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by: Tristan Viridian
Her words weren't lost, even though she murmured them softly into his chest. Tristan gently squeezed her shoulders. "You'll see. Just rest, darling." Tristan cooed her and pressed his cheek against the top of her head to hold her close. The term of endearment might have seemed like a throwaway remark cast to a friend, but for some reason, Tristan felt like it meant so much more.

They would be on their way soon, the light bulb that went off in his head leading into what he hoped would be a pleasant surprise to help his oldest friend.


Instead of beside her, Tristan now sat in the seat across from Cora. She was in a double wide space, set more like a loveseat than anything, and her petite form was small enough to stretch out as she slept. They were inside a cabin, or rather, they had an entire private jet to themselves, and it was quiet now. They landed only five minutes ago, and he was surprised she hadn’t woken up earlier due to the turbulence. The crew had already disembarked to fetch the small bit of luggage he’d packed and to grab the bit of luggage he’d ordered for her, leaving Tristan to watch over Cora in peace, the sweet air of the Mediterranean shore blowing in through the open door.

Tristan was busy reading the latest edition of the muggle periodical, trying to scour the details of the aftermath from the explosions at the agency. He'd heard as much as Matt wanted to tell, but he wanted to see what the Prime Minister or the media was doing to spin it...because, of course they would. Tristan was so deep into his reading that he wasn’t quite paying attention there since he’d peeked over the newspaper often if Cora was stirring.
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by: Coraline Larson
Exhaustion was typical after a flashback for Cora, and on top of the two (or was it three?) panic episodes she had had in the last couple hours, it was clawing at her hard now. Tristan’s response to soothe her back to sleep made her curious as to what her friend was up to, but she simply didn’t have the energy to insist on an answer. She snuggled against him lightly and drifted back to sleep with a soft sigh. The last conscious thought she had before true sleep claimed her was a brief worry that this was a trap and that she would wake up with the Death Eaters…


A gentle breeze played softly across the witch’s face and stirred the curtain of raven hair that had slipped over one side of her face. Unlike the damp, rainy weather of London, this breeze had a clean fresh smell to it and was as warm as a blanket fresh out of the laundry, welcoming and cozy. Where were they?

Blinking slightly against the bright sunshine that filtered into the cabin, Cora’s pale green eyes opened and she brushed the hair back from her face as she sat up. She frowned slightly in confusion at where she was, but there was no panic or anxiety once she saw Tristan sitting across from her reading what looked like a newspaper calmly. She remembered vaguely that he had told the driver of the car they had been riding in to go to the airport and had told her essentially that the destination was a surprise, but this seemed more than a little overkill, wasn’t it? A private jet like this wasn’t just something you pulled out of thin air, letalone for someone you hadn’t seen in nearly a decade…

“...Tris?” she called softly. “Where are we?” There was an note of uncertainty in her voice but as she looked around and peered out the windows of the plane she thought she recognized the airport they had landed at. Had he…? No, that was ridiculous.
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by: Tristan Viridian
There was a nice cool breeze that blew through, before he heard Cora call his name. The paper was pulled aside and he discovered that the sleeping beauty had awoken. Tristan folded it neatly and set it aside, uncrossing his legs and sitting forward some to greet her. “Good morning…” He said with a warm smile over his sharp features. He stood up, his height surprisingly unhindered by the size of the jet's open cabin. Tristan stretched his arms and legs, and finally leaned down with his hand outstretched. “Or should I say, Buongiorno.”

If she accepted his hand, he would help her up and lead her toward the exit to stand in the open door of the jet. The staircase was down, leading down to the tarmac, where they would have a car waiting to shuttle them to the ferry. It was going to be a boatride over to Capri, and the docks were just a short walk away from the villa where they would be staying. He could have kept her in London, maybe let her stay at his penthouse until she was in better spirits--but thinking on his toes, Tristan decided to give himself and Coraline a short vacation to one of his favorite countries he'd ever visited. Of course he'd never been to Capri; Florence, Venice and Siena were places he'd seen in the past, Roma and Naples were only brief stops...but Capri was a place he knew that Cora loved, so he decided on a whim to book them a surprise, impromptu getaway.

