The Alibi is a bit of a classier pub. As you walk in, a large, elongated bar is before you, shelves behind the bar top well-stocked and high with a mirror behind the bottles. To the right are booths and tables for sit-down meals and four upkept tables for games of snooker to entertain patrons. The jukebox at one end of the bar dictates the music selection patrons listen to whilst dining.
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by: Matthew Cox
This was tearing him apart. Matt wanted to pull Kat towards him and hug her, tell her everything was going to be okay, promise her his safety and protection...but would she even want that? Hesitantly, Matt offered a hug with open arms.

"Honey, would you like a hug? It's not going to fix anything, but if it makes you feel better, I'm here."

He spoke softly, trying to convey his desire to help comfort her. Poor Rina...she'd had a hell of a day with the revelations from work, Tabby, now this debacle. She was probably confused and hurting, so it wouldn't do to let her see the frustration he held. Half of it wasn't even towards her. He should have been more available to her instead of with Klaus. He knew she'd had a rough day at work...why hadn't he texted her first? Push came to shove, he didn't protect her and she was suffering because of his actions with Tabora. If he wanted to carry it to the full logical extreme, the cat had done this to hurt him...and she'd succeeded with Rina being the collateral.
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by: Katarina Bauer
It was beyond embarrassing now, and Katarina knew it. She still didn't quite feel like herself, and she knew what she did was out of character--but why did she feel so strongly about it? A potion or poison, they had said, right? It was all fuzzy to her at this point and all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and be by herself. Fortunately (and yet, somehow unfortunately) the dynamic duo wouldn't leave her to her own devices, simply because she couldn't be trusted with herself right now. Hence, the shame.

She gave one, pitiful glance at Klaus through the rearview mirror, and leaned into Matt's arms. It wasn't a silly little game anymore, one bred from some adolescent need to make Klaus jealous. Katarina just wanted to be held. It had been a shitty day at work, a shitty day at the bar, and now she was being held up from doing the one thing she wanted to do: Go Home. As she curled into Matt's embrace, she leaned her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm over his chest to cling to him for dear life. She needed it, even if this was just temporary, a diversion from consequence she'd have to face for her wrong doing.

Matt's hold provided the stability she needed since the spins were intense as she came crashing down from whatever high the drug or potion that had been done to her, had provided. Katarina kept quiet for the rest of the ride...she just wanted this to be over, and go home to go to sleep.
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