean she couldn't be friendly. Katarina gestured toward the vacant seat beside her and she shrugged. "A free country, innit."

The woman was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. Gorgeous face, nice body, dressed to be out tonight. So why was she chatting up Katarina instead of trying to charm some other gent with the same sort of idle chit-chat?

Katarina took another big gulp out of her pint, the bottom of her glass a new goal before Siobhan brought her a replacement. She gave one more glance toward the door before returning her eyes to the almost empty pint glass. She sighed, paying no mind to her new company because, beyond her opening remarks, she had nothing more to really say for now.
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by: Tabora
Tabby gave the woman a very Cheshire smile. It started in her eyes, crinkling the corners before melting down to the turn of her quirked lips. A final little head tilt and eyebrow raise finished off the expression as Tabby watched the beer disappear like magic.

"You sound like your heart's near broken...I'm just a little uni-student, but I got a friendly ear and an outsider's view of the situation...boy troubles? Office drama?"

Tabby rolled her head to the side, giving the woman a sympathetic ear to listen to whatever her sad tale was. If the Nagual was right, then it could even involve the two bozos whom she had prior experience with. Wouldn't that be something...? The spirits, hopefully, were smiling at her.
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by: Katarina Bauer
"'Ere you are, luv." The refill had arrived, delivered by Siobhan to the end of the bar as promised. "I'd say slow down but you know your limits, right?" She winked. "Just don't let this one get too crazy." She said in passing to the new guest, before turning heel and making her way back down the line.

"Thanks." Katarina chuckled, slipping a few notes to the bartender's line behind the counter, tucking the bills underneath her empty pint glass. She was a good tipper when the service was right. Perhaps it was a subtle nod to Klaus that even in his absence she was going to treat his favorite girl at Alibi right.

She stared at the new glass, only listening over her shoulder when the girl started up again. "Heartbroken...Huh." Katarina gave a subtle, impressed grin at her read. It wasn't true, at least...not fully. Or not at all--Kat. Stop it. "I wouldn't even know where to start." The month had been a bit of a whirlwind but the last ten days specifically had been wild. She thought about the time she'd found Matt, injured in her driveway. Then, the moments she'd been smiling and laughing with him, and furthermore free-running with him? He was so wonderful. That view...The view of Big Ben was marvelous, She recalled.

Katarina missed Matt so much, and wanted nothing more than to just hold his hand, or cuddle up with him, and have these enjoyable moments him. Maybe they could have a few drinks and laugh some more. But those intentions were barred by her one mission to speak with his best mate, her partner, something she might not have the opportunity to do just yet.

After deciding she'd make nice, Katarina engaged further into the conversation. The girl seemed nice enough and she did happen to stroll over to talk to her, after all. "You're a uni-student?" Katarina didn't mean to seem like she was mocking the girl, but she gave a light scoff. "Don't the uni-girls tend to roll in packs. Like wolves. Or something?" She mused.
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by: Tabora
This may not have been the woman's first drink. Tabby watched another get delivered and tipped a wave a Siobhan. She was a good sort, fun to talk to, fun to heckle. Tabby's gaze slid back to the blonde.

"Start at the's usually the best place."

A flash of a humorous grin stole across her face a disappeared. If she had a Cheshire grin now, it was because of the Wonderland reference. And, as quickly as the expression disappeared, wasn't that also like the cat from the story?

"Some do," she agreed and nodded her head over to the five in the booth. "But others are like me and prowl by themselves...a bit more dangerous, but risk is always balanced by reward, hmm?"
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by: Katarina Bauer
The room was starting to warp. She hadn't stood up in a bit, but rightfully so, as standing up now would probably be a terrible choice. Katarina usually prided herself in drinking anyone under the table, but since her appetite hadn't been normal as of late, the effects of the alcohol on a semi-empty stomach after a heavy workout day meant she was one hundred percent tipsy. For now, she sidestepped the order to start in on her personal details. Even while slightly inebriated, Katarina wouldn't offer such details to a complete stranger. Though, on one hand she could be offering too much and compromising her situation. On the other hand, the stranger could be a one-night deal, they hang out and they never see each other again. A one-night stand, she mused. Minus the sex. The girl was gorgeous, but Kat still didn't swing that way.

