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by: Corrigan Ardagh
28 May

I need a bloody drink...

That thought had been floating through their head for so long. Without any money to their name though, Corrigan had shoved it from their head. But the days were growing warmer meaning Corrigan had to be more aware because of their...defects. With no other prospects to speak of either, they were pretty beaten down in their current state. Back to square one honestly. No home, no money, no nothin'. Nothing new anyways.

With a heavy sigh that dark thought weaseled its way back to the forefront of their mind. "Fine," they huffed out loud then storming into a bar that they had heard about. The Abbey. What a twist of irony to turn a once peaceful place of godly worship into a den of debauchery and sin. Somewhere there was a metaphor that applied to Corrigan, they were sure especially as they entered the establishment with the full intention of drinking their fill and frying the Muggle machine that counted up the cost. A quick glance around turned up few patrons and less visible threats so Corrigan situated themself at the bar. With a flick of their neck, the gold braid flipped over their shoulder for them to tug at as they thought before settling in to order a simple rum and coke. Once their drink was delivered, they turned and propped a boot on the stool looking about the room curiously. Corrigan quietly took in the renovated abbey and, more importantly, those sitting near her.
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by: Tristan Viridian

What the hell was that, anyway? Tristan didn't take too much time off because there was just so much to do at all hours of the day. King often advised him to take things a little more leisurely than on a tight schedule, but he rarely listened to that. Old habits, and all. However, there was someone was constantly chirping in his ear to take some time for himself, and this time he was powerless to resist it. Maeve. What would he do without her? Probably run himself ragged, develop one hell of a liver problem when he didn't know the proper moment to put the bottle down because he was so deep into his notes and things that he would drink through his supply. She wasn't any better. That girl could drink most anyone under the table, but that was just because of her natural abilities that put him at a handicap. Nevertheless, she made great company. Even though the circumstances surrounding her rescue and eventual move-in to his penthouse were a little extreme, they became quick friends both on and off the clock.

He found himself walking towards The Abbey once again, but didn't come here to find his sister, or his brother-in-law, or do any business tonight. He was coming out for some drinks with Mae because he promised he would and she wouldn't let it go until he suited up and got the hell out of the penthouse without any files or notes to distract him. Well, that and she threatened to burn his favorite suits and literally twist his arm if he didn't agree to take a couple hours to relax.

Even with that in mind, Tristan was still a bit of a brat. "Tell me again why we're out here and not back at the penthouse where I can drink my own vodka or scotch from my own bar for FREE?" Tristan adjusted the button on his suit jacket and sighed. He might have been overdressed for a humble little church-turned-pub like this, but he wasn't about to dress down to casual civilian clothes just because it was a 'night off'. Merlin, it was difficult not to be a stick in the mud, but time was precious and he just wanted to have a drink in peace. Ugh...why come out and mingle among the masses?
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by: Maeve McLeod
"Because if I'd let ya stay home you'd still be up to those pretty blue eyes in reports and crap that you're supposed to be taking a break from in the first place, Viridian," Maeve shot back with a good-natured nudge with her hip.

Finally, after days (hell, it was probably more like weeks at this point...) of practically nagging her partner and roommate to take a break and relax a bit, the stubborn arse had agreed to a couple hours off the clock for some drinks. It seemed Tristan was determined to run himself into the ground with how much the man worked, for Merlin's sake! I mean, she knew he had a lot to handle with being King's right hand, but come ON... Even their boss had mentioned it to him a few times about taking it easy on himself and relaxing! Well, tonight she had finally won the battle and dragged him out of the penthouse they shared, though apparently Tristan was still going to grouse about it like a little brat from the look of it. 'Ah well, a couple of drinks would change that right quick', she thought with a smirk.

"Quit acting like a whiny little brat, Tris," the petite redhead teased him as they approached the door, smirking up at him playfully. "It's the first time you've been outta the den for anything other than work in days, dammit. And I told you I'd treat anyway, so there," she added, sticking her tongue out for teasing emphasis.

"And, really? I can't believe you're wearing a suit to the pub! Unless this is a date and you just didn't tell me..." Maeve smirked, ruining her teasing by laughing at the notion. While Tristan was certainly a fine specimen of a man physically and was a sweetheart in general, he was more than a little skittish it seemed when it came to getting to know anyone well enough to have a relationship with them, so Maeve's flirting was mostly just playfulness between close friends. But still... She shot a lopsided grin over at him as a sudden thought crossed her mind. "Actually..."

