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by: Callid Warren
Friday, April 28th; 2:00 PM

Things had been far too stagnant for much too long. More importantly, they had been completely devoid of Callid's influence. Hiding away in his hole of a mansion did him no good in the struggle for power, no matter how much magical theory he studied and practiced. The time for Callid to stir things up was well overdue and thus he had emerged once again to promote a wide array of underhanded dealings. He was headed straight to the source this time to gain some better information and perhaps sow a bit of chaos if he could.

He knew Williams had abdicated his position all those months ago and the power structure had changed. How vastly it had changed remained unclear, though if Callid had to guess the chain of command was certainly much weaker given the state of flux. That was exactly how he liked it and he believed he could easily take advantage of the current state of affairs. The first thing to do however was find somebody. It could really be anyone from the lowest peon to the Lord commander himself, Callid didn't much care. As he apparated outside of Puxley he stared up at the manor with a smirk on his face. It was time for the games to begin.

He strolled up to the manor, the meeting place more many a Death Eater and current seat of the government. Surely this would be the place to start ferreting out some information. He entered the foyer and strolled about the halls looking to see who was around. He half expected to be stopped by somebody somewhere, but nobody had yet to show their face to him yet. It certainly wasn't particularly well protected for a governmental body, but then again being a Death Eater had indeed let him enter effortlessly. He entered the room where meetings had always taken place, the long table accentuating the center of the room. Still, however, he had yet to run into anybody. He leaned back against the wall next to the door frame and decided to listen and wait. Somebody would be along eventually no doubt.
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by: Darius Nott
Nobody was about...good. Darius had gotten an idea while chatting with Morganna earlier in the month. The idea wouldn't die. In fact, the more he tried to push it away, the stronger it got. Why were they, Death Eaters, following the misbegotten half-lords who tried to rule over them? There was only one lord, the Dark Lord. Anyone who followed him was equal, anyone who opposed him was the enemy. Simple. Straight forward. Everyone had their roles and their groups, but there was only one head. Rather, in this day and age, where each Death Eater was his own master and submitted to the ideas of the Dark Lord, there were many heads, each capable of thought and guidance. There was only one body, though...

Darius planned to do something with his new manifesto. He wasn't ever meant to carry more lordship than his knighthood, but he could still be the Adder, poisoning what was in place so that something new could rise up. He had a meeting planned with one of his apprentices. The young bloods had similar ideas and more energy than Sir Nott. They needed a mentor and a push to rebel and he could provide them that.

The old man slipped into the conference room and gasped in audible surprise at Callid's presence.

"Mr. Warren, you've damn near given me a heart attack. What brings you to stooping so low as to lurk like this?"

The man's tone flirted between amused and perturbed. It was a balancing act to deal with the other old guard. Some were fanatical about the current lords. Others were cooler. Some were down right hostile to the regime's leaders.
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by: Callid Warren
And he was right yet again. It only took a few mere minutes before somebody showed up, in this case one Darius Nott. He was one of the older members of the Death Eaters, going all the way back to the days of Voldemort himself. Their paths and assignments never really crossed even in those days, so Callid knew very little about the man. All he did know was that elder was a prominent potion and poison maker, supplying much of the latter to ground troops "back in the day". That was a long time ago, however, and Callid wasn't exactly keeping tabs on every person ever associated with the Death Eaters. Despite desiring such omniscience, that goal was as of yet unrealistic.

"Lurking? No, no, I was merely waiting for someone to walk by. This seemed the most likely place to find someone, and I find that I tend to hear the most useful of things while waiting unseen." He gave a shifty grin as his mind flickered to the time he'd overheard Williams and Calloway's plot to murder Derrin White. Good times, good times.

"Nonetheless, I do have business here of a sort. It's been quite some time since we Death Eaters have had a meeting, and I'm afraid I'm beginning to grow... concerned about the state of our regime. Surely someone such as yourself must know what exactly is going on with our leadership?" At any rate he was the only person around to ask, so he would have to do for the time being at least.

"Do you have a moment?" Callid gestured to a couple of empty chairs at the table.
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by: Darius Nott
How do you balance amused and cautious? Darius found the balance somehow and kept both emotions from his face. Instead, the craggy and weathered visage offered a half-hearted interest with cool distance as he listened to Callid. Here was a dangerous man full of cunning and willingness to pick a fight. If he was allied with, he was nearly as dangerous to you as if he were your enemy. Still, he was useful.

"Given the current generation of new recruits, I would think that the kitchens or the local brothels were more likely places to find someone rather than the offices where work happens."

Ah the age old feud between generations. The youngsters were perennially self-focused while the elders were self-perceived martyrs to their cause. It was a cyclical thing with the wheel always turning on who took which position. As with all wheels though, it was going somewhere and those caught unaware were ground under the tread. Darius had no intention of being ground up, so he kept aware, as much as possible, at how things were turning.

The state of the leadership? A refined scoff expressed all that Darius was willing to share about his opinion. With a sideways glance and subtle disappointed shake of his head, the Adder gave a discourse on his opinion without uttering a word.

"The ones such as myself, or at least the few of us left, are given a pat on the head like good old dogs who are about to be taken out back and shot for being too decrepit. I never was a political animal, Mister Warren. I found that being loyal to the Dark Lord was enough."

This conversation could lead to dangerous places. Darius found himself entering the room completely and closing the door. If the word 'traitor' got into the wrong ears, he would be going to meet his wife sooner than he anticipated.
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by: Callid Warren
Callid merely chuckled in response to the man's disdain for the newer generation. Was there talent among the newer of the ranks? Probably not much, and what little might be hidden amidst the refuse would be crippled by inexperience. Still, like everything in life, they had their uses. Perhaps he would look into what recruits they might actually have. They were generally the most easily manipulated after all. That was a thought for another time and place however. As Nott shut the door Callid took a seat on the opposite side of the table. Things were definitely getting interesting.

"Well the old ranks are becoming few and far between, certainly in terms of loyalty." Callid clasped his hands and leaned back into his chair. "Politics is a tricky game and has always been one of my specialties." Indeed, Callid had always been one of the ones making underhanded deals to strengthen the group dating all the way back to the time of the Dark Lord himself. "I will give it to you though, things were certainly much simpler back then. A threat of a visit from the Dark Lord would make just about anyone do nearly anything you desired. Today? A hollow threat coming from a fractured, divided organization without a clear leader. We need some sort of unification soon or everything we stand for will crumble. The general populous already looks upon us as weakened given the bumbling of the Imperium Guard at Hogwarts. But I digress..."

Yes things were certainly interesting indeed. Callid was quite curious to see where this conversation might lead. Allies were definitely important in the game Callid played. Could he count Nott among them and what purpose could he serve? That remained to be seen, but Callid would certainly endeavor to find out.
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by: Darius Nott
They were very different breeds of Death Eater. Where Darius had avoided the political games, Callid had embraced them and manipulated them, using the political dance as a means to propelling him into greater power and position. He was one to watch carefully, Darius reiterated to himself. Still, Warren spoke wisdom. Perhaps politics wasn't as corrupting as he'd assumed.

"Actually, not at all. The very idea of unification is one that has kept me up at nights recently."

The statement was benign enough that any of the lord's sympathizers wouldn't be too suspicious. But...if anyone was thinking along his thoughts, they'd take the bait to find out more. There were other safeguards he had for his idea, but this was the first.


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