Puxley Manor is where the lord of the land conducts his business upstairs away from the unpleasantries of the slaves housed below.
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by: Tabora
April 21, 7:03 am

Ugh...she still hurt. Even after a swig of Skele-grow to repair her broken bones, Tabby felt the breaks. The ghosts of the fractures were all that was left, but it had knocked the Nagual down a couple of pegs to have taken that kind of damage from a human.

"Not human...freak."

She growled the sentence in a low snarl. Now, on top of being tired and bruised, she had to report to Delilah her success. Rather, her assumed success. She'd been distracted from following the body to the ground after she'd thrown him off the roof, but his blood trail had led to an empty garbage bin. He'd gone out with the trash, which was a fitting end. She'd even gone to his home and waited until dawn to ensure that he didn't drag himself home. Nothing. No body, no Matty. He was at the dump, rotting in the rubbish.

The ghost-breaks twinged at her Hunger. Half of her wishes she'd allowed herself to go feral and feed off his corpse. There was no coming back from that, however, and there were no elders to put her down if she went rogue. All that she had left of this task was reporting it...hurry up, human! Tabby glared at the office door, waiting for it to open for her early appointment. Her gold gaze would have set the wood on fire if she had that ability...
This was the last thing Delilah had to do before they left, the last thing. It had to be a quick meeting here at Puxley because they would be here in thirty minutes to leave. Everything had been set, the pieces moving, but they had to go. And they weren't bring the crazy Mexican girl with them, that was for sure. But she'd sent word earlier and Delilah had responded in kind. It had to be as soon as possible.

Delilah sighed as she heard no knock and stood, walking to the door of her tiny adjoining office and opening it. There was the girl on the other side, looking decidedly irritable in Delilah's opinion. Peachy. She felt about as irritable. After all, she had to make herself appear injured enough to trick the eyes of the people at the Syndicate and get transferred straight to medical and then sneak herself out as soon as they were onto another patient or simply not looking. So not so truthfully injured that it would take hours. Or she'd be stuck there. Delilah had not been fond of this part of the plan as it meant pain of a variety a bit more intense than what she enjoyed, but if it brought her under without a hitch....

"Come in," she said, making her way to her desk and trusting Tabora would close the door behind her. She sat down in her chair and motioned for Tabora to do the same. She just hoped Tabora was quick with it.
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by: Tabora
Orders. Lovely. Nagual didn't do too well with orders if they weren't from a tried and true elder. That being said, Tabby tried her best to squelch the Hunger that demanded a taste of human.

"Mornin' to you too. I got good news and I got a complaint."

Tabby draped herself over the arms of the chair. Her backside hurt from the broken tail bones. The bruising from the damage still made sitting up very painful, but laying with her legs over one side and head dangling over the other wasn't so bad. That, and the posture was irreverent. She was a cat, after all.

"That boy is dead...slashed him up, stabbed in the leg, and tossed him offa building. But, oooh he hit hard! Hard as a Garou. Tell me I didn't start a war with the local packs on accident."

Tabby grinned, teeth sharp under her golden gaze.
News and a complaint? Why not? This morning was some strange mixture of dread and excitement in which dread was quickly taking the forefront.

Delilah listened as Tabora spoke her piece and sighed. "Far as I know the Garou keep to themselves. Don't like to venture out into London except when the bloody Syndicate orders theirs to, so you should be good." Her voice sounded a bit on edge, though not for the fact that Tabora still sported a sharp-toothed grin. She just wanted the day to be over with, Teague and Trevor and the girls in hand and no one worse for the wear than they were when they awoke this morning.

"That the complaint, though?" he asked, keeping her gaze on the golden-eyed humanoid before her. "Or something else not quite fitting your fancy?"
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by: Tabora
Delilah's jugular was dancing with the beat of her heart. Tabby could hear the Ruth ic thrum from here and it sounded good...so good...and tasty...

The Nagual blinked and broke the glazing stare she'd fallen into and grinned a lopsided and pointy leer.

"He hit hard and I huuurt! Why didn't you tell me he was such a good fighter?! I woulda let it last longer so I coulda enjoyed it insteada getting myself broken and killing him too quickly!"

The girl laughed, ruining her whining mewl. Another Nagual would have corrected her for impertinence, but Tabby felt it proper to tease and tweak the human across the desk.
Delilah blinked, entirely uncertain what she was to feel or to think in this very moment. Frankly, if she'd been in the mood to allow the feeling to rule her, the odd juxtaposition of her words and initial demeanor and her sudden laughter would have been unnerving. As it was, they were neither here nor there. Perhaps it was the fact she had been working to push herself back into the box she had left months ago where killing was just a fact of life and you had to seek entertainment where you could find it, even if it was in the murder of another person who had happened to get in your way. Perhaps it was just that she was preparing to be on the warpath. Perhaps it was that this girl had always been a bit odd to her.

