Once a former abbey, the building now serves as a pub that’s popular for co-eds and football fans alike. Its business is hopping thanks to the atmosphere and the customer service provided by owner-operator Kara Viridian.
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by: Katarina Bauer
May 10th, 2012
7 pm
The Abbey

Alibi? No.
How about a restaurant? No.
Alcohol…just keep it to a bare minimum, okay?

Katarina’s eyes were on the road as she drove away from work. She’d stayed a little later than anticipated, as it had been the last three days, she was a tad unable to focus on anything except the empty desk that lie before her; the desk belonged to Agent Cox. Or perhaps not even an agent anymore, based on the conditions of his leave.

She brushed one of those pesky little tears out of her eyes as she maneuvered through the flow of traffic, not wanting to let thoughts of her ex distract her on the way to the Abbey. Why the Abbey? Because it was neutral. It might not have been his preferred place to go, but after what happened, Katarina needed a location where she was comfortable too. Food, beverages and privacy were all offered here. Once parked, she locked up and strolled inside. Business looked steady for a Thursday evening, which was good. The more people, the more background noise, which meant less room for awkward silences.

She checked the message again.

715 at the Abbey. See ya there.

Recipient : K. Schmidt.

Not Matt. Not Cole or Lex or Jones or heaven forbid, Geoff. Schmidt. This visit was long overdue, and the original intended visit was soiled by the presence of a nagual, so Katarina had to triple check, nay, quadruple check, before setting her phone into her pocket.

"Hey Kat!" Seamus called from behind the bar. He was already fetching a pint glass for her when she walked through the door, and she just smiled at him, waving back.

“Thanks Shay.” She grabbed the mug from the bar and pointed over at the booth near the back, where there wasn’t much in the way of families or other patrons there to disturb their peace. Or so, she hoped.

“Help yourself, luv.” Seamus winked and let her go, wandering off into the back area with the bin of dirty dishes.

She slid into the booth and took a seat, careful not to spill any of the Newcastle from it, and set it on a bar-logo napkin to keep the table protected from the condensation. It was the waiting game now…she’d understand if he didn’t answer or stood her up altogether. She wouldn’t even be angry about that, no. Kat would just be out alone on a night she’d typically be out with Will or Wayne…except she really wanted to talk to Klaus.

Kat hoped he would show up.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
The past few days had been hell. Sunday had been the full moon, so he hadn't really seen Matt much since Thursday by that point. The next day, he'd hoped Matt would come home from work and wake him up from his nap like he usually did when he was switching his sleep pattern, so when he woke to find no Matt and the clock at 12 a.m., he'd been a little concerned but had written it off as Matt having gone out with Kat and spent the night or something. Or he was out on patrol, hadn't bothered to come home. So he had sent him a text, taken a little sleep aid, and fallen back to sleep until his alarm for work went off the next morning.

Tuesday, there had been no Matt in the morning and then no Matt at work but there was a Kat, and that was when he'd become concerned. Kat had looked a bit like hell, but he'd approached her to ask where Matt was. He'd received a rather brief response saying she didn't know and when he pressed further, she cut the conversation off. He'd found out from Cole a little later about the break-up, how Kat had decked Matt and broken his glasses before Matt had fled. And Cole wanted to talk to him about Matt. Klaus hadn't been ready to at that moment. His mind had been reeling.

Klaus had only made it four an hour after he got back from lunch before talking to Jones about leaving early. Lunch had been full of phone calls as had the one break he'd taken beforehand. He'd frantically called Matt a few times on the way home but he didn't answer. Klaus had gone to Matt's room as soon as he'd come home, and the only thing he found was a flier for a depression clinic and a noticeable chunk of his stuff was missing.

Wednesday had been a blur full of attempted phone calls whenever he dared to spare a moment and much less work completed. He'd tried to make up for it today, had brought coffee for Kat as well as a pastry and some for Cole, too, so he didn't have a chance to joke about being butt hurt, and had gone about his day. The phone calls he'd made had been fewer today, yet they were still there. He'd left the second the clock turned six and headed to his flat and had even ventured to the roof on the off chance Matt was up there. Nothing. He'd sat on the chaise in silence, jumping and grabbing his phone the second he received a text alert.