At the comment about the prowl, she shrugged. "Nothing wrong with hunting alone, I suppose. I know that all too well." Indeed she had. She was never hunting for anyone in particular, she just tended to spend time alone rather than in groups unless she was with her family but that was a totally different type of setting. "Or your girlfriends getting upset because you find someone to go home with and leave them in the dust?" She snickered. "Alone is best, in my opinion."

Kat may have been buzzed, but she was aware she hadn't answered the question of heartbreak. In due time.
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by: Tabora
Tabby lifted a finger as Siobhan went by. Every astute, the red head passed the tequila and left the bottle out. Tabby smiled over her shot. It was good that humans were able to be trained so fast...but back to the matter at hand.

The woman had a sad story, and painful if she was dragging her feet so hard on sharing it. Sympathy might break her down and give some interesting tidbits. To that end, Tabby cooed a sad sounding agreement to Kat's mournful declaration of knowing what it was like to hunt alone. Nagual preferred it that way, but not everybody had the guts to walk the shadows like they did.

"Men are even worse at that," she observed. "Jealous, territorial...if you take what they think's theirs...whoo! Malo." She gunned her shot quickly and shook her head. Bad, indeed. Maybe that's where this woman was, caught between two jealous, rutting males? That could cause some problems, for sure.

"Best thing for it is to drink, party, and have fun without them. Claim yourself, don't let them claim you."

Well, that was her way anyway. It may not work for this woman. Still, Tabby thought it was great advice.
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by: Katarina Bauer
She offered a nod when she said that men were 'worse'. Territory was definitely a part of that; She'd grown up with her brother and Wayne, and spent a lot of time in an office teeming with testosterone, so she couldn't help but agree. Kat just smiled and raised her drink. "Not much of a party type but I'll still drink to that. Cheers." Regardless of whether or not the girl would clink her shot glass against her pint glass, Kat still pulled quite a bit on her first drink from the fresh refill. She sighed. "Well, live it up. I try not to regret many things but I do miss the opportunity to be young and have a chance to party my days away instead of wasting my time pining for someone, or worrying about my career instead of working on myself."

There she went, spilling the beans on stuff to a stranger. She'd have to blame the alcohol, but there wasn't much harm in conversation with a stranger. As long as she didn't go breaking protocol, spilling very sensitive details that would land her in hot water with Jones, then she would be fine.

She looked at the door again, quicker this time. No Klaus. No Matt. Not even Cole, who said he was thinking about stepping out into night life for the first time in...forever. Her phone was face-up on the bar beside her glass, and she was half-tempted to text one of the men in question. Cole, to see where he was, Matt to tell him she missed him (a LOT) or even Klaus, to see if he was even remotely interested in being out for the night. Because, well, they needed to talk.

"Men..." She grumbled, shaking her head again, before taking another drink.
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by: Tabora
Tabby clinked her empty shot against the pint glass and flagged Sivvy for another one. "Hold your horses, Speedy!" Well, another was on the way. That was good.

"My name's Tabora. I'm a history major and a transfer student from Mexico. Nice to meet you...?"

She kept glancing to the door, so Tabby couldn't help but look herself. Was she expecting company? If so, was there going to be a blowup? The witch couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Matt came in now. Would he recognize her? What if this woman wasn't at all connected with the two agents that Tabby had a run in with? What if, what was more fun to just be in the moment.

"Waiting for a friend? Sorry if I'm interrupting a meeting..."

Tabby gave a coy, shy turn of her chin. The oblique angle she was using to ingratiate herself towards this woman was more useful on the opposite sex, but hopefully the woman would say it was no problem and Tabby was more than welcome to stay.
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by: Katarina Bauer
"Katarina." She responded. Presenting her full name didn't come with much hesitation. She might have said Kat instead, but that was more of a nickname, privy only to those close enough to her like her boys at work, or her family. Boys at work, she echoed in thought. Sounds like a terrible name for the office calendar featuring our very own... It made her laugh, internally if anything, since this 'Tabora' probably wouldn't understand her train of thought anyhow and she didn't feel like explaining that much just yet. "Native to London, born and raised. Which sounds a lot more exciting than it really is. But you're a long way from home. You miss it?"