Whatever the case, Delilah didn't really care. "Well, I figured the name 'The Devil' and the fact I was sending you after him might have given away." Her tone was still dull. Perhaps she should lighten up, but there was something to staying focused that required her to stay even keel, on edge in case something unexpected happened.
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by: Tabora
The name meant nothing to her. Humans names had so little meaning. If a Garou or another Nagual had told her he was 'The Devil' she would have been a little more concerned. Tabby let her disdain show on her face.

"You barely even knew what I was when you sent me after him. And besides, you humans use funny names for stuff all the time. How was I supposed to know it was more like a deed name?"

Tabby rolled over on her side and tucked an arm under her head on the chair. For all her whining, she looked relaxed a pleased. She'd done a hard job, done it well, and was now able to banter about it and tease a human. The pain ghosts were driven away by the banter. That was always good, right?

A scent caught Tabby's nose at the same time that a sound of boots scuffing the ground came from outside. The Nagual was up in a flash, wand drawn and ready for a fight. A feral grin splashed across her face in anticipation as her eyes went golden green. That was a Garou smell.
It was early. Way to god damn early to be doing anything. Why Delilah had chosen to do this in the early morning hours as opposed to the dead of night when Soren figured he'd be at least a little more attentive was beyond him. As it was he'd been such a bundle of nervous energy and excitement due to the rescue finally going down and had Aishe not threatened to murder him if he didn't get at least a few hours of shut eye he doubted he would have slept at all. Then again with the way he currently felt after his couple hour power nap it probably would have been better if he'd not slept at all.

As it was he let the unique crunch of boots on gravel lull him into a quiet calm as he made his way to Puxley. The place itself was unfamiliar territory. Soren could only remember ever being in this place a select few times Trevor had needed him. Delilah's note had said to meet in the Teague's office but that had meant little to the Garou. Good thing that his nose wasn't affected by the early hours and it didn't take much effort to pick up the Death Eaters unique scent.

Soren followed it into the building offering anyone who even dare to think of stopping him a savage growl. Most were smart enough to stay away and let him go about his business. As he climbed the stairs that would eventually take him to his destination he picked up a strange scent intermingled with Delilah's. At first the Spiral had assumed it belonged to Delilah but after a longer inhale through the nose he was able to discern two separate scents. His eyes narrowed. Del hadn't said anything about anyone else being here this morning... and why couldn't he recognize the scent? It certainly wasn't human... or at least not one he recognized as human.

The Spiral continued his slow pace to the office and he neared his keen hearing was able to pick up on a few things. Devil? Deed names? Who could Del be talking to that would know of Garou deed name? If definitely wasn't Winslow... Soren emitted a low hum that was the beginnings of a growl as he opened the door without so much as a knock. Needless to say he wasn't prepared to have someone in a fight stance with a wand pointing in his face. Soren let out a low warning growl indicating that if the woman even so much as twitched her wand arm he'd attack. He shifted his gaze between Delilah and her guest. "What the hell is that?"
Tabora was savage. Had Soren not been the person on the other side of the door, Delilah might have taken a moment to appreciate how quick to act and willing to do what it took to defend herself she was. Instead, she found herself having to stand up and rush over to where the other two were. She lowed her center as she held an arm out to either side, hands up as though to tell them non-verbally to stop. "Soren, this is Tabora. She's a Mayan nagual. Tabora, this is Soren, and well, you can piece together what he is." It was the truth. Tabora had known what Garou were. Delilah was not going to outright say the name "Garou" at the moment. Not when there were two supernatural creatures in her office ready to rip each other to shreds if need be.

"Tabora has been working with me to tie up some loose ends regarding the future, and Soren is part of my...pack." It still felt weird to use that word, but it's how the Garou spoke and it was how she needed to speak if she wanted to work with them. In reality, Death Eaters were far from a pack in that they were every man for themselves ultimately but working toward a singular goal. Alright, alright. That sounded a hell of a lot like a Garou pack. They weren't afraid to challenge one another for authority and power but they were working toward the singular goal of survival as a pack and as a species.

"Tabora asked for a meeting after she took care of one of our mutual foes last night. Soren, I forgot I'd asked you to come a few minutes early. Now, if we could all put our wands away and sit down, that would be awesome. Brewed a pick-me-up potion for you Soren." He had given a slight indication of his thoughts on such an early morning leaving time, and she'd truthfully brewed enough for any who might need it. She didn't want to risk someone missing something life-threatening just because they were groggy.
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by: Tabora
The tense readiness melted away from Tabby when Del started mediating between her and Soren. Garou, Tabby knew, didn't play nice no matter what, but if the human was going to talk to him like that, then it wasn't Tabby's business to threaten and pose.

"You ain't a Gnawer and you ain't a Fang...I know both of them pretty well...yer not any of the tribes of America...you're too savage for that..."