Kat. It was just Kat. As surprising as it was that she would text him after how she'd treated him since that night he'd seen the two of them snogging on his doorstep and the fact he had asked her about Matt the day after they'd broken up, it still seemed lackluster. He'd hoped it was Matt saying at the very least that he was alive and not to worry. Matt cared about people too much sometimes. He'd be considerate enough to let at least him know he was alive and well but in need of space, if this disappearance was of his own volition. Klaus' stomach turned. What had Cole noticed? Somehow, Klaus wanted to go to Cole's place rather than The Abbey to meet Kat right now. But he couldn't abandon her like Matt had, and maybe she knew something. He'd hit up Cole later.

Klaus arrived at The Abbey in the clothes he had left work in, which was certainly not how he usually would have gone out. Sure, it wasn't super business-y but it was still not a t-shirt and comfy jeans. He walked in, his eyes scanning for Kat until he saw her sitting at the booth. He nodded upward to let her know he'd seen her then went to the bar to order a double of whisky. He needed to take the edge off. Once that was served and he'd put some cash down, he walked over to the booth and slid in across from her. "Hey," he said softly, studying her slightly. She'd been so quiet at the office the past few days and he'd not dared approach her. She looked about as well off as he did, probably worse.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Her stomach churned at the sight of him. Not in disgust, no no... Katarina was struck with a wall of emotions, consisting of anxiety, fear, surprise and elation. It was a confusing little roller coaster ride, but the fact of the matter was that Klaus was actually there, after her really short and sweet invitation, no questions asked, and no excuse to leave her alone for another night since everything came crashing down. Truth be told, she probably shouldn't have the pint Seamus gave her, sitting in front of her. She sipped at it a couple of times but hadn't even made a dent in taking it down any further. Katarina hadn't eaten all day, except her morning coffee which came from the office instead of the usual place Klaus would buy the brew that was just a treat, it was such a delight.

If they were standing, she wanted to just hug him. She wanted to bawl in his arms and tell him what a complete ass she was after the night she got together with Matt. Then again, she realized she could still do that, minus the hug and all, so that...she did.

"Hi." She said with a timid smile, her voice was so soft it was barely audible. Kat fought to keep it together. She didn't want Klaus to think she would use tears as some sort of leverage to tug at his heartstrings at some play of pity. It was the opposite. She felt pathetic, and didn't deserve said pity. All she wanted tonight, was a friend. Cole, try as he might, was at a loss for words when it came for comfort. He'd lost his fiancee to some tragedy a while back so he understood loss in a different way, and she appreciated his efforts. It just wan't the same, though. She needed to right the wrong she'd done to Klaus. "I didn't think you'd come--I didn't..." She breathed out, and as she reeled herself back in from the panicked outburst, she nodded slowly. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry...I was stupid, and awful, and all the things I said to you..."

She'd opened the floodgates. Not on purpose, but they were open now and there was no stopping it.

Katarina reached up and put her face in her hands, sobbing softly to herself. For a moment, she was embarrassed he'd actually come to see her. She was a complete mess.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus opened his mouth to interject that she didn't need to apologize, but as Kat placed her face in her hands and sobbed, he opted to reach over and place a hand on her upper back instead, rubbing in a circle. "Hey..." he said quietly, his brows furrowed in concern. "Hey... Hey now." Not particularly useful words but hopefully his tone was soothing? "I mean, I'm not going to say I wasn't a bit annoyed and confused by all that, but.... I mean...." What the hell was he supposed to say? Because he knew this little break down and meeting was not because she had been a bitch to him a few times at work since getting with his best mate. No, it was about his best mate and what had happened at the office the one day he wasn't in, the day that had rocked the Hounds to their very core all too recently.

"Listen, Kat...Kit Kat, please, don't worry about it. Just..." Ok, this was awful and awkward, and somehow the fact they were in public made it worse because he felt like he needed to help calm her down quickly to help her save face, but this conversation wasn't likely to get any less emotional. "Do you want to go for a walk?" Or he could drive them somewhere or whatever. He had no idea what to offer or how to make things better, and deep down, he knew there was nothing he could do or say other than be here, and it was the second most awful feeling he'd had in the past few days.

