Once a former abbey, the building now serves as a pub that’s popular for co-eds and football fans alike. Its business is hopping thanks to the atmosphere and the customer service provided by owner-operator Kara Viridian.
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by: Katarina Bauer
May 10th, 2012
7 pm
The Abbey

Alibi? No.
How about a restaurant? No.
Alcohol…just keep it to a bare minimum, okay?

Katarina’s eyes were on the road as she drove away from work. She’d stayed a little later than anticipated, as it had been the last three days, she was a tad unable to focus on anything except the empty desk that lie before her; the desk belonged to Agent Cox. Or perhaps not even an agent anymore, based on the conditions of his leave.

She brushed one of those pesky little tears out of her eyes as she maneuvered through the flow of traffic, not wanting to let thoughts of her ex distract her on the way to the Abbey. Why the Abbey? Because it was neutral. It might not have been his preferred place to go, but after what happened, Katarina needed a location where she was comfortable too. Food, beverages and privacy were all offered here. Once parked, she locked up and strolled inside. Business looked steady for a Thursday evening, which was good. The more people, the more background noise, which meant less room for awkward silences.

She checked the message again.

715 at the Abbey. See ya there.

Recipient : K. Schmidt.

Not Matt. Not Cole or Lex or Jones or heaven forbid, Geoff. Schmidt. This visit was long overdue, and the original intended visit was soiled by the presence of a nagual, so Katarina had to triple check, nay, quadruple check, before setting her phone into her pocket.

"Hey Kat!" Seamus called from behind the bar. He was already fetching a pint glass for her when she walked through the door, and she just smiled at him, waving back.

“Thanks Shay.” She grabbed the mug from the bar and pointed over at the booth near the back, where there wasn’t much in the way of families or other patrons there to disturb their peace. Or so, she hoped.

“Help yourself, luv.” Seamus winked and let her go, wandering off into the back area with the bin of dirty dishes.

She slid into the booth and took a seat, careful not to spill any of the Newcastle from it, and set it on a bar-logo napkin to keep the table protected from the condensation. It was the waiting game now…she’d understand if he didn’t answer or stood her up altogether. She wouldn’t even be angry about that, no. Kat would just be out alone on a night she’d typically be out with Will or Wayne…except she really wanted to talk to Klaus.

Kat hoped he would show up.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
The past few days had been hell. Sunday had been the full moon, so he hadn't really seen Matt much since Thursday by that point. The next day, he'd hoped Matt would come home from work and wake him up from his nap like he usually did when he was switching his sleep pattern, so when he woke to find no Matt and the clock at 12 a.m., he'd been a little concerned but had written it off as Matt having gone out with Kat and spent the night or something. Or he was out on patrol, hadn't bothered to come home. So he had sent him a text, taken a little sleep aid, and fallen back to sleep until his alarm for work went off the next morning.

Tuesday, there had been no Matt in the morning and then no Matt at work but there was a Kat, and that was when he'd become concerned. Kat had looked a bit like hell, but he'd approached her to ask where Matt was. He'd received a rather brief response saying she didn't know and when he pressed further, she cut the conversation off. He'd found out from Cole a little later about the break-up, how Kat had decked Matt and broken his glasses before Matt had fled. And Cole wanted to talk to him about Matt. Klaus hadn't been ready to at that moment. His mind had been reeling.

Klaus had only made it four an hour after he got back from lunch before talking to Jones about leaving early. Lunch had been full of phone calls as had the one break he'd taken beforehand. He'd frantically called Matt a few times on the way home but he didn't answer. Klaus had gone to Matt's room as soon as he'd come home, and the only thing he found was a flier for a depression clinic and a noticeable chunk of his stuff was missing.

Wednesday had been a blur full of attempted phone calls whenever he dared to spare a moment and much less work completed. He'd tried to make up for it today, had brought coffee for Kat as well as a pastry and some for Cole, too, so he didn't have a chance to joke about being butt hurt, and had gone about his day. The phone calls he'd made had been fewer today, yet they were still there. He'd left the second the clock turned six and headed to his flat and had even ventured to the roof on the off chance Matt was up there. Nothing. He'd sat on the chaise in silence, jumping and grabbing his phone the second he received a text alert.

Kat. It was just Kat. As surprising as it was that she would text him after how she'd treated him since that night he'd seen the two of them snogging on his doorstep and the fact he had asked her about Matt the day after they'd broken up, it still seemed lackluster. He'd hoped it was Matt saying at the very least that he was alive and not to worry. Matt cared about people too much sometimes. He'd be considerate enough to let at least him know he was alive and well but in need of space, if this disappearance was of his own volition. Klaus' stomach turned. What had Cole noticed? Somehow, Klaus wanted to go to Cole's place rather than The Abbey to meet Kat right now. But he couldn't abandon her like Matt had, and maybe she knew something. He'd hit up Cole later.

Klaus arrived at The Abbey in the clothes he had left work in, which was certainly not how he usually would have gone out. Sure, it wasn't super business-y but it was still not a t-shirt and comfy jeans. He walked in, his eyes scanning for Kat until he saw her sitting at the booth. He nodded upward to let her know he'd seen her then went to the bar to order a double of whisky. He needed to take the edge off. Once that was served and he'd put some cash down, he walked over to the booth and slid in across from her. "Hey," he said softly, studying her slightly. She'd been so quiet at the office the past few days and he'd not dared approach her. She looked about as well off as he did, probably worse.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Her stomach churned at the sight of him. Not in disgust, no no... Katarina was struck with a wall of emotions, consisting of anxiety, fear, surprise and elation. It was a confusing little roller coaster ride, but the fact of the matter was that Klaus was actually there, after her really short and sweet invitation, no questions asked, and no excuse to leave her alone for another night since everything came crashing down. Truth be told, she probably shouldn't have the pint Seamus gave her, sitting in front of her. She sipped at it a couple of times but hadn't even made a dent in taking it down any further. Katarina hadn't eaten all day, except her morning coffee which came from the office instead of the usual place Klaus would buy the brew that was just a treat, it was such a delight.

If they were standing, she wanted to just hug him. She wanted to bawl in his arms and tell him what a complete ass she was after the night she got together with Matt. Then again, she realized she could still do that, minus the hug and all, so that...she did.

"Hi." She said with a timid smile, her voice was so soft it was barely audible. Kat fought to keep it together. She didn't want Klaus to think she would use tears as some sort of leverage to tug at his heartstrings at some play of pity. It was the opposite. She felt pathetic, and didn't deserve said pity. All she wanted tonight, was a friend. Cole, try as he might, was at a loss for words when it came for comfort. He'd lost his fiancee to some tragedy a while back so he understood loss in a different way, and she appreciated his efforts. It just wan't the same, though. She needed to right the wrong she'd done to Klaus. "I didn't think you'd come--I didn't..." She breathed out, and as she reeled herself back in from the panicked outburst, she nodded slowly. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry...I was stupid, and awful, and all the things I said to you..."

She'd opened the floodgates. Not on purpose, but they were open now and there was no stopping it.

Katarina reached up and put her face in her hands, sobbing softly to herself. For a moment, she was embarrassed he'd actually come to see her. She was a complete mess.
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