The expression on her face was one of approval and calculation. Was this Garou someone who could giver her a real challenge if she wanted one? Oh, she hoped so. As directed, Tabby sheathed her wand and turned her back to Soren as she reclaimed her arm chair.
Soren wasn't sure what to make of this whole scenario, though he did somewhat relax a bit when Delilah took up a position between him and the nagual. As she went on to give some pretty fast introductions and a brief explanation it was clear that his fellow pack mate didn't view Tabora as a threat... or at least not at the moment. The Spiral mulled over Del's words though he didn't take his eyes off the other woman in the room. He'd never heard of a nagual before but it was clear that the nagual had heard of garou.... the comment about Gnawer's and Fang's....

Soren let out a low growl at that, not sure if he should be offended by the way she was speaking of tribes in general or if her remark about his savagery (how the hell had she figured he was savage?) was a thinly veiled compliment. And how did she know about Fang's and Gnawers? Maybe her kind crossed paths with his American cousins regularly... It was to damn early for this. He'd barely slept and his temper was shorter than normal. He didn't bother reply to Tabora. Once she'd backed down he forced himself to relax though he didn't sit. He had far, far to much energy and excitement coursing through him. He turned his attention back to Delilah and cast a curious glance in her direction at the mention of a potion and snorted in amusement. Right, like hell he was taking anything that could potentially mess him up...

"I'm fine. When are we leaving?"
"Soon," Delilah said, pulling two vials of pick-me-up potion from the top drawer in the desk and holding them out to Soren. "I need you alert. Drink that. It's for energy. So long as you got any sort of rest last night at all, the crash shouldn't be too bad and certainly not for several hours. Second one's in case things go south." It wasn't a request or a suggestion. Her pointed look showed she was not in the mood for him to give her flack. Once he took them, Delilah sat in her seat and turned her attention to the nagual.

"I'm certain next month you'll be better prepared. What are your plans in the meantime?" Delilah was honestly not certain what more to say to the woman. The Devil was not the only target she had given Tabora, and the other target or mark was considerably more human and someone to follow until further notice. "Were you ever able to get access to the muggles?"

Hopefully Tabora would be able to stay on track with Soren here. They had limited time, and Delilah needed her help before she left mocking up injuries that would have been caused by a nagual should she have faced one and managed to survive the night before thanks to someone else's arrival catching the cat's attention. She'd use The Devil if needed. Surely his body would show up in a morgue soon if Tabora did what she claimed to have.
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by: Tabora
In a demonstrated show of will, Tabby put all of her focus back on to Delilah and reported, pretty as you please, with her investigations of the muggles.

"I've been following the woman you put me on, and I've gotten a log of her activities, times she's alone, people she meets with on a regular basis, their schedules, and the like. I've also gained access to her work building and, let me tell ya...there's a lot of protective spells in place. Anything specific you want to know or need done with her?"

Thank you Klaus, and his keycard. Tabby had gained access to the building before the key was deactivated. With a little know-how, she'd managed to clone the current access codes. Her key from Klaus would be a constantly updating version, so muggle security measures wouldn't work against her.
Soon? A frown made it's way onto his face. What the hell was soon supposed to mean? As far as the Spiral was concerned that could be anything from 5 minutes from now to 3 days from now. It was hard not to let out an exasperated sigh when he was handed the two vials. He didn't need some energy potion. If anything he had far to much energy right now. Soren matched Del's pointed look with one of his own and after a few moments he pocketed the vials. He could take one later if it became necessary.

When she turned her attention back to the funny smelling cat beast Soren let out a small snort of disbelief and he felt something that could be construed as jealousy. Why was Delilah dealing with some cat thing when she had the pack at her disposal? Soren tucked his hands into his jacket pockets and rocked back on his heels before deciding that this little chit-chat was probably going to take longer than he wanted it to, so he pulled up the closest chair to him and flopped down into it. Once he settled into it so he was somewhat comfortable he turned his grey eyes on Tabora.
The fact Soren wasn't pleased with her answer didn't go unnoticed by Delilah nor the fact he hadn't downed one vial of the potion as she'd commanded. She didn't have time to deal with such a petty amount of disobedience right now. She needed to get a report from Tabora in what limited time she had before everyone showed up and then feign serious injury while still receiving some real degree of injury so she could get past the Thief's Downfall by diverting straight to the infirmary. She had obtained a polyjuice potion from a contact and stolen a hair off someone's jacket to take if need be. Otherwise, she'd have to deal with some sort of injury to her face. Perhaps enough blood to throw off immediate recognition or something. Because while Delilah wouldn't consider herself particularly vain, she did rather like her face.

Delilah was pleased with Tabora's progress. It seemed she had worked fast to get things done. "That depends," Delilah replied, crossing her arms loosely as she leaned forward, resting her forearms on the desk. "Is there any evidence the mutant project has continued despite my efforts?"


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