"We'll stop by the liquor store, get a pack, and go get drunk on a park bench." As long as a copper didn't come 'round, they'd be fine, right?
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by: Katarina Bauer
He wasn't...pissed? He wasn't going to give her one of those stern Klaus looks with those blue eyes like fierce daggers and just tell her off? The gentle touch of his hand at her back made her calm almost instantly but it was still a surprise she didn't suffer the wrath of her outspoken partner at once. She'd wronged him, she knew she did. He was doing his best to diffuse the situation and she was grateful he hadn't ridiculed her and stormed off. Katarina raised her head, her tear-filled eyes stinging as she looked at Klaus, expecting him to have that flat look as if he would start in on some sort of tirade, but no his expression seemed to match his sincerity.

The use of her nickname made her huff, an unladylike chuckle after a round of blubbering and sobs was all she needed to look even more pitiful in front of him. It told her that he was trying to be okay with this and trying to keep her calm. She nodded at his offer of wanting to take a walk. Not that the Abbey wasn't accommodating, but getting a breath of fresh air, not confined to the walls of the pub where anyone could just drop in at any minute to ruin their moment of privacy, felt like a lot more reasonable. "Y-yeah..." She sniffled, "I'd like that."

Her eyes were cast down to the floor as she fidgeted, and then trailed over to the empty mug on the table. Leave with him to have drinks on a park bench? The thought of it just made her laugh but she wasn't opposed to that thought at all. "Yeah. Let's get out of here." It would be more comfortable for both of them to have this conversation elsewhere, so she pulled a couple of notes from her pocket and left them on the table. She gave one friendly wave at Seamus, and let Klaus lead the way toward the exit.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus gave Kat a small, reassuring smile as she replied and waited for her to set her notes down before standing and leading the way. It almost felt like returning to his teen years, the prospect of sitting on a park bench getting drunk, but it was much better than the idea of going to his flat, which they both associated with memories of Matt, and it seemed more ideal than going to the house she shared with her brother and cousin. Certainly seemed a lot less dangerous than going and getting a hotel room, too. He wouldn't take advantage of her, but people did things when they were drunk that he'd rather avoid given everything. They'd had enough hiccups in their little friendship, and there was no denying he'd always found her attractive. Best to avoid any situation which would compromise things. Park bench was safe, and they couldn't get too pissed there because of public and possibility of coppers if they got to be too much. Three beers a piece would take the edge off but not leave them absolutely snookered.

Klaus held the door for Kat when they exited The Abbey then led her down the stairs before pausing sheepishly at the bottom, hands in his pockets as he looked up at her with a halfway embarrassed, sheepish little grin. "So, I have no idea the nearest liquor store or park. You?" He hadn't exactly been to The Abbey except maybe once, so it wasn't exactly his neighborhood to know the ins and outs of. He did recall it was a place Kat had mentioned going with her family on a near weekly basis, so perhaps she knew the area better than him. He figured he could drive them to whichever liquor store then the park so they weren't walking around tons more than necessary, so if push came to shove, they'd just head to someplace he knew.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Kat thanked Klaus with a slight smile but when he said he had no clue where they were headed, she snickered. It was unladylike and a surprising little outburst but damn, did it feel good to laugh. Her face had been so sore, her eyes red and raw from all of the tears she'd been crying the last few days that laughing was a relief. She pointed down the street. "Joanie's liquor down the street, and just a couple of blocks down is the park." If he preferred to drive, she wouldn't have protested. It wasn't too far from where they were at currently, and she didn't mind the fresh air. She needed it.

Plus, they could air out some of their concerns along the way. But she'd leave it up to him, and follow his lead. "I'm good for either way. I wasn't expecting to leave the bar, much less leave with you and have the conversation last longer than a few minutes so I guess by my calculations we're already at a decent start, eh?" Katarina laughed, but this time it was nervous laughter, something she hid behind when uncertainty ran up and down her body. She was so worried he was just going to cut and run now, leave her with nothing more than a, "you know what, I can't do this" and head out. She wouldn't blame him. She was a pathetic mess, and even she was embarrassed to be out in public, the way she was.

