Puxley Manor is where the lord of the land conducts his business upstairs away from the unpleasantries of the slaves housed below.
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After Soren went through the flames, Cedric had a moment of hesitation. That wouldn't do. He had to be committed. See it through, get this done, then afterwards, he could run through the trees screaming his head off.

Ced took a bracing breath and stepped into the flames for the last time.

The sight in front of him was one of confusion. The Nosferatu knew about Soren coming, but the shredded woman was both tantalizing and worrying for them. The goblins were suspicious, as was there way. Ced took command of the situation.

"MOVE! Either help us get her to the infirmary or get out of the way!"

He snarled uncharacteristically at the Flame Guard, prompting them to part at his temper. Several gave him strange looks, but Ced ignored them in favor of heading across the floating bridge to the City proper.

He held up his wand and shot purple and gold sparks in the air. By the time they reached dry ground, a medical team was waiting to meet them. The explanation Ced gave was succinct and curt.

"I was out last night with my friend" he nodded over to Soren "and we saw this woman attacked by a shifter. It wasn't a wolf, so I want her stabilized and transferred over to my district as soon as possible so we can find out what it was that mauled her."

It was so good to be trusted...Ced held back a snarl as his orders were obeyed promptly. Tension still rose in his shoulders as he headed off to the werewolf district. They'd need to get Teague and Trevor and the girls, reconvene with Delilah, then get gone.

And he needed to end the problem of Jake.

Ugh. That made him furious. He'd do it, but he didn't have to like it. He set a quick pace through the market, not looking at Soren as they headed for the safehouses the prisoners were being kept in.
They were in. Even in her haze, Delilah realized the change in scenery. The urgency and command to Cedric's tone wasn't missed nor was the speed at which she was taken off. Her head lulled to the side, her eyes barely tracking with the buildings they passed. She tried to focus, to remember what she could. Cedric had given her a map, but if things went wrong... If somehow it was taken from her, separated from her... That couldn't happen. It would jeopardize the mission entirely. No, she had to keep it. And the gifted wand.

When they came to a stop, Delilah could hear people speaking around her. It sounded like hushed whispers, though the urgency was still there. One voice stood out, demanding things of the others. This woman was in charge. She was the one who would make sure she got well quickly. The buzz of voices, the tension in the air....

Delilah gasped as someone touched her shoulder. It was a gentle touch but unexpected. Had she dozed? Had she...? No, she still hardly felt herself. "...up? Delilah caught, and she blinked in confusion, her eyes focusing up at the blonde girl's face. She seemed young and almost frightened, but she was holding something in her hand. The girl looked away as another voice gave her some instruction. "I'm going to lift your head. You need to drink these." Delilah drank the off-tasting concoctions one after the other, four in total, before the girl eased her back down. "Now rest."

Rest? Delilah hated that term. She wanted to get out of this bed now, to rush to find the others and continue the mission. The more time wasted here, the less help she would be if they ran into any trouble. But she would be no help in this condition. She had to rest as directed. She nodded her resignation.

Delilah jerked awake a the sound of voices around her. They were around another bed, she realized but looked at them through the small gap in her curtains regardless before bringing her right hand to her abdomen. It hovered a moment before she gingerly touched the area, getting a little more forceful as she realized that didn't hurt. She felt the other wounds in turn, working toward her neck, before sitting up. She gasped lightly as the rough sheet fell. Well, that was awkward, but expected. Apparently she must not have been out long enough for them to get her in a gown.

Hastily, Delilah grabbed the sheet and held it to her, watching as the two people stood. She heard rather than saw them leave the room. They'd been visitors, then, for whoever was behind that curtain across the room. Good. Delilah glanced over at the table beside her bed. Someone had folded her clothes on there and placed them in a bag. Good. She took a moment before turning so her legs hung off the bed then reached for the bag, bringing it to her bed and setting it beside her. She rifled through the bag, making sure the wand and the other items were in there. They were, thankfully. Satisfied, she put her shirt and pants on then her shoes and socks and stuffed her pockets with everything except the map.

Delilah glanced through the hole and stilled her breathing to listen for signs of any of the healers in the room before opening the leather to see the map. She studied it before shoving it into her pocket, folded as it had been. Now came the task of navigating out of here without being seen.
It was hard to watch as the enemy closed in around Delilah and began to poke and prod her. The beta wasn't sure why he felt so protective over the Death Eater but Soren felt a low rumbling growl begin to form almost as if daring any of the Nos or rest of the entourage to try something. Honestly this whole thing was overwhelming. There were so many unknowns... things that had the potential to go wrong. And if that wasn't bad enough there were so many sites and smells to sort through... like hell, Ced hadn't been kidding when he said the place was huge, yet claustrophobic at the same time. Garou weren't meant to be trapped in a cave under a starless night....

Ced's word did wonders to help him focus though, so when the guard squad or whatever the hell they were turned to look at him, the beta offered a nod of agreement. Whatever yarn his friend was spinning seemed to be working so tehre was no point in speaking if it wasn't needed. The medical team seemed to take what Ced was saying at face value and when his fellow garou headed off Soren followed.

It was hard not to let his gaze wander. The place made him nervous but Soren wasn't going to let that cripple him. Cedric set a brisk pace which didn't leave much time for exploring so the Spiral did his best to memorize landmarks or things he could use if they needed to get out of dodge fast. His nose told him they were in a market... but that was all he could pick up amongst the disgusting scent of werewolves. If he could get away with it Soren would have dropped the whole of the cavern on them... but that was a mission for another day, he had a pack mate and a betrayer to rescue.

Soren followed close behind Ced and was well aware of the tension and anger coursing over the man. Soren offered a silent prayer to Whippoorwill to watch over them and guide them true.

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