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by: Orion Burgess
March 9, 7:45pm

Well. With everything that he'd learned today, Orion had a hard time keeping his meddling paws out of the situation. There were several options that he knew Dresden could take and the cat was, by far, too nosy to not take the option to mention. With that purpose in mind, Orion camped out in Dresden's bedroom and waited for him to come in.

The wizard found the dead bird first. After the appropriate disgusted sounds were done with, Orion came out from under the bed and leaped up onto the swivel chair Dresden kept at his desk. Ever loving the flair for the dramatic, Orion transformed as the chair swiveled, ending up seated on the chair with his legs crossed and hands in his lap.

"I've been thinking. I came up with two solutions to your problem if you want to hear them..."

No preamble, no prelude, no pretensions...he was a straightforward man now since cats were fairly straightforward people.
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by: Dresden Faust
To say today had been a long day would be a drastic understatement. Dres was tired. His nerves we're shot, and he was as worried as ever about everything and to top it all off it felt as if he'd gone through both an interrogation and intervention thanks to his friends. As it was the professor just wanted to crawl into bed and never come out.

Dres didn't missed the small gift a certain cat had left him on his pillow. "Dammit Loki- Orion! Ughhh that's disgusting!" The professor gingerly picked up the carcass between his pointer finger and thumb, holding the offending thing as far away from him as he could, until he was able to toss it out the window. Upon turning back he noticed a furry orange blur dash out form under the bed, hope up into his chair, and dramatic as always, transform back into his human shape. It was hard to hold back a tried sigh, so Dres didn't even bother. Wasn't the mini interrogation he'd been through earlier enough?

"Didn't have enough fun earlier so you decided round two was needed?" There was a bitter tone to the words but he didn't care. As the younger man started speaking Dres flopped down stomach first onto the bed. He'd had enough of people and friends for one day and he was certain his frazzled nerves couldn't take much more of the constant needling. He knew his friends meant well and were only looking out for him but it was hard to keep that frame of mind when he was feeling this low. After a moments of silence Dres turned his head so he could see Orion.

"Why not. It's not like you'll bugger off if I tell you to go away anyway..."
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion tilted his head, expressionless as the professor lit into him, venting off his pin and ire.

Until he was given permission, the cat-man remained silent, fingers moving to a tented position, letting the silence stretch.

Dresden inevitably caved. The man knew the conversation was for helping, otherwise Orion wouldn't have transformed back to a human. The kid was so used to living as a cat now that his personality and mannerisms were changing to become more feline. Still, this was important.

"Jones is an option. I helped her create the safe rooms that people are kept in. Unplottable, Untraceable, and completely safe from wizard intervention. They're quiet cozy, expandable, and honey. I have an apartment here I'd abandoned. There'd be room for all, there. "

The other option was less safe. The Syndicate would love to have a Dark Arts professor in their midst. His skills would be well repaid. Could the man take his friends and family away from everything? Either option would require it.
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by: Dresden Faust
It took Dresden a lot long than perhaps it should to figure out who Orion was talking about and he was certain the slightly furrowed brow had given him away. But after a moment it was as if a little light bulb of recognition lit up and the confusion turned into surprise. Jones. She was the muggle woman that headed up what was it called... MI: Something or other. Muggle government. Honestly he hadn't thought any more about her since that ridiculously eventful day back in January...

"Maybe... but why would she help me? We met only the once... " Dres wasn't sure how he felt about going into hiding and forcing his friends there with him. He couldn't do that... Renn would probably have none of it... Milo would go stir crazy... "I can't force them into that life... Renn just come from years of that and I-" He what? It was his fault they were in this mess anyway. he should have just told her off this morning, ended it until he could figure things out and kept his damn mouth shut.
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by: Orion Burgess
Again, the boy waited with uncanny patience as the professor gave him reason upon reason why it wouldn't work. He'd probably do the same with the Syndicate once he understood what it was. Still, Orion had to offer. A third option came to him, but he'd leave it for last.

"Take up with the resistance group I left. I can get you a contact and a way in. They'll take you, Renn, Milo, the baby...they have refugees of all walks. Your story wouldn't be unfamiliar to them."

With the political upheaval that had gone in, Orion wasn't quite sure if Jake got what he wanted or not. It was a possibility that the Syndicate was running things through the Minister of Magic. Orion didn't really care enough to find out.
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by: Dresden Faust
"NO!" There was venom in that simple word that anyone within earshot would realize that that would never be an option. "It was bloody resistance groups that got me in this mess and I'm not about to sign up for another." It didn't matter what each group fought for but Dres knew enough to know they all opposed the regime in some form or another, and that would mean at some point he'd be drawn into the conflict whether he wanted it or not. You never got to join something like that for free. There was always a hidden cost somewhere, the devil in the details as it were. He'd rather take his chances with the muggles than get tangled up in more anti-government fluff.