Before he could protest or stop her Maeve sidled over in front of him as they walked, stepping smoothly in front of him and grabbing his tie. With deft fingers she undid the carefully-tied knot and loosened the patterned silk accessory, bringing it up over his head and shoving it in her handbag in one swift motion. For good measure and maaaayybe just a bit to annoy him, she flicked open the button holding his jacket closed and danced backward a few steps, grinning a rather pleased wolfish grin at him.

"There now, at least ya look like you're TRYING to relax," the redhead chuckled, shooting him a mischievous smirk. "Come on, I'm thirsty..."
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by: Tristan Viridian
He set his jaw, those blue-green eyes armed with a playful glower at his companion. Mae often had choice words for him when it came to nicknames and brat was tame compared to the rest. Tristan peeked at her through his lengthy, brown eyelashes and shook his head. "You really don't have to buy, I'm a big boy and can take care of myself." He teased, though he wouldn't push back on the offer again if she insisted. From beginning to current, their interactions sure had changed. Mae was quiet for the better part of her move-in, and it wasn't until recently, after helping her along with her memories and getting acclimated to King's court that she'd finally shown some of her truer colors. Her spunky attitude often kept him on his toes, since she was more blunt than the usual human female partners he'd encounter. As a soldier, his thick skin could easily take to her forwardness, and it was nice to talk to someone with his sharp, military-tempered tongue without fear of them breaking to pieces.

"Hey!" He protested, as soon as she slinked up to him and fiddled with his tie. She already had it up and over his head. He didn't fight too hard--merely pouting and huffing and tensing up as she did so was more comical than it made him upset. "Careful with that, it's my favorite--" It was in her purse in a flash, "Tie." He was fine until she unbuttoned the jacket he'd just set up the way he wanted, and he just scoffed.

Tristan rolled his shoulders and tugged the pub's door open, gesturing that Maeve enter first. Manners, and all that. "After you." He grinned cheekily, a dimple forming in his cheek as he did. It was a small, but obvious hint that he might actually let loose for the evening.

"Eyy, how're you tonight, sir? The usual?" The lively, young Irishman behind the bar greeted Tristan with bright eyes. He knew Tris because he'd been frequenting this place quite a bit lately--and he often left a hefty tip upon departure.

"Evening, Shay. Double tonight and uh...whatever the lady wants." He smirked, casting a side-glance to Maeve before proceeding forward to take his seat on one of the empty bar stools.
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by: Maeve McLeod
"You'd give a teenage girl a run for her money with that huffy little pout there, Viridian," the wolf teased him, referring to the expression he gave her as she absconded with his tie. With those big bluish eyes the pout was just adorable and extremely out of place coming from the huge ex-marine and she couldn't help but grin playfully up at him, one brow raised in a coy smirk as he opened the door for her.

Maeve laughed at his cheeky grin, and bit back the urge to poke the lopsided dimple that formed when the man smiled genuinely - a rare sight the last few days. Instead she settled for grinning and retorting back, "I saw that smirk, Tris. You're trying not to have fun and it's just not gonna work..." The petite redhead adjusted her grip on her handbag (a necessary evil she supposed, since it carried easily her wand, wallet, and weapons) and slipped into the pub while he held the door for her.

Scanning the place for threats or anomalies out of habit, Maeve was surprised to see only a handful of other patrons in the church-turned-pub. It was about the time bars and the like should be getting busy, wasn't it? Not that a relatively deserted place was a bad thing in her book, not at all. The Garou would much rather have an easy night with few interruptions, particularly while she had finally dragged her roommate out of the penthouse to relax. When the bartender greeted Tristan and received his order, Maeve chuckled and added her own. "I'll take what he's having, love."

Tris had left several empty stools between him and the only other patron sitting at the bar - a pretty little blonde girl, from the look of her- so Maeve took one next to him with a polite nod to the other woman down the bar. Turning her attention back to her friend the cheeky redhead nudged his leg with her high-heel, emerald eyes dancing with mischief. "See? Not so bad, is it? And starting off with a double to boot? Ooohh, you ARE trying to relax; I'm so proud of you," she teased.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan turned their head as the bell for the entrance chimed. Her blue eyes slid over the two, a male and female. Both fairly attractive whereas Corrigan was in their last few clothes; an old tee shirt from some random Muggle store they had snagged it from and plain ripped up jeans. And here they had thought they had found a relaxed place to steal some drinks not a suit and tie venue. With a small huff, they looked into their drink.