She held back from lighting up a cigarette. It was a nervous tick, a habit she'd formed out of nowhere, born of stress and the overwhelming need after the breakup. As addicting as they were, she was still courteous, and Kat didn't want to give him any more reason to have him go.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus nodded as Kat explained where the places were. He chuckled at her surmising that things were off to a decent start. They were, he supposed. He still wasn't entirely certain how the night was supposed to go, but alcohol and calming her down seemed to be the thing they did together. "Well, let's grab my car, and we'll head to the places," he said. He was not in the mood to have to stumble down the city blocks with a drunk Kat later on. Cute and agreeable though she'd likely be if she reached that state, not everyone who saw or heard them walking and talking would agree, and who knew what random things she'd want to do walking past places. Could be fun, but Klaus wasn't sure.

After reaching the car, Klaus opened the door for Kat then walked around and slid into his seat and turned the key. "So, down the street...?" He pointed his finger first forward then behind him to get the point of his question across. Once he had a direction, he pulled out as safe and started to drive there, keeping an eye out for anything that said "liquor" or "Joanie's."
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by: Katarina Bauer
[Well...This isn't awkward at all...]

Kat's internal monologue rang out, as she studied Klaus' mannerisms and expression. It was odd. He was an expressive sort of guy, though at times he was harder to read than anyone she'd ever met. Maybe the tears were throwing him off, she didn't know, but it wasn't something she could help. The last few days, had been tough as hell, and it was wearing on her...

She nodded as they walked toward his car, and she climbed in, buckling up without a word. She pointed once more to the area where Joanie's was located, and the park wasn't too far from there, where she could get everything out, hopefully. He was already doing more than she expected, by being willing to talk to her, and hear her out.

As they drove, she stared out the window, keeping her hands folded in her lap. She was...nervous? Katarina figured they couldn't be too hard on herself about their current situation. This was his idea after all, to go have a drink, to sit at a park, and hash it out. She'd set fire to the bridge between them by being a complete tosser after she started dating his best friend, his roommate. Things were getting to be so strong between them too, and all she could think now was how horrible she was to him. She didn't expect any sort of open arms, oh sweetie, it's gonna be okay treatment from anyone, but at least Klaus was present. That was more than she could have ever wanted.

"Yeah, it's just a block up from here, park's close." She answered him, a voice barely louder than a whisper. It sort of pissed her off that she was being this meek, too. She was an agent, daughter of two other agents, someone who should have been able to steel herself against the vulnerability that got her into this damn pit of emotional despair.

It was a short walk to Joanie's, and she used that time to gather her thoughts, maybe figure out what to say next. Once inside, she made sure to pick up whatever Klaus' poison of choice was for the evening and one for herself, before heading out. "Hope you still drink this stuff, if not I can just return it." She chuckled softly, an awkward brilliance to the small smile on her face as she tried to make light of the otherwise glum atmosphere that followed and hovered above them. "It's right across the way here."

Once they were there and got sat down, she hoped things wouldn't feel so tense.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus was a bit surprised by the quietness of Kat's voice as she told him which way to go before she simply started walking, but he tried not to let it put him off too much. She'd dealt with everything same as him, only from a girlfriend's perspective. Best mates or not, it must be different when you're dating someone, especially as fast as that one took off. And then to be caught blindsided? Yeah, he wasn't in the mood to sit and go down that rabbit trail in his brain. He'd rather hear from her. Klaus turned on the radio as he realized it was quiet and that the silence felt unnerving to him. He had never dealt particularly well with situations involving emotions. He'd done ok to an extent, but right now it was a different situation altogether and... well, he was happy there would be alcohol. Maybe that would make it easier...or messier...or...ok, who the hell knew and he was worrying too much. Stupid.