Dres shifted a bit so he could prop himself up on his elbows and he clasped his hands behind his head so he could effectively stare at the sheets and not any judgemental eyes Orion might offer. "What I need is a bloody good way to tip off Gid without getting us all killed..."
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by: Orion Burgess

Orion kept his tone mild. With everything his friend had gone through, that made sense. He DID wish that Dresden would more seriously consider the muggles. It was a scary step, though. Would Orion have been willing to lead his wife and children away from everything they had into the unknown? Probably not.

Orion leaned forward when Dresden mentioned what he needed. Couldn't that be a message carried by a cat? Or an animagus carrying a verbal message?

"I could carry it if I knew where to meet him. I'm more than willing to do that for a friend, Dresden."

He reached out to touch the Professor's shoulder gently. They were friends. Friends helped each other. Simple.
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by: Dresden Faust

The simple answer wasn't what the professor had expected. He'd expected some for of kick back, justification as to why he was being stupid. Why he should be taking up that offer but nothing come. And if that wasn't surprising enough, he felt a hand rest gently on his shoulder about the same time Orion declared himself a friend and would pass a letter on if it was desired. Dres tilted his head to the side and loosened his hands so he could catch a glimpse of the younger man around his arm. Yes he supposed they were friends now weren't they. Funny how a unexpected encounter had ended up going from "Hide me I want to be a cat" to something else entirely. Now that Dres reflected on it he know the younger man had worked a spot right in there next to Milo, Renn and Gid. He cracked a small smile at Orion, perhaps on of the more genuine he'd given in a long time. Still even having him carry a letter was risky.... Dres let his hands drop from the back of his neck and crossed then in front of himself so he could prop his torso up and look at Orion.

"Might be an option... doubt the Ministry even knows I have a cat. Still could be risky for you though... especially if they catch wind or get tipped off. They'll be watching for Gid i'm sure."
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion gave a tight yet sincere smile. Hadn't he already had a funeral? He was dead to the wizarding world. Didn't Dresden remember that?

"I'm technically dead to the ministry. If I carry a message, they're more likely to think you imperius'd a cat. If I carry a verbal message, it will be safer for both of us. This is the work I did for the resistance group. And, to a smaller degree, for the muggles."

He leaned back into the chair and awaited Dresden's decision on the matter.
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by: Dresden Faust
Oh. Right, he was dead.... or supposed to be at any rate. Dres mentally slapped himself for forgetting that single important detail. The younger man brought up a good point though. If this was something he'd done for his former resistance group then there was no reason to think that he couldn't get something to Gideon... there was still that little worry, that what if dancing around in the back of his mind. If Beau somehow found out and the fallout come back on him he could deal with it, but if it come back on anyone he cared about.... Dres took a deep breath. So far this was the best option he had.

"Worth a shot I guess...and it's better than anything else I've come up with. But you can't do anything yet. I.. I need to talk to him first without him knowing.... "

Even with the tentative plan he still felt vile. Merlin if he was going to be in any semblance of ok for tomorrows meet up with his handler he needed to get his mind on something else. But what to do. He wasn't feeling up to researching... he didn't really want to converse for hours on end even though if he was being honest with himself the current no pressure chat he and Orion were having at the moment was rather nice. Maybe he had suggestions about the trace... he was sure the younger man would see the attempt at changing the subject for what it was but whatever.

"Any ideas on how to break a trace?"
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by: Orion Burgess
Dres had always been a hard on kind of professor. It was no surprise that it came from being a stubborn, 'I'll do it myself' kind of man. Orion understood. He'd tried to become that kind of man himself, but he didn't have the sheer tenacity that his friend had.

"Of course. Would you like someone to go with you as backup?"

The answer would still be negative, the boy assumed, but he had to offer.

The subject change to the trace made him pause. He did have an idea. It was ludicrous and impossible to pull off, but it could work.

"I...I think I do."

He cleared his throat and uncrossed his legs, gently setting his feet to the floor.

"It depends on the theory of the one person, one thread idea...but if that person were to time travel, their actions during the time travel wouldn't be able to be traced, theoretically, because they were already monitored while they were waiting through the time to use the time turner to go back...fairly convoluted; the materials necessary would also be impossible to grab..."