"I hope you slept alright?"
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by: Coraline Larson
Tristan’s gentle smile helped ease the confused witch and she smiled up at him in return, the expression a little hesitant still but more relaxed than a moment ago. When he stood up Cora was hardpressed not to laugh once again at the difference between the buff man that stood before her compared to the lanky, rather scrawny boy she had been friends with; the difference was startling and more than a little comical. She did manage not to giggle at him, however, and took his offered hand gratefully as she stood with him, returning his good morning with one of her own. His added quip in italian had her looking up at him sharply, amusement and suspicion in her pale green eyes.

“Buongiorno? Tristan… did you… Did you do what I think you did?” she playfully accused him, looking at him with one delicate brow raised in question. Cora allowed him to escort her to the open cabin door and gasped in surprise and delight when she saw what was waiting for them outside the plane. Back in their school days the two of them had often talked about places they wanted to travel to and explore, and Italy had been high on both their lists. In fact, they had even joked (well, mostly joked) about running away to Italy to avoid their NEWTs in seventh year when the stress of studying and preparing for graduation had seemed overwhelming. They hadn’t, of course, but it was a pleasant memory now to remember.

Breaking herself from her reverie Cora turned and hugged her friend, happy tears forming in her eyes as she did. She laughed in disbelief and gratitude and peered up at him, looking more relaxed and almost innocent than she had since they had reunited at the pub. “This is… Merlin’s beard, Tris! This is just like we joked about when we were kids…” She let out a giggle of delight and let him lead her down to the waiting car, taking her time on the stairs so she didn’t get winded or lose her balance. Once they were settled in the backseat she smiled at him again and added a heartfelt, “Thank you. Really. You don’t know how badly I needed a friend right now…”
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by: Tristan Viridian
"Of course. I'm here for you." His smile didn't fade in the least as she started to piece together his hint with the salty air and their locale. Given the rough night she had, Tristan was glad to see her smiling. “Only took a little while to finagle this impromptu trip, but I let you sleep while I made some arrangements.” He winked. “I hope it’s alright I just wanted to take a dear friend of mine out for a nice getaway...leave the smoggy stinkhole of a city for a while. Perhaps, shake off the Thames and breathe in the sea a bit. I figure, hey--it’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other, and after seeing what you were going through last night...I guess I just wanted to see that smile again.”

Tristan surprised himself with the words that came out of his mouth, mostly because he didn’t expect to be so forward, even with someone like Cora. His Pixie. His Coraline. His best friend.

As she exclaimed her excitement, Tristan let her take in the view while he stood back, putting his hands in his suit pockets. Her recollection was spot on, too. They always talked about Italy, but never once got to take a vacation out here...at least, not together. “I rented out an entire villa out in Capri for the two of us. And I hope you don't mind that your luggage is already on its way there. New items, of course...a few things to get you by until you tell me I have terrible taste and well, we can browse some of the shops in Venice or Florence too if you would like to take the trip out." He eyed his watch, "We have brunch out on the seaside in a few hours, so that should give you some more time to get some rest before we head out.”

Military AND working for King had its benefits. It taught him how to keep a schedule, stay punctual, and make efficient use of his time. Tristan wouldn’t flex that muscle too much while they were here, since he was here to help Cora unwind, after all. He held his hand out to her to help her down and out of the jet, whenever she was ready.
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by: Coraline Larson
“Just ‘some arrangements’?” she teased him, laughing a little at the ridiculousness of the understatement. “Tristan, you did all this in, what? A couple hours? Or have I managed to sleep through an entire day to give you more time to plan?” Cora laughed again and leaned over to nudge him lightly.

As she listened to the explanation he gave, the witch couldn’t help but shake her head slightly in disbelief. The more Tristan talked about the plans he had made for them, the more Cora was overwhelmed by the gesture. She hadn’t spoken to Tristan in… Merlin, how many years had it been? And now suddenly they just happened to meet again after she had broken the magical hold on herself and could remember just how much he had meant to her? Either the universe had a strange sense of humor or God had finally taken pity on her and given her a break, Cora thought wryly.