Yet their eyes were slowly drawn back to what Corrigan could only assume was a couple. Or an attempted one. The girl was much more friendly towards the man than he seemed receptive. A weird dynamic, Corrigan decided, not realizing she was now staring since she often forgot to blink anymore. It also didn't help that something in them was causing that weird feeling; like a paranoid alarm bell causing their heart to race. Anxiety screaming danger even though there was none that they could see. They rubbed their collarbone thoughtfully, feeling the pulse under their skin that was always there now noting the static, prickling feeling on their skin. Taking a breath to center it dissipated quickly, the current gone from the air as fast as it appeared leaving just the faint smell of a lightning storm.
He wanted to stick his tongue out at her or nudge her playfully with his shoulder (or rather, his side, since the height difference between them was rather comical) to see, but the giant Marine held back as he and his garou companion walked into the bar. It made him chuckle at that thought, since it made it sound like a beginning to a bad joke. "Hey I'm not trying anything. I just know that I have a mountain of work to get back to when we're done playing around here..." So much work. He wouldn't say it out loud--at least not yet--but Tristan knew that he needed a night out before getting into the plans to seek out new recruits for their upcoming push.

It wasn't as busy as it normally would be at the dinner hour, but still enough patrons here to generate some background noise alongside from the music playing on the overhead speakers for ambiance.

"You got it, Miss." Seamus smiled and offered the red-head a wink as he pulled another glass for her, and duplicated the order made by the man in the suit, sans tie. He grabbed the Redbreast 25, one of the Abbey's popular top-shelf whiskys. The brand was one of the gentleman's usual orders, and poured two doubles for his new customers. He usually ordered neat, so no ice or added flair, so he surrendered the order. "Keeping it open tonight?"

"Yes, sir." He responded with a grin to the bartender, who sounded excited to hear that. To Maeve, Tristan's eyebrows raised when her heel hit his leg, and he turned to her with another playful glare.

"Relax?" He chuckled at Maeve, "The double is because if I'm gonna endure an evening out with you, I might need a little extra help." He winked, bringing the glass up to his lips to take in the first pull of the delicious liquor. "Ahh...Might have to pick some of this up for the bar at home, since someone keeps raiding the cabinets.."
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by: Maeve McLeod
The redheaded Garou chuckled at his playful glare, a sharp but melodic bark of amusement. She grinned back innocently and nudged his leg with her foot again. "Endure an evening out with me? Jesus, Tris, ya really know how to make a girl feel appreciated," Maeve lamented, her blended accent full of playful indignation as she pouted at him. She sipped her drink, her emerald gaze at ease and shining with mischief at him over the rim of her glass. "Just admit it: you needed this. And-"

The Garou stopped short when an odd smell hit her sensitive nose. It was almost like being outdoors in a bad lightning storm, or maybe too close to something that had been electrified. Maeve looked around curiously, a slight frowning crease in her brows as she tried to figure out the source of the oddity. The only logical explanation was one of the electrical devices or maybe even one of the outlets behind the bar had shorted out. Other than that though, the only other possibility for the origin of the scent was the blonde woman sitting a couple stools to Maeve's left, but that just wasn't logical. Humans didn't make ozone smells like that. Was she maybe a witch? Had she cast some sort of spell? If she had, where was it directed and whom was the target? Maeve let out a quiet, barely audible growl as she considered the possibility of having to ruin her night out if things went poorly, unaware that she was still staring in the woman's direction.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Blue and green met. Corrigan stared at the woman across the room confused. The expression on the other's face had changed rapidly from joking with a friend to all but glowering in their direction. Maybe Corrigan was giving the woman an uneasy feeling. That seemed likely, people seemed to be able to sense Corrigan's otherness much to their despair or however much they tried to hide it. They shifted uncomfortably with a small breath of air to keep the electricity away, chewing on her lip nervously.