He hesitated over the idea. The knot of the problem had been fun to think about, but he didn't want his wife....ex-wife...to be taking their babies through Azkaban. If Dementors ate hope, then a pregnant woman who was filled for the hope of her children's future would be like a glowing beacon of a muggle all you can eat buffet. Too dangerous.
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by: Dresden Faust
Dres shook his head even as Orion was asking about back up. As nice as it would be he already had enough pressure of if just being him and potentially Beau. Adding another friend to worry about would just make things worse. Thankfully the younger man didn't press the subject further and instead offered his own theory on trace breaking. And what a theory that turned out to be. Dresden's mind grasped onto what was being suggested. Even with it being as far fetched and improbable as it sounded it was a ridiculously good theory... it also seemed to somewhat pull the professor out of the downward spiral he'd been in earlier.

"That is a bloody brilliant theory..." It was and Dresden meant every word of it. "But even then, whoever traveled would still need to know how to get into the prison and the events that happened at the time they choose to do the 'break out'... time turner or turners...or another way entirely... materials, nothing is impossible. But I mean there's nothing saying it couldn't be possible but if they we're going to wait out the time why not just complete the rescue then and skip the travel all together?"

Dres choose to chew on that for a few minutes before something tugged at the corner of his mind. Maybe it was the way Orion said it, or maybe there was some worry tinting the words but Dres felt there was something there. Not surprising since it was his wife wanting to do the rescuing... And then the words were out before he could stop them. Filter Dres, filter!

"Have you talked to her about all this yet? If not you probably should..."
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by: Orion Burgess
Had he...talked? With her? Nope. Orion shook his head slightly, clearly scared of the idea. His mouth gaped like a fish for a few breaths as he struggled to find the words he was looking for.

"I-I...no. I haven't. Sh-she made it clear that she doesn't want to talk to me. I'm...I'm worries aobut the babies, honestly...dementors feed on hope, and who has more hope than an expecting mother? I mean...she'd be...she'd be a prime target for them and..."

He swallowed hastily and dropped his eyes. Worry and fear battled on his face. Occlumens or not, he'd lost the veneer of emotionlessness that was once his armor. Orion worked over some other phrases,lips moving soundlessly as he tried and failed to form an argument. The temptation to turn back into a cat was creeping in as a viable solution, but that would probably be a sign of retreat and abdication of responsibilities.

"Do you really think I should? Talk to her? Or write her? I don't even know how I'd start. Or if she'd listen..."

What even could he say to her? He didn't want to yell at her, didn't want to be hostile, didn't want to receive hostility...he just wanted to be a cat.
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by: Dresden Faust
Dres didn't miss the expression Orion was giving and the professor felt bad for even asking. He didn't know the circumstances of the fallout but Dres doubted it was good based off the expression and fumbled words he was getting. He let out a soft sigh and pushed himself up into a sitting position so that he was sitting cross-legged on the bed, elbows resting on knees, facing the younger man. Paying attention and possibly offing advice was the least he could do considering he'd asked. And Orion had every right to be worried. She would be a prime target if she went through with it. His limited experience with dementors (and he wasn't even exposed to them) on his short stay in Azkaban was enough to never want to wish that on anyone.

Dres watched the younger man battle with the worry and fear and honestly Dres wondered if that was what he looked like when he worried about Renn. He certainly knew what it felt like to have the worry gnaw at you...

"I honestly don't know... but I think it might be worth it. If not for her for your unborn children at least. You're worried and it shows... and believe me when I say I know what it's like to worry for days on end over all the what-ifs, should haves and could haves... I mean with Renn and the trial and now..." He let out a nervous laugh. Bloody hell he was so not qualified for this kind of advice giving... This was more Milo territory.
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion scrubbed at his face with his hand, trying to decide what to do. A letter? Face to face? Ugh, he was bad at these things before he quit humanity, now? Hah, well, now his first idea wasn't to be romantic.

"Would you be willing to mediate? I understand if you say no...It's just...her last letter to me was quite unequivocal when it came to expressing her disdain for me, and I don't think a letter will carry the same weight that a face-to-face plea would have. It can't be in the wizarding world since I'm supposed to be dead...I'd almost suggest MI:5, but the muggles aren't going to be too happy with me...why do I do this?"

He turned his head away sharply, frustration taking root next to worry. Why DID he do this? It was easier to make enemies than it was for him to make acquaintances. It was easier to be unwanted, to get himself hated, than it was to do anything else? What had he done to earn such ire?


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