“Capri is probably my favorite place in the world, mo ridire galánta,” she mused, smiling and watching out the window as the sleek towncar pulled away from the plane. The view even from the airport was beautiful, the city of Naples laid out on the hills with the silhouette of Mt. Vesuvius looming over it, the city lights still twinkling in the early morning light. The sun hadn’t quite crested the mountains yet but Cora knew from previous trips that it would be absolutely breathtaking when it did. She reached over and squeezed Tristan’s hand softly with a look of pure gratitude and affection in her pale green eyes. “Thank you…”
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by: Tristan Viridian
"What can I say? No holding back when it comes to my oldest, dearest friends." He grinned from ear to ear, pleased that she was happy with their current surroundings.

Once they were down and out of the jet, Tristan helped her into the towncar that would take them a few minutes over toward the ferry toward their destination.

Ahh, it was so refreshing to breathe the sweet, crisp air during the sunrise, untainted by people walking about because in the early morning hours; there wasn’t anyone other than the two of them and his crew in sight. Before he left, Tristan had informed his crew to be ready in case they needed to prepare for the return flight home. As much as he wanted to stay here, hide out for a while to play catch up on the years they had lost while they went their separate ways, Tristan knew that they inevitably had to return to the real world.

"I know, he said, turning to watch her as she gushed at the sights."I remember."

The car ride was nice, and the ferry ride even more breathtaking as they took to the waters in the nearly-empty ferry. Other than shops prepping for the day, there weren’t many people traveling at the dawn, and Tristan was okay with that. It just meant he would be able to transport Cora to the villa in peace, and once they arrived, they were treated like royalty.

It was like a palace, with two wide living areas. There was an old piano, a desk and a wrap around couch in the sitting room with the fireplace. The second one had a tv that looked like it hadnt been plugged in, in at least five or so years, but a really fancy couch and loveseat set and a fully stocked bar. The dining room was beautifully set as well, gorgeous refinished wood table with a vase of local flowers as the center piece to the table. The kitchen was well supplied and tidy, and looked fresh out of a home improvement magazine. The villa had that rustic, Italian charm but felt modern and cozy all at the same time.

There were a couple of people on staff, a cook and a housekeeper, who greeted them with smiles and kisses on the cheek. Tristan showed her around and once she was done scoping out their place, he offered his hand to her.

If she accepted, Tristan led her up to her room, where her luggage was already waiting for her. “Don’t worry, I made sure the villa had at least two rooms, but I’m right over here in the room adjacent if you need me.” He pointed at the door, and even opened it to show her that the adjoining room was an exact replica of the one she would be staying in.

In his opinion, hers had a better view, however, the second floor balcony had a perfect overlook of the sea, where the sunrise had already peeked over the horizon and let up the place with its white glow. “If there’s anything I missed packing for you, let me know and I’ll send for them. They’ll have it delivered within the hour.” He grinned. “I hope this is alright?”
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by: Coraline Larson
‘...oldest and dearest friend..’

It was still so strange to hear someone refer to her like that. She hadn’t even remembered her ‘oldest and dearest friend’ up until a little over a week ago, for Merlin’s sake! It boggled her mind to hear Tristan almost gush over her friendship like this, and stranger still that he had gone to all this trouble on her account after not seeing her for so many years. Not that she didn’t appreciate it, of course, but after being alone for so long it was just… strange. Jarring, almost. Although with the grand gesture of the trip to Paris and how diligently Matt had been taking care of her over the last week, she supposed it wasn’t quite as strange as it used to be. It was still a lot of effort and a lot of trouble to go to for the likes of her though.

Speaking of Matt… Cora realized if he came over and she wasn’t there he would most likely go into a fit thinking something had happened to her, even if they had argued the night before. He had gotten angry with her for something and had stormed off, but just in case he decided to come by to apologize while she was gone, it was probably better to let him know, right? While they were on the ferry she pulled her phone out of her pocket and sent him a text message that explained why she wasn’t home and that she would be back in a couple of days. [Don’t panic if you come over and I’m not home. Met up with a long-lost friend last night and am spending a couple days with him. I’ll let you know when I’ll be home. Stay safe.] She hesitated on signing it ‘I love you’, but decided that it sounded like she was trying to make him jealous or something, hence a simple ‘stay safe’ instead. Hopefully they would talk things over and keep moving forward when she got back…

As they docked in Marina Grande and disembarked the ferry, Cora couldn’t help but feel her tension, anxiety, and worries melt away. Capri had felt like a second home to her since the first time she had visited the island, and the comforting sight of the painted stucco houses laid out like jewels on the cliffs and the delicious smells of the open-air spice market were as good as a welcome mat. The walk up to the villa Tristan had rented was short, but she was still winded and tired by the time they arrived. Tristan and the housekeeper were kind enough to be patient with her while she caught her breath before they toured the rest of the villa, ending in their connecting suites on the second floor.