They broke the stare quickly then, focusing into their drink before sipping it quietly. Shit. I just got away from those others I don't need to be drawing more attention to myself right now. Yet despite their best effort their pulse picked up in anxiety of this woman knowing who or what they were. A thin crackle crawled through their skin in warning before they forced it down painfully, feeling a surge building inside again. Damn, their lack of understanding and control over this stupid power was going to either be the death of them or draw just enough attention to be a problem. Another gulp of the alcohol bottled down their anxiety enough for Corrigan to maintain that thin control over the pulses and attempt to play it off as this woman continued staring at her.
He felt the nudge at his leg, though it felt more like a sweet nudge as opposed to getting a heel or the point of her shoe in his shin. Tristan snickered and just nudged her back on the arm. This whole school-yard teasing was fun. Amusing, if anything, but fun. It was like...wait, was she flirting with him? Did she hit up his cabinets before they left? Business Maeve was different from casual Maeve--but in general, she was just this outgoing with him and he'd grown so accustomed to her attitude that all of her comments (if they were constituted as flirting) rolled off his back. No big deal, right? "Something I can appreciate? Is that sweet little accent of yours. Such a weirdo." Tristan laughed. "But it's cute, it really is." Especially when she got riled up and started yelling or getting all huffy like the wolf was trying to give her a little oomph of ferocity, he found it admirable.

He took a sip of his drink and heard her cut off in her speech, so he turned to see what distracted her. "And what?" Tristan asked, curiously. But she was more focused on the girl sitting across the way, than listening to him right now. "Yooo, earth to Mae?" He tried to get her attention, before deciding to set his drink down. Tristan leaned over and got close enough to place his palm on the small of her back and whisper in her ear: "If this is about the whole appreciating thing and the accent--I was totally kidding. But hey, ignoring your date when you've agreed to show them a nice time is kinda rude too."

If she wanted to play it cool with the teasing and the flirting, he decided he would play back. Or rather, the two strong pulls of his drink made him decide he'd play that way... After all, if she didn't react to the word 'date', maybe something really was wrong?
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by: Maeve McLeod
The other woman seemed to sense Maeve's intense scrutiny and her eyes snapped up to meet the Garou's gaze. The primal predatory instinct in the petite redhead demanded that she maintain the eye contact until the other looked away, a blatant exhibition of dominance that Maeve's inner wolf refused to back down from whether or not the human understood what she had instigated. When the blonde woman finally broke the stare-down and looked down into her drink the Garou began to relax, reminding herself that her suspicions were probably nothing. Maeve started to turn back to Tristan when he made some comment about her accent but paused again when she felt a faint tingle across her senses, like standing too close to a friend wearing a static-charged sweater. She narrowed her emerald gaze at the sensation and shook her head in denial after a moment; humans didn't make static. Maybe she should mention to the cutie behind the bar that something was up with the electrical system...

The Garou's train of thought was immediately interrupted and rerouted when she felt Tristan's palm on the small of her back, his breath in her ear making her shiver slightly. She let out a low chuckle as she turned her attention back to her companion and froze when she turned her head and realized just how close he was. Her emerald green eyes blinked in surprise and she instinctively inhaled his scent, a subtle but masculine and pleasing note that blended almost perfectly with his cologne, and a coy smirk tugged her lips up at the corner.

"Date, huh? Well, I wish you'd have told me that before we left; I'd have dressed up a little more than throwing on some heels and some jewlery," Mae retorted with a chuckle. In actuality she thought she was cleaned up pretty well considering it was just supposed to be a casual drink at the pub with a nice pair of dark wash jeans, a green tank top under a cream-colored light cardigan, and dressed up to compliment her companion's suit with a pair of tan strappy heels and a necklace of green wire-wrapped stones in gold.

"And really? My accent is cute? I would really have expected a line from an ex-Marine like yourself to have been better than that," she added with a cheeky scowl. "Aren't you military boys supposed to be suave ladies-men, or did you Brits miss out on sharing that trait with your Yankee counterparts?" Hopefully her teasing showed him she hadn't just been ignoring him.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
The woman was continuing to stare even once Corrigan had broken the gaze. Huh, weird. Maybe that wasn't a date the other was on. And if it wasn't and that was a look of interest then Corrigan would play it up. Being able to have an actual bed to sleep in for a night and stealing a shower sounded phenomenal. The plan formed quietly in their head as they turned back to the bar. They could woo the woman (or the man or both, whatever worked) and manage to get invited to their place. A small shock would knock most people out cold without too much issue. Corrigan could get some sleep, shower, maybe grab something worth pawning, and disappear again. Perfect.