Kat had noticed the girl had an accent but she couldn't quite pinpoint it. Exotic face, flawless skin, dark hair, accent, tequila? It all did fit together quite nicely. To her later inquiry, she shrugged, almost instantly looking to the door again. She laughed, nervously. "Actually, yes. Just waiting for someone...a friend, I suppose."
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by: Tabora
"Thanks, gorgeous," Tabby winked at Siv when she filled up the shot glass again, then gave her attention back to Katarina. Native, eh? Not that surprising, most people were natives. England wasn't exactly tourist central. You either were born here, moved here for school, or moved here for work. There were too many other places in the world to go if you needed adventure. Cheaper, prettier, more exciting places.

Tabby considered the question of missing Mexico. Yes, and no.

"Toss up, really. Mexico has a lot of adventure, but England is new. to me. I'm an historian, focusing on the European conquest of the New World, and since England played a major role with the empire and all that, it made sense to come here to get the English perspective. I mean,"

She took a sip of tequila, unraveling her well practiced story.

"It's one thing to read a history book or see some documents online, but if you're really gonna understand someone, you gotta see things the way they did, right?"

It was a line she used to either put uni students to sleep or enthrall starry eyed young men. How would Katarina take it? Even with alcohol, the woman had avoided talking about work. That pegged her, in Tabby's mind, as government. Perfect.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Listening to Tabora's story was quite nice. Being cooped up in the UK wasn't something she thought would end up happening to her when she was younger. The International Affairs gig she used to run with gave her a couple weeks (give or take) away from the nest, but she never thought about relocating for permanence. Plus, MI5 had been treating her well enough to stay. She had, however, eyed the job openings for international positions opening up again, but now that she had Matt and even her stubborn as an ox partner Klaus, those listings were more for browsing purposes if anything. Especially for Matt's sake, she wouldn't dream of moving away from him.

"You have drive. That's lovely." No sarcasm here, as Katarina was impressed by her ambition. "And purpose. Don't lose sight of that." Kat took another drink and set down her glass. She even picked up her cell phone, looking to maybe unlock it and text her boyfriend to tell him how much she missed him. But she opted to looking at the dark screen without powering it up, and then forfeit that chance when she set it back down.

Ugh, she thought.
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by: Tabora
Sometimes, words came to mind and didn't pass the filter of social acceptance. For Tabby, that happened more than it did to the average person. Part of the reason was the Nagual just didn't care what people thought.

"Is that what happened with you? Lost sight of your passion, so now you're sad-drinking, waiting for someone who doesn't know you're waiting for him? Text him, or finish our drink and come dancing with me."

Tabby put some heat and challenge into her tone along with a feral grin. The animal inside the Nagual could feel that the hunt was reaching a conclusion. She'd either get rebuffed violently and a fight would ensue or she'd get a breakdown and have some fun. Either way, it was going to be interesting. Tabby watched Katarina over her shot glass before tossing the drink back with an obvious relish.
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by: Katarina Bauer

Kat snickered at the thought as she shook her head. "Dance? Oh I don't think my legs are fit for dancing right now." They were already like jello from the heavy workout she did today, and now they were going to be fueled by alcohol? "And I'm sure I'll look like a fool next to you." Her phone was already in her hands and the screen was unlocked. She had to squint and turn down the brightness since it was rather blinding, her background a picture of Big Ben she'd snapped from the other night. It looked like any other stock photograph of the place, so it wasn't really a compromise, it was just a harmless little homage to that special place she'd learned about on her recent run with Matt.

But an opportunity presented itself here, one she didn't think she'd have when she strolled into this place tonight. She was either going to talk to Klaus if he showed up, or go home after sulking by herself. Tabora was an unknown, a variable, an unexpected encounter Kat was starting to be glad she'd had so far. So why not live a little?

"You know what?" She looked at Tabora for a moment with a mischievous grin. "You're on."

I miss you so much. Come to Alibi.

What she didn't realize, however, is that she'd not only sent that to her boyfriend Matt, but her partner Klaus--since she'd clumsily touched to add him to recipients. They were right next to each other, in her favorites list. She tapped send with a confident smile and put her phone in her back pocket when she stood up. She felt like she had sea-legs at first, but she nodded at Tabora. "You've been warned." She laughed.
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