Cora sat down on the end of her bed and gazed open-mouthed at the gorgeous view of the turquoise-blue water of the Mediterranean stretched out to what seemed like infinity. She nodded in acknowledgement of Tristan’s statement and smiled at him. “It’s perfect, Tris. And I’m sure the clothes are just fine, but if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll go through them in a little while to make sure I have everything I need,” she teased him lightly, her voice still sounding a little breathless from the exertion of the walk and the tour of the villa. “You said something earlier about brunch in a bit? Do I have time to rest a little? I… I’m still recovering from a health scare last week…” she added quietly, hoping she hadn’t just put a damper on the plans Tristan had made for them.
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by: Tristan Viridian
When she gushed about its perfection, Tristan was beaming back at her, a smile that hadn't seemed to wear off since they arrived. It was a quick and easy decision to make the arrangements to turn their childhood dreams into a reality; touring Italy was on their list of things to do for quite some time . This place, this humble villa would be theirs for a brief window of time, long enough for them to unwind and take a moment to themselves outside of the bustle of the city. "I dunno, I haven't quite shopped for a woman in...well, ever really." It was true. He bought things for his mum but small things here and there, or he'd have her on his arm to pick out the things she wanted. Women he dated, the few that is, always took his money and bought things themselves. It was jewelry and other trinkets that were his specialty. Planning a full wardrobe plus toiletries for a special trip for a woman who wasn't necessarily his significant other? Well that was nerve-wracking.

"I just want to make sure you have what you need for our stay--which, by the way, we can stay as long as you like." It was an open ended offer, one that he was sure to be interrupted at some point in time by work back at home or even the worry-wart of a companion he had at the penthouse...

Maeve... Tristan stopped and thought for a moment, I should probably text her I'll be home in a few days... He would be forward with her, but wouldn't disclose the name of the woman he was with, or that he was with a woman at all, just that he would be out on business. He'd traveled to many places alone before he was appointed his garou bodyguard, so she had to understand he survived just as well without her for that long--and that he would be just fine for a couple of days.

Tristan nodded, "Please...take all the time you need. I'll just unpack, maybe change to something a little more island friendly, and take a breather myself. Whenever you're ready, we'll head out." He didn't realize it, but he walked up closer to her and had placed a hand on her shoulder, if she allowed the contact. Tristan stared down into those grey-green eyes of hers, lost in the depths of them as his hand trailed up to her chin. Tristan lingered there for only a few seconds before chuckling, bringing his hand down as he realized what he'd done, and if he hadn't been shooed away, he would simply smile and nod. "Just let me know what you'd like to do... I'll be right next door, if not downstairs."

He clasped his hands behind his back and walked back a couple of steps before turning heel and disappearing into his room.
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by: Coraline Larson
Tristan’s adorable awkwardness about packing and purchasing a wardrobe for her was both comical and a bit nostalgic for Cora. She couldn’t help the quiet giggle that escaped her as he explained how he hadn’t really ever shopped for a woman before like this and just wanted to make sure she had everything. Cora reached up to where his hand rested on her shoulder and patted his hand reassuringly as she replied, “Don’t worry about it, Tris. And I can’t imagine you don’t have something far more important to worry about at home for me to keep you here as long as I want.” She chuckled and looked away, back over to the beautiful view from her balcony. When Tristan’s hand trailed gently up to her chin, however, she looked up again in surprise, a tentative smile on her lips while he gazed down at her. The affection in her old friend’s eyes was still surprising and strange to the former hit-witch, but not at all unwelcome she found. In fact, it was more than a little comforting to her considering the turmoil and crisis she had been dealing with since breaking the magic in her mind. It was just nice to see a tangible reminder that the things that had been so important to her before might not all be lost to her now…

When Tristan finished and turned to leave, she smiled and nodded at his retreating back. “I won’t need long really, just a little nap to recharge a little,” she assured him, feeling a little guilty that she was still unwell enough to require a rest after so little exertion, although he had been very gracious and accommodating to her thus far. With a soft sigh, Cora pulled over the luggage he had provided for her and started looking through it. For someone who claimed never to have shopped for a woman before he had done an excellent job in packing for her, she mused. Finding things to be up to snuff, the witch laid down to take a short nap, setting the alarm on her phone for an hour.