Now for the first step. They waved down the barkeeper with an easy smile. "I noticed the two over there are getting low. Their next round is on me. And may I have another rum and coke please," they requested politely. Corrigan settled back with their drink, watching the duo as their next round was delivered. They couldn't hear what was being said but the man motioned to them after dropping off the drinks.
Tristan didn't move back when Mae turned to face him. He held her gaze in his for a moment before blinking with those long, chocolate brown lashes of his. Up close her green eyes were breathtaking as he searched them, and he grinned. "You look fine. More than fine. You look... " He paused as he gave her a once over, making a big deal of it as he wanted to see how red he could make her blush, a goal of his to make her as red as her fiery hair. "You clean up nice, partner." Tristan teased and winked as he finished his first round. It was probably mean...and he braced himself for the reaction that would generate.

He chuckled as he set the glass down on the counter. "You think the yanks are suave?" He about spit when he heard that. Tristan just shook his head and rolled his eyes playfully. "Ha! Please."

"Here ye are. From yer friend, the blond one, couple over." Seamus beamed, sliding over another order of their drinks to the gentleman and his date.

Tristan raised his eyebrows and peeked around his companion with a grateful and impressed look on his face. He held it up and nodded at the blond with a smile. Thanks, he mouthed. "Looks like I don't even have to say a word to get a drink bought for me. How's that for being suave, eh?" He nudged Maeve's arm with a goofy grin before starting in on round two.
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by: Maeve McLeod
'Well, this was unexpected,' the Garou mused when her companion didn't move to leave her personal space, instead holding her gaze with his own. Those sea green eyes of his were just gorgeous, enough to make her breath hitch slightly in excitement as her inner wolf stirred and preened slightly at his blatant once over. Maeve returned his cheeky look with one of her own, her emerald eyes combing over his body then back up to meet his eyes once more.

"Well, I'd say the same to you, but you're cleaned up like this all the time, Viridian," she retorted, a playful note in her voice somewhere between a purr and a growl. "What I'd really like to see is something... less uptight and buttoned up, for once." The cheeky redhead leaned in just a slight bit more to try and throw him off balance, rising to his bait of doing the same to her if she read his body language correctly. Two could play this game, and a wolf never backed down from a challenge.

When the bartender interrupted their playful banter Maeve looked over at the man curiously as he placed refills down for both of them, apparently care of the blonde woman a few stools down. The Garou eyed the drinks warily, tempted to suggest to Tristan not to accept them, but was distracted when Tris picked up his glass and leaned around her to toast the blonde in thanks. An almost subsonic growl of annoyance rolled up from her chest at the audacity of the other woman, though Maeve refused to dignify the blatant challenge with an acknowledgement, choosing instead to simply ignore the drink in favor of stubbornly nursing what was left in her first glass. It was little more than a swallow or two but that wasn't the point. She wasn't about to accept the drink from, she barely wanted to dignify the challenge by calling the blonde her competition but lacked another appropriate word. Maeve staightened her spine and sat up from her casual lean against the bar, her eyes hardening to steely jewels as she stubbornly refused to turn and acknowledge the blonde and began to grow annoyed at Tristan for entertaining it, regardless of the rationality of her feelings.

'Lovely. So much for a nice drink,' she thought sourly.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Hmm. That was unexpected. The man accepted but the woman was now completely on defense. So maybe not a date like Corrigan had initially thought. Or at least, it meant less to the man than it did his friend. Either way at least one of them had taken their bait. That's all they really needed was one of their attentions.

Corrigan raised her glass with an easy smile to him. Not an overtly flirty one but friendly enough to show interest. They would have to be careful how they played this with the woman already mad and on guard. If Corrigan was too blatant with approaching the man, the woman might snuff it out before they could make a pass at her too. Then their shot for sleeping somewhere other than the street would be gone, static surged on her skin at the idea. Lowering her glass slowly, they waved their free hand towards the woman's drink looking concerned. Like perhaps they had brought her the wrong one.
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