Klaus pulled up beside Joanie's just in time for Kat to come out with alcohol. He'd been planning on buying, but hey. His brows lifted in surprise that she remembered one of his favorite drinks and cracked a small smile. "That'll do, Kit Kat, that'll do," he told her cheekily as he waited for her and the drinks to be safely in the car before beginning to drive in search of the park, which Kat quickly pointed out. He unbuckled then reached for the drink she'd bought for him if she didn't grab it first then moved to get out of the car and walk toward the park. Well, this would be...interesting.
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by: Katarina Bauer
A soft chuckle, exhaled from her nose was emitted as she grabbed her own beverage of choice, still wrapped in its bag, and she got out of the car. Katarina closed the car door, but when it didn't latch completely, she bumped it with her hip to secure it. She wandered across the sidewalk toward the grass, and found a nice bench for them to sit on under the cover of a few trees which she hoped would keep them out of site. It would be rather amusing to have two law enforcement agents talk themselves out of -- or argue with the local authorities for public intoxication but she felt this was a more comfortable atmosphere to get things out in the open that she might not have been able to in the tight quarters at the bar. She had fresh air to breathe, well...fresh enough that wasn't a wafting aroma coming from the wrong side of the Thames, a bit of alcohol to calm her nerves, and the ear of someone she considered a close friend. Things were already better than she'd hoped they'd be. She'd run through the scenarios in her head like little movies; The various ways Klaus could have rejected her.

Once she was seated, she waited for Klaus to get himself onto the bench too, before she spoke. Kat debated whether or not she should open her drink, putting her hand on the lid for a moment, before she pulled back. She was going to dive right in. "Look... I'm just going to say this because it needs to be said." She shifted on the bench to fully face him, and whether he looked up at her or not, it didn't matter. Her blue eyes were settled right on his face. "I'm sorry, Klaus. I'm so...I'm so sorry. I'm gonna try to stop crying it's just been built up so much--I'm sorry about that too--but just know that I didn't mean to be such a downright bitch to you after everything with..." Her voice trailed off.

A knot tightened in her stomach and she suddenly felt sick just thinking about it. She just couldn't bring herself to say his name. "I really didn't mean to push you away like that, I was awful, and you don't have to tell me it's okay when it more than likely isn't. I know I said all of this before, but I mean it, Klaus. Don't tell me not to worry about it when it's been eating away at me for a while now. I fucked up..."
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus opened his bottle on their way to the park and the bench and had already taken a swig before sitting down next to her and trying to sit in such a way that looked natural and relaxed. Kat didn't need to know that this was anything but for him. She needed to feel she could say what she needed to say tonight and then hopefully they could have the same kind of therapeutic bonding over alcohol and such they had once had at the Alibi her first day. As he brought his bottle to his lips to take another sip, he noticed Kat seemed to be hesitating about opening the lid and brought the drink down, initially just enough to make the quip he was going to make only to lower it entirely as she began to speak before he had a chance to give her a hard time.

At her words, he turned slightly, his elbow resting on the back of the bench and one of his legs slightly coming up as he prepared to listen, his eyes settling on hers waiting for whatever it was she felt needed to be said. And then it came, the apology for everything that maybe was warranted but not necessary, not with everything.... He opened his mouth to speak, but she kept going after she failed to say Matt's name. She knew him too well, knew that he would brush it off as nothing. What did he say to that? He needed more alcohol to be prepared for that. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't confused by it." He wasn't willing to admit to the hurt. That brought in emotions and feelings that didn't need to be brought up in this moment. "But really, Kat, it's ok. It's in the past, right? Can't change it. Can only go forward..." It was the truth with everything that had happened recently, honestly. With the recent months when they were dating til he disappeared and returned and bombed HQ then vanished again, labeled dead but certainly leaving everyone with lack of closure.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina's eyes moved from Klaus and settled on the ground beside them. He was confused by it, but she sensed it had put him off more than he wanted to say. Such was Klaus, she knew. "It's not okay though. Not for me. I mean, we spent so much time working on something together--working on our partnership and I messed up. I mean..." She was yammering, spouting off words out of control because this apology was a long time coming. Even when she was dating his roommate, she felt the tension and while it was a revolt, her taking a stand for someone she thought she loved, a change in her that she never asked for, Katarina realized the true error in her ways. She'd lost her friend.

"Forward." She chuckled softly, taking a quick drink out of the bottle she finally managed to open. She wiped her mouth with the cuff of her coat and set the bottle on her leg. "You're right. But I just couldn't move forward without telling you I'm sorry for everything I screwed up before. I didn't want things to be that way, I didn't want to lose you...I didn't want to lose my partner. My friend."