The gentle chiming of her alarm brought Cora back to consciousness after the set hour and she sat up feeling surprisingly rested and relaxed. Restful sleep had been more elusive than perhaps she had wanted to admit to herself in the last weeks, but now she found herself feeling much better between the nap on the plane ride and the power nap. She smiled as she got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up a bit and use the facilities, thinking about what would be appropriate to wear for brunch. There had been a pretty little blue sundress that she had seen when she was unpacking her luggage… probably that, she decided. After another ten minutes or so, Cora made her way downstairs to the sitting room in search of Tristan.
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by: Tristan Viridian
Tristan was already downstairs. He tried to nap for a while but couldn't settle his mind and relax. Of course this was contrary to the purpose of this impromptu vacation; He'd urged Cora to get her rest and relax, and he couldn't even do it for himself. He couldn't help but hear Maeve's nagging voice in his head as he sat there in his comfortable chair, newly upholstered with a cushioned seat and plush back. She always wanted him to relax. He chuckled, and sent her a quick text message before the day got away from him and he forgot.

Went out of town, should be back in a few days. Might not have service out here, but let me know if you need anything. Ciao.

That might have given her an indication of where he'd gone off to, but even if she chose to come find them, Capri might be the last place she'd look. Tristan rarely talked about Italy with her--or rather he rarely talked to her about his time out of town or vacationing at all, aside from Boston, since the two of them had a certain bond over the American city. Once he set his phone down, Tristan picked up the paper he'd had with him on the plane and started to read a bit as he melted back into the chair. It was probably the most relaxed he was since...well, a while now. It wasn't that he was trying to hide from her or anything but he wanted to keep this meetup as private as possible, and not have his employer or anyone else looming over his head for the duration of their stay.

She'll understand, right? He tried to convince himself that it was going to be alright but somewhere in the back of his mind, Tristan worried that he would regret that later...

As he thumbed through the papers, he didn't hear anyone other than the cook prepping some things that he would need for tonight's dinner at the villa.
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by: Coraline Larson
There he was… Cora smiled a little when she saw Tris settled in one of the comfy-looking chairs in the lounge, scanning the newspaper like it was his job again. “Do you ever relax, Tris?” she teased him, giggling a little as she came down the stairs and into the room. She wasn’t really surprised that he still looked wound a little too tight; he had been the same way back in school too. Always studying or reading or preparing something for class… Cora chuckled softly again as she sat in the chair next to the man. “You’re looking at that newspaper like you expect it to tell you the secret to life or something. If you find it in there, do let me know,” she added, a hint of playfulness creeping back into her demeanor.

As she settled into the squashy armchair and tucked her feet under herself, smoothing her skirt down over her knees carefully, she felt her phone buzz in her pocket. ‘Probably Matt…’ she thought with a slight flutter of nervousness. While listening to whatever Tristan’s answer to her teasing might be Cora pulled up the text message from Matt, a small frown creasing her brows at his answer to her initial message. From the curt reply it seemed like the mutant was jealous? More concerned with the fact that she was with a male friend than anything else… Great. She quickly typed out another message to him while she listened to her companion, explaining she was with an old friend and that he was more like her brother than anything else.

Putting her phone down on the arm of her chair, Cora smiled a little at Tris and tried to show she had indeed been listening despite using the electronic device. “So, I know you said earlier that you hadn’t been to Capri before… If that’s the case, I would love to take you on a boat tour of the island, Tris. That is, if it doesn’t interfere with anything you had planned, of course,” she added quickly, not wanting to be rude if he had already planned out an itinerary for them.
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by: Tristan Viridian
Cora's voice cut the air and he was pulled from deep thought. "No such thing as relaxing, I feel, but you're right. I guess I should at least...try, eh?"

His blue-green eyes moved from the paper to her form as she walked down the steps. His heart fluttered. She looked...breathtaking. A goofy grin formed on his face as he folded the paper in his hands and set it aside, shifting to stand up as if to greet her formally, but it was more of a gentlemanly gesture anytime a lady entered the room. "Wow..." He said to himself, barely a whisper. He drank in the sight of her, and gestured to the chair across from him for her to take a seat if she wanted, and he sat at the edge of the chair now, as they would surely sort out where they were going for the day. He chuckled at her comment about the secret of life, and shook his head. "Oh, I dunno. If I find that, I might have to keep that all to myself. Makes me valuable, or ... something."

There was a break in their conversation, and he noticed that she'd pulled up her phone and was texting someone. As much as he had grown accustomed to muggle technology, it was still an odd sight to see someone from the wizarding world using a mobile device. To give her some privacy he shifted back in the chair and set the newspaper on the coffee table, patiently waiting for her to finish.

When she was done, he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and looked up at her. "Well, what would you like to do? The day is yours. Oh, and before I forget..." He reached over the arm of the chair and pulled up a small gift wrapped in a delicate paper and a dark green bow. It was a parasol he had delivered from one of the local shops for Cora. It was white, lined with a silvery thread, woven from their finest materials. He figured it would be a nice accessory to help shade her from the sun as they walked, and it even extended to be planted into the ground if they felt like resting on the sands. Given her current apparel, it would match nicely.
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by: Coraline Larson
Tristan’s comment about not being valuable had Cora frowning slightly at her old friend as she put her phone down. “Tris, please don’t devalue yourself like that… You’re wonderful; you always have been. Kind, gentle, caring…” She trailed off with a small smile, not wanting to turn what was probably just an off-the-cuff quip into a lecture. But in all honesty she would if he insisted on arguing the point with her. The insecurity hidden under that confident ex-military exterior was surprising to see after all these years and Cora sincerely hoped he believed her when she told him he was wonderful.

When he leaned forward again and handed her the gift Cora’s face split in a delighted smile. She let out a genuine peal of laughter as she unwrapped the beautiful parasol and admired it appreciatively, running her fingers over the fabric lightly. “Oh, it’s beautiful, Tris! Thank you,” she beamed at him. “I see you still remember what happened the last time we spent all day at the beach in the sun?” Cora giggled and teased him playfully. Summer break between sixth and seventh years, they had gone to the beach for the day when she had come to visit Tristan and his mother and the pale little raven-haired girl had ended up ‘redder than a lobster’ as her best friend was so kind to point out at the time. Cora laughed again at the memory and looked over at Tristan affectionately.

“As far as doing anything today, I’m really just happy to be here, Tris,” she answered simply, shrugging slightly. “Like I said, if you’ve never been to the island before I’d love to take you around for a boat tour? There are some truly beautiful things to see around Capri that you can only reach by boat.”
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by: Tristan Viridian
She went on and on about how great he was and even though she was genuine, there was still something in the back of his mind telling him the contrary. He felt empty, alone, exasperated, exhausted, and that if he kept moving, kept working, he could shove all of those worries and dark thoughts aside. Nevertheless, he would try to relax after she'd brought it up, knowing that this was the sole purpose of coming out here after all, to relax. "You don't have to say all that just because I'm right here."

Tristan replied. Cora lit up, a glow as brilliant as the morning sun, when she opened her gift. At least he'd picked out something she liked. "You're welcome." Again, he'd never really picked out anything for another woman, so to see her so thrilled to receive what seemed like a simple gift, made him smile. When she recalled the time they were in school, he couldn't help but snicker. "Yeah...you did get pretty sunburned that day, didn't you?" Perhaps it was his subconscious looking out for her because he hadn't thought about that trip until now. That was a fun day, despite the burn. "Though I wasn't the one who started calling you lobster-girl." He smirked.

"We can do anything you like. I can cancel our lunch plans if you have somewhere else in mind, we will have a dinner here tonight around seven or so, Giuseppe and Ana are prepping for that now. Other than that, I'm not opposed to being a tourist for the day." Tristan was looking forward to the tour. More importantly, he was looking forward to spending the day with his best friend. "By all means, lead the way."
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