After all, Klaus was the first one at Paranormal to really open up and let her vent. He let her express herself, the methods behind her madness early on, a folly made on her first day, no less. She feared all of that progress they'd made to take two steps forward was thrown five steps back, and through a wall, and into a bottomless pit of confusing emotions that she didn't realize she had until she realized how badly she'd hurt him. "And it took me weeks, an agency fuck up, a God damn shrink, and a whole lot of whiskey to make me brave enough to even text you to get you here to say how bloody sorry I am." She sighed.

Things were changing so fast, she just hoped that this one aspect of her life would get back on track, even if things were never going to be the exact same as they had been before.

(OOC: proposed time jump for this thread to a few days after Day Zero.)
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus touched his lips together between his teeth then nodded, relaxing them. Well, at least she had the wherewithal to realize that even if it was a little late. Lucky for her, Klaus was typically fairly easy going and could move past this particular instance. Nothing unforgivable had been done on Kat's part, even if she had made life more than a little frustrating for him during the time she was dating his best mate, his best mate who had gone and fucked up his own life potentially to the point of no return. Klaus knocked back his bottle for another good swig as Kat concluded with her bit on what it had taken for her to realize that she didn't want to lose him as a friend and apologize.

Klaus shrugged, as he brought his bottle down. "Yep. Bump in the road, Kit Kat," he said with a "water under the bridge" hand signal. "Just a bump on the road. Don't worry about it." What else did one say in these situations? It'd be different if he'd let anger build up. It'd be different if his reactions had been different during different instances of her off-putting actions. He still had no bloody clue what had set her off on that path, truthfully, even in this moment. He'd gone to walk outside, seen the two kissing, and walked back inside. Had he been happy about it giving the feelings he was pushing back of his own at the time? No. But in his opinion, he hadn't done anything to warrant the treatment that had developed after that night. Frankly, he didn't want to dwell on it or give thought on it the time of day. He didn't want to carry baggage, and alcohol and talking had been their thing thus far that seemed to smooth things over for the both of them.

Klaus was quiet for a while, trying to figure out precisely what to say to progress things away from some perpetual apology and perfectly fine with a few moments of silence if she didn't invaded. It was a nice night, he had booze, and that was good enough for the moment. "But a shrink? When'd that happen?" He could assume after Matt and all that had happened, but who knew? She could have been seeing a shrink for years already before all this crap.
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by: Katarina Bauer
"Heh..." She chuckled, taking a quick swig of her drink before setting it back down. It was oddly refreshing getting the chance to tell her story without anyone else nodding or chiming in or even giving her that knowing look of pity if they'd already seen the memos or files. That, or they might have been there in the office the night everything went down. Still, Kat didn't want to have to tell Klaus anything, as she was too embarrassed to tell.

(Just spit it out already.)
[No, not the alcohol, that'd be a fucking waste. -laughs-]
(Do you think ol' Pretty Eyes over here is gonna stick around if you don't talk?)

Katarina closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to concentrate on anything other than the yammering in her head. Things were hard enough as it was to deal with begging for forgiveness from someone who shouldn't have given her that for what she'd done, and their bitching like her own personal commentators was frustrating as hell. "About a week now. This time, at least. Hadn't talked to anyone with a fancy PhD about my problems and all that rubbish since my dad and Tony died--but this time I guess I asked for it." Her blue eyes looked out to a few passersby, making her fist clench tighter on the bag as to conceal that they were drinking even if those walking didn't even glance over their way. She tilted her head to face Klaus again. "I fucked up pretty bad, as you can see I am the poster child for bad decision making, and as one of Jones' last orders I was forced to speak with Dr. Patricia Clark. MI-6's psych-wonder."

She rolled her eyes slightly, but not out of disrespect to the doctor. It was the fact that she had to speak with a doctor at all that irritated her. "Everything that happened...the breakup, the fact that I learned I'm a bloody witch, the anniversary of Tony and dad--everything was changing so fast, and it just became too much. It opened up this door to a myriad of rubbish I'd been holding back, and now I guess I'm paying for it."

She omitted the part about the voices, because she wasn't sure she was ready to divulge that information yet. Not while she was still reassembling the broken bridge with Klaus, it was still prime time to test the waters before he found that out. Sure, it was a chance for her to vent everything, but she didn't want to scare him away, not while she barely got him back. Even with his unusually understanding demeanor, she was wary on pulling at those threads just yet. "It's only been a few days, but...I think it's helping."

(Don't lie...)
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